The Ulster Grasshoppers have been paying a return visit to Chris Hansi Secondary School in Khayelitsha to witness a remarkable transformation in the facilities.

When they last visited in 2018, there was a barren wasteland on the ground, but there is now an astroturf field and indoor centre in place.

Before in 2018

"We have been blessed on this trip to have played on, or visited the best of facilities," said Alan Waite.

Now in 2024

"Back in 2018 this field was a dust bowl that we spend two hours gathering stones and glass from before we could run our coaching session with the kids. To see what has been achieved since is amazing and a lesson in what can be achieved by organization and strength of will.

"The Gary Kirsten foundation have done an amazing job, and we came across some incredibly talented cricketers during our coaching sessions today."

The Grasshoppers handed over playing kit as well as educational supplies that they had collected through donations and fundraising efforts which were gratefully acccepted by the school and coaches.

Well done all.