Woodvale to concede their Irish Cup fixture

5 June 2002

WOODVALE will not be travelling to Limavady to fulfil their Royal Liver Irish Cup tie on Friday. Captain Richard Warnock confirmed last night that the team had only four 1st XI players available for the game, postponed from its original date 10 days ago.

It seems certain that the decision will cost Woodvale their place in next year's competition but Warnock feels he had no choice.

"Fridays are not going to suit us this year. We have solicitors, bank managers and teachers in the team and it is impossible for them to get off. In fact only four 2nd XI players were available and I was not prepared to send a "handful of kids to the North West for Decker (Curry) to take them apart. We always knew that the reserve date was going to be a problem which was why we switched the first match, our home one, to Limavady. I think we have a valid reason for not playing the game and hope the ICU accept it," said Warnock.