Israel Squad
Alan Moss (captain)
Will be looking to improve on his two wins as captain in the 1998 Championships. He has represnted Israel since the ICC Trophy in 1982, making further ICC apperances in 1986, 1990 and 1997. Undoubtedly his finest moment was in Holland 1990 when he took 5-37, scored 42 and was man of the match in Israel's firest-ever ICC Trophy victory, against Argentina. Has captained Israel since 1997, recording five wins.
Raymond Ashton
Young Ashdod
Aged 23 and has represented Israel since the 1994 ICC Trophy in Kenya, making further appearances in Malaysia 1997, Denmark 1996 and Holland 1998. He is a hard-hitting middle-order batsman, nifty seam bowler with an excellent arm in the deep.
Paul Amit
Wicketkeeper who has represented Israel since the 1996 European Championships, playing also in the 1997 ICC Trophy. A big man who covers much ground to take tremendous catches and is no slouch with the bat anywhere in the order. Lawyer who now directs the Israel-Palestinian Nature-Environment Conservation project.
Hillel Awaskar
Left arm slow bowler and hard-hitting middle order batsman who holds the national domestic batting record score of 244. Has represented Israel in five ICC Trophies and two European Championships.
Jacky Divekar
The 'Lance Klusener' of Israeli cricket. Solidly built with the ability to change a game with his big-hitting and aggressive bowling. Was top wicket-taker at the 1998 European Championships in Holland. Travels 300km each weekend to play for his club situated in the Negev Desert. Played in both European Championships to date. Works in the hotel business at the Dead Sea.
Mahindra Jaiswar
Lions Lod
His pleasant and quiet manner belies the determination and guts he has displayed since gaining his first cap in 1998. In his short career he has played a number of match-winning innings.
Benzie Kahemkar
Neveh Yonatan
Long-serving off spinner with unerring accuracy, who was one of the most economical bowlers at the 1998 European Championships. Useful bat further down the order, smashing 86 off the South African Maccabi XI in 1997.
David Massil
Lions Lod
Opening bowler and middle order batsman who earned his first cap in Gibraltar 1999. Youngest brother of Isaac, he stepped quickly into his new role in the national team. With Isaac he forms a hostile opening attack, causing many batsman in the Gibraltar tournament to hurry their shots. As a middle order batsman he displays maturity and responsibility.
Isaac Massil
Lions Lod
Israel's leading all-rounder, he is an opening fast bowler and top order batsman, who has been known to don the gloves after a bowling spell. He has bowled accurately and economically since his 1995 debut against Italy in Rome. Has played in both European tournaments, impressing with his smooth and rhythmic action. Works for El-Al.
Yefet Nagavkar
Lions Lod
Since making his debut at the 1997 ICC Trophy he has been a regular opener in the side, having made several useful contributions. This tournament should see a more mature player who has improved his technical game. Has developed his seam bowling, being difficult to get away.
Steven Shein
New cap. A 21 year-old spinner, outstanding point fielder and technically correct middle order batsman. Is heavily involved in youth development in the Raanina area.
David Silver
Hard-hitting left hander who has given the team solidity in the middle order and will take on the fastest of bowlers. He will be remembered for his innings against Scotland in 1996 and also his man of the match performance against Gibraltar when he scored 64 and took three briliant catches behind the wicket. Useful seam bowler and safe hands in the field. Has topped the domestic batting averages for the past three seasons.
Adrian Vard
A great team player. Elegant middle order batsman who was in the national squad for Denamrk 1996, Malaysia 1997 and Gibraltar 1999.
Avi Talkar
Young Ashdod
Versatile cricketer who bats in the lowe order, keeps wicket and is a useful fielder. Played in the 1994 and 1997 ICC Trophy tournaments.
Amir Mizroch
New cap. A brilliant fielder and detremined lower order batsman. He is young and enthusiastic and, with good coaching, should serve the squad well in the future.