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Derek Scott

A downpour on the night before and the morning of the match caused makeshift covers to leak and provided a two-paced wicket throughout it in which bowlers delighted. Ireland won in Scotland for the first time since 1948, winning two successive matches for the first time since 1948-49, and crept one win nearer to Scotland's 16 wins in 53 matches. Ireland now have 15. Scotland had one player new to this match, the left-handed JR Laing, brother of JG. Ireland brought in O'Riordan and Duffy and left out Torrens and Mitchell, thus strengthening the bowling. However, O'Riordan was injured and Duffy ill, so in fact Torrens and Mitchell both played. Then Goodwin cried off due to his wife's illness, thus ending a run of 33 successive matches. JWG Elder then came in for him.

Play could not begin until 3.40 on Saturday. Ireland were put in and would have done the same to Scotland. Pigot and Short began quite well to Thompson and Robertson who wasted a lot by bowling short and wide on the wicket whose bounce was inconsistent. At tea (taken at 4:30 PM) the score was 21. Afterwards the wickets began to fall, mostly to poor shots rather than expert bowling. Pigot (7) mishooked Robertson to long leg running in at 23. Then Short was dropped at first slip by JR Laing at 26. At 33 Short slashed at Clark and this time Laing held a good catch. Short's 24 scored in 85 minutes, was very valuable. Still with the score on 33 Harrison (one) steered Robertson to slip. At 39 Mitchell pushed hard to short square leg off Clark and in Clark's next over Linehan slashed firm footed and was caught at the wicket. Clark had three wickets in three overs. With the total on 45 Thompson replaced Robertson. Anderson hooked without being inside the line and lobbed the ball to square leg. 45-6-3. Now Monteith and Corlett set out to retrieve the situation. Monteith, not a lover of fast hostile bowling, hopped about and improvised while Corlett was his correct self. Monteith was dropped when five by JG Laing at third slip off Thompson. At 65 Hardie came on to bowl slow left arm and Goddard bowled three overs of offspin. As 86 Corlett came out to drive Hardie and was caught at wide mid on. He scored 16 and had put on 40 with Monteith. One more run was added before close of play when the final score was 86-7, Monteith 30 and Torrens 0. Next day Monteith was at once caught at the wicket off Thompson. Then Torrens struck a few blows and saw 100 up. As 105 he slashed at Clark who had replaced Robertson and was caught at the wicket. Two runs later Thompson bowled Elder. Clark finished with 4-26. In general, Scotland bowled badly and Ireland got the right score on this wicket for the wrong reasons!

Play had begun as scheduled at 1:30 PM on Sunday and More and Brown set off for Scotland at 2:37 PM. In 40.2 overs they were all out for 91 after, at one stage, being 54-2. Torrens bowled 20.2 overs unchanged to take 7-40. He kept the ball well up at a good pace and the wicket did the rest. Before tea (at 4 PM) Ireland took three wickets for 55 but dropped three catches, two easy and one hard. At 18 Brown (nine) was caught by Elder low at third slip off Torrens and at 21 Torrens yorked More (eight). With no runs added JR Laing (0) was dropped by Monteith at second slip off Corlett. Monteith repeated the performance off Torrens, this time a difficult catch. JR Laing went on to make 34. With the Laing brothers together, 50 came up in 65 minutes. Elder replaced an unlucky Corlett with the score on 52. At 53 Anderson dropped JG Laing (18) at second slip, two-handed, off Torrens. If O'Riordan and Goodwin had played Anderson would not have been at slip. Ireland were short of close fielders. A few moments later, with the score on 54, Anderson atoned by diving to his right at third slip to catch a lobbed chance by JG Laing, out for 18 off Elder.

At tea the score was 55-3 with JR Laing on 14. Ireland improved vastly afterwards. They took the last seven wickets for 36 of which JR Laing made 20, and 34 in all. At 59 Porteous played a poor stroke off a slight lifter from Torrens and lobbed the ball to gully. At 65 Ellis glanced Torrens uppishly and was caught at leg slip by Monteith. JR Laing and Hardie then added 16. At 73 Corlett came back for Elder and one wished for Monteith. As 81 Hardie got another slight lifter from Torrens and was caught by Pigot at short-leg. Monteith had replaced Corlett with the total on 80. At 85 Goddard fell to Torrens when he steered another lifter to Elder at third slip. The last three wickets all fell with the total on 91. Monteith floated one up to Laing and made a lot of ground to his right to catch and bowl him for a most valuable, if lucky, 34. Robertson snicked his first ball to Torrens at first slip and Thompson played on swinging at Torrens. It was the stamina of Torrens and his hostility that gave Ireland a lead of 16 but it might have been more if Monteith had been tried earlier.

At 6 PM Ireland went into bat for a second time with 19 minutes. left to play. Disaster descended in Thompson's third over when he took three wickets in five balls, and almost a fourth! Pigot (six) played down the wrong line to a ball which left him and hit his off stump; Harrison got a lifter which he could only lob to square point; Anderson flicked casually at his first ball and was caught at leg slip and Mitchell was within inches of being caught at short square leg next ball as he pushed at it. At 9-3 there was a break for bad light of 6 minutes. Clark replaced Robertson for the 10th over. Off his second ball Mitchell was dropped by Hardie at second slip. The score was 17 with Mitchell eight. Clark and Thompson changed ends but Mitchell and Short fought on. Goddard tried himself and then Hardie but at 7:30 PM Ireland were 45-3, Short 14 (with no mistakes) and Mitchell 24.

On the third day following early rain one hour was lost and the match began at noon. In the first over from Thompson Mitchell was dropped by JG Laing at second slip. At 55 Mitchell attempted to pull Robertson but flicked the ball over his shoulder to the wicket keeper. This stand of 49, allied to Short's wonderful innings, certainly won the match for Ireland. Linehan now helped Short add 20. Hardie came on for Thompson and bowled somewhat loosely for a while. At 75 Linehan drove at Robertson with no foot movement and was caught at third slip. At 94 Goddard came on for all spin attack. The sixth wicket added 32. Monteith scored 16 with two fours and was then LBW to Goddard on one that kept low, the only LBW of the match. At 110 Short (43) gave his only chance when Clark dropped him at leg slip off Goddard after several juggles. Then, at 119, Short lost concentration and drove at a half volley from Goddard and was bowled. 119-7-48. No praise is too high for this young man's innings. He defended beautifully and scored when he could. He batted 167 minutes, on a bowlers wicket, with but one chance, and that near the end. At 124 Corlett was caught at leg slip off Goddard. The lunch score was 129-8. Three balls after lunch finished the innings. Both Colhoun and Elder "smeared" at the turning ball from Hardie and were both caught at silly point by Porteous. Once again Scotland did not bowl well following Thompson's early breakthrough and their spinners did not appear to be good enough.

The day had now clouded over. For the first time in the match the heavy roller was put on. It certainly deadened the wicket for more than an hour. Eventually, just before it might have been too late for Ireland, its effect wore off and Ireland won by 52 runs. The target was 146 when More and Brown set-off at 2:22 PM. If achieved it would have been the highest innings of the match by far. Corlett bowled two overs and Monteith came on with the total on 10. Torrens bowled five overs and then Elder three before Anderson came on with the score on 45. Neither batsman was in trouble and rain caused a short delay at 3:25 PM. The total then was 46. The spinners switched ends and at 53 Brown drove at Anderson and was caught at extra cover by Pigot for 25. Three overs later facing Anderson JR Laing snicked a faster ball to Colhoun. 61-2-1. 2 minutes before tea was due More steered Monteith to Corlett at second slip. 67-3-32 at tea. This one felt was the vital wicket. After tea Porteous, inexperienced and on "a pair" was sent in with JG Laing. This was a mistake. At 68 both were out. Porteous collected his "pair" when Corlett dived to catch him at square short leg. Monteith now got wickets in successive overs. He lured JG Laing down the wicket to have him stumped and bowled Ellis who was swinging. 71-6-1. At 76 Goddard drove at Anderson who caught and bowled him high and left-handed while moving left. At 78 Elder caught Thompson head high at silly mid off from the bowling of Anderson. Robertson joined Hardie and they defended for 18 minutes and 15 runs. The last 20 overs began. Then, at 93, Monteith finished the innings in two balls. Mitchell caught Robertson off a mis drive low at extra cover and Clark snicked his first ball to Corlett at slip, thus giving Corlett three catches in the innings. Anderson floated his off spinners well and kept the ball up to take 5-21 in 19 overs. Monteith in 24.4 overs had 5-29 and took his 154th wicket in his 31st match. To win in Scotland for the first time in 26 years was a triumph long-awaited. To do so without three front-line bowlers, O'Riordan, Goodwin and Duffy was unexpected indeed. Scotland played badly and are in a period when a new side has to gain its experience the hard way