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Derek Scott

This match had many similarities to that against Wales two weeks previously. The same Irish team played in both matches; the toss was won in both; Ireland made a big first innings score and won by an innings; in both matches there was a day to spare; Monteith was again the star bowler, and this time with nine wickets for 17 runs. The margin of the win was only once bettered, against Free Foresters in 1957. This was the third match against Denmark, the first two of which were drawn. The wicket was not very good. The quality of grass was poor, the bounce unpredictable and it looked as if it could have done with more work in preparation. It gave the Danes, used to matting wickets, very little chance. Denmark had five new players to the match, they were F Nistrup, who replaced Morild as captain, and P Sorensen, J Holman, L Hansen and F Sorgaard. The game was played in cloudy chilly weather before a very poor crowd.

Denmark began very well. Within 70 minutes they had taken four very good catches and Ireland were 37-4. Pigot (three) was out at nine. He hit a half volley from Isaksson firmly to leg only to be caught inches from the ground some 10 yards from the bat. The catcher was Hansen who dived to his right to take a wonderful one-handed catch. Harrison got off the mark with a four all runs. 17 came in half an hour. Then O'Brien hit two fours. Morild replaced Isaksson. Umpire Smith complained about Sorgaard running on the wicket and he changed to left arm round. This was responsible for his taking three wickets in 18 balls, all on similar deliveries. Each found the batsman lungeing. Each moved away off the seam and each provided a catch at slip. O'Brien and Anderson fell on successive balls at 29 - both were caught two-handed at first slip by Nistrup. At 37 Harte was caught by H Sorensen at second slip - fast, low and right-handed, a very good catch. O'Riordan and Harrison set to to repair the damage of 37-4. They did so very well until lunch with some good shots, a few edges and a dropped catch at the wicket at 71 when Harrison was 17 - a very expensive miss. Sorgaard bowled 16 overs and tired towards the end. At lunch the score was 85-4 and the stand was worth 48 in 50 minutes. Harrison was 24 and O'Riordan 26.

O'Riordan went off at a gallop after lunch against Morild and Kristensen. He reached 52 in 86 minutes when the score was 122. Sorgaard was tired again at the other end but was now expensive and conceded 30 runs in five overs. However, O'Riordan, when 61, lobbed one back at his (Sorgaard's) head and Kristensen, from mid-on, made a great attempt to catch it. The 100 partnership came up in 96 minutes and 64 scored in the hour after lunch. Harrison reached 50 in 177 minutes when the score was 178. Buus and Hansen (whose action at times was very doubtful), two lesser spinners, were now bowling at the same time and runs flowed. 50 were put on in 30 minutes. 200 was up when O'Riordan was 99. At 202 he reached his second century for Ireland, scored in 145 minutes off 150 balls with 15 fours. At 212 and tired Harrison was caught and bowled by Morild for 64 scored in 209 minutes. The fifth wicket stand was worth 175 in 155 minutes. It broke the existing record for the fifth wicket of 127 set in 1921 by RH Lambert and JWF Craufurd against Military of Ireland. This 175 stand was the highest of this century, the second highest ever and the first time since 1928 that the record stand for any wicket had been beaten. Monteith came in and at tea the score was 233-5, O'Riordan 111 Monteith 15. The session was in complete contrast to the morning. In the afternoon 147 runs were scored in 125 minutes for the loss of only one wicket.

At 234 Monteith was bowled by Morild. Goodwin came in and swung the bat merrily to make 36 in 55 minutes. He lost O'Riordan at 260. The new ball was taken at 249 and O'Riordan was caught at mid-wicket off Isaksson. O'Riordan had taken an hour to add 19 to his century. He batted in all 206 minutes, received 198 balls and hit 17 fours. Powerful strokes, particularly the drive and the pull, were the hallmark of his play. Goodwin and Duffy added 21 but this was not Duffy's "scene" and he was caught for six trying to increase the pace. Goodwin scored off all eight of the last balls he faced and was caught at 36 with the total on 285. Ireland declared leaving Denmark 45 minutes batting. C Morild was Denmark's best bowler taking 4-63 in 33.1 overs. Centuries had been scored in successive matches for Ireland for the first time since the last match in 1939 against Sir Julian Cahn's XI and the first match in 1946 against Scotland.

Denmark lost three wickets for 19 before the close and never recovered. Just four hours play on Sunday finished the match. Six runs were scored in 17 minutes when Jannings flashed at Goodwin and was caught by Colhoun. At 17 Elder came on for O'Riordan. In his second over he took two wickets. Nistrup was LBW for four off one the came back and kept low. Three balls later Buus played on for 0. H Sorensen, playing well, was 14 at close of play and Isaksson 0. Next day all went well for 50 minutes with Elder and Goodwin bowling. Isaksson put one over slips heads off Elder for four. Then Sorensen straight drove Elder for four, tried to repeat it and was caught at second slip. 45-4-21. O'Riordan replaced Goodwin. Next over from Elder Morild glanced a four and cut one high over slips for four. He lunged at the last ball and was caught by Colhoun diving to his right. 53-5-8. P Sorensen was next and the field was now four slips, three short legs, a point and only mid off out. Elder was making the ball get up unpleasantly. At 61 P. Sorensen was bowled off stump by Elder waving the bat. Goodwin replaced Elder, who today, had taken 3-33 in 12 overs. Isaksson and Hansen now added 25, Hansen hitting O'Riordan for eight in one over.

At 82 Monteith appeared for O'Riordan (43 overs bowled). Hanson swept and was bowled trying to pull a short ball. At 92 Isaksson was out for a calm and patient 33. He cut at Goodwin to give Duffy a good gully catch. In his second over Monteith got Holmen who rushed out and was caught at extra cover. Lunch came at 94-9. Three balls finished the innings when Sorgaard scooped Monteith to Colhoun. In 3.3 overs Monteith had 3-4. Denmark reached 94 in 49.3 overs and were asked to follow 191 behind.

In five minutes less than two hours Denmark were all out again - for 61 in 37 overs. O'Riordan had a knee strain so Elder and Goodwin bowled. In the first over bowled, by Goodwin H Sorensen was dropped at short leg by Pigot before a run was scored. He was out in Elder's first over, caught by Colhoun. At 14 Nistrup drove Goodwin and was caught at cover. At 28 Monteith appeared for Elder at the sea end. In his second over Isaksson slashed at him and was caught by Duffy close in at gully. At 33 Duffy came on for Monteith who changed ends. They bowled to the finish. Jannings lost patience in Duffy's second over and was bowled "head up". He batted 71 minutes for eight, and had not scored off the last 30 balls he received. In his next over Duffy induced Buus to drive too soon and Pigot took the catch at mid-off. 38-5-6. Monteith took the last five wickets in 42 balls for 11 runs, including a six. At 44 Morild hoisted one very high to Harrison at deep mid-on; Hansen hit 6 to the pavilion and was bowled next ball hitting across spin. The last three wickets fell at 61. P Sorensen was bowled through the gap; Kristensen was bowled swinging and, next ball, Sorgaard was caught at slip. Monteith had 6-13 in 13 overs. In the match he had 9-17 and in two matches this year 21-73. In his last 15 matches Monteith had taken exactly 100 wickets. This was Ireland's 10th successive match without defeat, a new record.

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