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Articles and series on Irish Cricket through the years, including famous matches and players, as well as photo, video and audio highlights.

Irish Cricket History
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NCU Junior Cups
Junior CupIntermediate CupMinor CupMinor Qual Cup
2017 View Instonians II
2016 View Lisburn II View View View
2015 View Armagh View Downpatrick II View Muckamore III View CSNI V
2014 View Academy View Derriaghy II View CIYMS III View Ballymena IV
2013 View North Down II View Lurgan II View North Down III View Armagh III
2012 View Cooke Collegians View Muckamore II View CIYMS III View Holywood III
2011 View Cooke Collegians View CSNI II View Waringstown III View Instonians IV
2010 View Academy View Saintfield II View Ballymena III View Academy III
2008 View Academy View Muckamore II/Templepatrick II View Waringstown III View Laurelvale III
2007 View Lurgan II View Derriaghy II View Bangor III View Cliftonville III/Cregagh III
2006 View North Down II View Laurelvale II View Lisburn III View Cregagh III
2005 View Academy View Laurelvale II View Carrickfergus III View Armagh IV
2004 View Bangor II View Laurelvale II View Lisburn III View Bangor IV
2003 View Saintfield View Downpatrick II View Lisburn III View Cooke Collegians IV
2002 View Waringstown II View Downpatrick II View North Down III View Instonians IV
2001 View Instonians II View Cooke Collegians II View Cliftonville III View Armagh IV
2000 View RUC View Cooke Collegians II View Lurgan III View North IV
1999 View Bangor II/Millpark View Ballymena II View Waringstown III View Armagh IV
1998 View Muckamore II View Carrickfergus II View Instonians II View Armagh IV
1997 View Waringstown II View Carrickfergus II/Dundrum II View Instonians III View Woodvale IV
1996 View NICC II View Larne II View Bangor IIIA View Woodvale IV
1995 View Woodvale II View Collegians II View Lisburn III View North IV
1994 View NICC II View Collegians II View NICC III View Woodvale IV
1993 View Woodvale II View Armagh II View Bangor IIIA View NICC IV
1992 View Lisburn II View Instonians II View Woodvale III View North IV
1991 View CIYMS View Cregagh II View Ballymena III View Muckamore IV
1990 Bangor II Derriaghy II Bangor IIIB Woodvale IV
1989 Woodvale II Armagh II Ballymena III Zingari
1988 Drumaness NICC III North Down III Instonians IV
1987 Muckamore II Holywood II RUC III North Down IV
1986 North Down II Bangor IIIA Holywood III
1985 Dunmurry Donacloney II Collegians III
1984 Ballymena II Donacloney II Donaghadee III
1983 Muckamore II/Bangor II NICC III Holywood III
1982 Woodvale II Collegians II Laurelvale III
1981 North Down II CIYMS III Lurgan III
1980 Woodvale II North Down III Waringstown III
1979 NICC II Ballymena II Lisburn IV
1978 Dunmurry Academy II Saintfield III
1977 Dunmurry Academy II Lisburn III
1976 Woodvale II Downpatrick III NICC III
1975 Downpatrick II Downpatrick III NICC III
1974 Downpatrick II BRAFP II Zingari
1973 Downpatrick II Dundrum Woodvale III Muckamore III
1972 NICC II Cooke Armagh II Short & Harlands II
1971 Short & Harlands NICC III CIYMS II Short & Harlands II
1970 Instonians II Cooke Dunowen BRAFP III
1969 Dunmurry Donaghadee Dunowen Lurgan III
1968 CIYMS Dundrum Ballymena III Drumaness II
1967 Instonians II Ards Queen's Univ II Ballymena IV
1966 Laurelvale Dundrum Queen's Univ II Collegians III
1965 Laurelvale Crossgar Laurelvale Woodvale III
1964 Lisburn II Donaghadee Crossgar II Instonians IV
1963 Civil Service Instonians III NICC III Lisburn III
1962 Woodvale II RUC II NICC III Lisburn III
1961 Cliftonville Cregagh II Downpatrick III Lisburn III
1960 Woodvale II RUC II Dunmurry II Woodvale III
1959 Lisburn II Dungannon Civil Service III
1958 Lisburn II - -
1957 NICC II Instonians III RUC
1956 Enfield/NICC II Collegians Woodvale III/Albert Foundry
1955 Woodvale II Ards NICC II
1954 Downpatrick II RUC Short & Harlands
1953 Ulidia Portadown Ballyclare
1952 Drumaness RUC NICC III
1951 Woodvale II St Mary's RUC
1950 Muckamore/Drumaness - Donacloney
1949 Downpatrick Crossgar
1948 Donacloney Downpatrick II
1947 Lisburn II Downpatrick II
1946 St Mary's -
1939 Ballymena Bangor II
1938 Laurelvale Milford Donacloney III
1937 NICC II St Mary's
1936 Cregagh Woodvale II Ulidia
1935 Ballymena Bangor Duncairn
1934 Cregagh II Willowfield
1933 Lisburn II Whitehouse
1932 Sirocco Works Whitehouse
1931 Muckamore Clorinda II
1930 Enfield Woodvale II
1929 Milford Barnsley II
1928 Shrigley Barnsley II
1927 Shrigley Nettlefield
1926 North Down II Dunowen
1925 Muckamore Milford
1924 Shrigley
1923 Muckamore
1922 Donacloney
1921 NICC II
1920 Enfield
1919 Oakleigh
1914 Enfield
1913 NICC II
1912 Enfield
1911 Ulidia
1910 Enfield
1909 Woodvale
1908 Sydenham
1907 NICC II
1906 Ballymena
1905 NICC II
1904 North Down II
1903 Lisburn II
1902 North Down II
1901 NICC II
1900 NICC II
1899 Enfield
1898 NICC II
1897 North Down II
1896 Ligoniel
1895 Enfield
1894 North Down II
1893 Enfield
1892 Ulidia
1891 Lavinia