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Derek Scott

The Irish team lacked such players as JW Hynes, D Cronin, E. & JP Fitzgerald, J Dunn and JP Maxwell. Also possible substitutes in JM Meldon and W.Johnston, all of whom had gone on the American tour. Added to this RL Pike and DN Emerson were unable to play. In spite of all this, however, I Zingari were defeated by 35 runs. All the praise must go to the bowlers, particularly TC Perrott who was playing his only match for Ireland, and to the tail end batting in the 2nd innings. With seven 2nd innings wickets down the Irish lead was only 55, but Browning, Woodgate and Penny all made over 30 and the last 3 wickets added 98. IZ required 156 to win but 3 run outs and the bowling of Perrott destroyed their chances. W Blacker, a Cambridge Blue 1873-76, and L Hone, who toured with Lord Harris' team to Australia in 1878-78, and played in a Test Match, were both making their final appearance for Ireland.

The first day's weather was good but the attendance was poor. Both sides completed an innings and IZ led by 32 runs. At noon Blacker and Trotter opened to Matthews and Lindsay. At 11 Lindsay bowled Blacker with a good ball. Leland Hone came in but at 20 two wickets fell. Trotter, hitting Lindsay to leg, skied the ball straight up and was caught by Bridgeman for 7 and L.Hamilton was bowled by the first ball he received, which was from Matthews. Hone and Nunn slowly improved matters. Then Nunn hit Lindsay for 6-4-2 in one over. Ridley and Saunderson came on to bowl and at 61 Nunn was smartly caught at slip by Saunderson off Ridley. 61-4-23. WD Hamilton started well but at 73 Hone was run out through his own fault. Fowler was next and although he only made 5 before being yorked by Saunderson, the wicket added 28. Hamilton hit Saunderson straight for 6. In the next over he was dropped at extra cover by Coventry. Then he hit Lindsay for 6-4-2 in 3 balls. 100 came up at 1 35. At 101 Fowler was out and in the next over Hamilton was caught at the wicket by Burrowes off Saunderson for 36. His cricket had been brilliant. Woodgate now partnered Browning and at lunch the score was 118 for 7. Matthews and Milles then bowled and the last 3 wickets fell for a further 20 runs. Woodgate and Penny were both stumped and Browning was last out, caught at slip for 15. The innings ended at 3 45. All the 5 bowlers used got at least 1 wicket. Burrowes got 3 dismissals as wicket-keeper. He had been selected to play for Ireland in this match but refused in order to play for IZ. He never in fact played for Ireland.

Saunderson and Bridgeman gave IZ a reasonable send off. Woodgate and Penny bowled. At 16 Nunn came on for Woodgate. Saunderson gave an easy caught and bowled chance to Penny which was missed. Saunderson was playing well until he skied one from Penny to Blacker. 33-1-27. HE Crawley came in and Woodgate resumed bowling in place of Nunn. The pace was rather slow and Penny's first 16 overs produced only 16 runs. 50 went up at 4.40. Perrott replaced Penny and saw Crawley missed high up at point by Nunn. In the next over Woodgate bowled Crawley. 63-2-14. Perrott then took 2 wickets. Bridgeman went too far back and hit his wicket. He had made a not very stylish 19 out of 65. One run later Burrowes was lbw playing forward. 66-4-0. Coventry joined Ridley and Penny came on for Woodgate but it was Perrott who also took the next wicket. At 80 he beat and bowled Coventry for 7. Davidson came next and he held the tail together while the last 5 wickets put on 90 runs. Ridley gave a chance at the wicket and at 5.20 the 100 was up. At 104 Ridley was yorked by a fast one from Woodgate. His 18 was a good innings. With Matthews in runs came fast and a further 24 were added before Woodgate bowled Matthews. 128-7-12. Milles was next and with Perrott on for a second spell the scoring rate was reduced. However Milles hit Perrott for a 6 and the Irish total was passed at 6.00. At 151 Woodgate came on once again and his 1st ball hit Milles off stump. Another fizzer bowled Lindsay next ball. Davidson and Viscount Chelsea added 19 for the last wicket of which Chelsea made 15. Davidson was left 34 not out - an intelligent innings Woodgate bowled with great heart. His 30 overs yielded only 49 runs and he clean bowled all his 5 victims.

The second day was fine and there was a big crowd. With 6 men out the Irish lead was only 27 but the last 4 wickets put on 126. At 11 30 Blacker and Trotter began the Irish 2nd innings 32 runs behind. Matthews and Lindsay bowled. Davidson dropped Trotter at extra cover but at 15 a straight long hop from Matthews bowled him. 15-1-6. Next ball Hone hit too soon and was caught at cover by Ridley. 15-2-0. Nunn and Blacker were very careful but at 34 Nunn was LBW to Ridley having made 18 out of 19 added. At 48 W.D.Hamilton was well held by Saunderson off a drive to mid-off from Ridley. At 57 Fowler was bowled by Ridley. L Hamilton was uncomfortable. He was missed by Coventry at extra-cover and then stumped of Matthews. 59-6-1. Things were looking black for Ireland when Browning joined Blacker who was batting with great care. There was a useful stand of 28 despite bowling changes. At 87 Ridley came back and had Blacker caught at slip with his second ball. Blacker had batted 110 minutes for 27. His defence was excellent but he was lucky to survive an appeal for a catch at the wicket when 5. The position when Woodgate joined Browning was that Ireland led by only 55 with 7 wickets down. This pair added 48. The bowling was switched frequently and Davidson was tried for 2 overs with underhand lobs. 100 was up at 1 30. At 135 Browning was caught at deep square leg off Lindsay for 39. Lunch was then taken. Penny came in with Woodgate. They collared the bowling and hit it all over the field. Saunderson came back on at 168 and off the last ball of his first over he caught and bowled Woodgate one handed. 172-9-37. His innings had been full of very good cricket. Perrott and Penny put on a further 13 for the last wicket. Penny was eventually stumped running out to Saunderson after a dashing 34. Matthews's effort of taking 4 for 56 in 44 overs was very praiseworthy.

Davidson replaced Bridgeman as Saunderson's opening partner. Both were hard hitters and runs came quickly off Penny and Woodgate. The target was 154. Davidson was run out at 23 off a quick return from Nunn to wicket-keeper Browning. Woodgate then bowled Saunderson with a surprising slow leg break. 28-2-18. Burrowes joined Crawley but at 35 the newcomer drove Penny to Perrott at mid-on and was caught. At 42 a lightening pickup and return from Fowler to Woodgate saw Ridley run out. 42-4-2. Coventry was next and he and Crawley added 27 for the 5th wicket. Perrott then came on and took 2 wickets with his first two balls. Off his first ball Coventry was caught at slip and Nunn took Bridgeman at point off the second ball. 69 for 6. At 75 Crawley was bowled by Penny for a useful if lucky 26. Viscount Chelsea was missed by Blacker at short leg and was then bowled by Perrott. 82-8-3. At 89 Perrott took his fourth wicket when Hone caught Matthews high up at mid-off. 9 were now out for 89 and all seemed lost for IZ, as 65 more runs were required. Milles who had been unable to turn up to field now came out to join Lindsay. Perrott missed Lindsay on a difficult chance and the pair looked as if they could win the match. They had added 29 - the best stand of the innings - when a fine return from WD Hamilton at long on ran out Milles for 16. The game ended at 5 30. Although the light was not very good it must be said that the Irish bowling and particularly the fielding and throwing were splendid. Why Perrott, who had 7 for 58 in the match, only played this one game for Ireland is a mystery.

Phoenix Park, Dublin