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Derek Scott

This was the first ever game between the two countries. The Scottish team was composed of eight Grange CC players and three others - the Grange club being on tour in Ireland at the time. Rain had made the wicket difficult and Scotland plumbed the depths, having no answer to the bowling of JP Fitzgerald and A Penny. Scotland were 43 for 5 in their 2nd innings when the second days play began. Then in 9.2 overs Fitzgerald took 5 for 2 and Scotland were all out for 51. JP Fitzgerald and D Cronin were playing their last normal game for Ireland though both toured America in the Autumn of this year. Of the 5 debutants Browning and Penny were fine players and were both to leave lasting impressions on Irish cricket. They both came on as substitutes in this match for J Dunn and H Bruen.

The weather was good but the wicket had been affected by rain. There was a large crowd. At 11 30 McFarlan and Evans began for Scotland against Hynes and Woodgate. The start was favourable to Scotland. McFarlan scored freely and at 20 a double change was made, bringing on Penny and Fitzgerald. The score was brought to 30 of which McFarlan had 27, then 5 wickets went down for 7 runs and Scotland were in trouble. McFarlan was caught at mid on off Fitzgerald, Grant Asher was bowled for 0 and McKenzie was caught at square leg, also for 0, all 3 wickets to Fitzgerald. Legget was now in with Evans. Hynes dropped the latter on an easy catch to slip but at 34 Penny bowled Legget. RH Johnston was next and he was missed by WD Hamilton at mid on. Then Penny bowled Evans who had batted 70 minutes for 4. Johnston and the captain, AR Don Wauchope, drove well but at 46 Johnston was well held at mid off by WD Hamilton off Penny for 8. Birkbeck was missed by Hynes off Fitzgerald. Don Wauchope hit Fitzgerald clean out of the ground but then rushed down the wicket at Penny and was bowled. 57-7-10. Robinson joined Birkbeck and at 60 Hynes came on to bowl for Fitzgerald. The last 3 wickets all fell with the score at 65. Penny bowled Robinson; Weir was magnificently caught by WD Hamilton at mid-off off Penny, and McNair was caught and bowled by Hynes. The innings had lasted two hours. Penny's debut was wonderful. He took 6 for 22 in 27 overs. The Irish catching was poor and no less than 3 easy catches were dropped.

E Fitzgerald and D Cronin began for Ireland to the bowling of Robinson (fast left) and Weir (medium right). At lunch the score was 31 with Fitzgerald 21 and Cronin 9. 50 went up rapidly but at 56 a good running catch by Don Wauchope at deep mid off accounted for Fitzgerald. He had made 37 with eight 4's. From this onwards wickets fell at regular intervals and the value of the opening stand became apparent. Trotter was in with Cronin when the latter was caught at mid off from a mishit. He had made a pretty, if not very sound, 25. 66-2-25. At 71 JP Fitzgerald was bowled by a break back from McNair for 0. Hynes was next and he saw Trotter caught at the wicket at 75. Hynes and Fowler then added 19 with Hynes playing very well. Weir came on and bowled Fowler with his 3rd ball. 94-5-2. Woodgate was bowled for 0 by a full pitch from Robinson at 95. WD Hamilton was next and a snick put 100 up and at once Hamilton might have been run out. At 113 he was bowled by a beauty from Robinson. Browning came next for his first innings for Ireland - he subsequently played 39 times for Ireland. Hynes gave a caught and bowled chance that was not taken. At 115 Browning was caught on the square leg boundary by Asher off Robinson for 1. Legget came on to bowl and had Hynes caught at cover in his first t over by Don Wauchope (whose third catch this was). Hynes had been very punishing for his 37. His innings prevented an utter collapse after the fine start. His runs were scored out of 57 added while he was at the wicket. L Hamilton and Penny then put on 14 very slowly for the last wicket. Don Wauchope came on to bowl for the first time when he took over from Robinson who had bowled since the start. Off the last ball of his second over Don Wauchope had Penny stumped for 10. Hamilton was 13 not out and the Irish lead was 77. Robinson with 5 for 58 in 39 overs was Scotland's best bowler.

Woodgate and Penny shared the bowling when Scotland began their second innings with McFarlan and Evans. Two wickets fell at 0 and 3. Woodgate bowled McFarlan with the last ball of the first over and Birkbeck (promoted) was smartly caught and bowled low down by Penny. Both batsmen failed to score. McKenzie came in at 4 and Evans was softly caught by Hynes off Penny. 4-3-4. Don Wauchope, a celebrated rugby threequarter, joined McKenzie and scoring was slow. JP Fitzgerald replaced Woodgate and he soon bowled Don Wauchope for 9. 18-4-9. Penny was inexplicably taken off at this stage and Hynes put himself on. His third ball bowled McKenzie who advanced and missed. 18-5-3. Asher joined Legget and they were both still there at the close when Scotland were 43 for 5 with Legget 12 and Asher 9.

JP Fitzgerald's wonderful spell of 5 for 2 in 9.2 overs meant the second days play was all over in less than an hour. Only 8 runs were scored while the last 5 wickets went down. The weather was delightful and the attendance large. The wicket was taking a great deal of spin. Asher and Legget resumed and with the first ball Fitzgerald bowled Asher and the next ball bowled Johnston. 43-7-0. Then came a maiden from Penny to Legget. Robinson took a single in Fitzgerald's next over. Penny's following over was a maiden but the batsmen ran a bye. Then Fitzgerald bowled Robinson. 45-8-1. Weir joined Legget. There were a few more maiden overs and then Weir hit Penny to square leg for 4. A snick gave Legget a 2 off Penny. Next over Fitzgerald bowled Weir and his next ball bowled McNair and the match was over. This morning Fitzgerald had bowled 9.2 overs, 7 maidens and taken 5 for 2, all 5 being clean bowled. His full innings analysis was 15.2 overs, 9 maidens, 9 runs and 6 wickets - all 6 bowled. This was a wonderful feat. His match figures were 36.2-20-30-9. Penny gave able support. His first 7 overs on this morning were maidens and in all he bowled 14 maidens in 19 overs in taking 2 for 10.

On the day after this match ended, 10 August, the Irish team left Derry for a tour in Canada and America. Cronin, the Fitzgerald brothers and Hynes went on this tour. In view of the early finish to the original game a scratch match was played on the afternoon of August 9, from which the tourists withdrew and were replaced by 4 other players. In the Scratch match Ireland made 144 (Fowler 28, Penny 26) and Scotland 30 for 5.

Rathmines, Dublin