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Date: 22/7/2018
Author: Ricky
Hypothetical question (but not really)
If you have an opening bowler capable of bowling at speeds of 80mph plus and a batter chooses to take the field without wearing a helmet, where does the duty of care lie for a player's safety ?
Whilst recognising that it's complete stupidity on the part of the batter it puts the bowler personally at a disadvantage .... hits him on the head ... it could cause serious injury or as we know much worse ... bowlers fault ?...
Excuse my ignorance but surely there is or should be something in the rulebook to manage this ?
Should/are the umpires empowered to intervene?
In my simplistic opinion , a batter's bravado should not be allowed to override the seriousness of the potential risks involved.
I'd welcome some clarity.

Ed's Note; Reply from umpiring guru Paddy O'Hara:

There is nothing in the Laws of Cricket requiring the players to wear protective equipment- either external or internal.Lots of Governing bodies write Regulations about this sort of thing (especially for Juniors).
In the scenario described, a wise umpire would advise a batsman that it would be sensible for him/her to wear a helmet - health and safety and all that- but the umpire cannot insist, or indeed prevent him/her batting.
I can remember back in the day, when some 'hard men' used to bat without batting gloves!
However, it may well get into the Laws sooner rather than later, as, for example the ECB requires helmets to be worn in 1st. class cricket - and nowadays a helmet means a face grille and the added protection at the sides and back.
Date: 22/7/2018
Author: Liamo
I wish all those so-called Cricket Supporters, Club Officials & Committees in the North West would stop 'Bitchin' about each other & get on with the Game. As a Sport in Ireland we are all the one 'Family', lets turn a leaf & get on with it!
Rant Over!
Date: 21/7/2018
Author: Gregory Wilson
Ref Nw under 11 final
Such a pity the youngsters didn't have a north West representative to hand out their medals, but unfortunately this happens year in year out in youth cricket and lower leagues not a great example to our youth. I know that they have made great strides this year in under age representative cricket with coaching and training camps from were they where only last year.My own young boy was selected to play for the North West under 13's in an interprovincial tournament in Dublin last year when only one coach was there to look after 13 or 14 boys now I know this is breaking a few regulations.I am in no way getting at the coach who did his best at all times in the situation he was left in.If it hadn't been for the kindness of parents and people involved in other teams to help ferry the kids to the venues and help take them back to their hotel I don't know what would of happened. Plus the fact that other teams had their own buses multiple coaches and touring gear, training gear, and playing gear,our kids didn't even have the North West whites. As you can imagine if you were one of these kids you in your mind are already beaten before you start. It's time we stop becoming the poor relations and start playing on a level playing field. So to the North West cricket union focus on youth wether at club or interprovincial level and show the kids the respect they deserve.
Date: 21/7/2018
Author: John bratton
ref NW fan complaining 20/20 final day location at glendermott.

Just to let you know FACTS that Glendermott cc were contacted at 5pm on Tuesday 17th less than 5 days notice to ask could we possibly host the finals day we as a club decided to accept following a committee meeting at 8pm as we felt we misssd out a few yrs ago when the rain storm ruined our hard work put in then.

From 8pm tuesday till now our club including myself has worked long hours planning and getting things in place for the finals day

From our club facebook adverts and photos you see how much effort goes in and as im typing im very annoyed at your comments to be honest.

We as a club only want to do the north west derry mid week and of course the Cooke family proud on a special day for the late Eric cooke.

Date: 21/7/2018
Author: Jennifer
Regarding the under 11s final itís great that BOTH teams got medals this year
Date: 21/7/2018
Author: Rajeev
Thank you David. Maybe next time it would be better if you told old Davy this rather than have everyone wandering about at the end wondering what was going on.
It looked very bad and gave the impression that the NW do not care about youth cricket.
Date: 21/7/2018
Author: David Bradley
U11 Final
Not really wanting to get into a debate.
Rather than have a staff member who isn't really of much interest to young players attend the final the NW arranged for Aaron Gillespie to do the honours of handing over trophy, medals etc. The feeling being that the players would be a bit more impressed getting the medals from a current Warriors player and someone who in the next few years they may all wish to emulate as players themselves. (I noticed Aaron himself had a pic from around 10years ago of himself with William Porterfield in Twitter saying it was something of a dream to be on a winning team with him)
I was also aware that Davy Caldwell who is President of the DML was going to be present umpiring. Historically it has been the DML who have run the underage Tournaments and this still deserves recognition.
I'd have stayed and made speeches if I felt it was necessary but Davy is a better speaker than me and more deserving of getting the odd picture taken to highlight all the hard work he does behind the scenes with the umpires asociation and helping run the DML

Date: 21/7/2018
Author: Lawrence Moore
Folks- Just to clarify a couple of actual facts over some discussion on the forum recently.
1) The first time the suggestion was made to move the T20 finals away from Ballyspallen was by the club, and I know this because the call was made to me. We have spent several days trying to unravel 'Spallen's fixture backlog and up until 10am this morning (Saturday) were still trying to do so. Clubs need to remember that we need to consider more than one angle when rearranging games. There could be four different clubs to factor in when re-arranging backlogs which as many of you know, comes with doing well in cups as 'Spallen have.
I would like to think that there are other people at the club who would be happy to acknowledge the amount of work that has gone on recently to try to accommodate them rather than those who prefer to apply their own interpretations.
2) Social Media is a great addition when it comes to scores, updates, photos etc, but as with life in general it can also be a slippery slope. Several players and officials have been banned because of postings on it in recent seasons. The lad who videos the games at Fox Lodge definitely has something to offer his own club, but once he starts laying into other players and umpires publicly, he leaves himself and more importantly his club, very open. The rules are very clear on the fact that clubs are responsible for the behaviour and actions of both players and supporters. To be 100% fair to the Foxies, they came straight back and told us they would look after it for us.
I doubt if anyone knows the depth of the crisis facing the Umpires Association and it is things like this that make it easier for them to sit watching a game rather than umpire one. And things like nameless individuals coming on forums to talk about upping standards because Ireland now has Test status?? Jesus wept.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: Alastair Spratt
I think this isn't the only time that none of the North West people have failed to turn up at an under age final. Just shows people what they think of grass roots cricket. Is it any wonder the game of cricket is dying in the region.

Ed's Note: David Bradley left the cup and medals at the ground and arranged for Aaron Gillespie to present the trophy.
I didn't see Peter McCartney or Andrew Fleming there. NW President Connie McAllister would certainly have attended if asked.
It was great to see such a crowd there and that there were medals for all the winners and runners up, plus a Player of the Match award.
The Warriors won the Championship the day before and there wasn't a single medal in sight. 9.3 million doesn't go far these days.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: Rajeev
Thank you to Strabane and St Johnston for a really fantastic display tonight at Under 11 final.
Plenty of talented young cricketers with a crowd of over 100.
The only bad thing for me was no one from North West to give a speech at the end when the cup was being presented.
Parents there tell me we have expensive Manager but he wasn't there.
Very nice old umpire Davy said a few words and apologised.
Well done St Johnston.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: NW Fan
Could someone from the North West explain the process by which Glendermott were allocated the T20 finals day for the second time in three years? Seems some clubs are favoured over others when I can think of some grounds that are far more deserving of a major final and have been overlooked for years.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: ARY
Re Hubert
I really donít know what you reference to a bad decisions is supposed to mean.

When I was talking about the facilities at both Donemana and Ballyspallen, I was talking about car parking and bar facilities mainly. Everyone in the NW would agree that no other ground in the NW has an atmosphere to rival that of the Holm which is one of the most unique grounds in the country. If you were to give a final out based on how hard working the clubs volunteers are then surely why wasnít Bonds Glen considered, not many grounds I have seen this year have looked better.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: Ivan
You mention the post Lawrence Moore had wrote on Facebook in the last week about the young man from Fox Lodge who videos their matches, and to be honest he is an embarrassment to his club. If you actually listen to his videos then youíll quickly learn he has no idea about cricket in general. Someone with so little knowledge of the game shouldnít have the audacity to sledge qualified umpires on social media. No wonder the north west are struggling to send umpires to every game when they have to deal with idiotic comments from people who offer no solutions to fix the problems the Union is currently facing.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: Dotski_w
Congratulations to NW in the IPC, they were worthy winners over the games played - they'd have won against LCU earlier in the year had there been a 4th day. Hopefully its a success they can build upon.. while Porterfeld and NOB will have grabbed the headlines, there were others such as Scanlon who outperformed a lot of bigger names, and the likes of Kennedy and Gillespie offer a lot of hope for the future.


Agree we need more IPC games which, in practice, probably means both a 4th team and proper IP contracts, however that of course carries a risk that the level might fall a bit (bear in mind there are always players out injured etc). Personally (probably not a popular opinion), I think going to 4 teams should be also accompanied by the re-introduction of up to 2 overseas pros per side- there are plenty of top players like Pienaar, Nafol etc who are also here for club cricket (I don't see any need why they would have to play club cricket in the union of the IP side they play for btw, their role in this competition should be to improve standards, nothing else).

Perhaps CI could go in with clubs on 8 players, 2 for each IP side, identifying the sort of gaps we have (e.g. a top quality spinner or 2). If it was done jointly, clubs would know in advance the players would be unavailable for them on certain dates and plan accordingly.

Appreciate this all costs money, but if CI are happy to put up with the ECB closing off the County route to Ireland players (and while UK remains subject to Single Market rules, they would almost certainly win a case against this), the only alternative is regular quality cricket at proper First Class level, and they won't sustain that with a 3-team set up (half the players taking time off work/studies to be there) and a few Wolves games tacked on here and there. This year we've been very lucky with the weather, but it's still only less than 12 days of FC cricket for an ever-present in any side - a player in England might play more than that in a month, and when they aren't picked they play in the SEC which is still a decent standard.

Getting FC status is great, but it's the quality and quantity, not the certification, which will prepare players for Test cricket.
Date: 20/7/2018
Author: Alastair Spratt
Ref Hubert.

Well said. Thanks.