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Date: 23/1/2020
Author: DJ Doc
I liked Barry's idea on Twitter of having a 'Test Lite' set-up. Hopefully that comes to pass. I still think Deutrom was incredibly stupid to call Tests 'friendlies'. This from the man who when was pushing for Full membership called it the Holy Grail and the pinnacle of the game that all the players aspired to. How he has changed his tune. People now legitimately questioning why Ireland bothered to become a Test playing nation.
Date: 23/1/2020
Author: James
Rob Cassell
So a man widely regarded in world cricket wanted to stay and miss a few weeks work to have a super opportunity in the IPL, but Cricket Ireland said no and lose him.
Is this a case of wanting to save money? Seems madness to be losing Rob.
Methinks there are a few that Ireland have a few administrators they wouldn't miss. Pity the IPL wouldn't take them.
Date: 23/1/2020
Author: Ian Muldoon
The ICC have altered the qualification process for the 2021 T20 World Cup.
This means that if Ireland reach the Super 12 this year, then they automatically qualify for the finals of the NEXT world cup too. In effect, this autumn they must beat two out of Sri Lanka, Oman and Papua New Guinea to reach the Super 12.
But if they fail then Ireland, plus the other 3 teams eliminated at this stage (which will probably include Scotland and/or Netherlands) will go into a 16-team qualifier, divided into 2 groups of 8. This means that a team must finish winner or runner up of their group to qualify for the finals in India during October 2021. The 2 qualifying groups play between March and July 2021. Zimbabwe, Nepal, UAE and Hong Kong will be 4 of the teams involved. The venues have not been fixed. I donít know the format, but I expect it will be a round robin.
So, on 18th October 2020 we play Sri Lanka in Geelong, Victoria. If we win, there is every chance that we reach two world cup finals. No pressure thenÖ
Date: 23/1/2020
Author: timmyj
With news that all their upcoming red ball matches
have been cancelled, Ireland seems to be, de facto, accepting the reality that the
Dutch strategy is the way of the future: no more involvement with the "ultimate format"; only white ball cricket from now on.
Date: 23/1/2020
Author: Andy Kennedy
As a regular reader of the Indo I am delighted to see that they sponsor this award. A former editor was an avid cricket player/follower so its good to see recognition of cricket in the media. Makes a change from reading the GAA results from every "hole in the hedge" club!!
Date: 23/1/2020
Author: John Cahill
Cricket Ireland haven't been to Munster and Connacht since the days of a certain W.G Grace showing signs of being a youthful prodigy across the water.
I can only presume when they programme those regions into their SatNavs up comes the words " computer says no "
CI's proud boast of expanding the game beyond its traditional invirons all those years ago has ultimnately amounted to the square root of diddly-squat.
Despite the unstinting efforts of dads and enthusiasts the game here remains at the village cricket level with facilities to match.
Date: 22/1/2020
Author: David Cooke
headline: "Stirling picks up prestigious award" which turns out to be the Irish Independent player of the week which I didn't know qualified as a prestigious award. Not to belittle this but is this what we call success these days?

Ed's Note: Shortens the winter. Any cricket news welcome in the dark months.
Date: 21/1/2020
Author: Brian
Ireland name 109 youth cricketers and unless I've missed it, there is not one from the Munster and Connacht regions? Can anybody explain why this is the case? Seems like a huge amount of untapped potential in a sporting hotbed. It's not as if we are coming down with youth prodigies.
Date: 21/1/2020
Author: John Glynn
Any news on when the Irish senior cup draw is?

Sub Ed: Apparently next week - date and time to be confirmed
Date: 21/1/2020
Author: Ian M
John Mac.

My comments we about the T20s,

But if you want to go forward with a bowler who has an economy rate of 12 and a batsman - who we rely on as a finisher-who has a RR of 100% then that is up to you.

But I think we can do better.
Date: 21/1/2020
Author: Bencric
The Wilson debate rumbles on. Tucker while showing huge promise is hardly banging down the door with consistent runs. The number 5/6 slot is so important in T20 and neither of these guys is the answer. The answer for me is to drop Balbo down the order to number 5. Too often we have got off to flyers and then been squeezed in the middle overs culminating in collapses. Balbo shores the whole thing up at 5, provides a calm head, keeps the scoreboard ticking over and puts a stop to the collapses.

Top 6 - Stirlo, KOB, Delaney, Tector, Balbo, Tucker....
Date: 21/1/2020
Author: Ian Muldoon
@bencric (16/1)
Unfortunately, Nathan Smith has given up on international cricket with Ireland. Last winter he played in New South Wales Grade 1 with Northern Districts and he was very successful. But I donít think he is playing this season.
I doubt that David Delany will be available for a while because in addition to his injury in the qualifiers, he has his final exams for his science degree to worry about.
I am not sure when South African born Graeme Hume becomes qualified to play for Ireland, but I believe he is on the selectorsí radar, and could be a very useful addition to the panel. His first-class stats are excellent.
Date: 20/1/2020
Author: John Mac
Think a little harsh to say that the only two to not enhance reputations are McCarthy and Wilson. Barry was excellent in the one days games. Our best bowler by a street. Any one can be got after in t20 cricket. Wilson and Delany put on a potentially match changing partnership in the only game on tour where the lads won. The Wilson bashing is interesting. He has had a tough year but interesting to see in the stats published at the end of last month, in the 2010ís heís average is only slightly less that NOB who would be rightly considered our greatest keeper.
Date: 20/1/2020
Author: Ian M
So looking at the T20 squad going forward into this WC year.

From the lads who went to West Indies I think most made their case for their names to be considered.

Highlight of the week was Delany smashing those four sixes off Walsh in the rained off game.

Only two players who I reckon didn't do anything is tour to enhance their reputations.

McCarthy so got smashed all over the place. His T20 figures are horrendous, economy rate of almost 12 and he would surely get plundered on the hard pitches in Australia.

The other and it is no surprise to say is Wilson, no runs, but last nights manner is dismissal was so so poor for someone who was there to bolster our team with experience.
While Ireland had lost four quick wickets the RR was still almost 9.2 when he came in with a full 10 overs left. He had plenty of time to have a look but played a silly shot which he wont want to see again. That left Balbirnie as the last proper batsman at the halfway point of the innings.
So I really hope Ireland can find someone who replace him between now and the Autumn.

But overall a good T20 tour for some of the players.
Date: 19/1/2020
Author: John Pierce
Ref message about the mower ... omitted to say itís Eglinton Cricket Club...