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NCU Schools Cricket 1993
Ulster Schools XI 1993

Ulster Schools at Northern Counties Festival (July 26-30)
  • Ulster beat Nottinghamshire by 3 wickets
    Nottinghamshire 166 (W McCully 3-21, R Eagleson 3-30)
    Ulster 169-7 (S Ogilby 50)
  • Ulster beat Cumbria by 5 wickets
    Cumbria 113 (J Cunningham 3-11)
    Ulster 117-5 (K McCallan 68*)
  • Ulster lost to Lancashire by 9 wickets
    Ulster 183 (K McCallan 54, R Eagleson 50
    Lancashire 187-1
  • Ulster drew with Yorkshire
    Yorkshire 215-7 dec
    Ulster 170-5 (A Patterson 61*)
  • Ulster lost to Wirral by 28 runs
    Wirral 122 (J Cunningham 3-24)
    Ulster 94