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North West Archives 1995-2018
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts     NRR
Bready                 14    9    0    0    5   46  226    1.051
Coleraine              14    8    0    1    5   39  199    0.444
Brigade                14    8    0    2    4   37  197   -0.023
Strabane               14    6    0    2    6   41  161    0.104
Donemana               14    6    0    1    7   37  157    0.198
Eglinton               14    6    0    1    7   31  151   -0.556
Ardmore                14    5    0    1    8   35  135   -0.234
Fox Lodge              14    4    0    0   10   24  104   -1.187
  • Premier League/Championship Play-Off
    Premier League/Championship Play-Off Match
    Ballyspallen beat Ardmore by 90 runs.

    Magheramason, 1 September.
    Ballyspallen 263-8 (50.0 overs, D McCallum 93, G Kennedy 92, G Neely 4-24, C Brolly 2-59)
    Ardmore 173 (42.2 overs, D Curry 46, G Neely 38, S Lazars 35, C Averill 3-18, Ste Kennedy 3-48, M Averill 2-17)
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (5) v Eglinton (5) - no result.
    Sandel Lodge, 26 August.
  • Premier League
    Bready (1) lost to Eglinton (24) by 8 wickets.
    Magheramason, 25 August.
    Bready 99 (25.3 overs, A Austin 32, J Millar 4-12, M Erlank 3-15)
    Eglinton 102-2 (18.0 overs, M Erlank 59*)
  • Premier League
    Donemana (2) lost to Ardmore (23) by 40 runs.
    The Holm, 25 August.
    Ardmore 247-8 (35.0 overs, D Curry 93, C Curley 39, C Brolly 33, R Laird 2-23, G Boyd 2-40)
    Donemana 207-6 (35.0 overs, A Riddles 66, G Boyd 50, S Dunn 2-31)
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (23) beat Fox Lodge (2) by 6 wickets.
    Sandel Lodge, 25 August.
    Fox Lodge 107 (S Campbell 5-35, R Chopra 5-46)
    Coleraine 109-4 (27.2 overs, R Chopra 37*, A Heywood 2-30)
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (21) beat Fox Lodge (4) by 2 wickets.
    Bleachgreen, 18 August.
    Fox Lodge 266-9 (50.0 overs, C Tshiki 120, C Alexander 43, B Scott 26, A Ghumman 3-33, G Neely 2-25, D Anthony 2-58)
    Ardmore 200-8 (26.5 overs, S Gormley 46*, G Neely 39, D Curry 36, J Milligan 3-20, A Heywood 2-36)
    DLS Method: par score 199 in 30 overs.
  • Premier League
    Brigade (21) beat Bready (4) by 7 runs.
    Beechgrove, 12 August.
    Brigade 210-8 (35.0 overs, K Magee 46, R MacBeth 40, A Britton 31, C Olphert 4-41, D Rankin 2-32)
    Bready 164-8 (25.0 overs, C Young 50, D Scanlon 38, A Austin 30, J Robinson 3-22, M Simpson 2-12)
    DLS Method: par score 171 in 25 overs.
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (3) lost to Brigade (22) by 4 wickets.
    Bleachgreen, 11 August.
    Ardmore 177 (48.2 overs, G Neely 61*, D Curry 35, A Ghumman 28, I Hussain 3-20, K Magee 3-22, J Robinson 3-46)
    Brigade 178-6 (42.0 overs, K Magee 43*, A Britton 34, D Barr 27, S Dunn 2-35)
  • Premier League
    Bready (21) beat Coleraine (4) by 38 runs.
    Magheramason, 11 August.
    Bready 258-9 (50.0 overs, A Austin 55, D Scanlon 53, I Samarasooriya 52, G Hume 2-40, S Hutchinson 2-45)
    Coleraine 220-9 (50.0 overs, G Hume 52*, S Campbell 47, T Chopra 36, A Lucas 3-27, I Samarasooriya 3-31, D Scanlon 2-45)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (3) lost to Donemana (22) by 3 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 11 August.
    Fox Lodge 241 (48.2 overs, J Milligan 118*, B Allen 36, L Finlay 25, G McClintock 2-23, J McGonigle 2-33, M Cooray 2-43)
    Donemana 245-7 (45.1 overs, M Cooray 65, RL Dougherty 50, W McClintock 36, J McIntyre 3-37, J Milligan 2-42)
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (20) beat Strabane (5) by 8 runs.
    Eglinton, 11 August.
    Eglinton 265-5 (50.0 overs, M Erlank 101, G Lamrock 46, J Millar 44)
    Strabane 257 (50.0 overs, P Gillespie 119, R Gallagher 54, C Peiris 27, L Ritchie 4-54, R Keys 3-55, M Erlank 2-30)
  • Premier League
    Brigade (24) beat Eglinton (1) by 7 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 5 August.
    Eglinton 119 (36.2 overs, R Allen 37, M Erlank 32, J Robinson 4-16, I Hussain 3-12, K Magee 2-12)
    Brigade 121-3 (21.4 overs, G McKeegan 60, R Wylie 2-30)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (0) lost to Ardmore (25) by 133 runs.
    Eglinton, 4 August.
    Ardmore 291-4 (50.0 overs, Des Curry 84, S Lazars 61, P Harrigan 43*, A Millar 2-57)
    Eglinton 158 (33.0 overs, A Millar 57, R Allen 27, K O'Doherty 27, C Brolly 2-22, G Neely 2-24, D Curry 2-30)
  • Premier League
    Brigade (23) beat Fox Lodge (2) by 6 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 4 August.
    Fox Lodge 141 (41.0 overs, C Tshiki 47, R MacBeth 3-40, J Thompson 3-53, J Robinson 2-13)
    Brigade 142-4 (33.1 overs, J Thompson 50*, D Barr 27, I Hussain 25)
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (21) beat Donemana (4) by 2 wickets.
    Sandel Lodge, 4 August.
    Donemana 151 (47.0 overs, M Cooray 36, RL Dougherty 30, W McClintock 29, G Hume 3-12, A Douglas 3-35, S Hutchinson 2-43)
    Coleraine 152-8 (48.0 overs, M Poskitt 66, M Cooray 2-24, D McGerrigle 2-31, K Dougherty 2-41)
  • Premier League
    Strabane (2) lost to Bready (23) by 74 runs.
    Strabane Park, 4 August.
    Bready 233-8 (50.0 overs, D Scanlon 69*, A Lucas 38*, C Young 34, R Gallagher 3-41, R LOgue 2-71)
    Strabane 159 (42.0 overs, R Logue 54, R Gaur 49, A Lucas 4-34, C Young 3-21)
  • Premier League
    Donemana (20) beat Bready (5) by 11 runs.
    The Holm, 29 July.
    Donemana 336-8 (50.0 overs, D McGerrigle 85, A Riddles 73*, A MCBrine 43, G McFaul 3-43, I Samarasooriya 3-50)
    Bready 325 (49.3 overs, D Rankin 94, D Scanlon 60, A Lucas 42, D McGerrigle 2-30, J McGonigle 2-39, M Cooray 2-51)
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (23) beat Ardmore (2) by 6 wickets.
    Sandel Lodge, 29 July.
    Ardmore 159 (40.3 overs, S Lazars 75, G Hume 4-13, R Chopra 2-38, S Campbell 2-50)
    Coleraine 160-4 (38.0 overs, S Campbell 51, T Chopra 43, M Poskitt 29)
  • Premier League
    Strabane (25) beat Fox Lodge (0) by 139 runs.
    Strabane Park, 29 July.
    Strabane 336-8 (50.0 overs, A Gillespie 124, R Gaur 110, P Gillespie 40*, L Finlay 2-54, A Heywood 2-56)
    Fox Lodge 197 (41.1 overs, C Tshiki 72, L Hayes 31, A Heywood 30, R Gaur 2-27, K Purewal Singh 2-29, R Logue 2-41)
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (0) lost to Eglinton (25) by 9 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 21 July.
    Fox Lodge 100 (36.0 overs, B Scott 26, R Allen 5-17, L Ritchie 4-29)
    Eglinton 101-1 (11.1 overs, A Millar 55, R Allen 35*)
  • Premier League
    Strabane (24) beat Coleraine (1) by 7 wickets.
    Strabane Park, 21 July.
    Coleraine 93 (34.3 overs, P Douglas 26, R Gaur 3-18, C Peiris 3-24)
    Strabane 97-3 (22.4 overs, A Gillespie 30, R Logue 26*, R Gallagher 26*)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Bready (23) beat Ardmore (2) by 6 wickets.
    Magheramason, 21 July.
    Ardmore 174 (47.3 overs, A Ghumman 54, D Curry 28, D Rankin 3-14, C Young 2-30)
    Bready 175-4 (33.0 overs, D Rankin 77*, I Samarasooriya 61)
  • Premier League
    Donemana (2) lost to Brigade (23) by 6 wickets.
    The Holm, 21 July.
    Donemana 286 (47.0 overs, R Dougherty 77, A Riddles 54, L Dougherty 51, M Simpson 3-38, A Britton 3-44, J Robinson 3-71)
    Brigade 287-4 (46.1 overs, G McKeegan 216*, K Magee 34*, W McClintock 4-52)
  • Premier League
    Brigade (5) v Ardmore (5) - no result.
    Beechgrove, 15 July.
    Ardmore 175-6 (30.0 overs, S Lazars 66, D Curry 55, R MacBeth 2-26, A Britton 2-30)
    Brigade 71-3 (8.4 overs, G McKeegan 31, J Thompson 27*, S Dunn 2-29)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (0) lost to Strabane (25) by 111 runs.
    The Bleachgreen, 14 July.
    Strabane 277-5 (50.0 overs, A Gillespie 100, P Gillespie 91, S Dunn 2-34)
    Ardmore 166 (39.2 overs, A Ghumman 32, K Purewal Singh 5-50, R Gallagher 2-29, C Peiris 2-35)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (4) lost to Brigade (21) by 2 wickets.
    Sandel Lodge, 14 July.
    Coleraine 166-7 (50.0 overs, S Campbell 59, G Hume 35, J Robinson 3-41, A Britton 2-26)
    Brigade 165-8 (39.3 overs, I Hussain 54, A Britton 26*, N McDonnell 26, G Hume 4-29, S Campbell 2-30)
    DLS Method: par score 164 in 48 overs.
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (0) lost to Bready (25) by 114 runs.
    Ballymagorry, 14 July.
    Bready 250-4 (50.0 overs, I Samarasooriya 90*, C Young 51*, D Rankin 39, L Finlay 2-26)
    Fox Lodge 136 (35.2 overs, B Scott 47*, G McFaul 4-7, A Lucas 3-40)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (21) beat Donemana (4) by 31 runs.
    Eglinton, 14 July.
    Eglinton 256-7 (50.0 overs, M Erlank 86, K O'Doherty 43*, A Millar 40, W McClintock 3-46, J McGonigle 2-36)
    Donemana 225 (48.0 overs, K Dougherty 46, M Cooray 34, W McClintock 31, L Ritchie 3-42, M Erlank 3-45, A Millar 2-49)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (20) beat Ardmore (5) by 13 runs.
    Ballymagorry, 30 June.
    Fox Lodge 200 (47.3 overs, C Tshiki 71, A McGinnis 46, Geo Brolly 3-41, C Brolly 2-25, G Neely 2-33)
    Ardmore 187 (47.0 overs, D Curry 72, R Brolly 33, C Tshiki 5-20, J McIntyre 2-25, J Milligan 2-38)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Strabane (0) lost to Donemana (25) by 165 runs.
    Strabane Park, 30 June.
    Donemana 329-6 (50.0 overs, G McClintock 124, M Cooray 105, J Huey 33, C Peiris 3-57)
    Strabane 164 (43.3 overs, P Gillespie 66, R Logue 33, R Gallagher 26, W McBrine 3-20, A McBrine 2-14, D McGerrigle 2-14)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Bready (22) beat Brigade (3) by 4 wickets.
    Magheramason, 30 June.
    Brigade 92 (24.0 overs, C Young 4-13, D Scanlon 3-19, I Samarasooriya 2-23)
    Bready 93-6 (23.2 overs, A Austin 45*, A Britton 3-32)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (1) lost to Coleraine (24) by 7 wickets.
    Eglinton, 30 June.
    Eglinton 93 (30.0 overs, R Allen 28, S Adair 26*, S Campbell 5-11, R Chopra 2-18)
    Coleraine 96-3 (18.4 overs, T Chopra 49*, S Campbell 32)
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (0) lost to Bready (25) by 155 runs.
    Eglinton, 23 June.
    Bready 236-7 (50.0 overs, I Samarasooriya 100*, C Young 44, D Rankin 38, R Millar 2-35, L Ritchie 2-61)
    Eglinton 81 (28.1 overs, C Young 2-7, D Scanlon 2-11, I Samarasooriya 2-15)
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (22) beat Coleraine (3) by 3 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 23 June.
    Coleraine 233-7 (50.0 overs, T Chopra 57, R Chopra 52, G Hume 36, A Heywood 2-46)
    Fox Lodge 236-7 (49.4 overs, C Tshiki 97, B Allen 66*, L Hayes 31, R Chopra 2-39, S Hutchinson 2-42)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Brigade (5) lost to Strabane (20) by 16 runs.
    Beechgrove, 23 June.
    Strabane 208-9 (50.0 overs, A Gillespie 80, R MacBeth 3-34, D Barr 3-51, J Robinson 2-53)
    Brigade 192 (48.3 overs, A Britton 85, N Britton 36, KP Singh 4-32, R Gaur 3-44)
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (0) lost to Donemana (25) by 101 runs.
    The Bleachgreen, 23 June.
    Donemana 283 (49.1 overs, G McClintock 82, M Cooray 65)
    Ardmore 182 (36.4 overs, P McDowell 43, P Harrigan 29, C Brolly 28, J McGonigle 4-28, W McClintock 2-8, G McClintock 2-37)
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (25) beat Bready (0) by 133 runs.
    Sandel Lodge, 16 June.
    Coleraine 216-7 (50.0 overs, M Poskitt 53, S Campbell 49, R Chopra 30, R Barr 2-38, D Scanlon 2-49)
    Bready 83 (29.3 overs, R Dougherty 34, V Chopra 4-3, S Hutchinson 4-26)
  • Premier League
    Strabane (22) beat Eglinton (3) by 4 wickets.
    Strabane Park, 16 June.
    Eglinton 233-7 (50.0 overs, R Allen 83, M Erlank 74, R Gallagher 3-35, K Purewal Singh 3-35)
    Strabane 234-6 (49.2 overs, C Peiris 104*, Mark Gillespie 35*, A Gillespie 35, M Erlank 3-14)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Donemana (21) beat Fox Lodge (4) by 2 wickets.
    The Holm, 16 June.
    Fox Lodge 328-5 (50.0 overs, C Tshiki 139*, B Allen 80, J Milligan 33, A McBrine 4-13)
    Donemana 329-8 (49.4 overs, A McBrine 110, A Riddles 65, D McGerrigle 30*, J McIntyre 4-69)
  • Premier League
    Donemana (3) lost to Coleraine (22) by 57 runs.
    Holm, 9 June.
    Coleraine 247-9 (50.0 overs, R Chopra 90, M Poskitt 35, P Carson 30, A McBrine 3-37, M Cooray 2-45)
    Donemana 190 (42.5 overs, W McClintock 56, A McBrine 33, T Riddles 32, R Chopra 3-34, G Hume 2-9, S Campbell 2-27)
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (25) beat Brigade (0) by 146 runs.
    Ballymagorry, 9 June.
    Fox Lodge 279-6 (50.0 overs, J Milligan 93, B Allen 42*, A McGinnis 38, I Hussain 2-33)
    Brigade 133 (29.1 overs, D Barr 30, A Walker 4-37, C Tsiki 3-15)
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (22) beat Eglinton (3) by 3 wickets.
    Bleachgreen, 9 June.
    Eglinton 162 (44.0 overs, S Thompson 69, M Erlank 29, G Neely 3-19, D Curry 2-20, C Brolly 2-35)
    Ardmore 165-7 (34.1 overs, G Mokoena 43, P Harrigan 29, C Brolly 26*, M Erlank 4-33, L Ritchie 2-27)
  • Premier League
    Bready (23) beat Strabane (2) by 6 wickets.
    Magheramason, 9 June.
    Strabane 195-7 (50.0 overs, R Gallagher 53, T Barr 39, A Gillespie 36, I Samarasooriya 3-29)
    Bready 196-4 (38.0 overs, I Samarasooriya 72*, J Magee 68, R Gallagher 2-35, C Pereis 2-46)
  • Premier League
    Brigade (0) lost to Donemana (25) by 120 runs.
    Beechgrove, 2 June.
    Donemana 246-4 (50.0 overs, M Cooray 107*, G McClintock 98*, A McBrine 32)
    Brigade 120 (37.3 overs, McKeegan 38, A McBrine 3-24)
  • Premier League
    Coleraine (20) beat Strabane (5) by 11 runs.
    Sandel Lodge, 2 June.
    Coleraine 166-8 (50.0 overs, G Hume 48*, A Gillespie 3-39, R Logue 2-24, C Peiris 2-36)
    Strabane 155 (41.4 overs, A Gillespie 59, C Peiris 26, R Chopra 3-31, G Hume 2-29, S Campbell 2-36)
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (24) beat Fox Lodge (1) by 8 wickets.
    Eglinton, 2 June.
    Fox Lodge 187 (47.3 overs, B Allen 63, C Tshiki 34, A McGinnis 30)
    Eglinton 190-2 (28.3 overs, A Millar 84, M Erlank 61*, S Thompson 26*)
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (21) beat Bready (4) by 2 wickets.
    The Bleachgreen, 2 June.
    Bready 235 (48.1 overs, C Young 54, R Dougherty 50, I Samarasooriya 49)
    Ardmore 236-8 (44.0 overs, S Lazars 69, K Martin 54, P McDowell 53, A Lucas 3-36)
  • Premier League
    Strabane (22) beat Ardmore (3) by 4 wickets.
    Strabane Park, 27 May.
    Ardmore 273-5 (50.0 overs, G Mokoena 70, D Curry 60, P McDowell 37, R Gallagher 2-53)
    Strabane 276-6 (47.5 overs, P Gillespie 71*, C Peiris 57, R Logue 54, D Anthony 3-57)
  • Premier League
    Brigade (23) beat Coleraine (2) by 6 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 23 May.
    Coleraine 144-8 (38.0 overs, Vischal Chopra 63*, G Hume 28, R MacBeth 3-30, D Barr 2-33)
    Brigade 150-4 (29.0 overs, N McDonnell 64*, G McKeegan 27, G Hume 3-19)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Premier League
    Bready (25) beat Fox Lodge (0) by 9 wickets.
    Magheramason, 28 April.
    Fox Lodge 69 (28.1 overs, D Scanlon 3-3, G McFaul 3-25)
    Bready 70-1 (16.1 overs, K Hamilton 39*)
    Scorecard Report
  • Premier League
    Donemana (4) lost to Eglinton (21) by 25 runs.
    The Holm, 28 April.
    Eglinton 269 (48.0 overs, S Thompson 128, S Erlank 67, W McBrine 4-35, W McClintock 2-20, G McClintock 2-34)
    Donemana 235 (44.1 overs, W McClintock 102, RL Dougherty 45, R Allen 3-25, L Ritchie 3-34, M Erlank 2-32)
    DLS Method: par score 260 in 47 overs.
    Scorecard Report
  • Premier League
    Bready (25) beat Donemana (0) by 9 wickets.
    Magheramason, 21 April.
    Donemana 70 (25.2 overs, M Cooray 25, C Young 6-10, C Olphert 2-15)
    Bready 71-1 (24.0 overs, A Austin 31*)
    Scorecard Photos Report
  • Premier League
    Eglinton (3) lost to Brigade (22) by 3 wickets.
    Eglinton, 21 April.
    Eglinton 119 (47.1 overs, S Thompson 44, A Britton 3-6, I Hussain 2-14)
    Brigade 120-7 (33.2 overs, J Thompson 29*, M Erlank 2-26, S Thompson 2-27, R Wylie 2-32)
    Scorecard Photos Report
  • Premier League
    Ardmore (3) lost to Coleraine (22) by 3 wickets.
    Bleach Green, 21 April.
    Ardmore 183 (47.0 overs, S Lazars 51, G Neely 36, P Harrigan 35, G Hume 5-18)
    Coleraine 184-7 (45.4 overs, Va Chopra 86, M Hutchinson 34, T Chopra 31, G Neely 3-23, C Brolly 2-39)
    Scorecard Photos Report
  • Premier League
    Fox Lodge (21) beat Strabane (4) by 38 runs.
    Ballymagorry, 21 April.
    Fox Lodge 322-6 (50.0 overs, B Scott 107, C Tshiki 52, A Heywood 46)
    Strabane 284-8 (50.0 overs, K Singh 95*, C Peiris 74, A Gillespie 62)
    Scorecard Photos Report
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts     NRR
Glendermott            14   12    0    0    2   41  281    0.970
Ballyspallen           14   10    0    1    3   37  242    1.009
Killyclooney           14    9    0    0    5   47  227    1.289
Burndennett            14    6    0    1    7   37  162    0.395
St Johnston            14    6    0    1    7   27  152   -0.339
Newbuildings           14    4    0    1    9   22  107   -1.448
Bonds Glen             14    3    0    2    9   24   94   -0.933
Drummond               14    3    0    0   11   30   90   -1.317

Burndennett deducted 10 points

  • Championship
    Glendermott (24) beat Killyclooney (1) by 7 wickets.
    The Rectory, 25 August.
    Killyclooney 175 (35.0 overs, T Dougherty 52, R McMorris 41*, A Henry 36, A Johnson 3-36, D Culbert 2-25, I Cooke 2-29)
    Glendermott 177-3 (30.2 overs, G Montgomery 78, J Lynch 37, R Robinson 25)
  • Championship
    Ballyspallen (25) beat Drummond (0) by 9 wickets.
    Bridge Park, 25 August.
    Drummond 155 (42.0 overs, S Moore 52, J Millar 42, G Kennedy 3-7, C Averill 2-23, M Averill 2-38)
    Ballyspallen 156-1 (21.1 overs, D McCallum 111*, S Kennedy 31)
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (20) beat St Johnston (5) by 1 wicket.
    Killyclooney, 18 August.
    St Johnston 313-6 (50.0 overs, D Lapsley 134, I MacBeth 54, P Shyam 40)
    Killyclooney 315-9 (49.1 overs, D Lynch 134, G Moan 57, W Finlay 37*, N Cole 3-63, I MacBeth 3-74, J Cole 2-59)
  • Championship
    Drummond (3) lost to Newbuildings (22) by 58 runs.
    Drummond, 18 August.
    Newbuildings 158 (42.2 overs, D Mehaffey 52, J Dunn 40, S Donnell 28, D Carlin 4-19)
    Drummond 100 (21.5 overs, A Christie 37, S Donnell 5-40, J Dunn 3-14)
  • Championship
    Burndennett (1) lost to Killyclooney (24) by 7 wickets.
    Burndennett, 11 August.
    Burndennett 263 (49.2 overs, M Doherty 57, M Roulston 49, R McCay 47, M Gordon 3-50, R McMorris 2-25, W Finlay 2-46)
    Killyclooney 264-3 (35.0 overs, A Henry 145, D Moan 64*)
  • Championship
    Drummond (2) lost to St Johnston (23) by 6 wickets.
    Drummond, 11 August.
    Drummond 171 (48.0 overs, S Moore 53, N Cole 4-31, M Rankin 2-11, D MacBeth 2-33)
    St Johnston 172-4 (32.5 overs, D Lapsley 44, D MacBeth 37, R Machingal 35, J Millar 2-34, D Holmes 2-44)
  • Championship
    Bonds Glen (25) beat Newbuildings (0) by 255 runs.
    Bonds Glen, 11 August.
    Bonds Glen 421-4 (50.0 overs, E Roberts 234*, R Robinson 64, D Robinson 56*)
    Newbuildings 166 (29.4 overs, R Hunter 40, C Wallace 33, C Pienaar 28, J Nixon 2-6, K Moore 2-37, E Roberts 2-40)
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (25) beat Drummond (0) by 282 runs.
    Killyclooney, 4 August.
    Killyclooney 466-9 (50.0 overs, A Henry 225, M Gordon 70, D Moan 35, C Moore 5-65, S Moore 2-120)
    Drummond 184 (22.4 overs, K Morrow 41, A Christie 36, R McDaid 34, J Nelson 5-40, A Henry 3-26)
  • Championship
    Newbuildings (0) lost to Glendermott (25) by 9 wickets.
    Newbuildings, 4 August.
    Newbuildings 67 (18.0 overs, T McKeegan 28, G Cooke 5-29, D Culbert 3-4, A Johnson 2-33)
    Glendermott 69-1 (13.2 overs, G Montgomery 30*)
  • Championship
    Bonds Glen (2) lost to St Johnston (23) by 66 runs.
    Bonds Glen, 4 August.
    St Johnston 236-8 (50.0 overs, D Barnard 60*, M Rankin 48, D MacBeth 33, D Robinson 3-30, L Britton 3-57)
    Bonds Glen 170 (44.0 overs, E Roberts 40, L Curry 32, D MacBeth 3-28, J Cole 3-33, R Goud-Sama 2-25)
  • Championship
    Ballyspallen (25) beat Burndennett (0) by 9 wickets.
    Bridge Park, 4 August.
    Burndennett 180 (43.4 overs, R McCay 51, M Pollock 46, M Roulston 31, M Averill 4-39, G Burns 2-36, C Averill 2-38)
    Ballyspallen 181-1 (28.4 overs, D McCallum 128*)
  • Championship
    Ballyspallen (23) beat St Johnston (2) by 46 runs.
    Bridge Park, 31 July.
    Ballyspallen 188-9 (40.0 overs, I Crown 47, C Averill 40, D McCallum 37, K Bhavsar 3-20, D MacBeth 3-31)
    St Johnston 142 (38.1 overs, J MacBeth 50, M Rankin 28, C Averill 5-29, Stu. Kennedy 2-29)
  • Championship
    Drummond (25) beat Bonds Glen (0) by 121 runs.
    Drummond, 21 July.
    Drummond 178 (46.2 overs, C Moore 38, A Christie 30, L Britton 3-33, K Moore 2-21, E Roberts 2-27)
    Bonds Glen 57 (15.1 overs, M Mills 6-28, D Carlin 3-26)
  • Championship
    Burndennett (23) beat Newbuildings (2) by 6 wickets.
    Burndennett, 21 July.
    Newbuildings 111 (30.2 overs, D Moore 32, D Mehaffey 30, S McCay 4-37, R McCay 3-19, M Barr 2-40)
    Burndennett 114-4 (24.3 overs, M Barr 58)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (4) lost to Glendermott (21) by 39 runs.
    The Boathole, 21 July.
    Glendermott 174 (48.0 overs, G Montgomery 42, G Cooke 39*, R Goud-Sama 5-30, D MacBeth 2-34)
    St Johnston 135 (41.2 overs, M Rankin 41, I Cooke 4-20, G Cooke 3-19)
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (3) lost to Ballyspallen (22) by 4 wickets.
    Killyclooney, 21 July.
    Killyclooney 249-8 (50.0 overs, A Henry 61, D Moan 47, A Colhoun 31, Ste Kennedy 2-19, C Averill 2-30, M Averill 2-54)
    Ballyspallen 250-6 (45.3 overs, C Averill 157*, W Finlay 3-50)
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (25) beat Bonds Glen (0) by 127 runs.
    Killyclooney, 14 July.
    Killyclooney 263-9 (50.0 overs, D Moan 55, T Dougherty 40, A Colhoun 28, A Buchanan 4-57, D Curry 3-50)
    Bonds Glen 136 (34.2 overs, J Long 27, E Roberts 26, J Nelson 5-34, A Henry 2-31, J Connor 2-37)
  • Championship
    Newbuildings (1) lost to Ballyspallen (24) by 8 wickets.
    Newbuildings, 14 July.
    Newbuildings 95 (28.2 overs, C Wallace 41, G Kennedy 5-9, M Averill 3-26)
    Ballyspallen 99-2 (20.1 overs, D McCallum 43, G Kennedy 36*)
  • Championship
    Glendermott (24) beat Drummond (1) by 8 wickets.
    The Rectory, 14 July.
    Drummond 238 (42.3 overs, S Moore 73, C McElwee 68, D Carlin 34, G Cooke 6-36, I Cooke 2-27)
    Glendermott 240-2 (35.3 overs, R Robinson 82, J Lynch 67*, G Montgomery 31)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (1) lost to Burndennett (24) by 8 wickets.
    The BoatHole, 14 July.
    St Johnston 178 (43.4 overs, M Rankin 48, D Barnard 33, M Barr 3-26, E McGettigan 3-33, M Roulston 2-37)
    Burndennett 180-2 (23.1 overs, S McCay 50, M Pollock 50*, M Barr 35*)
  • Championship
    Bonds Glen (0) lost to Glendermott (25) by 218 runs.
    Bonds Glen, 7 July.
    Glendermott 310-4 (50.0 overs, G Montgomery 117, D Cooke 97, R Robinson 49)
    Bonds Glen 92 (19.0 overs, A Buchanan 32, D Culbert 6-5, G Cooke 3-30)
  • Championship
    Newbuildings (22) beat Killyclooney (3) by 51 runs.
    Newbuildings, 7 July.
    Newbuildings 321-9 (50.0 overs, S Wallace 142, D Mehaffey 89, R McMorris 3-42, W Finlay 3-50)
    Killyclooney 270 (46.0 overs, A Henry 73, A Lynch 59, M Gordon 47, J Dunn 3-67, D Mehaffey 2-21, C Pienaar 2-40)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Championship
    Drummond (1) lost to Burndennett (24) by 96 runs.
    Drummond, 7 July.
    Burndennett 257-8 (50.0 overs, M Pollock 89, M Roulston 75, S McCay 33, S Moore 4-47, J Millar 3-50, S Dunn 2-28)
    Drummond 161 (34.1 overs, K Morrow 25, M Pollock 3-15, R McCay 3-40, M Roulston 2-30)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (21) beat Killyclooney (4) by 2 wickets.
    The Boathole, 1 July.
    Killyclooney 231-8 (50.0 overs, A Colhoun 74, M Gordon 52, G Moan 28, S Devenney 2-23, A Fleming 2-32, N Cole 2-51)
    St Johnston 232-8 (49.3 overs, M Rankin 57, D Barnard 40*, T Islam 33, J Nelson 3-37, W Finlay 3-38)
  • Championship
    Glendermott (20) beat Burndennett (5) by 1 wicket.
    The Rectory, 1 July.
    Burndennett 278-8 (50.0 overs, M Mooney 65, M Doherty 61, M Barr 36, G Cooke 3-58, S Cochrane 2-29)
    Glendermott 281-9 (49.4 overs, A Johnson 136*, R Robinson 36, D Cooke 25, M Roulston 3-59, M Pollock 2-34, M Barr 2-59)
  • Championship
    Bonds Glen (23) beat Ballyspallen (2) by 71 runs.
    Bonds Glen, 1 July.
    Bonds Glen 301-8 (50.0 overs, R Rodgers 110*, E Roberts 69, R Curry 42, G Burns 2-51, M Averill 2-58)
    Ballyspallen 230 (43.0 overs, G Kennedy 54, C Averill 52, D McCallum 41, L Britton 5-31, D Robinson 2-40)
  • Championship
    Newbuildings (2) lost to Drummond (23) by 5 wickets.
    Newbuildings, 24 June.
    Newbuildings 128 (28.0 overs, M Mehaffey 28, C McElwee 4-1, J Millar 2-25)
    Drummond 129-5 (28.3 overs, C McElwee 46*, R McDaid 27*, A Christie 25, T Thompson 2-22, J Dunn 2-44)
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (25) beat Glendermott (0) by 187 runs.
    Killyclooney, 23 June.
    Killyclooney 265-7 (50.0 overs, A Henry 55, A Lynch 53, D Moan 51, G Cooke 258-)
    Glendermott 78 (24.0 overs, J Connor 4-15, A Henry 2-5, W Finlay 2-26)
  • Championship
    Burndennett (25) beat Bonds Glen (0) by 9 wickets.
    Burndennett, 23 June.
    Bonds Glen 87 (26.4 overs, E Roberts 41, M Roulston 3-12, S McCay 3-23, M Barr 2-23)
    Burndennett 91-1 (10.0 overs, S McCay 51*)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Championship
    Drummond (3) lost to Ballyspallen (22) by 3 wickets.
    Drummond, 23 June.
    Drummond 112 (37.4 overs, J Millar 39, C Averill 3-8, G Burns 3-28, S McCloskey 2-48)
    Ballyspallen 113-7 (24.4 overs, M Averill 30, D McCallum 27, J Millar 3-27, S Moore 3-29)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (22) beat Newbuildings (3) by 42 runs.
    The Boathole, 23 June.
    St Johnston 208-9 (50.0 overs, R Goud-Sama 42, A Fleming 37, D MacBeth 35, P Allen 4-35, C Cooper 2-40)
    Newbuildings 166 (46.3 overs, P Allen 39, A Fleming 3-32, N Cole 2-21, J Cole 2-26)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (1) lost to Drummond (24) by 7 wickets.
    The Boathole, 16 June.
    St Johnston 201-9 (50.0 overs, I MacBeth 46*, A Fleming 40, R Machingal 25, C McElwee 4-48)
    Drummond 205-3 (45.0 overs, R McDaid 77*, K Morrow 40, S Moore 31*)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Championship
    Ballyspallen (2) lost to Glendermott (23) by 6 wickets.
    Bridge Park, 16 June.
    Ballyspallen 83 (32.1 overs, A Johnson 4-20, D Cooke 3-16, G Cooke 2-19)
    Glendermott 85-4 (30.5 overs, S Killen 34)
  • Championship
    Newbuildings (22) beat Bonds Glen (3) by 59 runs.
    Newbuildings, 16 June.
    Newbuildings 139 (35.0 overs, C Wallace 36, M Mehaffey 26, C Pienaar 25, L Britton 3-15, E Roberts 3-18, D Robinson 3-59)
    Bonds Glen 80 (25.1 overs, T Thompson 3-19, T McKeegan 3-22, D Mehaffey 2-5)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (23) beat Burndennett (2) by 72 runs.
    Killyclooney, 16 June.
    Killyclooney 242-9 (50.0 overs, A Lynch 63, R McMorris 33*, A Colhoun 29, M Barr 4-40, S McCay 2-20)
    Burndennett 170 (41.1 overs, M Barr 56, M Snodgrass 27, J Connor 5-30, A Henry 2-33)
  • Championship
    Burndennett (3) lost to Ballyspallen (22) by 59 runs.
    Burndennett, 9 June.
    Ballyspallen 158 (44.2 overs, C Averill 70, M Snodgrass 4-31, R McCay 2-5)
    Burndennett 99 (30.1 overs, M Doherty 25, G Kennedy 6-17, M Averill 3-33)
  • Championship
    Drummond (4) lost to Killyclooney (21) by 32 runs.
    Drummond, 9 June.
    Killyclooney 182 (46.3 overs, G Moan 81, S Dunn 4-19, D Carlin 3-40, J Millar 2-27)
    Drummond 150 (33.0 overs, C Moore 53, A Henry 5-32, W Finlay 3-43)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (20) beat Bonds Glen (5) by 8 runs.
    Boathole, 9 June.
    St Johnston 194 (48.1 overs, R Goud 41, R Machingal 27, D Robinson 2-22, E Roberts 2-33, L Britton 2-36)
    Bonds Glen 186 (44.1 overs, A Buchanan 59, E Roberts 55, N Cole 5-20, D Lapsley 2-26, J Cole 2-33)
  • Championship
    Glendermott (22) beat Newbuildings (3) by 4 wickets.
    Rectory, 9 June.
    Newbuildings 291-7 (50.0 overs, M Hanna 77, M Mehaffy 64, G Robb 31*, G Cooke 4-58, D Cooke 2-36, I Cooke 2-50)
    Glendermott 295-6 (48.3 overs, D Cooke 109*, G Montgomery 94, A Johnston 28)
  • Championship
    Ballyspallen (1) lost to Newbuildings (24) by 7 wickets.
    Bridge Park, 20 May.
    Ballyspallen 234-9 (50.0 overs, M Averill 101, G Kennedy 57, T Thompson 2-34)
    Newbuildings 167-3 (32.2 overs, T Thompson 60, C Wallace 34, C Cooper 29*)
    DLS Method: par score 166 in 37 overs.
  • Championship
    Glendermott (2) lost to Ballyspallen (23) by 5 wickets.
    The Rectory, 19 May.
    Glendermott 224-8 (50.0 overs, A Johnston 53, D Cooke 51, G Cooke 40*, Stephen Kennedy 3-44, M Averill 2-37)
    Ballyspallen 226-5 (33.4 overs, D McCallum 102, M Averill 47*, B Mills 2-61)
  • Championship
    Drummond (1) lost to Glendermott (24) by 84 runs.
    Drummond, 12 May.
    Glendermott 220-4 (50.0 overs, J Lynch 108, S Killen 30, A Johnston 29*)
    Drummond 136 (38.0 overs, C Moore 48, G Donnell 3-27, B Mills 2-19, A Johnston 2-32)
  • Championship
    Bonds Glen (0) lost to Killyclooney (25) by 127 runs.
    Bonds Glen, 12 May.
    Killyclooney 344-7 (50.0 overs, A Henry 96, A Colhoun 53*, M Gordon 45, K Moore5 5-51)
    Bonds Glen 217 (41.0 overs, R Curry 61*, A Buchanan 32, D Curry 29, A Henry 6-49, M Gordon 2-37)
  • Championship
    Bonds Glen (24) beat Drummond (1) by 7 wickets.
    Bonds Glen, 5 May.
    Drummond 123 (27.2 overs, C McElwee 31, R McDaid 27, D Curry 4-20, D Robinson 2-20)
    Bonds Glen 124-3 (20.4 overs, R Robinson 50, E Roberts 27*)
  • Championship
    Ballyspallen (21) beat Killyclooney (4) by 21 runs.
    Bridge Park, 5 May.
    Ballyspallen 214 (48.0 overs, M Averill 45, G Kennedy 37, C Averill 36, W Finlay 5-38, A Henry 2-13, R McMorris 2-32)
    Killyclooney 193 (49.1 overs, D Moan 53, A Henry 47, G Kennedy 2-29, C Averill 2-32)
  • Championship
    Newbuildings (0) lost to Burndennett (25) by 157 runs.
    Newbuildings, 5 May.
    Burndennett 281-9 (50.0 overs, M Roulston 63, M Doherty 59, L Pollock 46, P Allen 4-25, T McKeegan 2-32)
    Newbuildings 124 (31.4 overs, C Pienaar 38, M Roulston 4-37, M Snodgrass 2-10, S McCay 2-26)
  • Championship
    Glendermott (23) beat St Johnston (2) by 6 wickets.
    The Rectory, 5 May.
    St Johnston 155 (43.1 overs, R Machingal 42, J MacBeth 31, D Cooke 3-20, G Cooke 3-43, B Mills 2-22)
    Glendermott 156-4 (36.0 overs, D Cooke 58*, S Killen 31, A Fleming 2-26)
  • Championship
    Burndennett (2) lost to St Johnston (23) by 5 wickets.
    Burndennett, 28 April.
    Burndennett 179 (42.0 overs, S McCay 27, A Barr 26, I Macbeth 4-26, J Cole 3-36)
    St Johnston 128-5 (28.3 overs, A Fleming 42*, M Snodgrass 2-19, R McCay 2-35)
    DLS Method: par score 124 in 29 overs.
  • Championship
    Glendermott (23) beat Bonds Glen (2) by 6 wickets.
    The Rectory, 21 April.
    Bonds Glen 136 (36.0 overs, D Curry 38, A Johnston 3-14, G Cooke 3-30, B Mills 3-38)
    Glendermott 137-4 (31.5 overs, D Cooke 82*, L Curry 2-41)
  • Championship
    Killyclooney (24) beat Newbuildings (1) by 7 wickets.
    Killyclooney, 21 April.
    Newbuildings 279 (47.3 overs, M Mehaffey 64, J McIntyre 51, C Cooper 40, T Thompson 38, A Henry 3-30, W Finlay 3-58, M Gordon 3-58)
    Killyclooney 284-3 (36.4 overs, D Moan 187*, A Henry 55)
  • Championship
    St Johnston (0) lost to Ballyspallen (25) by 108 runs.
    The Boathole, 21 April.
    Ballyspallen 222 (50.0 overs, D McCallan 81, G Kennedy 34, D Lapsley 4-37)
    St Johnston 114 (33.0 overs, R Goud Sama 46, M Averill 5-13, C Averill 2-29)
  • Championship
    Burndennett (23) beat Drummond (2) by 70 runs.
    Burndennett, 21 April.
    Burndennett 235-8 (50.0 overs, M Doherty 98, S Moore 3-32)
    Drummond 165 (36.1 overs, A Christie 36, M Snodgrass 4-31, M Pollock 3-36)
League Reports & Articles
North West Senior fixtures announced
Bready only club with two home Premiership fixtures before the 'May Break' when Cup action will be to the fore not forgetting Ireland's Test match versus Pakistan.
Tyrone quartet aiming high
The curtain rises on the North West cricket season with four Tyrone sides taking their place in the Premier Division and two more in the race to join them next year from the Championship.
Ballyspallen start favourites to book promotion
The race for promotion to the Premier Division gets under way this weekend with the eight hopefuls all in with some sort of chance of challenging in the top half of the table.
Champions go in search of record-breaking season
The new cricket season begins and all eyes will be on Donemana as they bid to smash not one but two long-standing records in the region’s premier club competitions.
Tough start for Brigade at Eglinton
BRIGADE would probably have preferred an easier start to their Premiership campaign but if they can hit the ground running against Eglinton it would auger well for yet another title challenge.
Joy of six as Young fires Bready to top of table
The Bready pace bowler returning figures of 6-10 as the Magheramason men routed Donemana for the second successive year.
Brigade, Coleraine and Fox Lodge win
Brigade will be expected to lay down a serious title challenge this season and Andy Britton’s men got their first points on the board first day as they beat Eglinton.
Killyclooney lead the charge on opening day
Killyclooney led the way as they chased down what looked a very competitive Newbuildings total of 279 with Darren Moan providing the highlight of the opening afternoon.
Moan starts season with a bang
Another weekend centurion was Killyclooney skipper Darren Moan who recorded the highest score of the day, an unbeaten 187 to lead his team to a seven-wicket win over Newbuildings.
Great Scott
It was a dream debut for Fox Lodge opener Barry Scott who switched allegiances from Strabane ahead of the new campaign. As the cricketing Gods would decree, he faced his former team mates in the opening match, and duly recorded his first century at senior level.
Champions on recovery mission
The fixtures for Week 2 of the Premier League have thrown up an intriguing afternoon with the four winners from last Saturday all playing each other and the quartet of defeated sides doing likewise.
Bready storm to top of table
Davy Scanlon’s Bready who will now sit proudly at the top of the table until at least the first week in June.
Championship round-up
There was precious little to get excited about last weekend with only one match in the Championship played to a conclusion.
Burndennett top the table as Championship breaks
The Championship looks like being a really competitive division this season and as clubs now take a break from league action for several weeks it is Burndennett who finished this weekend in pole position in the table.
Brolly and McNamee roll back the years
George Brolly’s fine all-round performance guided Ardmore to a tense one-wicket win against Sion Mills at The Bleachgreen.
McGettigan delight as Burndennett make strong start
Burndennett are the surprise Championship leaders after a strong showing at Newbuildings.
Glendermott and Killyclooney win
While many eyes will have been on events in Dublin there were two matches played in the Championship on Saturday- both of these having been rained off at the end of last month.
Chopra rolls back the years
Veteran batsman Vischal Chopra rolled back the years with a gritty half century to give Coleraine hope in their rearranged game against Brigade at Beechgrove.
McDonnell leads Brigade to victory
Niall McDonnell hit an unbeaten half-century to lead Brigade to a relatively comfortable six-wicket win over Coleraine at Beechgrove.
Mixed fortunes for Ballyspallen
Ballyspallen were in action twice over the weekend, beating Glendermott before losing to Newbuildings.
Brigade and Donemana meet in crunch clash
There’s a return to league action for top-flight sides on Saturday with the game between Brigade and Donemana the obvious stand-out on a day of intriguing fixtures.
Champions send out emphatic message
Thankfully the North West avoided most of the weekend’s thunderstorms as the third round of matches in the Premier Division were played to a conclusion across the region.
NW Premier race wide open
Donemana’s win at Brigade last Saturday coupled with defeat for Bready at Ardmore has really thrown the Premiership title race wide open ahead of this weekend’s fourth round of matches.
Bready benefit on day of surprises
It was a day of drama at both ends of the Premier Division table on Saturday as three of the four top-flight fixtures threw up varying degrees of surprise results.
Championship race hots up
Another busy weekend of Championship cricket ended on Sunday evening with Newbuildings being the first team through to the semi-finals of this season’s Senior Cup.
Foxies on a run
It’s been a great start to the season for Fox Lodge, who produced one of their best performances at Premier level with their destruction of Brigade at the weekend.
McBrine heroics deny Fox Lodge
Champions Donemana started the day bottom of the table after three defeats in their first four games and the Holm side had to chase down 328 runs before climbing out of 8th place with a nail-biting victory over Fox Lodge.
Action packed weekend for Championship sides
There was no shortage of entertainment for followers of Championship cricket with action across three competitions over the past weekend.
Scanlon hoping Bready can get back on track
It’s all about the Premier Division this Saturday after a raft of recent cup fixtures and as clubs’ head towards the half-way stage of the season there is still no telling how the title race might pan out this summer.
Coleraine missing key players for Fox Lodge clash
League leaders Coleraine travel to Fox Lodge this weekend hoping to extend their winning start to the season to an impressive five out of six.
Tyrone 4 Derry 0
Bready are back at the top of the Premiership table after another fascinating afternoon of cricket across the North West on Saturday.
Killyclooney go top in promotion race
The action is coming thick and fast at the minute in the Championship and it is Killyclooney who hold the lead in the promotion race as that reaches its mid-way point in the season.
Bready and Coleraine continue to set the pace
Day one of a busy week of North West cricket saw yet more twists and turns at both ends of the Premier Division while frayed tempers made the headlines in the game between Ballyspallen and Newbuildings as the Sammy Jeffrey Shield got under way in the Championship.
Glendermott top after heated Championship weekend
There was another busy programme for Championship sides this weekend with matches in the senior cup, Sammy Jeffrey Shield and league spread across the two days.
Table toppers Bready searching first title
After a few seasons of struggle, the transformation has been remarkable, and skipper David Scanlon pointed out what he feels are the main reasons for their success to date.
Glendermott win but Killyclooney slip up
The domestic action was subsequently left to Championship sides albeit a local bereavement caused the postponement of the match between Ballyspallen and St Johnston. That gave Glendermott and Killyclooney the chance to keep the pressure on at the top and it was the Rectory side who were to take advantage.
Crunch weekend looms for Championship sides
There is action on several fronts this coming weekend for second-tier sides; a full programme in the league on Saturday followed by a couple of quarter-final ties in the National Cup and one semi-final in the Sammy Jeffrey Shield some 24-hours later.
Premier sides return to league action
North West Premier Division sides return to league duty this coming Saturday as the race for honours, and indeed survival, heads into the home straight.
Scanlon's boys sticking the pace
With just six league games to go it is Bready who are in the driving seat as this season’s title race heads towards what should now be a really thrilling conclusion.
Glendermott on title mission
The runners and riders in this year’s Championship title race have made the turn for home and it is Glendermott who are in the box seat after a day of one-sided matches.
Bready look to tighten title grip
There’s a busy weekend ahead for Premier Division leaders Bready, as Davy Scanlon’s side entertain Ardmore in the league on Saturday before tackling Brigade in the Faughan Valley Cup Final the following day.
Young guns go for it
It was another great weekend for Bready as they won convincingly at near neighbours Fox Lodge to sit proudly at the summit of the Premiership table.
Bready stay on historic title track
Gareth McKeegan was the toast of the division on Saturday after the Brigade opener starred in his side’s telling league win at the Holm; a result that puts a massive dent in the champions’ quest to retain their title.
Glendermott stay top
The Championship promotion race is now up to full speed and it is Glendermott who are in the box seat after a hard-fought win over St Johnston.
Donemana beat Bready to open up title race
Donemana beat Bready in high scoring thriller to open up the title race, as Strabane and Coleraine win to close the gap.
Ballyspallen beat St Johnston to close gap at top
Ballyspallen have closed the gap on Glendermott at the top of the Championship to just one win after the Roe Valley side sealed a 46-run victory over St Johnston.
Championship round-up
It was a very quiet few days on the Championship front as is usually the case on cup final weekend- with only the two Sam Jeffrey Shield semi-finals down for decision this time.
Top-two showdown heads fascinating league programme
With the senior cup final done and dusted, attention now switches to what looks certain to be a fascinating conclusion to this season’s Premier Division league campaign.
Bready on cusp of title after beating Strabane
Bready’s lead at the top of the Premiership remains intact with three games to go after the Magheramason men out-battled second-placed Strabane in an enjoyable contest up at the Park.
Clooney run riot as promotion race cranks up
The race for promotion to the Premier Division looks to have come down to three teams after Ballyspallen’s crushing win over fourth-placed Burndennett on Saturday set up an intriguing final few weeks.
Brigade coast past Eglinton
Senior cup winners Brigade are up into fourth place in the Premier Division table after a fairly routine win over Eglinton at Beechgrove on Sunday.
Bready on the brink of historic title
Davy Scanlon will head into what is a very busy and very pivotal weekend for Bready Cricket Club knowing that by Sunday night he could become the first person in the club's history to lift the North West senior title.
Premier title race drawing to a close
There could be one or two calculators at the ready this weekend as the Premier Division title race heads into its final throes.
Scanlon taking nothing for granted
BREADY captain David Scanlon has been around too long to take anything for granted, so while the Magheramason side can win their first league title tomorrow, he and his team are preparing for all eventualities.
Bready one point away from title
The Premiership title was Bready's in all but name on Saturday night after the Magheramason side posted a 38-run win over second-placed Coleraine to move within a single point of their first ever top-flight league championship.
Bready win historic first title
Bready collected the point that they needed to secure the Premier title on Sunday as the Magheramason outfit dug deep yet again despite a narrow defeat to Brigade.
Bready crowned champions
BREADY are Long’s SuperValu Premiership champions for the first time in their history.
King Henry keeps Killyclooney in the hunt
There was little change in the Championship table on Saturday with just Killyclooney's win at Burndennett having any impact on the top four places.
Scanlon pride at Bready title triumph
There were great celebrations at Magheramason over the weekend as Bready claimed a historic, and fully deserved first league title.
Focus switches to relegation battle in NW
Bready may have won the title on Sunday but there remains plenty of unfinished business heading into the last couple of matches of 2018.
Gormley the hero as Ardmore beat Fox Lodge
Needing 31 to win from the last 5 overs, Gormley clubbed 5 fours and 2 sixes- as he and David Anthony took 31 runs from 11 deliveries between the 26th and 27th overs as the Foxies failed to close it out.
Crunch game in Championship
The Championship will be decided this weekend, with the crunch game taking place at The Rectory on Saturday when two of the three title contenders, Glendermott and Killyclooney, meet.
Curtain falls on NW season
The curtain falls on another domestic cricket programme this weekend with only the promotion and relegation play-offs left to unravel at senior level after this.
Foxies facing survival battle
It promises to be a difficult weekend for Fox Lodge who are faced with the prospect of automatic relegation if they fail to win at Coleraine.
Fox Lodge relegated while Ardmore face play-off
There was a very clear end-of-summer feel to Saturday's Premier Division action as the adverse weather took its toll on the final day of the regular season.
Rectory boys end promotion wait
Glendermott will return to he top flight of North West cricket for the first time in almost 6 years next season despite what was in the end an anti-climactic title win on Sunday.
Party still in full swing at Bready
They've waited 80 years to celebrate a senior title win at Bready and Davy Scalon's boys certainly made the most of their success this season with a party that was still in full swing in Magheramason on Sunday night.
Kennedy and McCallum star as Ballyspallen hammer Ardmore
We probably should have known that a weird and wonderful domestic cricket season would have one more twist left as Ballyspallen defied the odds to beat Ardmore in Saturday's promotion/relegation play-off at Bready.
Senior Cup
  • Senior Cup
    Brigade beat Eglinton by 94 runs.
    Magheramason, 27 July.
    Brigade 261-7 (50.0 overs, J Thompson 57, A Britton 50*, D Murdock 49, R Allen 2-29, S Thompson 2-58, A Millar 2-75) and 188-9 (50.0 overs, N McDonnell 50, J Thompson 47, A Britton 25, S Thompson 4-24, R Allen 2-20, L Ritchie 2-30)
    Eglinton 171 (45.4 overs, J Millar 64, S Thompson 36, A Millar 27, M Simpson 3-33, J Thompson 3-37, J Robinson 2-32) and 184 (38.4 overs, J Millar 58, S Thompson 50, R Allen 45, A Britton 7-24, R Macbeth 2-41)
  • Senior Cup
    Newbuildings lost to Eglinton by 1 wicket.
    Newbuildings, 1 July.
    Newbuildings 80 (15.3 overs, M Hanna 30*, S Thompson 4-23, M Erlank 3-12, R Allen 2-10)
    Eglinton 83-9 (15.4 overs, S Thompson 31, C Cooper 4-1, J Dunn 3-24, T McKeegan 2-31)
  • Senior Cup
    Donemana lost to Brigade by 4 wickets.
    The Holm, 1 July.
    Donemana 286-8 (50.0 overs, RL Dougherty 84*, A McBrine 68, D McGerrigle 43, M Simpson 2-31)
    Brigade 292-6 (48.0 overs, D Barr 76, I Hussain 56, N McDonnell 33*, A McBrine 2-29, W McBrine 2-49, J McGonigle 2-67)
Round 2
  • Senior Cup
    Ardmore lost to Brigade by 71 runs.
    Bleachgreen, 17 June.
    Brigade 210 (48.4 overs, A Britton 83, K Magee 64, G Neely 4-35, S Dunn 2-52)
    Ardmore 139 (44.3 overs, G Mokoena 38, G Neely 32, J Robinson 3-25, I Hussain 2-15, A Britton 2-20)
  • Senior Cup
    Eglinton beat Fox Lodge by 9 wickets.
    Eglinton, 17 June.
    Fox Lodge 168 (47.2 overs, B Allen 70, L Hayes 37, A Millar 3-22, L Ritchie 3-38, M Erlank 2-47)
    Eglinton 152-1 (28.0 overs, M Erlank 104*, R Allen 34*)
    DLS Method: par score 151 in 43 overs.
  • Senior Cup
    Coleraine lost to Donemana by 29 runs.
    Sandel Lodge, 17 June.
    Donemana 164-9 (40.0 overs, D McGerrigle 44, A Riddles 38, W McClintock 26, S Hutchinson 2-15, V Chopra 2-44)
    Coleraine 135 (37.1 overs, V Chopra 26, W McBrine 3-33, A McBrine 2-9, D McGerrigle 2-34)
  • Senior Cup
    Ballyspallen lost to Newbuildings by 69 runs.
    Bridge Park, 10 June.
    Newbuildings 279-9 (50.0 overs, M Mehaffey 73*, M Hanna 68, S Wallace 57, G Kennedy 3-66, M Averill 2-54)
    Ballyspallen 210 (41.0 overs, Stephen Kennedy 52, D McCallum 40, D Mehaffey 3-49, J Dunn 2-37, T Thompson 2-53)
Round 1
  • Senior Cup
    Burndennett lost to Fox Lodge by 8 wickets.
    Burndennett, 26 May.
    Burndennett 134 (30.2 overs, E McGettigan 86, A Walker 4-32, G Heywood 2-6)
    Fox Lodge 135-2 (19.2 overs, C Tshiki 73*, A Heywood 35*)
  • Senior Cup
    St Johnston lost to Brigade by 5 wickets.
    The BoatHole, 26 May.
    St Johnston 113 (41.0 overs, D MacBeth 48, K Magee 3-13, R MacBeth 3-18, I Hussain 2-16)
    Brigade 117-5 (24.2 overs, G McKeegan 36, D Barr 29, J Cole 2-28)
  • Senior Cup
    Strabane lost to Donemana by 7 wickets.
    Strabane Park, 26 May.
    Strabane 188 (48.0 overs, P Gillespie 59, K Purewal Singh 37, J McGonigle 3-39, A McBrine 2-29, D McGerrigle 2-35)
    Donemana 189-3 (32.0 overs, M Cooray 79*, W McClintock 55)
  • Senior Cup
    Eglinton beat Killyclooney by 223 runs.
    Eglinton, 26 May.
    Eglinton 340-4 (50.0 overs, S Thompson 160*, J Millar 108*, A Millar 26)
    Killyclooney 117 (29.1 overs, M Gordon 41, R Allen 4-24, J Millar 3-13, M Erlank 2-38)
  • Senior Cup
    Newbuildings beat Drummond by 37 runs.
    Newbuildings, 26 May.
    Newbuildings 236 (48.3 overs, C Cooper 68, J Dunn 29, C Pienaar 27, M Mills 3-22, S Dunn 2-30, R McDaid 2-37)
    Drummond 199 (41.1 overs, C Moore 50, K Morrow 47, C McElwee 37, P Allen 4-30, T McKeegan 2-33, J Dunn 2-48)
  • Senior Cup
    Ardmore beat Bonds Glen by 122 runs.
    Bleachgreen, 26 May.
    Ardmore 338-4 (50.0 overs, G Mokoena 119, P McDowell 64, R Brolly 38, R Curry 2-54, E Roberts 2-72)
    Bonds Glen 216 (43.0 overs, D Robinson 43*, R Robinson 40, E Roberts 29, S Lazars 4-45, D Curry 2-8, D Anthony 2-34)
  • Senior Cup
    Bready lost to Coleraine by 3 wickets.
    Magheramason, 26 May.
    Bready 128 (43.0 overs, I Samarasooriya 25, S Campbell 3-30, V Chopra 3-32, R Chopra 2-17)
    Coleraine 130-7 (37.0 overs, S Campbell 46, R Chopra 27, G McFaul 4-26)
  • Senior Cup
    Glendermott lost to Ballyspallen by 15 runs.
    The Rectory, 26 May.
    Ballyspallen 270 (49.0 overs, C Averill 103, G Kennedy 46, Ste Kennedy 38, G Montgomery 5-28, I Cooke 2-33)
    Glendermott 255-9 (50.0 overs, G Montgomery 67, G Cooke 61, T Killen 38, Step Kennedy 3-43, M Averill 2-44, G Burns 2-55)
Senior Cup Reports & Articles
Bready and Ballyspallen to host finals
This year's senior cup final will be staged at Bready on the weekend of 27/28 July. Donemana will be hoping to return to the venue where their current run of six cup wins in a row began.
Senior Cup gets under way
There's more cup action in the North West this coming weekend as 16 sides set out on a journey they hope will take them to Bready at the end of July for the country's only two-innings senior final.
Big guns through to quarter-finals
There were few surprises on Saturday as the first round of this season’s Senior Cup got underway in glorious sunshine across the North West.
NW Senior Cup quarter-final draw
The draw has been made for the quarters finals of the NW Senior Cup and has thrown up some intriguing ties.
Thompson wins Player of the Round award
STUART THOMPSON has won the ‘Performance of the Round’ award for his brilliant century in the opening round of the NW Senior Cup.
Newbuildings beat Ballyspallen to reach semi-finals
The first of the senior cup quarter-finals was played on Sunday between last year’s finalists Ballyspallen and improving Newbuildings and it was the visitors who booked a semi-final spot with a 69-run win.
Brigade pull off the great escape
Brigade pulled off the great escape to book their place in the NW senior cup semi-finals after a superb game-changing partnership between skipper Andy Britton and teenager Kyle Magee.
Donemana meet Brigade in cup semi-final
Holders Donemana have been given a home tie against Brigade in the semi-final of the NW Senior Cup.
Britton wins Player of the Round
Andy Britton has won the Player of the Round award in round two of the NW Senior Cup.
Final four battle for senior showdown spot
The big weekends keep on coming for the North West cricket public and the pace picks up again over the coming days with a full league programme on Saturday followed by the senior cup semi-finals , and also the start of the Sam Jeffrey Shield.
Brigade and Eglinton reach cup final
Donemana’s quest for a record seventh senior cup win on the bounce ended at the penultimate hurdle on Sunday as Brigade finally put one over on their old adversaries with a 4-wicket win in Tyrone.
Britton and Thompson relishing cup final clash
FOR THE first time in seven years, the NW Senior Cup final takes place without Donemana but it leaves their semi-final conquerors Brigade in an unusual position.
Brigade and Eglinton square up in cup showdown
Two relatively “new” sides will line up at the start of the cup final at Bready on Friday as Brigade and Eglinton bid to claim the famous old trophy at the end of Donemana’s period of stunning cup dominance.
Eglinton fightback leaves cup final intriguingly poised
Four late wickets for Eglinton means it's all to play for on the second day of the NW Senior Cup final at Bready, although the advantage still rests with Brigade.
Villagers downed in Battle of Britton
Andy Britton was the toast of Beechgrove on Saturday night after the Brigade skipper steered his side to a 94-run victory in this year’s senior cup.
Brigade ahead despite Eglinton fightback
Eglinton fought back to take four second innings wickets last night in the Bank of Ireland Senior Cup final, but Brigade still have a 132 runs advantage at the end of the first day at Bready.
Senior Cup back at Beechgrove
The Senior Cup is back in Beechgrove for the first time in eight years after Andy Britton’s Brigade side completed a comprehensive 94 runs victory over Eglinton.
NW Senior Cup draw on Radio Foyle
The draw for the 2019 NW Senior Cup will take place on Thursday morning at 08:30am on BBC Radio Foyle.
NW Senior Cup draw made
Holders Brigade will start their defence of the NW Senior Cup with a home tie against Championship side Burndennett.
Senior Cup Audio
Twenty20 Cup
Premiership Final
  • Faughan Valley Cup
    Brigade beat Bready by 5 wickets.
    Rectory, 22 July.
    Bready 139 (19.1 overs, R Barr 40, A Austin 37, M Simpson 4-22, J Robinson 3-39)
    Brigade 145-5 (19.2 overs, I Hussain 42, D Barr 38, R Kelly 3-19)
Premiership Semi-Finals
  • Faughan Valley Cup
    Brigade beat Coleraine by 3 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 28 June.
    Coleraine 122-6 (20.0 overs, G Hume 41*, M Poskitt 26, M Simpson 3-19)
    Brigade 124-7 (15.0 overs, J Thompson 28, S Hutchinson 3-20, Va Chopra 2-29)
  • Faughan Valley Cup
    Bready beat Donemana by 8 wickets.
    Magheramason, 28 June.
    Donemana 105-9 (20.0 overs, A Riddles 29, G McFaul 2-15, A Lucas 2-16)
    Bready 106-2 (15.1 overs, D Rankin 35*, R Dougherty 30*)
Premiership Group A
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts     NRR
Bready                  3    1    1    0    1 10.5 40.5    0.050
Coleraine               3    2    0    0    1    4   34   -1.466
Ardmore                 3    1    0    0    2    8   28   -0.743
Strabane                3    1    1    0    1  7.5 27.5   -2.450

Coleraine and Strabane deducted 10 points for failing to play.

  • T20 Cup A
    Coleraine (24) beat Ardmore (1) by 7 wickets.
    Sandel Lodge, 6 May.
    Ardmore 92-9 (20.0 overs, C Curley 25, G Hume 2-15, S Khan 2-20)
    Coleraine 94-3 (16.1 overs, S Campbell 50*, C Curley 2-16)
  • T20 Cup A
    Strabane (25) v Coleraine (-10) - match awarded to Strabane.
    5 May.
  • T20 Cup A
    Strabane (12.5) tied with Bready (12.5).
    Strabane Park, 5 May.
    Bready 98-9 (20.0 overs, R Logue 3-30)
    Strabane 98-8 (20.0 overs, C Peiris 42, R Barr 2-15, G McFaul 2-17, I Samarasooriya 2-21)
  • T20 Cup A
    Bready (5) lost to Coleraine (20) by 1 run.
    Magheramason, 4 May.
    Coleraine 86-5 (16.0 overs, A Lucas 2-10, I Samarasooriya 2-20)
    Bready 85-3 (16.0 overs, D Rankin 41)
  • T20 Cup A
    Ardmore (25) v Strabane (-10) - match awarded to Ardmore.
    Bleachgreen, 29 April.
  • T20 Cup A
    Ardmore (2) lost to Bready (23) by 5 wickets.
    Bleachgreen, 29 April.
    Ardmore 125 (20.0 overs, C Curley 36, G Neely 27, D Scanlon 3-17, D Rankin 3-29)
    Bready 126-5 (19.3 overs, D Rankin 41, K Hamilton 32, I Samarasooriya 25, G Neely 2-19)
Premiership Group B
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts     NRR
Brigade                 3    2    0    0    1   11   51    0.199
Donemana                3    2    0    0    1    9   49    0.210
Eglinton                3    1    0    0    2    8   28    0.211
Fox Lodge               3    1    0    0    2    2   22   -0.702
  • T20 Cup B
    Fox Lodge (20) beat Brigade (5) by 5 runs.
    Ballymagorry, 6 May.
    Fox Lodge 132-4 (20.0 overs, C Tshiki 52, A Britton 3-15)
    Brigade 127-7 (20.0 overs, A Boyd 4-28, L Finlay 2-20)
  • T20 Cup B
    Brigade (23) beat Donemana (2) by 5 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 5 May.
    Donemana 113-5 (20.0 overs, G McClintock 40, D McGerrigle 29, A Britton 2-18)
    Brigade 114-5 (18.4 overs, G McKeegan 38, D Barr 32, G Boyd 2-21)
  • T20 Cup B
    Brigade (23) beat Eglinton (2) by 6 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 5 May.
    Eglinton 102 (19.3 overs, R Allen 36, A Britton 3-17, R MacBeth 3-18, I Hussain 2-17)
    Brigade 103-4 (18.5 overs, I Hussain 42*, G McKeegan 33, M Erlank 2-8)
  • T20 Cup B
    Donemana (24) beat Fox Lodge (1) by 8 wickets.
    Holm, 4 May.
    Fox Lodge 131-7 (20.0 overs, B Allen 63, C Tshiki 26, A McBrine 3-13, D McGerrigle 2-21)
    Donemana 135-2 (17.4 overs, M Cooray 74*, D McGerrigle 32*, G Heywood 2-24)
  • T20 Cup B
    Eglinton (2) lost to Donemana (23) by 5 wickets.
    Eglinton, 29 April.
    Eglinton 115-6 (20.0 overs, M Erlank 58, W McClintock 2-21, M Cooray 2-22)
    Donemana 118-5 (20.0 overs, W McClintock 43, M Erlank 3-32)
  • T20 Cup B
    Eglinton (24) beat Fox Lodge (1) by 8 wickets.
    Eglinton, 29 April.
    Fox Lodge 106-8 (20.0 overs, J Martin 4-23, M Erlank 3-13)
    Eglinton 108-2 (16.2 overs, M Erlank 27*, A Miller 25)
Championship Group A
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts     NRR
Bonds Glen              3    3    0    0    0    7   67         
Newbuildings            3    2    0    0    1    9   49         
Killyclooney            3    1    0    0    2   13   33         
Drummond                3    0    0    0    3    1   -9         

Drummond deducted 10 points for failing to play

  • T20 Cup C
    Killyclooney (4) lost to Bonds Glen (21) by 8 runs.
    Killyclooney, 15 June.
    Bonds Glen 108 (19.4 overs, R Robinson 51, J Nelson 3-17, J Connor 3-22)
    Killyclooney 100-9 (20.0 overs, D Moan 29, D Robinson 3-8, D Curry 3-18, L Britton 2-12)
  • T20 Cup C
    Drummond (0) lost to Killyclooney (25) by 9 wickets.
    Drummond, 2 June.
    Drummond 81-8 (20.0 overs, W Finlay 5-13)
    Killyclooney 85-1 (13.3 overs, A Henry 44*, W Finlay 30*)
  • T20 Cup C
    Drummond (2) lost to Bonds Glen (23) by 8 wickets.
    Drummond, 2 June.
    Drummond 102-7 (20.0 overs, L Britton 3-16)
    Bonds Glen 106-2 (16.4 overs, E Roberts 48*, K Moore 30*)
  • T20 Cup C
    Bonds Glen (22) beat Newbuildings (3) by 3 wickets.
    Bonds Glen, 1 June.
    Newbuildings 190-7 (20.0 overs, C Pienaar 63, T Thompson 41*, C Cooper 25, L Britton 2-14, D Curry 2-22)
    Bonds Glen 193-7 (19.4 overs, E Roberts 44, L Curry 43*, D Robinson 30*, J Dunn 5-25)
  • T20 Cup C
    Newbuildings (21) beat Killyclooney (4) by 20 runs.
    Newbuildings, 27 May.
    Newbuildings 228-2 (20.0 overs, M Mehaffy 71*, C Cooper 67, C Pienaar 63)
    Killyclooney 208-9 (20.0 overs, A Colhoun 66, W Finlay 46, R McMorris 32, T Thompson 3-41, P Allen 2-41)
  • T20 Cup C
    Newbuildings (25) v Drummond (-10) - match awarded to Newbuildings.
    Newbuildings, 27 May.
Championship Group B
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts     NRR
St Johnston             3    2    0    0    1   13   53         
Glendermott             3    2    0    0    1    8   48         
Burndennett             3    1    0    0    2    5   25         
Ballyspallen            3    1    0    0    2    4   24         
  • T20 Cup D
    Burndennett (22) beat St Johnston (3) by 17 runs.
    Burndennett, 15 June.
    Burndennett 112-7 (16.0 overs, M Roulston 31, S McCay 27, N Cole 2-18, I MacBeth 2-23)
    St Johnston 95 (16.0 overs, R Machingal 30, M Roulston 4-8)
  • T20 Cup D
    St Johnston (23) beat Ballyspallen (2) by 49 runs.
    The Boathole, 2 June.
    St Johnston 166-6 (20.0 overs, D Lapsley 44, I Macbeth 28, J Martin 2-31, S Kennedy 2-43)
    Ballyspallen 117-8 (20.0 overs, P McIlmoyle 34 34*, R Goud 3-20, N Cole 2-13)
  • T20 Cup D
    St Johnston beat Glendermott by 43 runs.
    The Boathole, 2 June.
    St Johnston 151-7 (20.0 overs, D Macbeth 44, I MacBeth 32*, J MacBeth 31, I Cooke 4-30, B Mills 2-18)
    Glendermott 108-9 (20.0 overs, B Mills 34*, J Maroske 5-6, N Cole 3-28)
  • T20 Cup D
    Glendermott (24) beat Burndennett (1) by 7 wickets.
    The Rectory, 1 June.
    Burndennett 138-9 (20.0 overs, E McGettigan 35, M Barr 31, I Cooke 3-35, G Cooke 2-32)
    Glendermott 141-3 (17.2 overs, R Robinson 63, D Cooke 50*)
  • T20 Cup D
    Ballyspallen (23) beat Burndennett (2) by 42 runs.
    Bridge Park, 27 May.
    Ballyspallen 209-5 (20.0 overs, D McCallum 79, G Kennedy 40*, E McGettigan 2-38, M Snodgrass 2-45)
    Burndennett 167-3 (20.0 overs, M Pollock 84*, M Doherty 36, M Barr 34)
  • T20 Cup D
    Ballyspallen (1) lost to Glendermott (24) by 8 wickets.
    Bridge Park, 27 May.
    Ballyspallen 152-5 (20.0 overs, G Kennedy 100*)
    Glendermott 153-2 (20.0 overs, D Cooke 66, G Cooke 46*)
Championship Final
  • Eric Cooke Plate
    Newbuildings beat Bonds Glen by 2 runs.
    Rectory, 22 July.
    Newbuildings 128-8 (20.0 overs, S Wallace 33, E Roberts 2-9, D Robinson 2-28, K Moore 2-31)
    Bonds Glen 126-9 (20.0 overs, J Dunn 3-11, T McKeegan 2-27)
Championship Semi-Finals
  • Eric Cooke Plate
    St Johnston lost to Newbuildings by 23 runs.
    Boathole, 5 July.
    Newbuildings 131 (20.0 overs, A Fleming 2-16, J Robinson 2-29)
    St Johnston 108-7 (20.0 overs, J Macbeth 25, J Dunn 3-16, T McKeegan 2-16, G Robb 2-20)
  • Eric Cooke Plate
    Bonds Glen beat Glendermott by 1 wicket.
    Bonds Glen, 5 July.
    Glendermott 168-5 (20.0 overs, D Cooke 58*, R Robinson 36, L Britton 2-24)
    Bonds Glen 169-9 (20.0 overs, D Curry 37*, E Roberts 30, R Rodgers 29, D Culbert 4-24, I Cooke 2-26)
Twenty20 Cup Reports & Articles
Bready continue winning run in T20
Wins in the Faughan Valley Cup group games for Bready, Donemana and Eglinton, while Ardmore received a walkover against Strabane.
T20 weekend up next as NW search for right formula
There’s a change of pace in the North West this weekend as the Group stages of the Faughan Valley T20 Cup which started last Sunday, will be played to a conclusion over the next three days.
Brigade, Donemana and Bready make T20 semi-finals
It was a very low-key afternoon around the North West on Saturday where despite a full programme of Championship games, top-flight clubs were involved in the region’s T2O Cup group stages.
Coleraine take fourth T20 berth
This season’s Faughan Valley Cup semi-final line-up was completed on Sunday and will see Brigade play Coleraine while Bready entertain Donemana.
Runs aplenty as Eric Cooke Cup starts
High scores were also the order of the day in the Eric Cooke Cup group stages with two games down for decision at Newbuildings and two at Ballyspallen.
Bonds Glen and Glendermott win T20 clashes
There were wins in the T20 Championship for Bonds Glen in a thrilling run chase against Newbuildings, while Glendermott were too strong for Burndennett at The Rectory.
Busy weekend in Eric Cooke Cup
It was a busy weekend for second tier sides as the Group phase of the Eric Cooke Cup took centre stage across the North West.
NW T20 semi-final dates set
The NW have announced the dates for the semi-finals of the T20 Cup.
Bready and Brigade reach Faughan Valley Cup final
Local cricket and Bready will face Brigade in the final of the Faughan Valley T20 after wins last night (THURS) against Donemana and Coleraine.
Bonds Glen and Newbuildings reach final
The Eric Cooke final will be between Bonds Glen and Newbuildings after they recorded wins over widely fancied Glendermott and St Johnston in the semi finals.
Glendermott to host T20 finals day
Due to the fixture backlog currently facing Ballyspallen CC it has become necessary for the NWCU to find an alternative venue for this Sunday's T20 finals day.
Eric Cooke Cup final on Sunday
The final of this season’s Eric Cooke Cup will see Bonds Glen tackle Newbuildings at Glendermott this coming Sunday with action set to get under way at 12 noon.
Brigade and Newbuildings win on T20 finals day
Sunday’s North West T20 finals day was played in front of a very large crowd at the Rectory with the first game, the Eric Cooke final, won by Newbuildings in a thrilling finish, while Brigade beat Bready in the second match.
North West considering changes to T20 format
The NWCU is to hold an open meeting on Thursday 6 December at Eglinton Cricket Club (7pm) in keeping with the governance changes voted in by delegates at last year's AGM.

Women's Reports & Articles
Crisis in NW as Donemana Ladies fold
After eight years of ladies cricket, Donemana has sadly pulled out of the North West Ladies league following a vote carried out by members last week.
NW Women's fixtures
The Women's fixtures for 2018 have been confirmed and the action will begin next week.
Fox Lodge beat Eglinton in Ladies' opener
With only one opening game going ahead for the ladies’ league, Fox Lodge got off to a dominant start defeating Eglinton by 79 runs.
Strabane Saints stun Bready
Strabane Saints set the standard high this season as Megan Moorehead’s women got their first points on the board as they defeated Bready.
Strabane and Burndennett continue winning ways
Unbeaten starts continue for Strabane Saints and Burndennett with derby wins over Fox Lodge and Bready.
Ladies League round-up
Fox Lodge set the tone in the first round of the cup as Hannah McLaughlin’s women got through to the second round with a 9-wicket victory against Newbuildings.
Strabane and Fox Lodge top Ladies League
This week saw two matches taking place in the NW Ladies League, with early pace setters Strabane Saints and Fox Lodge in action.
Fox Lodge Ladies stay top
In the North-West Ladies League Fox Lodge show no sign of being knocked off the top spot as they recorded another victory against Newbuildings.
Fox Lodge and Strabane Saints reach Ladies final
Fox Lodge will meet Strabane Saints in the Ladies Cup final following the Ballymagorry sides 8-wicket win over Burndennett.
Bready beat Killyclooney in Ladies League
Even with temperatures soaring only one ladies game went down for decision as Bready picked up their first victory against Killyclooney at Magheramason.
NW Ladies side to play NCU selected
Emma Allen of Fox Lodge will captain the NW Ladies side which will take on the NCU at Burndennett this Sunday.
Fox Lodge and Strabane Saints lead title race
The race for the NW Ladies title is hotting up with Fox Lodge and Strabane Saints leading the way after the latest round of games.
Strabane Saints and Fox Lodge clash in Ladies Cup
This coming Friday night 27th July sees the final of the Derry Midweek Ladies Cup which is being hosted by Burndennett Cricket Club.
Devine and Allen star as Fox Lodge win cup
Fox Lodge claimed the North West Ladies cup for the first time in five years in a thrilling game after defeating Strabane Saints by 27 runs.
Dalzell to captain NW U17 girls against NCU
Bready speedster Alana Dalzell will skipper the NW Under 17 girls team in a match against their NCU counterparts at Coleraine on Tuesday.
All-round Logue fires Burndennett to top of table
With the North West Ladies league now split into two divisions, in League One, the opening fixture went ahead this past Friday night with Burndennett picking up a crucial win against visitors Fox Lodge.
Fox Lodge and Killyclooney win in Ladies League
It was back to all the action this week North West Ladies league with two games down for decision.
Burndennett clinch Ladies League
Burndennett picked up the vital points they needed to secure the North-West Ladies League as they narrowly defeated local rivals Fox Lodge.
NW Women name squad for interpro series
The NW have named a young squad or the interpro tri-series against the NCU and a Leinster select.
Strabane Saints secure second spot
Strabane Saints ladies secured second spot in the league with a win over local rivals Fox Lodge on Friday evening last as the curtain fell on the 2018 Championship.
Women playing cricket is like men trying to knit
Ladies cricket seems to run along a parallel timeline, one that ostensibly limps behind the rest of the sporting world. Unfortunately, each milestone is delayed.
NW putting women's cricket top of the agenda
The second part of Emma Doherty's article on women's cricket in the NW takes a look at how the Union are looking to promote and grow the game in a difficult environment.
Miscellaneous Reports & Articles
It's Your Call - Umpire Education
The North West Umpires & Scorers Association will be holding an umpires training course at Glendermott Cricket Club for three consecutive Sundays starting on 27 January.
Glendermott sign Sri Lankan speedster
Glendermott have announced the signing of Keshan Wijerathne this weekend as the Bonds Street outfit prepares for their impending return to the top flight of North West cricket.
Bready re-sign Irosh Samarasooriya
Bready have confirmed they have re-signed overseas professional Irosh Samarasooriya for the 2019 season.
Tough challenges for NW in Irish Cups
The NW sides face some daunting tasks if they are to end their barren run in Ireland's Premier Cup competition.
St Johnston sign South African all-rounder
St Johnston have signed all-rounder Jarred Smit as their overseas player for the 2019 season.
300 up for Hume
It was a very happy 28th birthday for Coleraine's overseas professional Graham Hume as he captured his 300th first-class wicket.
Death of Jim McGranaghan
There was widespread shock throughout the NW cricket community following the death of Jim McGranaghan earlier this week.
NW Review 16: Newbuildings
It was a modest season in terms of league position for Newbuildings, but a historic one in which they officially opened and named their new ground, won the Eric Cooke T20, and came within one ball of reaching the Senior Cup final.
NW Review 15: St Johnston
It was a steady season for the Saints who finished fifth in the Championship, winning six matches and losing seven matches.
Ardmore sign teenage South African Pienaar
Ardmore have announced 19 year-old South African Peet Pienaar as their overseas player for the 2019 season.
Ballyspallen target South African Louw
Ballyspallen have targeted Brendon Louw as their overseas professional for the 2019 season.
NW Review 14: Bonds Glen
It was a tough season for Bonds Glen who finished seventh in the Championship, winning three games along the way.
NW Review 13: Burndennett
It was a solid season for Burndennett, who finished in fourth place in the Championship, and at one stage looked as if they could making a promotion push before tailing off.
NW Review 12: Drummond
It was a difficult season for Drummond who finished bottom of the Championship after winning just three of their league matches.
Great Britton scoops two awards
Brigade captain Andy Britton was named the North West Player of the Year at the annual Awards Dinner in Eglinton.
NW Review 11: Glendermott
It was a season to remember for The Rectory side as they won a divisional title for the first time in their history, securing a return to the top echelons of NW cricket.
Kevin Martin rejoins St Johnston
Kevin Martin has re-joined St Johnston as their Development Officer/Head Coach.
NW Review 10: Strabane
Strabane looked favourites for relegation after an opening day horror display, but once they got their full team out onto the park, they emerged as potentially title challengers before falling away.
NW Review 9: Fox Lodge
It was a disappointing season for Fox Lodge, who were relegated after finishing bottom of the Premiership table.
Limavady bow out of NW cricket
Limavady Cricket Club have announced that they have been forced to withdraw from the North West league with immediate effect- bringing to an end the story of one of the Union's most successful members.
NW Review 8: Ardmore
It was a season to forget for the Bleachgreen side as they fell through the relegation trap-door after losing the play-off convincingly against Ballyspallen.
NW Review 7: Eglinton
It was a steady enough season for Eglinton, who finished sixth in the league and came close to capturing the senior cup.
Step back in time 1
We go back to May 1933 and the NW threatened to withdraw from the Irish Cricket Union if a Leinster Cricket Union proposal was adopted by the governing body.
NW Review 6: Ballyspallen
It was a year to remember for Ballyspallen as they gained promotion to the Premier League, while they also captured the Sammy Jeffrey Cup.
NW Review 5: Coleraine
Despite losing a number of high profile players, Coleraine managed a second place finish in the Premier League, which showed the value of teamwork rather than individual efforts.
NW Review 4: Bready
It was a season to remember for Bready as they clinched a historic first Premier League title.
NW Review 3: Donemana
There was to be no magnificent seven cup wins in a row for Donemana, and they struggled in the league which by their high standards amounts to a bitterly disappointing season.
McKeegan off Down Under
Newbuildings teenager Trent McKeegan is off to Australia for the winter, playing for Moorooduc in Victoria.
NW Review 2: Killyclooney
It was a fine season for Killyclooney, as their senior side just missed out on promotion to the top flight of NW cricket.
NW Review 1: Brigade
It was most definitely a season of two halves for the Beechgrove side, who in the early part of the campaign languished in the relegation zone.
Eglinton beat St Johnston to win U15 cup
Eglinton sealed a league and cup double as they beat St Johnston by eight wickets in the final.
Sion Mills on the brink
The reality is that the point was moot. As far as Sion were concerned the season was all about survival, and trying everything they could to keep their club afloat.
Cup of three for Donemana
It may have been a barren summer for the 1st XI at Donemana this season, but any available space in the Holm trophy cabinet has already been filled by their second string.
McKillop and Hamilton star as Bready win another cup
Bready Fourths collected the Q4 Cup on Monday night after they beat local rivals Fox Lodge by 19 runs at Drummond.
Newbuildings continue to inspire
There was a fantastic turnout for the official opening of Newbuildings' changing rooms and clubhouse facility on Sunday as the North West's newest senior club completed the next phase of their development programme.
Bready should be proud of their efforts
INTERNATIONAL cricket returned to the North West last week and despite the “lack of promotion” for the three Twenty20 fixtures against Afghanistan, the spectators turned out to ensure a good atmosphere.
Ballyspallen win trophy
Ballyspallen picked up the Sammy Jeffrey Shield on Sunday afternoon after a protracted but enthralling final against Glendermott at Eglinton.
Up for the cup
It was a busy weekend for cup action right across the NW, with all the matches being completed despite the inclement weather.
Aaron off Down Under
Strabane all-rounder Aaron Gillespie is off ‘Down Under’ again this season. The 21 year-old enjoyed a successful season there in 2016-17, but a shoulder injury meant he missed out last season.
Donemana win Midweek Cup
Donemana won the Midweek Cup after they beat Killyclooney by six wickets in a high scoring encounter at Bonds Glen.
80 not out for DW Caldwell
It’s many happy returns to former international umpire Davy Caldwell who celebrated his 80th birthday at the weekend.
Strabane beaten by Coleraine in U13 final
Strabane’s Under 13 cricketers lost out in the final of the Under 13 cup against Coleraine earlier this week.
Q cups round-up
The first of this season’s Qualifying Cup finals was decided at the weekend with Donemana edging out Eglinton in a low scoring thriller at the Bleachgreen.
Burndennett loving the competitive life
Few observers would have given Burndennett much chance of being involved in this season's Championship race and yet Eddie McGettigan's team are less than one win away from the promotion play-off place.
Gillespie back in form as Strabane face Bready
Following a run of three ducks in a week, he smashed 125 to take his tally to 600 runs for the season, and with Strabane still involved in the Irish Senior Cup, there is an outside chance he could close in on the magical 1000 run mark.
40 not out for evergreen Junior
Junior McBrine made his Donemana debut just prior to his 15th birthday in the summer of 1978, at the beginning of what has been the most remarkable of careers.
Ballyspallen to meet Glendermott in Sammy Jeffrey final
Ballyspallen and Glendermott will meet in the final of the Sammy Jeffrey shield after they came through their semi-finals over the weekend.
Tyrone Round-Up
All the latest news from the region as Bready and Strabane continue their memorable seasons, while Donemana's Second XI are en route to a possible treble.
Creevedonnell leave legacy for NW cricket
There was some excellent news for North West cricket ahead of this week’s senior cup final as the Union unveiled the Creevedonnell Bursary Scheme which is set to take effect from January 2019.
Gillespie glitters in Warriors gloom
One of the few positives to emerge from the weekend was the form of Strabane’s Aaron Gillespie, who was named in the top five players of the event, following his 80 against Munster Knights and 34 against eventual champions Leinster Lightning.
Double success for Strabane youth teams
There was cause for double celebration as the Strabane U11 and U13 teams reached the finals of their respective competitions this week.
Eglinton and Donemana reach Q1 cup final
Three Tyrone sides were in action in the semi-finals of the Qualifying One Cup, but only Donemana emerged victorious, and they will play Eglinton in the final at Ardmore at the start of August.
Warriors lose two matches in T20
It was a quiet weekend on the domestic cricket front this time as all four Premiership ties in the Premier Division were postponed to facilitate the Interprovincial T20 Blitz in Dublin.
Strabane soaring in sizzling season
It really was a Carlsberg weekend for Tyrone’s senior clubs as they produced a clean sweep over their Derry counterparts.
Gallagher gleeful after Strabane glory
It was certainly a weekend to remember for Strabane, who despite being without the influential Peter Gillespie, recorded back-to-back wins beating Eglinton on Saturday, and then followed it up with a nerve jangling one-run win against Muckamore in the Irish Senior Cup.
Double delight as hectic weekend looms
The North West cricket public are in for a treat this weekend (weather permitting) as Saturday’s Premier Division programme is followed 24-hours later by the three remaining quarter-final ties in the senior cup.
O'Brien confirms Ardmore move
Niall O'Brien has agreed a short-term deal to play for Ardmore in this weekend's Senior Cup quarter-final against Brigade at The Bleachgreen.
Lots of action in Tyrone
A round-up of all the latest happenings in Tyrone including new roles for Rao and Scott, a record score for Fox Lodge Ladies and Donemana getting right back into the title race.
Q Leagues Round-Up
A look at the action in the qualifying leagues where Donemana beat Brigade in the top of the table clash in Q1.
Kwik Cricket at Sandel Lodge, Coleraine CC
Ballysally PS & Millburn PS - 2018 Champions at the Coleraine Kwik Cricket Festival.
Ballysally PS triumph in Kwik Cricket Festival
13 local primary schools competed in the regional Festival hosted by Coleraine CC at Sandel Lodge.
Mum's the word
There was history created at the weekend when Burndennett’s Julie Logue came into direct opposition with her 16 year-old son Aidan, of Fox Lodge - the first time a mother and son have crossed swords in a senior match.
NW name U17 squad for NCU clash
The North-West have unveiled their squad for Sunday’s Under 17 interpro opener against the NCU at The Bleachgreen, Ardmore (12pm).
Runs galore in Q and Boys leagues
Centuries from Lexie Boyd, Gavin McCombe, Tommy Orr and Scott MacBeth as the sun shone and bowlers toiled across the NW.
Death of George McDaid
The North West Cricket Union lost another of its real characters this week with the passing of Waterside man George McDaid.
Field of Dreams
The NW Senior Cup may have been the centre of attention this past weekend but for Ardmore Cricket Club and the surrounding area, events at the Bleachgreen this Wednesday are of just as much relevance.
Q and Midweek leagues round-up
There were only three matches down the leagues at the weekend as most clubs wanted to support their first XI’s in the first rounds of the Irish Senior and National cups.
Peter the Great
Strabane, winners in 1998, were the exception as they held their nerve to beat Cork County by four runs in a last-over thriller which made the 600-mile round-trip that bit sweeter.
NW Under 15 trial games
There were two T20 trial matches at a cool and grey Bleachgreen as the NW look to finalise their squad ahead of the Under 15 interprovincial series in Dublin next month.
Strabane survive Irish Cup cull
Eight teams set out on Saturday on journeys of varying length and by the end of the day just one, Strabane, had survived an otherwise total first round cull.
NW sides look to end barren run
The Irish Senior Cup takes centre stage this weekend as North West sides look to end their long drought in the premier competition for club sides.
Strabane sign Rachit Gaur
Former Railway Union all-rounder Rachit Gaur has signed for Strabane.
Q leagues round-up
There were just two matches played over the weekend in the lower leagues due to a free weekend with the Test.
Sion vow to fight back after vandals attack
Despite this week bringing Ireland's historic Test debut, the Tyrone club are currently battling against the odds to stay afloat and this weekend they were targeted once again by vandals.
Bready win Sam McConnell Charity Cup
It has been quite the start to the new season for Bready and the Magheramason club have claimed the first silverware of 2018 when they won the Sam McConnell Charity Cup beating Donemana in Sunday's shoot-out.
Sam McConnell Charity Cup games
The Derry Midweek League has announced details of their Charity Finals Day to take place at Magheramason this coming Sunday.
NW well represented in Test debut
It’s the day that most people who have ever been involved in Irish cricket never thought they would see and while the annals of time have dictated that a great many of them won’t, around 10,000 will converge on the village of Malahide this weekend to watch Ireland play their first ever men’s Test match.
NW's newest club make winning start
The North West's newest club Grove Hill made their debut in the Midweek League on Wednesday night, and got off to a winning start.
Davy's on the road again
Bready have been the form team in the early season running, racing out of the traps to secure two maximum point wins and sit proudly at the Premiership summit.
Warrior Gillespie amongst the runs
Strabane all-rounder Aaron Gillespie played a major role as The NW Warriors made a strong start in their ongoing interprovincial Championship match against Leinster Lightning In Dublin.
Qualiftying leagues round-up
Johnny Havern starred as Sion Mills got their season up and running with a four-wicket win against Bonds Glen in a low-scoring encounter.
Kyte and King star in U15 trial
The first trial match for the North West Under-15 age group took place at The Rectory with an inter-squad game taking place in bright but cold conditions.
Rankin back in Warriors frame
Boyd Rankin will play his first inter-provincial for 15 years when he turns out for North West Warriors next week against Leinster Lightning at Pembroke.
Young guns go for it
With a new Ireland Head Coach now in situ and an historic first Test match against Pakistan on the horizon there is probably no better time for players to find a vein of form.
Round the leagues
There was no shortage of excitement down the leagues as the NW season got up and running.
Levi Dougherty hits 6 sixes in an over
Levi Dougherty entered the record books as he joined a select band of cricketers who have struck 6 sixes in an over.
NW Preview 16: Strabane
Strabane will also have to punch well above their weight if they are to make it into the top half of the table
NW Preview 15: Bonds Glen
It has been a difficult winter for the Glen men as they lost skipper Graham Boyd back to Donemana and talented teenager Kyle Magee to Brigade.
NW Preview 14: Brigade
Despite the talk of a Beechgrove exodus over the winter there has been nothing to report other than a couple of players coming in.
NW Preview 13: Glendermott
It isn't difficult to imagine several sides bunching up in the Championship title race this year and it would be no surprise either if Glendermott turned out to be one of them.
NW Preview 12: Burndennett
It seems to have been a fairly difficult close season for the 'Dennett boys but the 11th hour signings of Mark Snodgrass and Andy Barr will have given them a lift heading into the new campaign.
NW Preview 11: St Johnston
Things have been relatively quiet at the Boathole for the past couple of seasons and the Saints are another club set to work with a similar squad as last time.
NW Preview 10: Bready
Despite finishing in the bottom half over the past four or five years there is always the suspicion that Bready are capable of an awful lot more and this could well be their chance.
Time to help those who help themselves
Basically, the Union feels that they have used every ounce of energy they have in presenting clubs with the opportunity to help themselves.
NW Preview 9: Killyclooney
Killyclooney came flying out of the traps last season and looked among the favourites for promotion before hitting the buffers mid-summer.
NW Preview 8: Eglinton
Eglinton have competed in the top half of the table for the past couple of seasons but Stuart Thompson will be relishing the chance to close the gap a little more in 2018 as the villagers keep more or less the same panel of players that has served them well to this point.
NW Preview 7: Drummond
Drummond's stay in the Premiership came to a crashing halt last season but suggestions that there would be a mass exodus over the winter have so far proven unfounded.
NW Preview 6: Coleraine
The times they are a-changing at Sandel Lodge this summer with former Chairman Gareth Godfrey living up to his promise that the club would give youth a chance in 2018.
NW Preview 5: Fox Lodge
It was a case of mission accomplished for the Foxies last time albeit Brian Allen's team eventually needed a play-off win to maintain their Premier Division status.
NW Preview 4: Ardmore
It took a late season win over Eglinton last September to finally free the Bleachgreen boys from a possible relegation play-off and skipper Gary Neely insists his side has to be better this time around.
Eglinton sign Adam McDaid
Eglinton's chances of chasing silverware this season have been given a major boost with the news that they have brought in batsman Adam McDaid for the coming summer.
NW Preview 3: Donemana
While they won't want to say so publicly this is set to be a massive year for Donemana Cricket Club. Can they become the first team to win seven senior cup titles in a row?
NW Preview 2: Newbuildings
There's something of a changing of the guard at Newbuildings this year as Marty Mehaffey's men contemplate a first season without their adopted talisman Peat Salmon.
NW Preview 1: Ballyspallen
What a year it turned out to be at Bridge Park in 2017 and despite plenty of rumour over the winter that the side was about to break up, that hasn't been the case.
Week to forget for NW cricket
Let's be honest; it hasn't been a great week for cricket in the North West.
Creevedonnell call it a day
The announcement on Friday morning of the end of Creevedonnell Cricket Club's 62-year association with the North West Cricket Union certainly prompted plenty of reaction from the local fraternity.
Ardmore sign Steve Lazars
Former Ballymena overseas player Steve Lazars has joined Ardmore ahead of the new season after spending 2017 on the north coast with Coleraine.
Ifti returns to Brigade
Brigade seem determined to make a major bid for honours this season after the Beechgrove club announced that Iftikhar Hussain was rejoining them following his season in the NCU with Muckamore.
Tshiki back at Fox Lodge
Fox Lodge have confirmed that Cebo Tshiki will be returning to Ballymagorry for the 2018 campaign.
Neely keeps Ardmore armband
Gary Neely will skipper Ardmore for the third consecutive season this summer as the Bleachgreen club sets its sights on the chase for silverware after a slightly disappointing 2017.
Warriors adopting softly softly approach
The North West Warriors are back in pre-season mode with Ian McGregor's charges currently undergoing their Strength & Conditioning programme ahead of what will be an extremely busy summer.
Bready set to host Afghanistan
Bready are due to host three T20 games at Bready at the end of August.
Death of Johnnie Hunter
The North West was mourning the loss of another of its very popular figures on Thursday with the untimely death of Limavady CC stalwart, Johnnie Hunter.
Magee makes Beechgrove switch
Kyle Magee on his way to Brigade as Johnny Thompson ends speculation of a move away.
The search is over at Bready
The North West's long wait to appoint a Head Groundsman ended last week after an initial 12-month contract was accepted by Noel NcGinnis.
Passing of Mrs Kathleen Chambers
The team at CricketEurope wish to extend deepest condolences to our colleague Barry Chambers on the passing of his mother, Kathleen.
New umpires put through their paces
A new team of potential North West Umpires started going through their paces on Sunday afternoon under the watchful eyes of Davy Caldwell, Dermot Ward and current International official, Roly Black.
Death of Ronnie Faulkner
Widespread sadness will be mixed with affectionate remembrance as the news of Ronnie Faulkner’s sudden passing at his home in Ballymoney spreads across the North West region.
Brigade confident of retaining squad
With North West clubs preparing for the onset of the 2018 season it would appear that over at Beechgrove the emphasis has been on maintaining the status quo over the past few weeks.
Warriors face tough away day opener
The North West Warriors face a tough interpro opener as they make the long trek to Wicklow to take on Leinster Lightning in a three-day encounter.
Eglinton invest in youth
Eglinton CC have secured a sponsor for their Youth Development programme as preparations get underway for the new domestic season.
Donemana confirm Sri Lankan signing
Donemana have confirmed the signing of Sri Lankan all-rounder Malith Cooray for the 2018 campaign.
Death of Terence Murray
Terence Murray, former Chairman of Strabane Cricket Club has passed away.
McAllister looking forward to ground-breaking year
Little doubt either that one of the most popular appointments during that time has been that of Connie McAllister to the role of Union President.
Six NW players named in Ireland U13 squad
There are six young players from the NW named in the Ireland Under 13 ranks for the winter programme.
Emerging Warriors training gets underway
The NW Emerging Warriors programme got underway at the weekend as the Under-15 and Under-17 squads went through the Player Screening process under the watchful eye of Kevin Gallagher and the local trainers.
Bannsiders going back to basics
The Bannsiders have enjoyed a measure of success in the past five years but a fairly indifferent couple of seasons now looks to have brought about a re-think for the club committee.
Miscellaneous Photographs
Bready CC honoured by the Mayor at The Guildhall (8 November)
Bready Club Awards (28 October)
NW Awards Night (28 October)
Brigade CC presentation night (9 October)
Ardmore Presentation night (24 September)
Ardmore Charity Day (17 September)
Ardmore Thirds presentation (14 September)
Eglinton v St Johnston, U15 cup final (2 September)
Around the NW (29 August)
Coleraine v Fox Lodge (27 August)
Q4 Cup Final Presentations (27 August)
Newbuildings ground opening (27 August)
Q4 League trophy presentations (27 August)
Q4 Final, Bready v Fox Lodge, Day 2 (26 August)
Q4 Final, Bready v Fox Lodge, Day 1 (24 August)
U11 League (23 August)
Limavady v Bready Thirds, Q2 Cup Final (19 August)
Ballyspallen v Glendermott, Sammy Jeffrey final (19 August)
Q2 final presentation pics (19 August)
Sammy Jeffrey Shield Final presentations (19 August)
Donemana II v Muckamore II, Ulster Plate Final (19 August)
Q3 Cup Final (18 August)
Donemana v Killyclooney, Midweek Cup Final plus league presentations (16 August)
Ballyspallen v Rush (12 August)
Glendermott v GroveHill (9 August)
Coleraine v Strabane, U13 Cup Final, Match pics (8 August)
Coleraine v Strabane, U13 Cup Final, Presentation pics (7 August)
St Johnston II v North Fermanagh, Q3 Cup semi-final (5 August)
Q1 Cup Final, Donemana v Eglinton Day 2 action pics (4 August)
Eglinton v Ardmore (4 August)
Q1 Cup Presentations to winners Donemana (4 August)
Q2 League winners, The Nedd (4 August)
Q1 Cup Final, Donemana v Eglinton Day 1 (3 August)
Around the NW (31 July)
Glendermott v Eglinton, U15 Cup semi-final (25 July)
Strabane v Coleraine including book launch (21 July)
Strabane U11 v St Johnston U11, match pics (20 July)
Strabane v St Johnston, U11 Final presentations (20 July)
Various U11 pics (11 July)
St Johnston v Donemana, U11 Cup semi final (9 July)
LCU v NWCU U15 T20 (29 June)
Fox Lodge Ladies v Burndennett Ladies (25 June)
Eglinton III v Ardmore III (24 June)
Coleraine Kwik Cricket Festival (7 June)
Ardmore Fun Day Blitz (1 June)
Limavady GS v Foyle College (30 May)
Ardmore v Coleraine U11 teams (29 May)
Around the grounds (26 May)
NW Warriors v Munster Reds (25 May)
Ardmore v GroveHill, Derry Midweek (24 May)
Brigade v Coleraine, Premier League (23 May)
NW Under 15 trial (21 May)
Carrickfergus v Coleraine ISC (19 May)
Phoenix v Ardmore (20 May)
Donemana v Merrion (20 May)
Bready v CSNI (20 May)
Fox Lodge v North Down (20 May)
Eglinton v Leinster (20 May)
Bready (19 May)
Ardmore II v Brigade II (18 May)
Sam McConnell Charity Cups (15 May)
Grove Hill first match (9 May)
Eglinton Women v Fox Lodge Women (8 May)
Around the grounds (7 May)
Around the NW on Sunday (29 April)
Ardmore II v Brigade II (28 April)
Darren Moan feature pics (26 April)
Bready 4 v Killyclooney 3 (22 April)
Ardmore v Coleraine (21 April)
Eglinton v Brigade (21 April)
Glendermott presentations (21 April)
Fox Lodge v Strabane (21 April)
Bready v Donemana (21 April)
Junior Warriors training (7 January)
Miscellaneous Audio