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2010 ICC Challenge
  • 1st-2nd Place
    Singapore beat Bahrain by 68 runs.
    Scorecard Kallang, 5 September.
  • 3rd-4th Place
    Guernsey beat Malaysia by 2 runs.
    Scorecard Singapore CC, 5 September.
  • 5th-6th Place
    Botswana beat Norway by 23 runs.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 5 September.
Group Matches
                   P   W   T  NR   L   Pts       NRR
Singapore          5   5   0   0   0    10      1.05
Bahrain            5   3   0   0   2     6      0.91
Malaysia           5   3   0   0   2     6      0.46	
Guernsey           5   2   0   0   3     4     -0.33
Botswana           5   1   0   0   4     2     -0.25
Norway             5   1   0   0   4     2     -1.75
  • Singapore beat Guernsey by 7 wickets.
    Scorecard Singapore CC, 29 August.
  • Bahrain beat Malaysia by 2 runs.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 29 August.
  • Norway beat Botswana by 19 runs.
    Scorecard Kallang, 29 August.
  • Malaysia beat Norway by 9 wickets.
    Scorecard Singapore CC, 31 August.
  • Bahrain beat Guernsey by 62 runs.
    Scorecard Kallang, 31 August.
  • Singapore beat Botswana by 55 runs.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 31 August.
  • Singapore beat Bahrain by 7 wickets (DL).
    Scorecard Singapore CC, 1 September.
  • Guernsey v Norway - match abandoned.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 1 September.
  • Botswana v Malaysia - match abandoned.
    Scorecard Kallang, 1 September.
  • Botswana beat Bahrain by 69 runs.
    Scorecard Singapore CC, 2 September.
  • Singapore beat Norway by 8 wickets.
    Scorecard Kallang, 2 September.
  • Malaysia beat Guernsey by 4 wickets.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 2 September.
  • Guernsey beat Norway by 47 runs.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 3 September.
  • Malaysia beat Botswana by 8 wickets.
    Scorecard Kallang, 3 September.
  • Singapore beat Malaysia by 4 wickets.
    Scorecard Kallang, 4 September.
  • Bahrain beat Norway by 233 runs.
    Scorecard Indian Association, 4 September.
  • Guernsey beat Botswana by 25 runs.
    Scorecard Singapore CC, 4 September.
Reports & Articles
Singapore and Bahrain promoted to Division 5
Guernsey's Jeremy Frith is named Player of the Tournament for the second second successive tournament.
Singapore beats Bahrain in Final
Coach Trevor Chappell says hard work has paid off for his team; Guernsey defeats Malaysia in third place playoff.
Bahrain secures promotion to Division 5
Bahrain will join Singapore in Division 5 next year after it secured a 233-run victory over Norway.
Five out of five for Singapore
Singapore secured its fifth victory in the tournament by beating Malaysia by four wickets.
Guernsey stays in Division 6
Guernsey ensured it stayed in WCL Division 6 by beating Botswana by 25 runs in a relegation battle match.
Malaysia wins by eight wickets at Kallang
A Rakesh Madhavan century secures a Malaysia victory over Botswana.
Guernsey secures first win of the tournament
GH Smit stars with both bat and ball.
Singapore is promoted to WCL Division 5
Mendis and Reddy shine in home team's fourth successive victory.
Botswana scores its first win of the tournament
Botswana beat Bahrain comprehensively by 69 runs to claim its first victory of the tournament.
Malaysia defeats Guernsey in a nailbiting finish
Malaysia defeated Guernsey by 4 wickets in a match that went down to the final over.
Mendis inspires Singapore to third successive victory
Host nation beats Bahrain by seven wickets under the Duckworth-Lewis method in the only game to reach a result.
Malaysia cruise to nine-wicket win on day three
Malaysia made up for its first-day loss by securing a nine-wicket victory over Norway.
Two out of two for Singapore
Botswana failed to fire again after losing to Singapore by 55 runs.
Bahrain is victorious again
Bahrain secured its second win of the tournament after beating fellow Division 7 qualifiers Guernsey by 62 runs.
No play on second day in Singapore
Heavy rain forced all three matches to be abandoned on the second day.
Singapore romps home
Host beats Guernsey by seven wickets on day one.
Bahrain wins thriller against Malaysia
Division 7 champions Bahrain scraped home by just two runs in a thrilling climax.
Norway secures opening day victory
Norway defeated Botswana by 19 runs in the highest scoring match of the opening round of matches.
Bahrain win warm-up at Singapore Cricket Club
Bahrain defeated a Singapore Cricket Club XI convincingly in a warm-up match.
The next step to ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 begins on Saturday
The next step to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 begins this Saturday in Singapore with six teams competing in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6.
Guernsey and Malaysia look ahead
Guernsey coach Andy Cornford along with captain Stuart Le Prevost are quietly confident ahead of the tournament.
Guernsey warm up to humidity
Guernsey defeated a local Singapore club side by nine wickets in a 20-over warm-up fixture.
Guernsey flies out looking for promotion
Guernsey flies out to Singapore hopeful that it can challenge for a promotion place.
Singapore whitewashed by Air India
But some good individual performances stand Singapore in good stead for WCL6.
The next step to ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 begins
Six teams will be competing in the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6 in Singapore at the end of August.
Botswana prepare for WCL challenge
Botswana will prepare for the event by holding a five-day training camp in Sri Lanka.
Savident stars in Guernsey victory
Guernsey received a huge boost ahead of the Pepsi ICC World Cricket League Division 6 by defeating Jersey by 21 runs.
Guernsey prepare to face Jersey as part of Singapore preparations
Guernsey has chosen a strong squad ahead of their inter-insular match against Jersey.
Singapore step up preparations
Singapore faces an Air India side this week.
Malaysia defeats Singapore ahead of World Cricket League
Malaysia received a boost ahead of the tournament when it defeated Singapore to win the annual Stan Nagaiah Trophy.
Trevor Chappell to coach Singapore
The Singapore Cricket Association has announced that Trevor Chappell will be its coach for the tournament.
Bahrain coach believes national side needs younger players
Bahrain coach Mohsin Kamal says his side needs to develop a younger generation of players if it is to achieve long-term international success.
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