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National Cup Archives 2012-2021
Scorecard Malahide v Derriaghy, 25 August.
  • National Cup
    Malahide beat Derriaghy by 46 runs.
    The Meadow, Downpatrick, 25 August.
    Malahide 284-3 (50.0 overs, F McAllister 163*, R Gallagher 68, J Govan 27, K Gilliand 2-24)
    Derriaghy 238 (47.5 overs, Y Takawala 109, C Riches 2-27, P Saville 2-42, P Chase 2-45)
Scorecard Laurevale v Derriaghy, 3 August.
Scorecard Malahide v Rush, 3 August.
  • National Cup
    Laurevale lost to Derriaghy by 49 runs.
    Laurelvale, 3 August.
    Derriaghy 119 (R Wilson 6-34, L Edgar 2-20, D Sinton 2-10)
    Laurevale 70 (C Lewis 4-23, W Hughes 2-6, M Stinson 2-23)
  • National Cup
    Malahide beat Rush by 8 wickets (DL).
    Malahide, 3 August.
    Rush 237-9 (50.0 overs, L Jansen 70, S Iqbal 43, N Mullen 29, R Gallagher 3-41, C Riches 2-49)
    Malahide 183-2 (33.5 overs, R Gallagher 101*, F McAllister 63)
    DL Method: par score 180 in 38 overs.
Round 3
Scorecard Derriaghy v Cliftonville, 7 July.
Scorecard Rush v Dundrum (LCU), 7 July.
Scorecard Malahide v Co Galway, 7 July.
Scorecard Laurevale v Mullingar, 7 July.
  • National Cup
    Derriaghy beat Cliftonville by 3 runs.
    Queensway, 7 July.
    Derriaghy 219 (44.0 overs, C Lewis 62, Y Takawale 40, P Bell 39, R Thompson 2-34, D Munn 2-38, B Anderson 2-45)
    Cliftonville 216 (49.4 overs, S Fitzgibbon 50, N Cahill 46, D Munn 29, C Lewis 3-28, W Hughes 2-28, S Hughes 2-37)
  • National Cup
    Rush beat Dundrum (LCU) by 7 wickets.
    Kenure, 7 July.
    Dundrum (LCU) 260 (49.3 overs, D Raj 87, J Matthews 37, A Abhi 35, N Donnelly 3-38, S Iqbal 3-57, A Iqbal 2-38)
    Rush 264-3 (43.0 overs, S Iqbal 134*, S Gull 84, D Raj 3-50)
  • National Cup
    Malahide beat Co Galway by 162 runs.
    Malahide, 7 July.
    Malahide 319 (50.0 overs, F McAllister 67, A Reynolds 66, Y Kashyap 50, U Chaudhry 2-62, D Ali 2-77)
    Co Galway 157 (41.5 overs, M Ali 52, S Nasim 29, C Riches 4-27, G Kirwan 3-23)
  • National Cup
    Laurevale beat Mullingar by 3 wickets.
    Laurelvale, 7 July.
    Mullingar 114 (44.3 overs, D Ryan 33, W O'Neill 33, L Edgar 3-16, S Pearson 3-25, J Lyttle 2-26)
    Laurevale 116-7 (32.0 overs, S McCleland 35*, W O'Neill 3-39, I Haider 2-9, V Nautiyal 2-30)
Round 2
Scorecard St Johnston v Cliftonville, 8 June.
Scorecard Killyclooney v Laurevale, 8 June.
Scorecard Dundrum (LCU) v Dundrum (NCU), 8 June.
Scorecard Co Galway v Ballaghadereen, 9 June.
Scorecard Rush v Civil Service Dublin, 8 June.
Scorecard Mullingar v Co Kerry, 8 June.
Scorecard Malahide v Muckamore, 8 June.
  • National Cup
    Co Galway beat Ballaghadereen by 4 wickets.
    Galway, 9 June.
    Ballaghadereen 350-6 (50.0 overs, Farman 98, M Jamil 54, M Amir 52)
    Co Galway 353-6 (47.3 overs, M Ali 90*, C Mullen 86, Iliff 45)
  • National Cup
    Dundrum (LCU) beat Dundrum (NCU) by 51 runs.
    8 June.
    Dundrum (LCU) 182 (P Jacob 55, M Yeates 3-37)
    Dundrum (NCU) 131 (J Pilla 5-22)
  • National Cup
    Killyclooney lost to Laurevale by 64 runs.
    8 June.
    Laurevale 308-9 (50.0 overs, C Irwin 123, G Murphy 52, K Stevenson 5-38)
    Killyclooney 244 (45.5 overs, M Gordon 63, R Wilson 3-52)
  • National Cup
    Malahide beat Muckamore by 85 runs.
    8 June.
    Malahide 201-8 (F McAllister 59)
    Muckamore 116 (36.5 overs, A Kamal 3-10)
  • National Cup
    St Johnston lost to Cliftonville by 4 wickets.
    8 June.
    St Johnston 105 (32.3 overs, D Menaul 3-28)
    Cliftonville 106-6 (D Munn 63*, A Fl;eming 4-23)
  • National Cup
    Rush beat Civil Service Dublin by 2 wickets.
    8 June.
    Civil Service Dublin 266 (Siddique 76, Safeen 50, Sehgal 49)
    Rush 269-8 (T Gull 109*)
  • National Cup
    NUI Galway v Derriaghy - match awarded to Derriaghy.
    8 June.
  • National Cup
    Mullingar beat Co Kerry by 73 runs.
    St Finian's College, 8 June.
    Mullingar 230 (42.3 overs, W O'Neill 71, O Bacha 3-38)
    Co Kerry 157 (42.2 overs, D Ryan 4-37)
Round 1
Scorecard NUI Galway v Limerick Raiders, 11 May.
Scorecard Laois v Killyclooney, 11 May.
Scorecard Civil Service Dublin v Newbuildings, 11 May.
Scorecard Ballaghadereen v Midleton, 11 May.
Scorecard Rush v Templepatrick, 11 May.
Scorecard Co Clare v Co Galway, 11 May.
  • National Cup
    Cliftonville beat Sion Mills in a bowlout.(3-1)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Derriaghy beat Ardmore in a bowlout. (1-0)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Woodvale lost to Dundrum (LCU) in a bowlout. (0-2)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Burndennett lost to Laurevale in a bowlout. (1-2)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Mullingar beat Cooke Collegians in a bowlout. (2-1)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    St Johnston beat North Kildare in a bowlout. (2-0)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Laois lost to Killyclooney by 7 wickets.
    Togher, 11 May.
    Laois 218-8 (50.0 overs, B Hur 108*, K Hall 3-26)
    Killyclooney 183-3 (41.0 overs, M Gordon 68, S McElhatton 35*)
    DL Method: par score 183 in 42 overs.
  • National Cup
    Rush beat Templepatrick by 9 wickets.
    11 May.
    Templepatrick 207-7 (50.0 overs, J Hunter 67, R Greer 55, N Donnelly 3-18, S Gull 2-39)
    Rush 154-1 (21.5 overs, L Jansen 83, T Gill 52*)
    DL Method: par score 153 in 40 overs.
  • National Cup
    Ballyspallan lost to Dundrum (NCU) in a bowlout. (0-1)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Muckamore beat Balbriggan in a bowlout. (1-0)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Drummond lost to Malahide in a bowlout. (2-3)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Co Kerry beat Co Sligo in a bowlout. (1-0)
    11 May.
  • National Cup
    Civil Service Dublin beat Newbuildings by 26 runs.
    11 May.
    Civil Service Dublin 189-9 (38.0 overs, M Safeem 45, G Robb 3-41, C Cooper 2-31)
    Newbuildings 163 (35.0 overs, S Wallace 79, G Seggal 3-24, M Siddeque 2-31, D Webster 2-43)
  • National Cup
    Ballaghadereen beat Midleton by 5 wickets.
    11 May.
    Midleton 115 all out (41.1 overs, F Ulah Yousfzie 3-53, M Amir 2-14, A Khan 2-14)
    Ballaghadereen 116-5 (24.4 overs, Waqqas Raja 35, Aizhigiri 28, K Khan 2-37, C Laverty 2-54)
  • National Cup
    Co Clare lost to Co Galway by 49 runs.
    11 May.
    Co Galway 138 all out (33.3 overs, D Ali 43, Jitinder 4-30, Umsir 3-17, Rajwinder 2-26)
    Co Clare 88 all out (22 overs, D Ali 4-17, J Kussain 3-24, M Ali 2-16)
  • National Cup
    NUI Galway beat Limerick Raiders by 4 wickets.
    11 May.
Reports & Articles
Tough draw for NW sides
The draw for the Irish Senior and National cups took place in Dublin on Thursday and North West sides will have it all to do again in 2014 if they are to improve on this year's showings in both competitions.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws
Holders Clontarf have been handed a potentially tricky away day tie at NCU side Lisburn in the opening round of the 2014 RSA Irish Senior Cup.
Tale of two centuries
Fintan McAllister outscores Yogesh Takawale as Malahide beat Derriaghy by 46 runs in high scoring encounter at Downpatrick.
Derriaghy face Malahide in National Cup final
Derriaghy and Malahide meet in the final of the RSA National Cup at Downpatrick attempting to become the second name on the trophy following Muckamore's inaugural win last year.
Derriaghy happy with underdogs tag in Malahide clash
Derriaghy captain Matthew Jennings is happy to accept the role of underdogs in the RSA National Cup final on Sunday when they take on Malahide at The Meadow, Downpatrick.
Downpatrick to host National Cup final
Derriaghy and Malahide will contest the National Cup final at The Meadow in Downpatrick on August 25th after Bready agreed to step aside.
Derriaghy beat Laurevale to reach National Cup final
Derriaghy reach final where they will play Malahide on August 25th.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws
CSN meet Merrion, while YM host Clontarf in the all Leinster clash. In the National Cup, Malahide take on Rush, and Laurevale face Derriaghy.
Irish Senior and National Cup Draws
Test legends Rod Marsh and Phil Simmons make the two Irish Cup draws.
Mixed bag for NW Championship sides
Once again it was very much a 'mixed bag' weekend for North West Championship clubs as second round ties in both the RSA National Cup and the Ulster Shield took centre stage over the two days.
NW sides exit National Cup
St Johnston and Killyclooney both bow out of the National Cup to leave no North West representation.
RSA National Cup Draw
The draw was made for the 2nd round of the RSA National Cup during the lunch interval of the inter-provincial clash at College Park.
Perfect 10 for Muckamore
Neil Gill and his Muckamore team keep up their fantastic record in shoot-outs with wins over Balbriggan and Sion Mills.
National Cup gets under way
The RSA National Cup takes place this weekend with no doubting the tie of the round - Muckamore take on Balbriggan in a repeat of the inaugural final.
Huge weekend for NW sides
The domestic cricket season fairly bursts into action this weekend with a full programme in the Irish Senior Cup and RSA National Cup on Saturday followed by the Ulster Cup and Ulster Shield on Sunday.
Cup action dominates Championship teams weekend
There is no shortage of action scheduled for the weekend with first round games in the RSA National Cup on Saturday followed by the start of the Ulster Shield on Sunday.