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Adam Brook Columns
Adam Brook
World Cup Diary Forty Seven
Australia are World Cup holders again.
World Cup Diary Forty Six
Back to Melbourne for the World Cup final.
World Cup Diary Forty Five
Time for a look around Sydney before heading to Melbourne for the final.
World Cup Diary Forty Four
Australia reach the final.
World Cup Diary Forty Two
Great win by New Zealand.
World Cup Diary Forty Three
Time for Australia v India.
World Cup Diary Forty One
Off to Sydney for the Australia v India match.
World Cup Diary Forty
Looking forward to the semi-finals.
World Cup Diary Thirty Nine
Time to explore Melbourne.
World Cup Diary Thirty Eight
A day watching Australia against Pakistan from the armchair.
World Cup Diary Thirty Seven
Time for India against Bangladesh.
World Cup Diary Thirty Six
Time for a short break before the quarter finals.
World Cup Diary Thirty Five
Time to move on to Melbourne.
World Cup Diary Thirty Four
Scotland's final match in the 2015 World Cup.
World Cup Diary Thirty Two
Time to catch up with relatives in Launceston.
World Cup Diary Thirty Three
Time for some sightseeing before Scotland's final match.
World Cup Diary Thirty One
Game day and it is Sri Lanka against Scotland.
World Cup Diary Twenty Nine
Time spent in Melbourne.
World Cup Diary Thirty
Time to move on to Hobart for Scotland's last two matches.
World Cup Diary Twenty Eight
Last day in New Zealand. Next stop Australia.
World Cup Diary Twenty Seven
Game day and it is Pakistan against South Africa.
World Cup Diary Twenty Six
Next up it is Pakistan against South Africa.
World Cup Diary Twenty Five
It is game day as Scotland take on Bangladesh.
World Cup Diary Twenty Four
A day relaxing in Nelson.
World Cup Diary Twenty Three
Time to do a bit more sightseeing.
World Cup Diary Twenty Two
A rest day and on to Nelson.
World Cup Diary Twenty One
Party time in New Zealand after they defeat Australia.
World Cup Diary Twenty
New Zealand win a thriller against Australia.
World Cup Diary Eighteen
Scotland go down in a thriller to Afghanistan.
World Cup Diary Eighteen Nineteen
Next stop Auckland for New Zealand v Australia.
World Cup Diary Sixteen
Time to move on . Better times surely await in Dunedin.
World Cup Diary Seventeen
A day in Dunedin.
World Cup Diary Fifteen
Not the best day in Christchurch.
World Cup Diary Fourteen
Traveling to Christchurch for Scotland versus England.
World Cup Diary Thirteen
Sightseeing in Wellington.
World Cup Diary Twelve
An early finish as New Zealand defeat England in double quick time.
World Cup Diary Eleven
Wandering around the sights of Wellington.
World Cup Diary Ten
It is on to Wellington for New Zealand against England.
World Cup Diary Nine
Games day and it is Scotland versus New Zealand.
World Cup Diary Eight
Have arrived in Dundein and the first match is only a day away.
World Cup Diary Seven
On the road to Dundein for the New Zealand v Scotland match
World Cup Diary Five
The World Cup is here at last.
World Cup Diary Six
It's the first day of the World Cup and I wake up excited about going to the first game of the tournament.
World Cup Diary Four
Today is the day of the opening ceremonies for the World Cup 2015.
World Cup Diary Three
Watching Australia v UAE at the MCG as the start of the World Cup comes ever nearer.
World Cup Diary Two
Who are you supporting in this world cup?
World Cup Diary One
Adam Brook sends his first report as he gets ready for the World Cup.
World Cup Diary
Adam's column will follow his travels Down Under at the forthcoming World Cup.
Jon Coates Columns
Jon Coates
ICC delays makes marketing games impossible
The ICC does seem to be dragging its feet over when exactly the second tier of world cricket will reopen for business.
Scotland lose in thriller
Jon Coates reflects on the Scotland Afghanistan match which the Scots lost in a tense finale.
Scotland lost to New Zealand
Whatmakes cricket so enduringly endearing is the fact it can baffle not only those who cast a casual glance in its direction but also those tragic anoraks who have been watching it all their lives.
Scotland ready to deliver on world stage
Scottish cricket on verge of rising to the next level at next month's World Cup.
Did Roddy Smith pass or fail?
Sports journalists whistle as they work because one day, if they play their cards right, a powerful club or governing authority might see fit to ban them from a stadium.
Scotland put belief in science
THE last three men to coach Scotland have all been believers in the creed that cricket matches can be won by adherence to modern performance theory.
Return to Ardencaple
Julian Rey, lynchpin of Helensburgh CC, on trying to keep a club afloat in a town with a transient population.
Reality check for Scotland
After their defeat to England at Mannofield Scotland now realise the standards they will have to achieve in the World Cup in New Zealand next year.
Bradburn appointed as Wright overlooked
The widespread expectation was that Craig Wright would be the first Scot to take full-time charge of the national team.
MacLeod reinvents himself
Calum MacLeod has reinvented himself as a batsman and is now reaping the rewards of his dedication.
Paul Collingwood interview
This winter has opened the Durham captain's eyes to a breed of cricketer and brand of cricket he did not know existed.
A saviour is born
Jon Coates on the inspirational displays of Calum MacLeod who is leading Scotland to the Promised Land of the 2015 World Cup.
Who exactly is in charge?
Paul Collingwood and Craig Wright are handed interim charge of Scotland's national cricket team.
Scotland set to end World Cup exile?
In the next two days we will find out whether Scotland have ended a four-year exile from major tournaments and qualified for the World Twenty20 finals in Bangladesh next year.
Winter test for Collingwood
Whether his Scottish coaching appointment is bold or desperate depends on your interpretation, and perhaps neither viewpoint is entirely cock-eyed.
Collingwood faces a testing winter
Paul Collingwood's recent assertion that he is ìalways impressed with Scotland as an outfitî will be as rigorously tested this winter as his own coaching credentials.
A good thing for Scotland?
A World Cup Qualifier, spread over more than a month in New Zealand in January and February, may be the best thing that could have happened to Scotland this winter.
From Ireland back to Scotland
To produce winners you need good infrastructure and a culture of self-worth. But there is no substitute for talent, and talent comes and goes in cycles.
The Scottish Scene (6)
Andy Tennant's call for greater focus on Twenty20 cricket in Scotland is to be applauded. It is also long overdue.
The Scottish Scene (5)
Some of the frosty glances darting around the Titwood pavilion steps last weekend suggested that a few Scotland players were unhappy with the severity of reviews of their work against Durham.
The Scottish Scene (4)
The ICC's official preview of the World Cricket League landed on our electronic mats yesterday and it would have made pleasing reading for Scotland's cannier fans.
The Scottish Scene (3)
Pete Steindl has kept us on our toes all season but after all of the experiments, ejections and elevations, he and Gavin Hamilton appear to be left with just one major choice to make ahead of Saturday's England game.
The Scottish Scene (2)
An old-fashioned performance from an old-fashioned bowling attack, purred the second string of Sky Sports' punditry team during today's interval at Grace Road.
The Scottish Scene (1)
If Iain Kennedy, Pete Steindl and Andy Tennant had not got the message across before now, its impact will be visible in the faces of four known Scotland internationals next time you see them.
Neil Drysdale Columns
Neil Drysdale
Hopes for the new season: 2
The second part of my preview of the new Scottish season.
Hopes for the new season: 1
What some of Scotland's leading players, coaches and officials are hoping for in the new campaign.
What now for Test Cricket?
Neil Drysdale looks at the current staus of Test cricket and ponders the future for it.
Time for change
Defeats by Afghanistan must finally make the authorities sit up and smell the despair among Scotland's long-suffering supporters
Difficult time for Scotland captain
Scotland Gordon Drummond is under pressure as he struggles to find form on the tour of UAE.
Is Carter's omission a mistake?
Will the omission of Neil Carter from the WCL matches against Afghanistan come back to haunt Scotland?
Craig Wright pays tribute to Gordon Baxter
The former Scotland captain, Craig Wright, has paid warm tribute to one of the grand old men of the Caledonian game, Gordon Baxter, who has died aged 95.
Preston Mommsen ready for the challenge
Preston Mommsen looks forward to the forthcoming series of matches against Afghanistan in the UAE.
Calum MacLeod interview
Neil Drysdale talks to Calum Macleod on Scotland's prospects and ambitions in 2013.
Paul Hoffmann to return to Australia
After sixteen years in his adopted home Paul Hoffmann is returning with his family to the land of his birth.
Japan to tour Scotland
Japan will be travelling to Scotland later this year and the venture will assist in raising cash for the charity "Cricket for Smiles"
Tony Greig tribute
Sport sometimes throws up remarkable lives and unexpected events but few characters have had a more profound impact on their pursuit than Tony Greig.
Hoffmann pays tribute to Ponting
From Hoffmann's perspective, there hasn't been a better willow-wielder on the global stage in the last two decades.
Tennant backing European League
For starters, Tennant is surely correct in his assertion that the present club-based tournaments in the various countries offer no realistic pathway.
Rugby provides blueprint for league proposals
Scottish and Irish officials have thrown their weight behind the creation of a new European cricket league.
English invade Scotland squad
In what is likely to provoke a heated debate, the Scotland selectors have named at least four English players, who qualify through having a Scottish parent, in their squad to tour South Africa next month.
Five things Scottish Cricket needs
Here are five things I feel must happen if the culture of under-achievement in Scottish cricket is to be transformed in the future.
Get Carter
If it had emerged 10 years, or even five years ago, that Neil Carter was making himself available for Scotland, the news would have been greeted with cheers in most quarters.
Dumfries divide opinion
The Nunholm club have taken, not so much a bat as a battering ram, to the established order and produced a shock of seismic proportions in the game. Or, their success exposes the spiralling decline in standards in the west of the country
Ten years of the Saltires
A look back at the past decade of Scotland's participation in the limited overs competitions.
One step forward two steps back
Whenever there is a genuinely uplifting development in the sport, there tends to follow a wearily predictable thud, the whole positive mood will come crashing down like the House of Usher and normal service will be resumed.
Thoughts on the Scotland v England abandonment
At the climax of what has been another depressing week for Caledonian cricket, Neil Drysdale feels that a few players and officials should admit that they must do better.
Greenidge back in Scotland
West Indies legend Gordon Greenidge talks to Neil Drysdale about his time in Scotland.
Scotland's lost grounds
Neil Drysdale reflects on the startling transformation between the game in the west of the country 15 or 20 years ago and how it looks today.
Bawa unease over direction of Scottish cricket
Ricky Bawa has been a stalwart figure in Scottish cricket for many years, whether captaining his beloved Uddingston, or fighting for greater recognition for the sport in his homeland.
Caught in Time: Ryan Watson's whirlwind century
Even at this stage, the bare details do little to explain the sheer spell-binding quality of the innings which Ryan Watson produced when Scotland met Somerset at a soggy Grange in May 2003.
What lessons can Scottish cricket learn from rugby?
I reckon it is time cricket learned lessons from their oval-ball counterparts in planning for the future.
Should Scotland adopt a global cricket recruitment policy like The Netherlands?
The Netherlands' recent success prompts Neil Drysdale to ask should Scotland likewise be more global in their search for talent.
Caught in time: Craig Wright
I talked with former Scotland captain Craig Wright about the famous win against Worcestershire in 1998.
Freuchie's triumph of 1985 (4)
Freuchie's appearance in the 1985 National Village Cup against Rowledge at Lord's, prompted a mass exodus out of the little Fife community and turned into one of the great occasions in Scottish sporting history.
Majid Haq interview
As one of his country's most successful performers in the last decade, Haq is always worth sounding out when it comes to discussing the health of Scottish cricket and his hopes and ambitions for the future.
Freuchie's triumph of 1985 (3)
When they lined up against Oulton from Yorkshire in the quarter-finals, the afternoon turned into one of those sweet occasions where everything came together for the Scots.
Five Nations the way forward for leading Associates?
A template for how Associate cricket might develop in future seasons, given that there is no reason why the likes of Scotland, Ireland, Wales and the Netherlands could not join forces to create a European event.
Freuchie's triumph of 1985 (2)
The failings of their top order almost cost them dear when they locked horns with the Englishmen of Etherley in a typically nerve-jangling tussle at the Public Park.
Scotland and Netherlands triumph in CB40
It might be premature to declare that the ICC Associates have caught up with the English counties, but the CB40 results over the Bank Holiday weekend testified to the fact that the gap is closing sharply.
Are Scotland 'winging it'?
Neil Drysdale suggests that the selection of the Scotland squad for the opening CB40 matches raises the question of whether the Scots have any long-term vision.
Freuchie's triumph of 1985 (1)
Freuchie famously marched to triumph in the National Village Cup at Lord's in 1985, but not without lashings of perspiration, a few dollops of brilliance from their idiosyncratic squad, and occasional shafts of good fortune.
Scotland: County or Country?
Neil Drysdale on the differing approaches of Scotland and Ireland to their fixture calendar.
Scotland need to learn lessons of failure
Ewan MacKenna's entertaining account of how Ireland's cricketers have soared into the stratosphere should be required reading for everybody involved in the development of the Scottish game at the moment.
Haq urges Scotland to set sights higher
Scotland's Majid Haq has declared that his country needs to set their sights higher in the future, instead of being satisfied with occasional victories against English counties and international rivals.
Rahul Dravid - a cricketing champion
As the Indian batsman announces his retirement, Neil Drysdale looks back on his huge contribution to Scottish cricket.
Hoffmann hangs up boots for white coat
There are enthusiasts, obsessives and then there are people who eat, breathe and sleep their passions and former Scotland star Paul Hoffmann fits squarely into the latter category when it comes to cricket.
Berrington buoyant about Scotland prospects
Berrington's quiet resolve has shone through in the last few seasons, but he remains a modest individual in a team.
Glenn Rogers - back from the brink
It was a reminder, for this genial Australian, of the period five years ago when his dreams of participating for Scotland in the 2007 World Cup were jeopardised after he contracted typhoid on a tour of Kenya.
Hotel Rwanda beckons for Siller
If you stick a pin in a map of the world, the chances are that Colin Siller will have spent time there playing or coaching with a bat and ball for company.
The Lost Boys: the class of '99
They are the Lost Boys of Scottish cricket; the vast majority of the squad which turned out for their country at Under 19 level in 1999.
Stakhanovite work ethic key to Steindl success
Pete Steindl has quietly been orchestrating a cricketing revolution in Scotland.
Time for ICC to revamp Test cricket?
International cricket stands at the crossroads of either subsiding sleepily down a cul-de-sac of apathy and absent spectators or of the sport's administrators finally waking up to the fact that they are presiding over a global game.
Scotland: Six to watch in 2012
CricketEurope looks at some of the best of the emerging talent in Scotland who are expected to make a big impression during the year ahead.
Ryan Watosn Columns
Ryan Watson
The Afghanistan T20's
A look back at the two T20 matches Scotland played against Afghanistan and forward to their WCL matches.
Tough job for a new look Scotland
As people read results for the Scotland cricket team this year they will see a number of new names and faces.
2 weeks to forget if you are Scottish or Australian
Well, 2 weeks is a long time in Cricket!
Normal service resumes with Scottish Summer
Scottish club cricket is now in full swing and we have had a full round of Scottish Cup fixtures and 5 rounds of CSL league cricket.
Great Summer for Cricket
Ryan rounds up what has been an excellent summer for cricket so far in Scotland.