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Derek Scott

A third successive win, a feat not achieved since 1936-37. Monteith was again the main agent. He took 13 wickets for 93 and now had 34 wickets for 166 this year in three matches. This was the fifth time Monteith had taken 10 or more wickets in the match. Only J.C.Boucher, seven, has done it more often. Only once before had an Irish bowler taken as many as 13 wickets in a match at Lord's. He was A.F.Exham in 1879 and, strangely, he, too, conceded the same number of runs, 93. The match was played in a newly laid stretch of wicket on the Grandstand side. It was the first match played on this stretch. The weather was fine and sunny at the wicket was slow but took spin evenly.

For Ireland, GA Duffy was not available and was replaced by a batsman, PJ Dineen for what transpired to be his last match for Ireland. This was a proper decision in a two-day match. MCC had six newcomers. They were JRA Townsend, JK Fawcett, GL Keith (who played for Hampshire against Ireland in 1965), DC Collard (a ground staff boy), NM McVicker and PJ Lewington (two Warwickshire bowlers). EA Clark and RA Gale were intended to play. If they had done so it seems probable that Ireland would not have won.

MCC won the toss and Day and Davies opened. O'Riordan conceded 11 in his first over including four wides (a boundary). O'Riordan bowled three overs for 17 runs and was then replaced by Elder. It was the latter who got the first wicket and 44 when Davies hit "a stopper" to extra-cover. Townsend and Day now added 49 in an hour. Monteith relieved Goodwin at 56 and Anderson was tried at 83. Monteith made a great effort to catch Townsend at 72 diving to his left at short square leg. Day went to his 50 in 95 minutes. At 93 Townsend (24) was caught at cover cutting upwards in Monteith's seventh over. Two runs later Day lept down the pitch to Anderson and was bowled. At 100 Keith was caught and bowled by Monteith diving to his left. At 101 Anderson made a low caught and bowled off Hays, the square leg umpire confirming the catch. Lunch was now taken at 104-5 - G.Dawson 8, McVicker 0.

Without addition McVicker was stumped off Monteith so that 93 for one had become 101 for six. Dawson and Duff now made a stand of 44 in 42 minutes. At 148 Duff was beaten by Monteith's spin and was caught at the wicket. 148-7-18. At 163 O'Riordan caught Dawson at slip to give Monteith his fifth wicket. After a spell by Elder, Anderson returned and took the last two wickets. He bowled Collard for five at 178 and had Lewington LBW at 186. He emerged with 4-20 in 20.1 overs to rival Monteith 5-49 in 29 overs.

Ireland began at 3:35 PM and, in 155 minutes, scored 144-2. It should have been more if Pigot had increased his pace when well set. As it was he scored 53 only to close of play in 57 overs score. At 13 McVicker brought one back at O'Brien to bowl him for five. Tea was taken after 50 minutes play at 27-1. J Harrison played very well for his 42 in a second wicket stand of 72 in 87 minutes. He hit the bad ball very well. He was eventually caught at square leg of a mishit. Pigot was missed twice. At 44 he was dropped at the wicket off Lewington, and, at 55, he was missed at slip by Dawson off Duff. At close of play, after MCC had tried six bowlers, Ireland were 144-2, Pigot 53, Anderson 33.

Next morning Pigot was caught at leg slip without adding to his score and, at 154, Harte followed in the same way. Anderson hit Lewington for 6 to mid-wicket to reach 51 in 86 minutes with the score at 170. It was Anderson's last scoring stroke before being caught off Collard at 171. With O'Riordan and Dineen in Ireland went ahead. Dineen hit three fours and was caught at first slip at 192. A strangely out of touch O'Riordan mistimed a pull and was caught at mid-on. He scored 10 out of 47 in 54 minutes. Monteith and Goodwin struck out gaily and added 30 in only nine minutes. Monteith hit Lewington for a six and was eventually caught at long off for 25. Ireland declared 45 runs on having made 87 in 85 today.

Townsend opened to the second innings with Day. With only five hours left it seems that MCC could hardly win. Monteith appeared at 14 in place of O'Riordan. In his first over he conceded a four and a seven (!) to Townsend. In his next over Monteith had Townsend stumped well down the wicket. Keith came in and the lunch score (after 40 minutes) was 29-1, Day 12, Keith 0. At 36 Keith (six) was dropped at first slip by Dineen off Monteith, the ball coming off Colhoun's gloves. At 44 Keith was caught at deep mid-off. At 46 Dawson drove a ball onto his pad and thence to Harte diving in the gully. Day and Fawcett added 20. Then Monteith had Fawcett at caught at leg slip of a faster ball and, next ball, Davies was hit on the boot and then his bat swinging through knocked the ball back to the bowler. Anderson bowled Hays at 71 and MCC were in trouble. There was an hour to go to tea and they were only 26 on. At 77 Anderson missed a hard caught and bowled off McVicker (five) and at 78 Harte dropped a difficult one handed catch at gully off McVicker. At 89 it seemed Day was caught at the wicket on the leg side but was given not out. Eventually, after 37 were added on 47 minutes, McVicker foolishly swished at Monteith and was caught at extra cover. At 110 O'Brien caught Day at short leg off Anderson. He had made a good 45. Ireland needed the ninth wicket to prevent tea being taken at 4.15. In the last possible over O'Brien caught Collard at silly mid-off. Duff and Lewington lasted for 23 minutes and added 20 runs. There was only six minutes to a point were tea had to be taken when Monteith had Lewington LBW. Monteith was the first bowler to take eight wickets against MCC as Lord's since C Lawrence did so in the first match of all in 1858.

Ireland had 32 minutes + 20 overs to score 91. Pigot and O'Brien did well. In eight overs bowled up to the 20 overs 27 runs were scored. So, 64 more were needed. In the fifth over of the 20 Pigot was caught at the wicket (40-1-16) and in the eighth over Lewington caught and bowled O'Brien (42-2-21). In the first 10 overs of the 20 the score was 50. At 53 Harrison was caught and bowled by Lewington. Monteith was sent in and 32 were needed with seven overs left, only nine having come in three overs. Five came off the 14th over and six of the 15th. So 21 were needed off five overs. The match was virtually finished in the next over. Monteith pulled Lewington and was dropped by McVicker running in from deep square leg. Then he hit six over wide mid-wicket and a high straight four. 14 came in the over. Two overs later the match ended with Monteith 30 not out. This win gave Ireland a 17-16 lead in the series against MCC.