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Derek Scott

Denmark were another new opponent for Ireland and they did well to draw a slow-moving match played on a wicket made ultra-slow by rain. Denmark has only 1200 cricketers and they never aspired to more than a draw. They batted all the third day until there was only 75 minutes batting time left. Denmark played about 40 representative matches since they started in 1932. They have only won twice and have always lost to Holland. Hence their caution against Ireland. In fact they played better than the Dutch. Their batsmen were more correct if less brave. Their bowling and fielding were both excellent. In contrast Ireland fell from grace. The batting was poor and the fielding careless and untidy. Ireland were unchanged from the Dutch match. It was the first match in Cork since 1961 and it was sad to see the first day virtually washed out by heavy rain.

After 26 minutes played the score was 17, all to Sorensen. Rain set in and continued all day. The next morning was fine and the ground dried in a near miraculous way. Play began on time at noon. O'Riordan was moving the ball in with a strong wind. He bowled the first three batsmen. Jannings was out for 0 when the score was 25 having batted 41 minutes. Sorensen, a left-hander, made a pleasant 31 out of 42 before he was yorked. At 47 Luther was bowled. Monteith came on for Goodwin and in his third over Isaksson was bowled for 0. At 60 he bowled Mortensen and at 63 he had Buus stumped. 63-6-12. Halliday came on at 58 for O'Riordan but his field was rather defensive considering the score. There was no mid-on or short extra-cover but there was a long-on. In fact Morild hit a catch to where mid-on would have been. Pigot dropped a difficult catch to his left at short-leg offered by Petersen off a full toss by Halliday. At lunch the score was 75-6, after a total of 131 minutes play.

O'Riordan and Monteith bowled after lunch. O'Riordan bowled Petersen in his second over with the total on 78. In his next over Morild popped O'Riordan to short square leg. Three overs later Monteith bowled Larsen. The total was now 84-9. The last pair, Niegaard and Andersen added 18 in six overs before Monteith had Andersen LBW while sweeping. The innings closed at 3:02 PM after 55.2 overs. Monteith and O'Riordan shared the wickets. The latter's last wicket was his 150th for Ireland in his 45th match

Pigot and Reith began reasonably against Mortensen and Larsen. Mortensen looked very good bowler and Larsen, a left-hander with a low delivery, was awkward to play. In his third over Larsen got one through Reith which kept low. 10-1-0. Harrison came in and lost Pigot LBW to Mortensen at 20. Harrison and Dineen were together at tea. By now it was apparent that the Danes were the European Champion appealers! They shouted at every opportunity and put on quite an act when appeals were refused - particularly Mortensen. At 30 Mortensen bowled Dineen with a ball well up to him. Morild, the captain and a quickish off-spinner, came on for Larsen at 42. At 44 Mortensen had Anderson, who never looked happy, LBW on a full toss. Harrison, as usual, was playing well. With O'Riordan this was the best stand of the innings, 34 for the fifth wicket. Harrison was missed at slip when he was 27 and the total 64 off Morild. Buus, who bowled both off and leg breaks, relieved Mortensen (18 overs) with the score on 70-4. In his second over he bowled a long hop which went away from O'Riordan. The latter cut, without moving his feet, and was brilliantly caught by Norgaard at cover. 78-5-12. Harrison now began to hit a little wildly and soon skied a catch back to Morild. 84-6-42. He had batted well for over 80 minutes.

Mortensen came back at this point but Morild took the next wicket when Duffy edged an attempted cut into his stumps. At the same score Monteith was out swinging at Mortensen. 88-8-2. Goodwin swung the bat busily but lost Halliday at 94. An astonishing throw from the deep mid-wicket boundary landed plumb in Morild's hands and Halliday was several yards out. Colhoun held up his end while Goodwin put the 100 up and secured the lead. He hit two fours off Mortensen in the last over of the day but was out to the fourth ball. Denmark bowled 58.4 overs and Mortensen well-deserved his 5-47.

On the third day play was from 11 AM to 6 PM. Lunch came at 1:30 PM by which time Denmark were only 72-4. It was obvious that there were only thinking in terms of the draw and were ignoring Ireland's poor first-innings batting form. Sorensen again played well but O'Riordan appeared to have him caught at the wicket before he scored, and Reith dropped him at second slip off Goodwin. O'Riordan bowled seven overs for six runs and Goodwin eight overs for 10 runs. Monteith and Halliday came on. After 66 minutes 17 runs were scored when Monteith had Jannings caught at the wicket for six. In came Luther who was to bat for 142 minutes for 26. When the score was 28, and before Luther had scored, he was dropped by Dineen at mid-off. It was an easy catch off the unfortunate Halliday who had yet to take a wicket for Ireland. After 108 minutes the second wicket fell at 42. Sorensen was bowled when he suddenly heaved at Monteith. Duffy replaced Halliday for two overs, then O'Riordan came back. He bowled three maidens and then had Buus LBW. 49-3 after 127 minutes. In O'Riordan's next over Morild was brilliantly caught at leg slip by Monteith. He dived to his right and caught a swift leg glance inches off the pitch. Mortensen and Luther added 15 in 15 minutes up to lunch, at which stage the total was 72-4.

After lunch Goodwin replaced Monteith and bowled for 65 minutes, during which he bowled 10 overs. This was a strange decision as it always looked likely that Monteith would be the wicket-taker with his flight and spin. As it was Luther and Mortensen added 39 in an hour before Goodwin had Mortensen LBW, a decision he doubted both verbally and by gestures! 96-5-28. 24 minutes later Luther's long innings came to an end when he swung at Halliday and snicked to the wicket-keeper. 102-6-26. This was Halliday's first wicket for Ireland. At the same score Isaksson appeared to be caught at short leg off bat and pad but was given not out. He stayed, in all, for 48 minutes scoring 13. Isaksson and Norgaard added 20 in 34 minutes, then Monteith bowled Isaksson. Denmark were now 114 ahead with three wickets to fall and there was a possible 118 minutes left. Petersen joined Norgaard and a spurt was put on. This partnership of 35 in 31 minutes removed all hope of an Irish win. As 135-7 Goodwin dropped a simple catch at mid-on off Halliday so all hope was now really gone. O'Riordan came on for the 88th over with the new ball. In his second over he was struck for 13 by good shots. In his third over Petersen skied him to cover. Meanwhile, Norgaard was caught at backward short leg for 28. The last pair added nine off eight balls and Denmark declared. Tea was now taken. In all Denmark batted 284 minutes in scoring 166-9 and Ireland bowled 93 overs.

Ireland had 15 minutes plus a minimum of 20 overs to score 159. They did not attempt it. Larsen again bowled Reith in his first over. Pigot and Harrison added 64 in 70 minutes. Then Mortensen had Harrison LBW for 28. His six innings for Ireland in 1970 are 65-20-31-52-42-28. Morild came on. His second over was the last of the match. Off the fifth ball Pigot was caught at short leg to 29. Mortensen again bowled well and took 1-15 in 12 overs.

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