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Date: 23/9/2018
Author: JM
RE:Ger Siggins

Good piece by Ger Siggins on Munster cricket. In the piece he referred to the following: 'Peter Dineen, a former Munster player, is pragmatic about this. “I brought my young lad to watch Munster Rugby, he didn’t care that Christian Cullen or Dougie Howlett weren’t born here'.

What Peter failed to mention was, 65% of the Munster rugby 1st team squad were born in Munster, while only 28% of the Munster Reds cricket team are from the province. A large difference when you consider there are many good Munster born players not being selected.

Date: 22/9/2018
Author: Tom G
Will you be able to give us a weekly update on the Irish players based overseas during the winter?

If possible, it is a really good way of keeping track of those in Australia, South Africa etc.
Date: 22/9/2018
Author: Steve B
Reading between the lines of Warren Deutrom's statements about international match allocation I think we can safely assume that all the attractive matches will in future be staged in Dublin. Northern Ireland will only be allocated the uninteresting opposition such as Afghanistan, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

Then, of course, Cricket Ireland will be able to claim without contradiction that there are large crowds to watch Irish matches only when the games are staged in Dublin.

I guess we have to accept that Cricket Ireland is fast becoming a Dublin-centred operation in all respects. No wonder so many people in Northern Ireland have no sense of affiliation with the governing body.
Date: 21/9/2018
Author: Peter


My Leinster team of the year as per stats on the website :

J Grassi
B Coghlan
J Anderson
S Singh
H Tector
T Kane
G Dockrell (c)
D Delany
S Dutt
M Neville
JJ Garth

Date: 21/9/2018
Author: D Fagen
Well done to CricketEurope on your coverage of women's club cricket this season. Congrats to Leinster CC on winning the Leinster Senior League, the first time they have done so in many years. Amazingly (or not), there is not a mention anywhere of this win on the official Cricket Leinster website.

In any case, here are the final stats for the season including all Senior T20, 50 over and Cup matches. (O)denotes overseas player.

1 Kerry Tomlinson (O), Clontarf 1049 @ 104.90
2 Una Raymond-Hoey, Clontarf 733 @ 61.08
3 Paris Crowe (O), Malahide 678 @ 52.15
4 Isobel Joyce, Merrion 678 @ 84.75
5 Jennifer Gray, YMCA 558 @ 39.86
6 Mary Waldron, Malahide 552 @ 92.00
7 Alana Ryan (O), The Hills 549 @ 36.60
8 Matilda Lugg (O), Merrion 483 @ 69.00
9 Gaby Lewis, YMCA 468 @ 58.50
10 Clare Shillington, Pembroke 468 @ 42.55

1 Isobel Joyce, Merrion 26 @ 12.27
2 Sophie MacMahon, Leinster 25 @ 14.16
3 Bella Fitzgibbon (O),Leinster 21 @ 15.05
4 Sadhbh Breslin, Merrion 20 @ 20.30
5 Julianne Morrissey, Merrion 17 @ 27.41
6 Rachel Delaney, Merrion 16 @ 42.31
7 Vanessa Kelada,Leinster 15 @ 20.87
8 Anna Kirk,Clontarf 15 @ 29.33
9 Jenny Sparrow, Leinster 15 @ 16.13
10 Keeva Vickers, Clontarf 15 @ 20.47

1 Isobel Joyce, Merrion 678 26
2 Kerry Tomlinson (O),Clontarf 1049 10
3 Sophie MacMahon, Leinster 348 25
4 Bella Fitzgibbon (O),Leinster 319 21
5 Sadhbh Breslin,Merrion 290 20
6 Leah Paul,Merrion 450 12
7 Niamh Walsh (O), Malahide 442 12
8 Rachel Delaney, Merrion 306 16
9 Lara Maritz, Clontarf 325 12
10 Paris Crowe (O), Malahide 678 5
Date: 20/9/2018
Author: Brian
Peter:- FYI the NCU have NOT released their Team of the Year, a local journalist Johnny Morton has suggested his.
As you say all the stats are available and you reckon it’s not a big task so off you go then!
I’ll start you off:
John Anderson
Date: 20/9/2018
Author: Peter
Leinster team of the year

I remember few years ago, Leinster used to do a team of the year depending on players performance in Leinster cricket.

Didn't see this in few years.

I see NCU have just released theirs today. Won't be a massive effort as all stats are online
Date: 20/9/2018
Author: burners
Really strange, I had a weird sad shock when I read about the scholarships and thought "oh yeah, Ed's retired".

What a player!
Date: 20/9/2018
Author: Simon Corlett
Can I add a very belated message of congratulations to Karl on his appointment at Lords. It is a fantastic achievement and reflects well on all of us , but especially Podger , his mentor and tormentor.
Date: 20/9/2018
Author: Anton
Looking at Afghanistan’s exploits in the Asia cup, you’ve got to give our bowlers a fair bit of credit for how they performed.We missed a golden opportunity to even win 3-0 if we’d batted more competently. Spinners are one thing but how we faced up to their fast bowlers was disappointing.

If anything’s for certain, it’s that next year’s return tour is going to be extremely challenging.

Simi’s heading to India during the winter. Any news of anyone else who’s planning to head to Asia? Players who can perform in such conditions will be golden come the future.
Date: 20/9/2018
Author: Ryan Haire
Fantastic to read about the first Ed Joyce scholarship recipients on the site. Ed continues to be a great servant to Irish Cricket and the more opportunities such as this that can be developed either under the auspices of CI or by people such as Ed the better.
Date: 19/9/2018
We make the annual south-east pilgrimage this weekend for games with Bagenalstown(1pm Sat)& Mt. Juliet(12 Sun). Party:-D.Cooke,D.Dockrell,K.Metcalf,(YM),R.Shimmins(Sandyford),M.Condon,Paddy Byrne(Lismore),P.Bouclier & P.Turner(Stradbally),M.Block(Carlisle),T.Butler(Bennettsbridge),A.Parkinson(Merri on),Ian Walshe(N.Kildare),J.R.Forrest(Clontarf)& R.Forrest(Phoenix).
Scorer, Helen Caird, Umpires, Jean Louis & P.Black.
Date: 18/9/2018
Author: Ryano

Has NOB put pen to paper for the warriors 2019 - 2013 ?
Date: 18/9/2018
Author: John Elder
Our Irish Cricket History section is back now that the domestic season has been completed!

You can find the latest additions on the CE Ireland home page - new material will begin to appear from next Monday, 24 September.

In the meantime you can browse the existing material - articles, series, photo and match features, and much more, via the 'History' tab on the main site menu.
Date: 18/9/2018
Author: Dermot Ward
As the 2018 season has now closed in The N.W. clubs are preparing for 2019. The umpires association is no different. A beginners Stage 1 umpire training course will be held over the coming months. If you are interested in becoming an umpire where you see the game from the best vantage point, please let us know. Contact Davy Caldwell on 07708253884 or Dermot Ward on 07871533449. We already have some names so don't leave it too late.