• Captain: Jarred Barnes
  • Overseas professional: Joshua Doyle (men)
  • Players out: Neil Rock, Andrew Doheny
  • Players in: Hashir Sultan and Rahmat Khansahak

It's a huge season for Rush, who go into the new season without the services of Neil Rock, having lost Stephen Doheny the pevious season.

"2024 promises to be an exciting year for the club with two new overseas professionals with the arrivals of Joshua Doyle and Ocean Bartlett," said Daniel Coffey, Chairman of selectors.

"Joshua is the clubs first ever Aussie overseas professional and from the conversations we have had with him over the winter we have no doubt he will fit into the club environment and culture perfectly.

"Ocean comes off the back of the recommendation of last years womens overseas pro, Georgia Atkinson. It was unfortunate for us that Georgia wasnt available to us this summer as she was a massive success both on and off the pitch. But we are more than confident we will be able to fill that void with Ocean’s arrival this summer and we wish both Joshua and Ocean the very best of luck for the season ahead and hopefully they enjoy their time with us.

"Lynal Jansen is back with us for another summer, we have almost lost count how many times Lynal has been with us now and that just shows how highly regarded he is within the club from a cricket perspective but also how close of a friend he is to so many within the club.

"The aim at minimum for the men's first team year is top four in the Championship which will secure us promotion to the Premier League for the 2025 season but there is definitely a feeling within the club that they could go a few steps further and win the championship outright.

"The addition of a cup or two along the way is certainly on the cards, we left the National Cup behind us last year with a disappointing result in the semi final but it is certainly something we are targeting this year too.

"On the additions side of things we are looking forward to Joshua Doyle, Hashir Sultan from Railway and Rahmat Khansahak joining us.

"On the departures side we are very disappointed to be losing Andrew Doheny and Neil Rock especially given they are home grown players but we obviously respect their decisions to move on. We are confident though that the additions we have made to the club this year will definitely offset the loss of Andrew and Neil.

"Some of the young players to look out for are Callum Armstrong, Kyle Rock and Conor Butterly. These three young men have been doing very well at their respective age groups the last few seasons and we will be looking on them to push on now and claim their places in our mens 2nd and 3rd teams throughout the summer."