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Date: 17/7/2019
Author: Albert Ward
Gary Wilson is running out of time as an Ireland player, think he should realise that himself and step away after the Lords Test. He would make a good player/coach of the Knights. Save some money with job sharing.

Good luck to Trent Johnston with Hong Kong, hope he will be Ireland head coach one day soon. We need an inspirational figure like him to drive forward the next stage of our development.
Date: 17/7/2019
Author: Tony Moran
Ian M

I hope you are well

I notice the Dutch have jettisoned in one or two really strong T20 players,its going to be a tough tournament!

You have to have sympathy for New Zealand in the WC final no matter who you support, in the final over the strangest six runs made by Stokes you will ever see!
and the super over is tied but England win because they scored more boundaries in the main match! what!!!
since when does scoring more boundaries but losing more wickets determine a result in your favour?
I am totally confused!
any Umpires out there!

Date: 16/7/2019
Author: pramod karad
wilson a 't20' captain?, forget captain a 't20' player? scored 47 of 47 balls when rest scored 126 of 63 balls including extras. Need to dump of t20 squad. how a captain can inspire team with such performance. g6p
Date: 16/7/2019
Author: Ian M
If Ireland are serious about qualifying for the T20 WC then Gary Wilson needs to sit it out.

Scoring 47 after coming in with so early and staying around for 15 overs is pretty pathetic stuff.

How can he as captain inspire the others when it is blatantly obvious that he just doesnt have the game for the 20 over format.

5 boundaries in 8 overs when you see what the other bars were able to achieve in the sa e conditions is cringeworthy.

P.enty if time to find the proper squad balance but Wikson needs to be honest with himself but performances like yesterdays like his in the last WCQs are just not good enough.
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Tony Moran
Steve B

Its not that my memory is short, I well remember the remarkable win by Scotland
Unfortunately for you my history of sport is far greater than yours, in 1966 England won the football World Cup
but a few months later, they were beaten 2-1 by Scotland in the first match after the final, Scotland then declared as we have beaten the World champions, we must be no 1, [true story]
when Scotland beat England in limited over Cricket, England were not World Champions
sorry to come across as a smart-arse because I am not
normally but its worth telling you the story behind this!
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Steve B
Tony Moran

It's not that the editor is old, it's either that you aren't up to date in international cricket or you have a very short memory.

I believe it's just over 12 months since Scotland beat England in an ODI at the Grange ground in Edinburgh?
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Tom G
Any idea what the academy squad is for the games this week vs England Under 19s?
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Tony Moran
In reply to your note, I did not mention Scotland because it was a long long time ago, you are obviously much older than you look!
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Pete

I find the editor's defence of Cricket Ireland's inability to cover these competitions properly quite bizarre. When they want to, Cricket Ireland always have a large number of staff available and are not slow to bombard people on social media.

If Cricket Ireland accepts money from sponsors then it is entering into a commitment to promote the competitions on their behalf and provide information to the media and public about them. This, yet again, they have singularly failed to do. Why do they spend a fortune on a scoring app and then not use it for their premier club competitions?

I'm sorry, but they are constantly failing to act as proper guardians and promoters of the domestic game in Ireland. Poor, poor, management.
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Joe
Ian Callender's report of the CJ van der Walt suspension didn't ask the obvious question/ Why didn't he/Carrick reply to the correspondence from Cricket Ireland?
I'm not sure what is going on with the lack of interest from the governing body with the Irish Senior and National Cups. The odd tweet doesn't constitute coverage.

Ed's Note: I'd guess a question of resources. The ongoing Zimbabwe series would have been a huge drain on their staff. Unlike the ECB etc there isn't the number of staff. Just 1-2 with an intern thrown in for good measure.
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Tony Moran
From an Irish perspective, do we gain anything from seeing an Irishman captain the team that won the Cricket World Cup in what must have been one of the greatest Matches in World Cup History?
I don't know the answer but I live in hope!
certainly credit must go to all those dedicated people that steered him as a young boy to where he is now
I previously said that for a small country Ireland has a habit of producing great sportsmen and women.

I hope the atmosphere at Lords next week reflects the occasion and we give a very good account of ourselves!
if we beat them or get a draw as they are now no 1, does that make us the best team in the World?

Ed's Note: Scotland already claiming that honour!

Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Albert Ward
Another eventful weekend in the NCU region, shocking from Instonians- the spirit of cricket is indeed dead, they were going to win easily anyhow. Very poor, why has the captain not withdrawn the appeal?

Carrick well beaten by Phoenix, huge administrative error to see Van der Walt banned, from a club home to one of the NCU's top administrators too. Bizarre.
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: James McCarthy
What a game.
I mean seriously,what an amazing game of cricket that was.
Hats off to the Kiwis who have a smaller annual budget than Surrey CC for playing magnificently and showing what can be done by a small country with limited resources.
Sir Eoin Morgan anyone?
Date: 15/7/2019
Author: Matt Lunson
Massive thanks to everyone at Carrickfergus Cricket Club for a sensational day yesterday. Yes we may have shared a "frank exchange of views" but we also shared a great game of cricket, blazing sunshine, some incredible atmosphere courtesy of your supporters and most importantly a couple of beers together after the game. A great bunch of lads and the hospitality shown by the whole club was outstanding. Good luck for the rest of the season.
Date: 14/7/2019
Author: Niall Sullivan
Irish Senior Cup
Cricket Ireland's complete disregard for the Irish Senior and National Cups continues.
Why the coverage black-out by them. Terrible for such a competition much loved by the clubs and supporters.
Come on. Even pretend you care.