Players out : Punya Mehra (finished college) Riley Mudford (playing in Holland) Brandon Kruger (The Hills)

Players In: Piyush Sharma (Pembroke) Mubeen Ali (Cork Harlequins) Trish Shetty (studying) 

Captain: Phillipe Le Roux

Players to watch : Liam McCarthy, Mohammad Zaman Safi, 

It's been a busy close season down at Park Avenue with three players in and out.

Leaving are Punya Mehra (finished college), Riley Mudford (playing in Holland), and Brandon Kruger - who has left for The Hills.

Joining are Piyush Sharma from Pembroke, Mubeen Ali of Cork Harlequins and Trish Shetty who is studying here.

"Whilst it was disappointing to be relegated last year, I think it will stand to us over the coming season and beyond," said Head Coach Kevin O'Brien.

"This is a huge rebuild season for the club and a great chance for our young players to earn vital experience at first team level. 

"That's not to say we will not have high expectations for the season. I expect the team to fight and compete with everyone we come up against, and by playing smart and consistent cricket we will be in a position to challenge for the Championship and cup competitions. 

"With players like Liam McCarthy (coming off a positive winter with Ireland ‘A’ , Sean O’Brien and Zaman Safi, our fast bowling stocks will cause problems to all teams we play against."