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Derek Scott

On paper I Zingari was a strong batting side. It contained CE de Trafford, captain of Leicestershire, GJ Mordaunt and HDG Leveson-Gower of Oxford University, and TE O'Brien who this season was to top the Middlesex averages. The team had drawn with Vice Regal just before this match, Leveson-Gower making 107. The Irish bowling was strong in spite of the fact that TC Ross and A Penny originally selected were unable to play and were replaced by RH Lambert and A Wallis. This would have been Ross's debut had he played and it was the first game for W Harrington who was to set up a great bowling partnership with Ross over the next 16 years.

Ireland batted first and made 296 on a wicket that was not too fast - it had rained in the night. Eight of the Irishmen reached double figures with Lucius Gwynn (as usual) and FH Browning (the captain) being outstanding. The wicket had cut up a little when I Zingari came in to bat but it was never really bad. They collapsed before Bud Hamilton who was seldom seen to greater advantage. The weather was pleasant and there was a huge crowd - including the Lord Lieutenant - when Browning won the toss. Smith and Comyn opened the batting and C Heseltine (fast right) and R Moncrieffe (medium right) shared the bowling. The start was slow and cautious. Comyn, when 14, was smartly caught by Wright off Moncrieffe. With LH Gwynn in the score slowly rose to 55 at which total Smith was also caught by the wicket-keeper off Leveson-Gower's bowling. He had made 19 in an hour and had taken the sting out of the opening attack.

Bud Hamilton, in next, hit up 18 in good style and was then bowled by Moncrieffe. AP Gwynn then joined his brother in a splendid stand. The runs came at a good rate and LH in particular was very confident. They took the score from 89 to 170. The Mordaunt, who rarely if ever bowled, was given an over in desperation. At once he bowled AP Gwynn for 38 and 3 runs later Moncrieffe bowled LH for 73. This was an innings of superb style lasting 2 hours with 11 fours. Meldon was caught and bowled by Moncrieffe for 0. Browning started shakily but soon settled down. WD Hamilton hit a quick 25 and then Browning and RH Lambert had a good stand. Lambert drove very well for his 32. Mordaunt bowled Lambert, Harrington and Browning in succession and finished with 4 for 39 (all bowled) in 12.3 overs. This was very good for a non-bowler. Browning made 58 by vigorous hitting all round the wicket. He hit 9 fours and gave a chance at 25. The innings closed at 4.20. The fielding was very good but the bowling was terribly weak - Heseltine and Moncrieffe being the only recognised bowlers.

At 4.45 de Trafford and Crawley opened to B.Hamilton and Wallis. In 19.3 overs I Zingari were all out for 76. de Trafford was bowled by Hamilton for 4. 6-1-4. Mordaunt sent an easy one back to Wallis after scoring only one. Crawley was stumped at 11. 11-3-2. O'Brien drove Hamilton out of the ground and was then caught and bowled off a skier amid tremendous cheering. Next ball Hamilton clean bowled Leveson-Gower for 2. Kemp joined Wright and should have been stumped first ball to give Hamilton his hat trick. At once he was out to a fine catch at slip by WD Hamilton off his brother. At 40 Harrington came on for Wallis who had bowled 6 overs for 6 runs. Wright hit the new bowler for 3 fours in his first over. 50 was up in 45 minutes. The Hamilton bowled Cuyler and Harrington got Moncrieffe on a good one. Ridley was soon bowled by Harrington while Heseltine was lbw to the same bowler after hitting up 10. At 5.40 the innings closed with Wright 25 not out. Hamilton was irresistible and took 6 for 33 in 10 overs. Following on in poor light I Zingari lost 4 for 18 before close of play. Wright opened with de Trafford while Hamilton and Harrington shared the bowling. Wright was caught off Hamilton before a run was scored. At 7 Hamilton bowled Moncrieffe and Harrington bowled Crawley. De Trafford made 14 out of 17 before being brilliantly caught and bowled by Hamilton off a drive. Cuyler and Heseltine were both 0 not out at the close.

After heavy rain in the night the second day was gloriously fine. I Zingari were duly defeated by an innings, due again to Bud Hamilton's bowling. The only stand of note was for the last wicket which added no less than 67. The pitch was slow and easy. The game began at 12.20 and Heseltine was bowled by Harrington for 0. 18-5-0, and four "ducks" so far. Mordaunt came in at no. 7 and he and Cuyler added 20. Cuyler was then bowled by Hamilton for 12. O'Brien and Mordaunt then had a useful stand. Lambert came on and had O'Brien caught for 26. Leveson-Gower was bowled by Hamilton for 4 while Harrington caught and bowled Kemp for 3. 9 were now down for 109. Ridley joined Mordaunt. They quickly collared the bowling and hit in fine style. Mordaunt was particularly brilliant and runs came at a fast pace. However the innings defeat could not be staved off and when the pair had added 67 Mordaunt was caught at cover by Smith off Hamilton for 76. He had given a possible chance at 70 but otherwise it was a faultless innings. He hit 14 fours. Ridley's 26 not out was a very meritorious performance. The game ended at 3.30. Hamilton again took 6 wickets and in the match had 12 for 109. It was his greatest performance.

A single wicket 6-a-side game was played to fill in the afternoon and it was won by I Zingari.

Phoenix Park, Dublin