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History Series
Irish Cricket 1950-2000
Mike Halliday looks back on Irish Cricket in the latter half of the 20th century.
North West Cricket
Billy Platt's series on famous North West cricketers and events through the years.
Phoenix CC 1830-1990
Phoenix, the first cricket club in Ireland, was founded in 1830.
The Great War
A series published to commemorate the centenary of the first World War.
Memorable Matches
Famous matches in the history of Irish international cricket..
Irish Cricketers
Profiles of well-known Irish international cricketers from various decades.
Regular Features
Miscellaneous articles on many aspects of Irish cricket History.
Photo galleries from important matches and tournaments.
Video clips of significant events and matches in Irish Cricket.

These features are added to on an ongoing basis.

Irish Cricket Publications
Irish Cricket Books
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Green Days, Cricket In Ireland 1792-2005
Ger Siggins
With a fascinating collection of vintage photographs, and stunning action shots from the modern era, Ger Siggins tells the story of cricket in Ireland, from the earliest days up to the ICC Trophy final in July 2005.
Ireland's 100 Cricket Greats

Ger Siggins & James Fitzgerald
Gerard Siggins and James Fitzgerald explore the stories of the top players to play for Ireland, bringing life to the long history of the game in the country and recounting some fascinating tales.
Six After Six - Ireland's Cricket World Cup
Kevin O'Brien with Gerard Siggins
It was England versus Ireland in the 2011 Cricket World Cup, a match that would turn out to be one of the greatest upsets in the long history of the game.
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A Stone in the Glasshouse
Dermott Monteith
Covers every one of the 76 games he played for Ireland and is a forthright account of his time at Middlesex and tours abroad with the MCC.
Raiders of the Caribbean
Trent Johnston & Gerard Siggins
Captain Trent Johnston and journalist Gerard Siggins trace the long and difficult journey Irish cricket had to make to reach the 2007 World Cup, as well as the story of Ireland's amazing victories of two of the world's top teams.
Green Wickets
Ed Leahy
This is the story of the outstanding team performance of the Irish team in 2007. Reporter Ed Leahy was present throughout the tournament, and his book also features numerous exclusive photographs taken by Irish team member Paul Mooney.
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Ireland's Caribbean Carnival
Andrew White
The photographic journey of the Ireland cricket team from training and preparation, through the World Cup, visiting a host of beautiful Caribbean countries.
Mine's a Treble
Robin Walsh
Robin Walsh's story of 2013-2014, the year in which he forsook the pressbox to be President of Cricket Ireland.
Farewell to Ormeau
Wilfred Hanna
The story of North of Ireland's ground at Ormeau in Belfast, scene of international matches until 2001.
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A History of the NCU Challenge Cup 1887-2011
Clarence Hiles
A chronicle of the competition that has been the heartbeat of NCU cricket for more than 130 years.
A History of Senior Cricket in Ulster
Clarence Hiles
The authoritative history of the game in both the Northern and North West Cricket Union areas.
One Shot More … for the Honour of Down
Ian Shields
The history of North Down who celebrated their sesquicentenary in 2007.
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The Greatest Years in North West Cricket 1919-1941
WHW Platt
23 seasons that were the greatest years in North West cricket.
North West Senior Cricket 1888-1968
WHW Platt
A detailed history of the first 80 years of cricket in the North West of Ireland.
North West Senior Cup Finals 1888-1995
WHW Platt
The story of every North West Cup Final from its inauguration in 1888.
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North West Cricket: A Photographic Memoir
Billy Platt & Ernie Falconer
A library of photographs of North West Cricket from its earliest days up to 2003.
Tommie Andrews - A Titanic Cricketer
Clarence Hiles
This biography traces the childhood of young Tommie Andrews from his birth in Comber, to RBAI, cricket at The Green and his meteoric rise to fame at Harland and Wolff Shipyard.
Foreign and Fantastic Field Sports: Cricket in County Tipperary
Patrick Bracken
A chronicle of the development, growth and decline of cricket in Tipperary in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.