It was a day to remember at Bready. I arrived late but didn't miss much and opted against leaving early, in the process seeing one of those games that usually only happen about once a year.

"Can we go shopping," asked the wife. I opted for the Claude Wilton defence - (famous Derry Solicitor who advised his many clients when in police custody 'if you're going to say anything, say nothing".

That cut no ice. "WE ARE going shopping...". Guilty with no chance of early release for good behaviour.

Off we went to the aisles of Tesco and Lidl, with breakfast in Muff of all places. To be fair it was very nice, and allowed me to see how the game was progressing at Bready between the Ireland and West Indies Academy.

The visitors were batting and it was all progressing very serenely - no fireworks on either side.

I ran into two ex-girlfriends in Lidl. One followed me around stealing glances, while I had a good chat with the other. She hadn't been very well and was receiving lengthy treatment. She recommended a brand of ice-cream she thought I would like, smiling at my ever-expanding midriff.

More shopping in various outlets before mercifully a friend called Ramphai and asked her around. "We will have to go home. I need to get ready. Is that ok?"

Oh well, I suppose I might pop along to the cricket...The purchases were put away, and I gathered the camera bag and went to the car glancing at the scorecard.

West Indian batsman on 85 not out...I live 15 minutes away from Bready if no serious traffic issues. Could I make it before he got to 100? I had memories of screeching into car parks when Decker was going for 100 hundreds...He never got there..

No tractors on the road - thank God. I've no scientific evidence but I reckon Tyrone has the largest per capita tractor ownership in Ireland, if not the world. Boyd Rankin owns seven I for every day of the week. If she's not red, keep her in the shed I heard him humming...

My new vehice made it to Bready in 13 minutes, looked at the board and saw one of the two batsmen was on 98. I pulled in beside the ambulance - must be a statutory requirement at these games? I think I woke them up. As I grabbed the camera bag one of the batters hit the ball and set off for two - he didn't make it..but which one was it? I said a wee prayer and thankfully the Lord must have taken pity on me. It was the other batsman.

Having jogged down to the pavilion, got set up, and thankfully a few moments later, Jewel Andrew reached his hundred. Remember the name..Not Carlos Brathwaite but a very talented 17 year-old destined for greater things..and I don't mean Ardmore.

It wasn't going to be what I call "A dancing pandas day." That's what I call when you miss out on the important moments. Arrive a bit late, answer the phone, go to the toilet, have a chat, and you miss out on the best photo(s) of the game. Like the photographer in the old Kit Kat advert trying to take photos of the pandas.

One of the few advantages of getting older is that you dwell less on missed opportunities. Breathe, shrug the shoulders and wait for the next one. A bit like fishing.

I remember getting a paid commission to take some photos of Ryan ten Doeschate who was playing for Netherlands in a series in Dublin. There was an accident on the motorway and I just made it time to Castle Avenue as he was going out to bat. I had just set up and he was of course dismissed first or second ball. 3-4 hours drive for one ball. Not good. A dancing pandas day.

Having snapped the last 12 overs at Bready and the first 10 or so of the Ireland reply. It was getting cold again. I'd had a long chat with my good friend Joe Doherty on the far boundary, but thought about going home. I'd been frozen at Eglinton on Tuesday and debated whether I should head back to base.

Then Kelvin Pitman produced as good a piece of fielding off his own bowling to run out Cade Carmichael. Think Roger Harper/Graham Gooch in the MCC v Rest of the World game at Lord's in 1987.

That again transported me down another rabbit hole when I thought back to then, as a 19 year-old in London, trying to impress a girl I liked only to look a fool (not hard) after getting very drunk in a Greek restaurant, and being very jealous of another guy who was vying for her intentions. Note to teenage self; Girls don't like jealous types.

The body was warmed up by putting the cricketing world to right in the front of John McMillan's jeep. He was leaving for fish, potatoes and vegetables in parsley sauce. Sounded good and healthy. Should I also call it a day?

Then miracle of miracles, the sun made an appearance. I wouldn't go as far as to say it was warm, but it wasn't cold. I took it as a sign. I got a good pic of Liam McCarthy being bowled. I was happy..

My perseverance was rewarded by an Ireland win out of nowhere. Chris De Freitas and Morgan Topping - who has looked quality this week - both got half centuries, but it looked as if it was in a losing cause with 39 needed off 17 balls and the last pair of Matthew Humphreys and Olly Riley in the middle.

The West Indians were joking and laughing. The game was won. They had switched off. The cricketing Gods weren't happy and with Matthew Humphreys wielding his bat like the hammer of Thor they got their retribution.

Four sixes later, the last sailing into the Magheramson village and it was all over. I couldn't quite believe it, but I was there. 

No dancing pandas at Bready on Wednesday, but I bet there were a few dancing Irish players in Derry last night. And deservedly so. The beer does taste better when you win.

Well done to Pete, Albie, Nigel, Stuart and Darren. You have a very fine squad there to be proud of. We seem to have a chip on our shoulders when it comes to comparing our players to other countries.

There is talent here, it just doesn't get enough exposure. We won't need a review after the T20 World Cup. There's nobody that can be blamed if we do exit this weekend. The Head Coach has been given a two-year extension. The players have all signed new contracts. The High Performance Director has morphed into the Director of Cricket. 

Instead of spending God knows what on the HPD appointment. Save the money this year and get an additional series or two for the Wolves.

They deserve it.