There was sad news on Thursday night when YMCA confirmed they wouldn't be able to participate in the premiership for the upcoming season. 

They had hoped to be able to field two senior men's teams but those hopes have been dashed.

YMCA seem determined to ensure that this isn't the end for the club, but it does seem to signal the end of their hopes to be able to play at Claremont road.

"As you are aware, we have been engaged in negotiations with Lansdowne Football Club
over the past couple of months with the intention of securing a venue for the 2024 season.

"We regret to inform you that these negotiations have reached an unsuccessful conclusion,
and we will be withdrawing our senior men’s teams from all competitions for the 2024
season with immediate effect.

"This is a deeply upsetting development, and one that may come as a surprise given the
initial positive messaging we had received back in February. However, the complications
surrounding the formal contract we received yesterday, as well as the current condition of
the ground, are simply not conducive with the successful operation of a cricket club. It would
be unfair to our player base to expect them to operate in such an environment, and it is out
of respect for them, and their aspirations, that we have made this difficult decision.

"The committee wishes to make it very clear that this is in no way a signal of our intention to
shut down the club for good. We remain committed to securing a long-term future for the
club, and we feel our finances and energy will be better focused towards that end.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience during this trying
time. We would not have made it this far in the negotiations were it not for the incredible
loyalty shown by our players, members, fellow clubs, Cricket Leinster, and Cricket Ireland." 

The Leinster Premiership will continue with seven teams,while there will be five teams promoted from the Championship.

CIYMS will also receive a bye in the first round of the Irish Senior Cup.