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Derek Scott

I Zingari were overwhelmed in one day. The wicket at Vice Regal favoured the bowlers but not to the extent that the IZ totals would lead one to believe. The day was dull and the Vice Regal was dull at the best of times due to the trees which completely surrounded it. For those unused to playing on it this could be very disturbing. A large crowd attended. Of the Irish newcomers, LH Gwynn was but 19 years of age and for the next 10 years he was to be Ireland's greatest player before his tragically early death. It was felt at the time that JW Hynes should have got a place on the team but Hynes, a Barrister, could not play due to pressure of work. DN Trotter and GFH Berkeley cried off and B Hamilton and PWG Stuart were the substitutes that came on. Lord George Scott, who played for IZ, had made 100 for Oxford v Cambridge in 1887. JA Turner and JG Walker were also 'Varsity Blues.

The first IZ innings lasted from 11 30 to 1 00 - 90 minutes. Scott and Hughes-Onslow began for IZ to the bowling of CL Johnson and Bud Hamilton. At 10, Hughes-Onslow was bowled by Johnson who followed by bowling Turner for 0. F Vernon and Scott hit out and at 40 Penny came on for Johnson. Vernon hit a straight 6 but was then caught by Thompson in the outfield off Penny. Penny bowled Walker for 2 and Hamilton bowled Gibbs for 0. Johnson came on at Hamilton's end but it was Penny who finally disposed of Scott - bowled by a very good ball when the score was 66 for 28. The last 3 batsmen were all clean bowled by Johnson for 0 and the innings closed for 76. Johnson (11.2-1-23-5) and Penny (8-4-15-4) had field days.

It looked, in the early afternoon, as thought Ireland were going to fare as badly as IZ. There were 7 wickets down for 82 when Bud Hamilton came out to join Johnson. They added exactly 100 in just over an hour. Turner was the only really good bowler IZ had and when he tired Johnson hit about him merrily. His first 5 runs took 45 minutes but his last 60 runs came in 60 minutes. In all he made 76 with 2 sixes and 9 fours. Browning and Thompson began the innings to Turner and C.Leveson-Gower (slow). Early on Browning was badly missed at the wicket off Leveson-Gower. However at 7 he played back too late to the same bowler and was bowled. Johnson then began his fine innings. Thompson snicked a 4 off Turner but this bowler had his revenge when Leveson-Gower caught Thompson at slip. 13-2-9. JM Meldon arrived and for a while the play was dull and tedious. Turner beat Johnson on a few occasions and 25 runs only came in 45 minutes. Meldon hit 2 fours off Leveson-Gower and at lunch the score was 37-2 (Meldon 20 and Johnson 1 - out of 30 scored while he was at the wicket).

After lunch Matthews relieved Leveson-Gower and the rate of scoring improved. Meldon was severe on Matthews and at 60 Leveson-Gower returned. Meldon was then out for 39. He got a good ball from Turner which came from off and he played it on to the wicket. W.D.Hamilton was next. At this point Johnson opened up and drove 2 fours and at 3 30 the IZ total was passed for the loss of 3 wickets. The came the collapse of the middle batting and the score, from being 85 for 3, became 87 for 7. Three wickets fell at 85. WD Hamilton failed to connect properly with a full toss from Leveson-Gower and was caught at mid-on. Turner bowled Stuart for 0 in his first innings for Ireland and with the first ball of his next over Turner also bowled Smith for 0. Kilkelly scored 2 and then pulled a short ball from Turner into his wicket 87-7. Then came Bud Hamilton. Johnson came out of his shell and hit at everything. He bore a charmed life. He hit Gibbs for 6 and then, when 30, was badly missed by Ridley at third man. He then hit Turner out of the ground and was missed, by Ridley again, in the outfield and also at short slip. Scott eventually got him to give Turner an easy catch at cover. He had batted 2 hours for 76 - during the last hour he had batted with great dash and timing. At 191 B.Hamilton was brilliantly caught high up and one handed at cover by Matthews. His 36 was a fine innings. Lucius Gwynn, in his first innings for Ireland, brought the 200 up when batting at no. 10. He compiled a neat 17 not out. At 4 55 Penny was lbw to Scott and the innings total was 209 giving a lead of 133. Turner had bowled 32 overs (as against 38 by the other 5 bowlers combined) and took 5 for 77.

At 5 10 Scott and Hughes-Onslow began the IZ second innings. Penny this time shared the opening attack with Johnson. IZ only managed 62 in this innings with Pease (19) and Scott (11) the only players to reach double figures. Runs came very slowly at the start due to accurate bowling and brilliant fielding. 15 runs took 30 minutes. Then Penny got one past Hughes-Onslow (3). Turner "bagged a pair" being caught at the wicket off Penny. Now disaster came fast. Penny bowled Scott for 11; Vernon attempted to cut a very wide ball from Johnson and was caught at point. 18-4-0. At 24 Walker skied Penny to Stuart at extra cover. 24-5-0. B Hamilton came on for Johnson and at 27 he bowled Gibbs. 27-6-6. Hamilton quickly took 3 more wickets and 9 were down for 50. Pease and Leveson-Gower gave trouble for the last wicket until Meldon had Pease lbw for a plucky 19 at 62. The Irish bowlers had bowled 46 overs in the innings. Bud Hamilton took 4 for 16 in 11 overs while Penny took 4 for 24 in 18 overs. Johnson bowled 12 overs for 10 runs and 1 wicket and Meldon conceded only 2 runs in 5 overs and one wicket. This was a very strong Irish team and unfortunately IZ were rather weak.

Vice Regal Lodge, Dublin