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Derek Scott

MH Stevenson was not available. There was a last minute cry off of SSJ Huey. Originally he was to have been replaced, if he cried off, by Frank Fee. However the cry off came so late there was not time to bring Fee to Cork so Huey was replaced by KW Hope.

For the first time since 1947 an Irish match was staged in Cork and a dull and boring affair it was which could have done little for the game in the South of Ireland. Both sides must accept some of the blame but it was mostly Ireland's fault because they batted for 450 minutes while making 235 runs in reply to Scotland's 166 scored in 210 minutes. As a result there was never anything to play for on the third day. Warke was available for Ireland but AJ O'Riordan, not yet 21, took over the captaincy. Hope was dropped in favour of Wilson but was returned to the team when Huey cried off at the last minute. Hunter returned in place of McCloy. There were no new Scottish caps. It is seldom that Ireland have gone into a match with so many possible bowlers, seven in all.

Ireland did well to dismiss Scotland for 166 by 3 45 PM. Three wickets were down for 9 to O'Riordan and Bernstein but then every wicket made some sort of stand until the last two wickets both fell at 166. Dudman was caught in O'Riordan's third over for 0 and Bernstein bowled Chisholm in the next over. In the following over O'Riordan had Allan LBW. Denness and Ford took the score to 53 quite quickly and which stage Wilson bowled Denness. With Barr in lunch was taken at 83-4. Hope then had a spell and it was he who had Barr caught by Finlay at 120. Previously Ford had completed a splendid 50 in 98 minutes and immediately been bowled by Bernstein. Goddard was caught off Wilson at 130, but Wilson did not bowl well in this spell being frequently short. It was Duffy who finished off the innings when he was put on as the sixth bowler. In 4.5 overs he had 3-8, all caught, thus strengthening the case of those who argue that Duffy should bowl more for Ireland. O'Riordan came reasonably well out of the first session in the field as captain.

In 55 minutes up to tea Ireland through Martin and Bergin only scored 24 runs, Martin's share being nine! Half an hour after tea Allan had Martin, 11, caught at slip and, a few moments later, Warke was run out for 0. By close of play a laborious 49-2 had been made in 134 minutes, with Bergin 34 and Duffy four, and Scotland had tried six bowlers.

This slow scoring prevailed right through the second day. Bergin hurt his leg early on and could not turn quickly but it is hard to explain Duffy's slowness. It was 1 PM before 100 went up, after 225 minutes. Scotland, having bowled 80 overs, took the new ball and, at 101, Duffy played on to Dewar for 21 Bergin had got his 50 in 189 minutes and Hunter was now his partner. Hunter, normally free scoring, was also affected by the prevailing paralysis. He batted 154 minutes for 32 in a stand of 82 and it was 10 minutes after tea before he was out. Scotland had used Drummond and Allan practically the whole time between lunch and tea and they bowled to a ring of offside fielders plus both a long-on and a long-off. To this field setting Bergin was quite unable to score quickly but Hunter should have tried. Bergin arrived at 92, took half an hour to reach 96, during which time he was missed off successive balls from Allan. He slashed wildly at both and was dropped at mid-on and also missed off a stumping. Eventually, just after tea, and after 369 minutes he hit Allan just over long-off's head to reach his century. This was the first century scored for Ireland in Cork.

After Hunter's dismissal Allan quickly got O'Riordan and Finlay and, at 5:20 PM, Bergin tried to drive Kerrigan through the covers and skied a catch. His 415 minute marathon was ended. 209-7-125. He hit 15 fours. Bernstein and Hope were caught by Ford on the boundary and Wilson was last out at 5:50 PM. It was a sorry affair! Allan was Scotland's best bowler taking 6-61 in 48.5 overs. Barr bowled 25 overs for 23 runs and Drummond 30 overs for 40 runs. At close of play Scotland were 12-0, Chisholm eight and Dudman four.

Scotland were still 57 runs behind when the third day's play began. After 45 minutes the score had gone to 38 when O'Riordan had Dudman LBW (perhaps somewhat doubtful) for nine. Allan then began a Bergin like innings in which he took no chances whatsoever. Hunter came on for what was to be a 24 overs spell with cutters. He had Chisholm caught at the wicket at 42. Denness did his best to get the scoring rate up. In 85 minutes he made a splendid 39 and it was 2:50 PM when he was LBW to O'Riordan at 110-3. Ford was at once dropped behind the wicket off O'Riordan and this ended any chance Ireland might have had of winning. Ford stayed for 40 minutes while 23 were added and the next wicket added 29 as almost run a minute. Goddard was out for 0 and Allan completed his 50 in three hours. The battle resumed after tea and for 35 minutes Drummond made unavailing attempts to hit while Allan plodded on. At 5:10 PM Scotland declared leaving Ireland to score 122 in 70 minutes. Allan had made 65 not out in 232 minutes and announced that his initials were "SF"! Hunter had bowled 31 overs to take 3-45 and O'Riordan had 3-62 in 36 overs. The spinners bowled eight overs all day and Duffy did not get a bowl at all. This reluctance to use spin undoubtedly added to the slowness of the day's play.

Rain delayed Ireland's second innings after two overs had been bowled. Bergin tried to hook a long hop in Dewar's first over and was caught at square leg for 0. After 20 minutes play resumed and Barr bowled Warke for one. Martin and Duffy peacefully ended the match at much the same pace as had prevailed throughout.

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