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Alan Murray Cup
2017 Clontarf beat Merrion.
2017 Clontarf beat Pembroke.
2016 Leinster beat Merrion.
2015 Merrion beat Clontarf.
2014 Clontarf beat The Hills.
2013 The Hills beat Railway Union.
2012 YMCA beat Rush.
2011 Clontarf beat Leinster.
2010 North County beat Malahide.
2009 Leinster beat The Hills.
2008 Pembroke beat Merrion.
2007 The Hills beat Clontarf.
2006 Railway Union beat The Hills.
2005 Merion beat Clontarf.
2004 Railway Union beat Clontarf.
2003 Malahide beat Phoenix.
2002 Merrion beat Malahide.
2001 Merrion beat Railway Union.
2000 Phoenix beat Malahide.
1999 Merrion beat North County.
1998 Merrion beat YMCA.
1997 Merrion beat The Hills.
1996 Merrion beat Clontarf.
1995 CYM beat Leinster.
CYM beat Leinster.
1993 YMCA beat Old Belvedere.
1992 CYM beat YMCA.
1991 YMCA beat Clontarf.