Ireland v Oman
Tolerance Oval, Abu Dhabi, 21 October 2019
T20 World Cup Qualifier
Match State In Play
Toss Oman
Last update 2:35 PM Local Time

 Ireland (Maximum of 20 overs)
BatsmanHow OutRB
P Stirlingbowled Nadeem Kaleemullah1114
K O'Brienbowled Khawar Ali4128
G Delanynot out8949
H Tectorlbw b Bilal Khan2820
M Adairnot out119
Total3 wkts, 20.0 overs183

Bilal Khan40461
Amir Kaleem20210
Fayyaz Butt40350
Nadeem Kaleemullah40291
Khawar Ali40281
Zeeshan Maqsood20230

FOW 1-34 (Stirling, 4.5) 2-76 (O'Brien, 9.3) 3-119 (Tector, 14.6)
To Bat: G Wilson, L Tucker, S Thompson, G Dockrell, D Delany, B Rankin.

 Oman (Target = 184 in 20 overs)
BatsmanHow OutRB
J Singhc Stirling b D Delany1014
Khawar Alic Dockrell b G Delany5034
Aqib Ilyasc Adair b G Delany83
Zeeshan Maqsoodc O'Brien b Rankin35
S Kumarst Wilson b Dockrell1612
Amir Kaleemrun out1210
S Goudc Tucker b Dockrell48
Nawaz Khanc Thompson b Adair1113
Nadeem Kaleemullahc O'Brien b Adair54
Fayyaz Buttnot out911
Bilal Khannot out68
Total9 wkts, 20.0 overs148

G Delany40292
D Delany20241

FOW 1-31 (Singh, 4.4) 2-47 (Aqib Ilyas, 5.3) 3-74 (Zeeshan Maqsood, 8.5) 4-76 (Khawar Ali, 9.2) 5-108 (Amir Kaleem, 12.4) 6-108 (Kumar, 12.5) 7-123 (Goud, 15.4) 8-130 (Nadeem Kaleemullah, 16.3) 9-133 (Nawaz Khan, 16.6)