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Leinster Archives 1991-2018
Premier League
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts
Merrion                14   11    0    0    3   58  278
Clontarf               14    9    0    0    5   46  226
North County           14    9    0    0    5   37  217
Pembroke               14    8    0    0    6   22  182
YMCA                   14    8    0    0    6   21  181
The Hills              14    5    0    0    9   40  140
Leinster               14    3    0    0   11   35   95
Phoenix                14    3    0    0   11   16   76

Leinster deducted 5 points for late submission of starring list.

  • Premier League
    Merrion (22) beat Clontarf (3) by 53 runs.
    Angelsea Road, 8 September.
    Merrion 312-9 (50.0 overs, D Joyce 84, J Anderson 82, T Kane 78; S Islam 5-54)
    Clontarf 259-9 (50.0 overs; B Coghlan 111, N Delany 30*, S Islam 25; R Bisgood 3-43, N Shankar 3-56, J Anderson 2-19)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (23) beat Phoenix (2) by 6 wickets.
    Milverton, 8 September.
    Phoenix 96 (28.2 overs, R Strydom 33, D Singh 2-9, A van der Merwe 2-12, N Shaukat 2-23)
    The Hills 99-4 (27.4 overs, A van der Merwe 28, K Vardhan 28, B White 2-14)
  • Premier League
    Leinster (5) lost to North County (20) by 3 runs.
    Rathmines, 8 September.
    North County 191 (47.2 overs, E Richardson 103, G Delany 3-26, G Dockrell 2-30, Bilal Azhar 2-37)
    Leinster 188 (43.5 overs, H MacDonnell 63, S Bahadur 29, O Graham 4-37, A Coughlan 3-33, C Mulvaney 2-34)
  • Premier League
    YMCA (0) lost to Pembroke (25) by 108 runs.
    Claremont Road, 8 September.
    Pembroke 247-7 (46.0 overs, J Balbirnie 65, L Tucker 51, F Tucker 29, J Barnes 3-39, A Abbasi 2-40, A Shukla 2-44)
    YMCA 139 (33.1 overs, J Cassidy 26, J Balbirnie 4-42, D Murphy 3-38, P Lawson 2-16)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (5) lost to YMCA (20) by 2 runs.
    Castle Avenue, 28 August.
    YMCA 123-8 (20.0 overs, H Tector 65 , S Dutt 3-13, S Islam 2-14, C Kelly 2-18)
    Clontarf 121-7 (20.0 overs, O Pienaar 37, B Coghlan 33, P Flanagan 3-23, A Abassi 2-20)
  • Premier League
    North County (25) beat Phoenix (0) by 41 runs.
    Inch, 28 August.
    North County 164-6 (20.0 overs, M Nofal 77, N McGovern 46, S Black 4-15 )
    Phoenix 123-8 (20.0 overs, F Coutts 28, M Nofal 3-13, O Graham 3-18)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (2) lost to Clontarf (23) by 5 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 26 August.
    Pembroke 178-6 (32.0 overs, P Lawson 37*, F Tucker 30, L Tucker 27, A Poynter 2-22, S Dutt 2-23)
    Clontarf 179-5 (30.2 overs, R Forrest 55*, A Poynter 26, D Gallagher 26, F Tucker 2-33, J Balbirnie 2-45)
  • Premier League
    North County v Phoenix - match postponed.
    Inch, 26 August.
  • Premier League
    Merrion (24) beat The Hills (1) by 8 wickets.
    Angelsea Road, 26 August.
    The Hills 143-9 (30.0 overs, N Pretorius 55, A van der Merwe 31, T Stanton 3-32, D Langford-Smith 2-17)
    Merrion 144-2 (23.5 overs, D Joyce 76, P Mehta 40)
  • Premier League
    Leinster (3) lost to YMCA (22) by 15 runs.
    Rathmines, 26 August.
    YMCA 210-8 (30.0 overs, J Tector 64, O Gunning 57, H Tector 27, J Carroll 3-46, B Azhar 3-50)
    Leinster 195-9 (30.0 overs, M Patel 61, H MacDonnell 48, J Parkinson 3-39, A Abassi 2-37)
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (0) lost to Merrion (25) by 167 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 20 August.
    Merrion 235 (J Anderson 103, J Carty 70)
    Phoenix 68 (Poonish Mehta 6-8)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (21) beat North County (4) by 2 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 18 August.
    North County 101 (36.0 overs, A Couglan 33, J Balbirnie 2-15, F Tucker 2-16, A Ridley 2-20)
    Pembroke 103-8 (34.4 overs, P Lawson 29*, E Richardson 4-31, M Nofal 3-13)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (22) beat Leinster (3) by 50 runs.
    The Vineyard, 18 August.
    The Hills 164 (43.3 overs, A van der Merwe 57, M Donegan 37, GJ Delany 3-14, A Clough 3-56, J Carroll 2-32)
    Leinster 114 (40.4 overs, J Carroll 59, Saqib Bahadur 35, M Sorensen 5-26, Naseer Shoukat 3-13)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (21) beat North County (4) by 2 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 18 August.
    North County 101 (36.0 overs, A Coughlan 33, J Balbirnie 2-15, F Tucker 2-16, A Ridley 2-20)
    Pembroke 103-8 (34.2 overs, P Lawson 29*, E Richardson 4-31, M Nofal 3-13)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (23) beat North County (2) by 24 runs.
    Castle Avenue, 16 August.
    Clontarf 95-1 (11.0 overs, C Kelly 47*, B Coghlan 25)
    North County 83-8 (11.0 overs, S Ali 35, S Islam 2-12, C Kelly 2-18)
    DLS Method: par score 107 in 11 overs.
  • Premier League
    Merrion (25) beat Pembroke (0) by 9 wickets.
    Angelsea Road, 14 August.
    Pembroke 92-9 (20.0 overs, T Stanton 3-12, N Shankar 3-21, J Anderson 2-13)
    Merrion 93-1 (12.5 overs, P Mehta 56*)
  • Premier League
    Leinster (25) beat Phoenix (0) by 41 runs.
    Observatory Lane, 14 August.
    Leinster 169-6 (20.0 overs, M Patel 60, H MacDonnell 53)
    Phoenix 128 (20.0 overs, F Coutts 48, Saquib Bahadur 6-9)
  • Premier League
    YMCA (20) beat The Hills (5) by 4 runs.
    Claremont Road, 14 August.
    YMCA 164-9 (20.0 overs, O Gunning 53, H Tector 30, J Tetctor 29, A van der Merwe 2-19, M Sorensen 2-25, D Singh 2-41)
    The Hills 160-8 (20.0 overs, A van der Merwe 35, M Sorensen 32, N Pretorius 25, A Abassi 2-24, P Flanagan 2-29, J Barnes 2-43)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (20) beat The Hills (5) by 16 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 6 August.
    Pembroke 210-9 (50.0 overs, L Tucker 59, JJ Garth 34, P Lawson 33*, A van der Merwe 3-30, L Clinton 2-28)
    The Hills 194 (48.5 overs, D Singh 87, A van der Merwe 28, P Lawson 3-26, A Ridley 3-34, J Balbirnie 2-42)
  • Premier League
    North County (25) beat YMCA (0) by 173 runs.
    Inch, 6 August.
    North County 278-7 (50.0 overs, N McGovern 75, J Andrews 75*, T Sheil 33, H Tector 4-41, M Thompson 2-59)
    YMCA 105 (31.3 overs, S Kingston 2-9, M Nofal 2-15, A Sheridan 2-20)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (22) beat Phoenix (3) by 4 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 6 August.
    Phoenix 250-8 (50.0 overs, F Coutts 110, B Kneebone 60, O Pienaar 3-31, S Dutt 2-55, C Kelly 2-60)
    Clontarf 251-6 (49.4 overs, O Pienaar 102*, E Delany 69, D Gallagher 27, D Vernon 4-37, R Strydom 2-45)
  • Premier League
    Merrion (23) beat Leinster (2) by 5 wickets.
    Angelsea Road, 6 August.
    Leinster 219 (M Patil 50, G Delany 45, N Shankar 6-30)
    Merrion 220-5 (47.5 overs, D Joyce 87, J Anderson 73, J Carroll 3-43)
  • Premier League
    North County (20) beat Merrion (5) by 8 runs.
    Inch, 21 July.
    North County 313 (45.4 overs, M Nofal 114, E Richardson 95, JJ Walsh 3-25, J Carty 3-42, T Kane 2-50)
    Merrion 304 (45.1 overs, J Carty 66, S Stanton 54, T Kane 43, A Sheridan 3-58, E Richardson 3-67, M Nofal 2-51)
    DLS Method: par score 312 in 46 overs.
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (2) lost to YMCA (23) by 6 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 21 July.
    Phoenix 139 (35.3 overs, A Chester 49, R Anders 33, P Flanagan 3-25, J Barnes 3-34, M Thompson 2-13)
    YMCA 143-4 (31.1 overs, O Gunning 44, H Tector 43)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (0) lost to Clontarf (25) by 9 wickets.
    The Vineyard, 21 July.
    The Hills 160 (44.1 overs, N Pretorius 59, O Pienaar 4-16, J Morrissey 2-13, C Kelly 2-24)
    Clontarf 161-1 (30.2 overs, B Coghlan 102*, D Gallagher 33)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (20) beat Leinster (5) by 19 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 21 July.
    Pembroke 193 (48.3 overs, L Tucker 65, J Carroll 3-24, H MacDonnell 2-28)
    Leinster 174 (47.0 overs, M Patel 40, J Carroll 27, J Balbirnie 3-14, JJ Garth 3-23, A Ridley 3-29)
  • Premier League
    YMCA (2) lost to Leinster (23) by 6 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 14 July.
    YMCA 138 (48.0 overs, B Azhar 3-21, J Carroll 2-25, A Clough 2-25)
    Leinster 141-4 (29.3 overs, J Carroll 46, G Dockrell 36*, P Flanagan 2-22)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (0) lost to Merrion (25) by 9 wickets.
    Milverton, 14 July.
    The Hills 240-6 (50.0 overs, N Pretorius 69, D Singh 51, M Donegan 40, T Stanton 2-35, P Mehta 2-41)
    Merrion 242-1 (42.0 overs, D Joyce 109*, B Lakhotia 53, J Anderson 53*)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (2) lost to Pembroke (23) by 5 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 14 July.
    Clontarf 191 (47.3 overs, W Azmat 71, D Gallagher 55, F Tucker 5-40, A Ridley 2-47)
    Pembroke 194-5 (41.0 overs, L Tucker 69, A Balbirnie 58, S Gupta 26*, J Morrissey 2-13)
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (0) lost to North County (25) by 100 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 14 July.
    North County 265 (44.0 overs, J Grassi 91, M Nofal 61, D Vernon 4-70, G Millar 2-20)
    Phoenix 165 (36.3 overs, F Coutts 34, M Nofal 5-16, A Coughlan 2-43)
  • Premier League
    YMCA (1) lost to Merrion (24) by 7 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 9 June.
    YMCA 206-8 (50.0 overs, J Parkinson 44, A Shukla 37*, B Gamble 32, T Stanton 3-17, P Mehta 3-48)
    Merrion 207-3 (47.0 overs, J Carty 79, J Anderson 64, D Joyce 35)
  • Premier League
    North County (2) lost to The Hills (23) by 71 runs.
    Inch, 9 June.
    The Hills 269-7 (50.0 overs, S Terry 101, M Donegan 45, N Pretorius 32, E Richardson 3-18)
    North County 198 (45.5 overs, E Richardson 53, J Grassi 49, D Singh 2-23, A van der Merwe 2-39, N Shoukat 2-41)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (24) beat Phoenix (1) by 8 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 9 June.
    Phoenix 207 (48.5 overs, F Coutts 72, R Strydom 55, J Balbirnie 2-26, P Lawson 2-33)
    Pembroke 208-2 (39.4 overs, A Balbirnie 95*, T Lawson 93*, F Coutts 2-46)
  • Premier League
    Leinster (2) lost to Clontarf (23) by 5 wickets.
    Observatory Lane, 9 June.
    Leinster 148
    Clontarf 149-5
  • Premier League
    YMCA (1) lost to Clontarf (24) by 7 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 2 June.
    YMCA 194 (45.4 overs, H Tector 33, P Moor 30, J Parkinson 30, S Dutt 5-37, D Delany 3-39)
    Clontarf 195-3 (38.5 overs, A Pienaar 86*, A Poynter 61*, J Parkinson 2-7)
  • Premier League
    North County (25) beat Pembroke (0) by 140 runs.
    Inch, 2 June.
    North County 299-8 (50.0 overs, M Nofal 160, N McGovern 73, H Hoey 3-39, F Tucker 2-34, J Balbirnie 2-58)
    Pembroke 159 (44.0 overs, J Balbirnie 61, A Coughlan 4-29, C Sheil 2-24)
  • Premier League
    Merrion (23) beat Phoenix (2) by 5 wickets.
    Angelsea Road, 2 June.
    Phoenix 187 (R Strydom 37, F Coutts 36, R Lawrence 27)
    Merrion 188-5 (D Joyce 84)
  • Premier League
    Leinster (0) lost to The Hills (25) by 158 runs.
    Observatory Lane, 2 June.
    The Hills 270-6 (50.0 overs,M Sorensen 54, D Singh 50, T Rooney-Murphy 47*, F Conaty 2-38, G Delany 2-49)
    Leinster 112 (27.2 overs, M Patel 44, A van der Merwe 5-13, L Clinton 3-33)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (22) beat Merrion (3) by 4 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 26 May.
    Merrion 223 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 73, P Tice 33, D Joyce 31, D Delany 5-55)
    Clontarf 229-6 (49.5 overs, B Coghlan 69, D Gallagher 56, W Azmat 31, T Kane 2-32, J Anderson 2-33)
  • Premier League
    North County (23) beat Leinster (2) by 70 runs.
    Inch, 26 May.
    North County 293-5 (50.0 overs, M Nofal 118, J Andrews 48, N McGovern 40, Saqib Bahadur 2-40)
    Leinster 223 (43.3 overs, F O'Sullivan 50, G Dockrell 45, G Delany 42, E Richardson 3-37, S Kingston 3-42, M Nofal 2-37)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke (0) lost to YMCA (25) by 133 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 26 May.
    YMCA 278-8 (50.0 overs, S Singh 109, J Tector 44, B Gamble 42*, F Tucker 2-42, J Little 2-47, A Ridley 2-65)
    Pembroke 145 (40.2 overs, J Barnes 2-16, A Abbassi 2-17, H Tector 2-28)
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (21) beat The Hills (4) by 2 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 26 May.
    The Hills 206-9 (50.0 overs, S Terry 64, M Sorensen 29, T Murphy 27*, B White 3-45, R Strydom 2-30)
    Phoenix 208-8 (46.4 overs, F Coutts 68, A Chester 29, A van der Merwe 3-21, Daya Singh 2-42)
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (0) lost to Pembroke (25) by 9 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 23 May.
    Phoenix 102 (19.3 overs, S Tsotsa 38, JJ Garth 4-7, A Ridley 3-15)
    Pembroke 103-1 (14.5 overs, A Balbirnie 48*, T Lawson 43)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (24) beat Leinster (1) by 8 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 16 May.
    Leinster 125-8 (20.0 overs, M Hogan 38, O Pienaar 3-29, C Kelly 2-18)
    Clontarf 128-2 (17.3 overs, B Coghlan 56, O Pienaar 36*)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (3) lost to North County (22) by 13 runs.
    Milverton, 16 May.
    North County 132-9 (20.0 overs, J Andrews 42, E Richardson 31, Daya Singh 3-28, A van der Merwe 2-20)
    The Hills 119-8 (20.0 overs, Daya Singh 30, S Terry 29, M Nofal 5-16)
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (21) beat Clontarf (4) by 24 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 7 May.
    Phoenix 186 (49.2 overs, R Anders 66, R Strydom 55, Shariful Islam 2-27, Obus Pienaar 2-32, P Ryan 2-41)
    Clontarf 162 (42.5 overs, O Pienaar 52*, D Gallagher 35, R Strydom 4-22, R Anders 2-4, F Coutts 2-32)
  • Premier League
    Leinster (0) lost to Merrion (25) by 9 wickets.
    Rathmines, 7 May.
    Leinster 124 (35.1 overs, J Carroll 51, M Neville 4-41, Poonish Mehta 2-17, J Carty 2-24)
    Merrion 128-1 (29.4 overs, D Joyce 60*, J Carty 53)
  • Premier League
    YMCA (22) beat North County (3) by 52 runs.
    Claremont Road, 7 May.
    YMCA 279-3 (50.0 overs, J Tector 136*, S Singh 66, O Gunning 30, A Coughlan 2-34)
    North County 227 (48.0 overs, T Sheil 45, J Andrews 33, N McGovern 30, J Barnes 4-29, S Singh 3-39, Aviral Shukla 2-43)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (5) lost to Pembroke (20) by 5 runs.
    The Vineyard, 7 May.
    Pembroke 223-9 (50.0 overs, J Little 56, F Tucker 37, T Lawson 30, A van der Merwe 3-46, L Clinton 2-21)
    The Hills 218 (49.1 overs, A van der Merwe 47, M Sorensen 44, N Pretorius 34, J Balbirnie 3-22, J Little 3-31, A Ridley 2-58)
  • Premier League
    Pembroke lost to Merrion by 90 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 5 May.
    Merrion 192 (48.4 overs, D Joyce 64, P Mehra 36, P Lawson 4-42, A Ridley 3-30)
    Pembroke 101
  • Premier League
    North County (21) beat Clontarf (4) by 31 runs.
    Inch, 5 May.
    North County 262-9 (50.0 overs, J Andrews 76, A Sheridan 65, J Grassi 58)
    Clontarf 231 (48.3 overs, A Pienaar 77, J Morrissey 33, C Sheil 3-16)
  • Premier League
    The Hills (21) beat YMCA (4) by 36 runs.
    Milverton, 5 May.
    The Hills 201-9 (50.0 overs, M Ramazan 36, P Flanagan 3-26, S Singh 3-31)
    YMCA 165 (45.4 overs, S Singh 67, T Rooney Murphy 4-33)
  • Premier League
    Phoenix (20) beat Leinster (5) by 9 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 5 May.
    Phoenix 278-8 (50.0 overs, B Kneebone 88, A Chester 59, T Anders 35*, A Clough 4-45)
    Leinster 269-9 (50.0 overs, G Dockrell 70, G Delany 41, M Patel 38, F Coutts 3-27)
  • Premier League
    YMCA (21) beat Phoenix (4) by 26 runs.
    Claremont Road, 28 April.
    YMCA 205 (50.0 overs, H Tector 67, J Tector 25, R Strydom 3-25, B White 3-44)
    Phoenix 179 (47.2 overs, B Kneebone 79*, J Barnes 3-22, S Singh 3-26, P Flanagan 3-30)
  • Premier League
    Clontarf (22) beat The Hills (3) by 4 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 28 April.
    The Hills 83 (41.5 overs, D Delany 4-24, S Dutt 3-8)
    Clontarf 84-6 (31.0 overs,A van der Merwe 3-20, M Sorensen 2-16)
    Photos Report
  • Premier League
    Leinster (24) beat Pembroke (1) by 8 wickets.
    Rathmines, 28 April.
    Pembroke 52 (16.5 overs, J Carroll 7-28, Bilal Azhar 2-18)
    Leinster 55-2 (8.2 overs, G Delany 26*)
  • Premier League
    Merrion (25) beat North County (0) by 9 wickets.
    Angelsea Road, 28 April.
    North County 88 (33.2 overs, M Nofal 36, T Stanton 2-12, JJ Walsh 2-17, M Neville 2-18)
    Merrion 89-1 (19.4 overs, J Carty 48*)
  • Division 1
    Merrion (5) lost to YMCA (20) by 1 wicket.
    Anglesea Road, 21 April.
    Merrion 245-6 (50.0 overs, P Mehta 47, M Lewis 43*, T Kane 40, J Barnes 3-37)
    YMCA 247-9 (48.1 overs, H Tector 64*, S Singh 41, wides 41, P Mehta 3-30, T Stanton 2-42, S Stanton 3-47)
    Photos Report
Division 2
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts
Malahide               11   11    0    0    0   41  261
Rush                   11    7    0    1    3   29  177
Railway Union          11    7    0    0    4   30  170
Balbriggan             11    5    0    0    6   39  139
Cork County            10    3    0    1    6   12   80
Dublin University       6    1    0    0    5   10   55
Terenure               10    0    0    0   10    9    9
  • Division 2
    Rush (22) beat Railway Union (3) by 4 wickets.
    Kenure, 8 September.
    Railway Union 203 (49.1 overs, K Carroll 69, G Querl 33, Z Fakar 26, Shahid Iqbal 4-46, A Neary 3-35, D Coffey 2-27)
    Rush 206-6 (42.2 overs, Shahid Iqbal 50*, S Ramnathphur 47, C Armstrong 31, D Singh 2-29, A Jackson 2-59)
  • Division 2
    Cork County v Terenure - match postponed.
    8 September.
  • Division 2
    Railway Union (25) beat Cork County (0) by 43 runs.
    Park Avenue, 7 September.
    Railway Union 131-7 (20.0 overs, Saad Ullah 34*, Alex Stiles 26, Nabeel Anjum 2-28, Muhammad Saddique 2-29)
    Cork County 88-9 (20.0 overs, C Hassett 32, Dhram Singh 3-11, K O'Brien 2-14)
  • Division 2
    Malahide (24) beat Terenure (1) by 7 wickets.
    The Village, 26 August.
    Terenure 93-8 (20.0 overs, B Graber 37*, J Newland 2-12)
    Malahide 94-3 (11.1 overs, A Muntha 34)
  • Division 2
    Rush (22) beat Balbriggan (3) by 17 runs.
    Kenure, 26 August.
    Rush 198-6 (20.0 overs, S Doheny 68, S Iqbal 46, S Gull 28*, T Maruma 3-23, F Nasr 2-49)
    Balbriggan 181-8 (20.0 overs, N Rooney 63, S Haziz 60, D Coffey 2-25, A Eastwood 2-51)
  • Division 2
    Railway Union v Cork County - match postponed.
    Park Avenue, 26 August.
  • Division 2
    Rush (2) lost to Malahide (23) by 5 wickets.
    Kenure, 18 August.
    Rush 157 (35.4 overs, Shahid Iqbal 45, S Doheny 40, A Paul 3-27, K Reynolds 2-20, P Saville 2-35)
    Malahide 161-5 (32.1 overs, M Ford 65*, A Desai 52, A McGuire 2-23, A neary 2-31)
  • Division 2
    Terenure (3) lost to Railway Union (22) by 43 runs.
    Terenure, 18 August.
    Railway Union 214 (49.5 overs, K Carroll 76, D Singh 25, S Lynch 3-19, P Ryan 2-31, L Harris 2-39)
    Terenure 171 (47.3 overs, K McDonald 73, D Vaughan 31, D Lynch 25, R Dhamikka 3-15, E Grehan 3-37, A Jackson 2-23)
  • Division 2
    Rush (8) v Cork County (8) - no result.
    Kenure, 17 August.
  • Division 2
    Malahide (25) beat Cork County (0) by 155 runs.
    The Village, 6 August.
    Malahide 311-6 (50.0 overs, M Ford 112*, F McAllister 60, A Muntha 38, N Anjum 2-77)
    Cork County 156 (37.1 overs, C Hassett 34, Muhammad Saddique 27, P Chase 3-18, M Ford 2-24)
  • Division 2
    Railway Union (24) beat Balbriggan (1) by 94 runs.
    Park Avenue, 6 August.
    Railway Union 232 (49.1 overs, K O'Brien 77, R Dhammika 36, K Carroll 34, F Nasr 4-33, T Maruma 3-50, E Ahmed 2-32)
    Balbriggan 138 (40.0 overs, F Nasr 39, D Singh 4-34)
  • Division 2
    Terenure (0) lost to Rush (25) by 240 runs.
    Terenure, 6 August.
    Rush 307-9 (50.0 overs, S Doheny 84, N Rock 76, P Ryan 2-39, L Harris 2-40)
    Terenure 67 (24.2 overs, D Coffey 5-21, A Eastwood 3-15)
  • Division 2
    Terenure (0) lost to Balbriggan (25) by 150 runs.
    Terenure, 28 July.
    Balbriggan 231-7 (46.0 overs, Timcen Maruma 33, C Fletcher 32, A Keefe 27, S O'Connor 2-41, P Ryan 2-54, D Lynch 2-59)
    Terenure 88 (21.2 overs, Kashif Ali 7-48)
    DLS Method: par score 238 in 46 overs.
  • Division 2
    Balbriggan (5) lost to Cork County (20) by 14 runs.
    Jack Harper Memorial Park, 21 July.
    Cork County 208 (49.3 overs, J Benton 55, Nabeel Anjum 27, Emad Uddin 4-29, Kashif Ali 2-21)
    Balbriggan 194 (47.1 overs, C Fletcher 74, D Carey 5-41, Nabeel Anjum 3-13)
  • Division 2
    Railway Union (0) lost to Malahide (25) by 140 runs.
    Park Avenue, 21 July.
    Malahide 314-5 (50.0 overs, M Ford 114, Anish Desai 91, F McAllister 43*, D Singh 2-57)
    Railway Union 174 (47.0 overs, Ranil Dhammika 57, N Boyne 5-39, P Chase 2-28)
  • Division 2
    Cork County (2) lost to Malahide (23) by 5 wickets.
    The Mardyke, 14 July.
    Cork County 196 (47.4 overs, J Benton 39, R Durity 33, J Newland 3-37, P Chase 2-36)
    Malahide 197-5 (45.3 overs, M Ford 80, F McAllister 53*, J Newland 27*, D Carey 4-60)
  • Division 2
    Balbriggan (2) lost to Rush (23) by 6 wickets.
    Jack Harper Park, 14 July.
    Balbriggan 326 (48.5 overs, T Maruma 125, N Rooney 63, S Doheny 5-50, A Neary 2-56, A Eastwood 2-64)
    Rush 327-4 (47.1 overs, S Doheny 142, C Armstrong 62, N Rock 57)
  • Division 2
    Terenure (0) lost to Malahide (25) by 289 runs.
    Terenure, 9 June.
    Malahide 432-7 (50.0 overs, A Muntha 103, F McAllister 84*, M Ford 74, D Lynch 2-46, S Lynch 2-57, P Ryan 2-58)
    Terenure 143
  • Division 2
    Cork County (2) lost to Railway Union (23) by 64 runs.
    The Mardyke, 9 June.
    Railway Union 242 (49.2 overs, A Stiles 82, A Hafiz 38, K Carroll 33, M Bauer 3-69, S Joshi 2-41)
    Cork County 178 (41.5 overs, A Cawley 65, H Sultan 4-30, R Dhammika 3-13)
  • Division 2
    Rush (25) beat Dublin University (0) by 110 runs.
    Kenure, 9 June.
    Rush 288 (49.5 overs, N Rock 110, S Doheny 66, J Brown 4-47)
    Dublin University 178 (38.5 overs, J Brown 69, M Anwar 54, A Eastwood 5-38, S Igbal 3-50)
  • Division 2
    Malahide (25) beat Rush (0) by 109 runs.
    The Village, 2 June.
    Malahide 226-5 (50.0 overs, G Ford 120*)
    Rush 117 (S Doheny 66)
  • Division 2
    Dublin University (0) lost to Balbriggan (25) by 221 runs.
    College Park, 2 June.
    Balbriggan 322-4 (50.0 overs, C Fletcher 113, T Maruma 92*, N Rooney 42*)
    Dublin University 101
  • Division 2
    Railway Union (24) beat Terenure (1) by 7 wickets.
    Park Avenue, 2 June.
    Terenure 71 (20.4 overs, R Dhammika 6-17, Mo Tariq 2-10, Saad Ullah 2-23)
    Railway Union 75-3 (10.4 overs, K Carroll 34*, D Lynch 2-17)
  • Division 2
    Terenure (0) lost to Cork County (25) by 111 runs.
    Terenure, 26 May.
  • Division 2
    Malahide (22) beat Balbriggan (3) by 4 wickets.
    The Village, 26 May.
  • Division 2
    Railway Union (24) beat Rush (1) by 8 wickets.
    Park Avenue, 26 May.
    Rush 143 (45.3 overs, S Ramnathpur 41*, P Viswanath 40, Saad Ullah 5-19)
    Railway Union 144-2 (33.5 overs, K Carroll 79*, A Stiles 38)
  • Division 2
    Cork County (0) lost to Balbriggan (25) by 89 runs.
    Laois, 10 May.
    Balbriggan 221-2 (20.0 overs, Farooq Nasr 115*, Timcen Maruma 59*, Ehtesham Ahmed 31)
    Cork County 132-7 (20.0 overs, H Fitzpatrick 35, R Durity 28, C Hassett 27, D Harper 3-22)
  • Division 2
    Balbriggan (23) beat Railway Union (2) by 5 wickets.
    Jack Harper Memorial Park, 7 May.
    Railway Union 152 (43.3 overs, K Carroll 48, A Stiles 47, Timcen Maruma 5-22, Emad Uddin 3-39)
    Balbriggan 156-5 (34.5 overs, Timcen Maruma 47, A Harper 25)
  • Division 2
    Rush (25) beat Terenure (0) by 151 runs.
    Kenure, 7 May.
    Rush 387-8 (50.0 overs, S Doheny 106, C Mullen 71, Shahid Iqbal 61*, M Cotter 2-60, P Rout 2-77)
    Terenure 236-9 (50.0 overs, Diarmuid Lynch 50*, B Graber 48, S Lynch 26, S Ramnathpur 4-23, S Doheny 3-19, D Coffey 2-51)
  • Division 2
    Dublin University (5) lost to Cork County (22) by 3 wickets.
    College Park, 7 May.
    Dublin University 149 (47.1 overs, C Hoey 56, H Fitzpatrick 5-32, D Carey 2-19)
    Cork County 150-7 (46.4 overs, R Durity 36, A Cawley 33, C Hoey 3-26)
  • Division 2
    Rush beat Cork County by 7 wickets.
    Kenure, 5 May.
  • Division 2
    Balbriggan (24) beat Terenure (1) by 8 wickets.
    Balbriggan, 5 May.
    Terenure 171-8 (50.0 overs, S Lynch 31, E Uddin 3-21)
    Balbriggan 174-2 (30.1 overs, C Fletcher 73*, T Maruma 51*)
  • Division 2
    Dublin University (40) beat Terenure (1) by 54 runs.
    College Park, 28 April.
    Dublin University 246-5 (50.0 overs, L Tucker 59, M Strong 53, J Brown 37, B Graber 4-30)
    Terenure 191 (44.4 overs, J Uddin 56*, B Graber 48, D Brogan 4-44)
  • Division 2
    Malahide (22) beat Railway Union (3) by 51 runs.
    Malahide, 28 April.
    Malahide 252-4 (50.0 overs, M Ford 126*, A Muntha 38*, F McAllister 36)
    Railway Union 201-7 (50.0 overs, K O'Brien 46, A Stiles 42, C Divney 39*, M Ford 3-20)
Senior Cup
  • Senior Cup
    Clontarf beat North County by 17 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 25 August.
    Clontarf 192-8 (40.0 overs, RJ Forest 66, A Poynter 36, Shariful Islam 35 , M Nofal 4-8, A Sheridan 3-27 )
    North County 175 (39.3 overs, N McGovern 58, J Grassi 32, A Poynter 3-24, S Dutt 2-23, A J Pienaaar 2-36)
  • Senior Cup
    North County beat Merrion by 5 wickets.
    Inch, 19 August.
    Merrion 251-4 (35.0 overs, J Anderson 65, Poonish Mehta 58, J Carty 44*)
    North County 200-5 (27.5 overs, J Grassi 72, M Nofal 52, E Richardson 38*, Poonish Mehta 2-4 1)
    DLS Method: par score 198 in 28 overs.
  • Senior Cup
    Pembroke lost to Clontarf by 87 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 29 July.
    Clontarf 205-7 (22.0 overs, C Kelly 83, RJ Forest 48, B Coghlan 25, J Balbirnie 4-23, A Ridley 2-25)
    Pembroke 118-9 (22.0 overs, JJ Garth 52*, Shariful Islam 3-12, S Dutt 2-14, C Kelly 2-27)
Round 2
Scorecard Clontarf beat YMCA by 127 runs, 24 June.
Scorecard Phoenix lost to Pembroke by 108 runs, 24 June.
Scorecard Railway Union lost to North County by 101 runs, 24 June.
Scorecard Merrion beat Terenure by 10 wickets, 24 June.
  • Senior Cup
    Clontarf beat YMCA by 127 runs.
    Castle Avenue, 24 June.
    Clontarf 263-5 (40.0 overs, AJ Pienaar 64, B Coghlan 56, A Poynter 54 )
    YMCA 136 (37.1 overs, D Delany 3 -8, Shariful Islam 2-17, AJ Pienaar 2-25 )
  • Senior Cup
    Phoenix lost to Pembroke by 108 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 24 June.
    Pembroke 272-3 (40.0 overs, F Tucker 119, T LKawson 110*, F Coutts 2-58)
    Phoenix 164 (32.4 overs, F Coutts 61, A Anders 44 , G Hoey 4-34, P Lawson 3-15, A Ridley 2 -20)
  • Senior Cup
    Railway Union lost to North County by 101 runs.
    Park Avenue, 24 June.
    North County 228-7 (40.0 overs, J Andrews 52, M Nofal 48, J Grassi 39, RD Hammika 3-27)
    Railway Union 127 (32.1 overs, E Barron 43, C Mulvaney 5 -30, E Richardson 2-13)
  • Senior Cup
    Merrion beat Terenure by 10 wickets.
    Anglesea Road, 24 June.
    Terenure 146 (36 overs, B Graber 50, JJ Walsh 3-42, T Stanton 2-34)
    Merrion 148-0 (22.3 overs, B Lakhotia 60*, D Joyce 54*, 33 wides )
Round 1
  • Senior Cup
    Phoenix beat Leinster by 30 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 27 May.
    Phoenix 191-9 (31.0 overs, B Kneebone 68, R Anders 34, G Delany 3-27)
    Leinster 164 (30.0 overs, M Patel 67, J Carroll 35, R Strydom 3-41)
    DLS Method: par score 195 in 31 overs.
  • Senior Cup
    YMCA beat Rush by 90 runs.
    Claremont Road, 27 May.
    YMCA 239-5 (31.0 overs, S Singh 81, S Murphy 54*)
    Rush 143-8 (31.0 overs, S Igbal 34*, P Viswanath 31, J Barnes 3-21, S Streek 3-22)
    DLS Method: par score 233 in 31 overs.
  • Senior Cup
    The Hills lost to North County by 8 wickets.
    Milverton, 27 May.
    The Hills 146-7 (20.0 overs, T Rooney Murphy 41)
    North County 149-2 (17.4 overs, N McGovern 51, J Grassi 37, M Nofal 35*)
  • Senior Cup
    Balbriggan lost to Merrion by 78 runs.
    Albert Harper Memorial Park, 10 June.
    Merrion 237-9 (M Lewis 61, N Shankar 54, T Maruma 2-26, E Ahmed 2-33)
    Balbriggan 159 (N Rooney 50, P Mehta 3-14)
  • Senior Cup
    Pembroke beat Malahide by 2 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 27 May.

Byes: Terenure, Railway Union, Clontarf.

Alan Murray Cup
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Clontarf beat Merrion by 6 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 4 August.
    Merrion 100 (18.2 overs, Poonish Mehta 29, J Morissey 4-15)
    Clontarf 102-4 (16.1 overs, Waqar Azmat 25, Poonish Mehta 2-19)
Semi Finals
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Clontarf beat Leinster by 5 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 4 August.
    Leinster 131-7 (20.0 overs, GJ Delany 33, F O'Sullivan 26, D Delany 2-15, C Kelly 2-23)
    Clontarf 135-5 (17.5 overs, B Coghlan 54, C Kelly 29, T De Beer 2-23)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Merrion beat YMCA by 25 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 4 August.
    Merrion 154-8 (20.0 overs, D Langford-Smith 39, D Joyce 36, J Parkinson 4-36, S Streek 3-46)
    YMCA 129 (19.5 overs, H Tector 38, J Tector 33, T Stanton 3-20, Poonish Mehta 2-19)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Railway Union lost to Phoenix by 16 runs.
    Kenure, 16 June.
    Phoenix 153 (17.0 overs, B Kneebone 63*, A Chester 32, H Sultan 3-26, A Jackson 2-21, R Dhammika 2-24)
    Railway Union 137-7 (20.0 overs, R Dhammika 66*, F Coutts 3-26)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    The Hills v Clontarf - no result.
    Milverton, 16 June.
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Clontarf beat Terenure by 46 runs.
    Milverton, 16 June.
    Clontarf 184-6 (20.0 overs, A Poynter 79, O Pienaar 48, Diarmuid Lynch 2-37, P Ryan 2-50)
    Terenure 138-8 (20.0 overs, Seamus Lynch 77, J Morrissey 2-17, S O'Brien 2-31)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Rush beat Railway Union by 55 runs.
    Kenure, 16 June.
    Rush 162-5 (16.0 overs, A Eastwood 67*, S Doheny 25, J Smith 2-18, S Khan 2-30)
    Railway Union 107 (15.5 overs, R Dhammika 40, A Neary 6-21, A McGuire 2-18)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Leinster lost to YMCA by 5 wickets.
    Observatory Lane, 16 June.
    Leinster 116-9 (20.0 overs, G Delany 39, J Carroll 32, S Streek 3-21, J Barnes 2-7)
    YMCA 117-5 (19.2 overs, H Tector 61*)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    YMCA lost to Balbriggan by 11 runs.
    Observatory Lane, 16 June.
    Balbriggan 158-4 (20.0 overs, A Moor 46, C Fletcher 33, N Rooney 32, H Tector 2-41)
    YMCA 147-7 (20.0 overs, J Tector 44, H Tector 40, E Ahmed 2-27, K Ali 2-30)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    The Hills beat Terenure by 55 runs.
    Milverton, 16 June.
    The Hills 189-6 (20.0 overs, N Pretorius 61, M Donegan 59, K McDonald 3-45, Z Khudabuksh 2-25)
    Terenure 134-5 (20.0 overs, J Uddin 48, N Shaukat 2-23)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Malahide beat Pembroke by 7 wickets.
    The Village, Malahide, 16 June.
    Pembroke 180-1 (20.0 overs, T Lawson 80*, L Tucker 46*, R Hopkins 39)
    Malahide 184-3 (18.5 overs, M Ford 104*, G Ford 55)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Pembroke beat North County by 44 runs.
    Malahide, 16 June.
    Pembroke 162-5 (20.0 overs, L Tucker 78*, F Tucker 39)
    North County 118-8 (20.0 overs, E Richardson 43, P Lawson 3-21, A Ridley 3-27)
  • Alan Murray Cup
    Malahide lost to North County by 53 runs.
    Malahide, 16 June.
    North County 182-5 (20.0 overs, M Nofal 90, N McGovern 48, M Ford 2-28)
    Malahide 129-6 (20.0 overs, J Newland 69, E Richardson 3-15)
Miscellaneous Reports & Articles
Moreton appointed Phoenix coach
Former Ireland Women's Head Coach Stephen Moreton has been appointed Head Coach of Phoenix CC.
Double Appointment for Leinster CC
Leinster Cricket Club has announced the double appointment of Jarryd Chetty as its Director of Cricket, and Laura Delany as its Girl’s Head Coach.
Balbriggan sign Pat Botha
South African all-rounder Pat Botha is the new overseas player for Balbriggan.
Irish cup draws throw up intriguing clashes
The draws for the Irish Senior and National Cups have delivered some mouth watering clashes for Leinster sides.
45 Leinster players in Irish youth squads
Cricket Leinster Youth (CLY) were delighted to see current and recent alumni members receive forty-five selections in the Cricket Ireland (CI) squads unveiled last week.
Tector eyes big season for YM despite losses
However, despite the loss of Irish international Simi Singh, and seam bowler, Jarred Barnes, Tector believes 2019 could be the prime season for YMCA to fulfil the potential that has been lurking within the club for a while.
Terenure sign Australian batsman
Terenure have recruited Jack Webster, a top order batsman and wicket-keeper for the 2019 Leinster season.
Joyce appointed Clontarf Coach
Isobel Joyce has been appointed Director of Coaching at Clontarf.
Wilson wins prestigious ‘Find a Fast bowler’ award
Reuben Wilson has joined Ireland seamers Josh Little and David Delany in winning the prestigious Cricket Leinster Youth ‘Find a Fast Bowler’ competition.
Cricket Leinster Awards evening great success
The annual Cricket Leinster Awards evening was held at the weekend with over 300 guests attending the gala function.
Pretorius proud of Hills captaincy role
The Hills skipper for 2019 Nic Pretorius proud of the honour of leading the club in their landmark year.
Hills swoop for Leinster's Carroll
The Hills have made a major signing with the capture of Leinster and Lightning all-rounder Joe Carroll.
Three cricketers awarded Trinity sports scholarships
TWO first year cricketers were among 37 recipients of sports scholarships in Trinity announced this week. Max Neville of Merrion, and Sanil Gupta, of Pembroke, join 1st XI captain Lorcan Tucker in being selected to the prestigious scheme run by the Department of Sport in TCD in association with Bank of Ireland.
Pretorius to skipper The Hills again
Nicolaas Pretorius has been confirmed as The Hills captain for the 2019 season.
Low scoring affair in Laytown
In the latest from the archives of Leinster cricket, we take a look at the battle of the sexes, which took place at Laytown back in 1902.
Daya Singh returns to The Hills
The Hills have confirmed the return of overseas professional Daya Singh for the 2019 campaign.
Leinster Review: Railway Union
It was a season where Railway Union by and large operated under the radar, but they came agonizingly close to making the promotion play-off slot, losing out at the last minute to Rush.
Clontarf sign Macalister Wright
Clontarf have unveiled 20 year-old leg spinning all-rounder Macalister Wright as their overseas player/youth coach for the 2019 season replacing Obus Pienaar who joined CIYMS last week.
LCU Review: Rush
It was another excellent season for Rush, capturing the National Cup for a third time, as well as their youth side winning yet another trophy at All-Ireland level.
LCU Review: Phoenix
It wasn't a season to remember for Phoenix who finished bottom of the Premier League, winning just three league games in the process.
Barnes excited by Rush switch
Jarred Barnes is relishing the switch to Rush, but admitted it was a huge call to leave YMCA, where he enjoyed such a productive 2018 season.
Rush pull off Barnes coup
Rush have pulled off a major coup with the capture of opening bowler Jarred Barnes from YMCA.
Sorensen confirms Merrion switch
Former Irish all-rounder Max Sorensen has confirmed he will be leaving The Hills making the switch to league champions Merrion.
Charles Stewart Marchant
Charles Stewart Marchant, (known as Stewart) was born on 21 June 1895 to Thomas and Kathleen Marchant of 16 Castlewood Park, Rathmines, only a stone’s throw away from Leinster Cricket Club.
All change for Leinster league and cup
Cricket Leinster have rung the changes ahead of the 2019 season, with the abolition of the senior cup, and a completely new league format which sees 14 teams split into two sections in the first part of the season.
Rush sign South African Snyman
Rush have signed South African all-rounder Jurie Snyman for the 2019 season.
Adamstown receiving special award
Adamstown Cricket Club, located in west Dublin, will be recognised with a special Emerging Club of the Year award at the Cricket Ireland Awards on Friday.
LCU Review 7: The Hills
It was a season to forget for The Hills who finished sixth in the Premier League and never threatened in the cup competitions with early exits being the order of the day.
Leinster Review 6: YMCA
It was a season which promised much for YMCA, but a succession of injuries to key players coupled with availability problems meant it was mid-table mediocrity for them.
The Hills confirm Simi Singh signing
The Hills have unveiled Irish international all-rounder Simi Singh as their first signing for the 2019 season.
Wexford Schools Cricket 2018
This year's Wexford Schools Cricket Programme operated for 10 weeks from Monday 16th April until Friday 22nd June. This was a two-week longer period than last year due to the high demand from the schools.
LCU Review 5: Pembroke
It was a solid season for Pembroke who finished fourth in the league, reached the cup semi-final, and the quarter-finals of the Irish senior cup.
Pembroke sign Shaheen Khan
Pembroke have announced the signing of South African all-rounder Shaheen Khan for the 2019 season.
LCU Review 4: Leinster
It was a season of struggle for the defending champions, needing a play-off against Rush to secure their Premier place for 2019.
Delany delivers in Australia
Eoghan Delany has started the season in great style, hitting a century for Preston in the Victoria Cricket league first division.
MacMahon off to Australia
Leinster all-rounder Sophie MacMahon is the latest Irish international to set off to Australia for the winter.
Leinster pays tribute to John Anderson
Cricket Leinster has paid tribute to John Anderson who has announced his retirement from all representative cricket.
Family Sports Festival at the National Sports Campus
Reinhardt Strydom reports on Cricket Leinster's involvement in the Sport Ireland Family Sports Festival.
LCU Review 3: North County
A third place finish in the Premier League and a cup final appearance mean it wasn't a bad season for the Balrothery side who can be justifiably happy with their season.
Kevin O'Brien signs deal with Monaghan
Kevin O'Brien Cricket Academy is delighted to announce a new innovative partnership with Monaghan that will see him provide a state of the art, bespoke coaching programme.
Yastri Naidoo reflects on his time in Ireland
As part of the Leinster exchange with South Africa, Yastri Naidoo spent time at Malahide during the summer.
Leinster Review 2: Clontarf
A season with two cups and a three near misses means it was an excellent campaign, but it could have been a truly historic one.
Leinster Review 1: Merrion
There's only one place to start the review of the Leinster season and that's at Anglesea Road and the champions Merrion.
Dublin City Sportfest Launch – September 24th 2018
People of all ages living in Dublin City took part in a range of different sports at Dalymount Park in what proved to be a most successful day.
Rush youngsters off to sunnier climes
There will be a youth exodus from Rush this winter with no fewer than four of the club's most talented teenagers off to Australia and South Africa.
Autumn Courses by LCU&SA
Leinster Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association (LCU&SA) would like to announce the following courses that will be held this autumn at Terenure CC.
Honours even between Leinster Bolts and Denmark
The two-match series between Leinster Bolts and Denmark ended all-square in two excellent encounters.
Up close with Albert van der Merwe
Albert van der Merwe played in nine ODI’s for Ireland, with his debut coming against the Netherlands in July 2010.
Up close with Jeremy Bray
Jeremy Bray is one of the best batsmen to ever represent Ireland, and hit the nation’s first World Cup century with his 116* in a famous tie against Zimbabwe in 2007.
Damian Poder Scholarship
Leah Paul has been unveiled as the first recipient of the Damian Poder Scholarship, and will be playing cricket for Ringwood in Australia this summer.
Double D works wonders for Leinster
It was the Gareth Delany show at North County as the Leinster opener's powerful century ensured Premiership cricket for the Rathmines side in 2019.
Leinster Bolts to tour Denmark
Jack Tector will skipper the Leinster Bolts in two 50-over games against Denmark next week.
Leinster romp to title
Leinster clinched the senior women's title with their second ten-wicket win in the space of 24 hours, beating Clontarf at Rathmines.
Leinster stay on course for title after emphatic win
Leinster remain on course for the women's league title after a resounding ten-wicket win over Pembroke at Rathmines.
Cricket Leinster u-turn on play-off venue
Cricket Leinster have reversed their decision to host this Saturday's play-off decider at Rathmines, and the game between Rush and Leinster will now take place at North County.
Delany hundred puts Leinster in command in title race
Laura Delany's brilliant hundred helped Leinster to an emphatic 111-run win over title rivals Merrion as they leapfrogged the Anglesea Road side at the summit.
Trio of centuries for Leinster teenagers
A remarkable game between the second XI's of North County and The Hills saw three hundreds scored by Dublin teenagers.
Rush to meet Leinster in play-off as Phoenix relegated
Shahid Iqbal proved the star as Rush held their nerve to beat Railway Union to set up a play-off against Leinster, while Phoenix are relegated after a poor batting display at The Hills.
Rush appeal against play-off venue
Rush have asked Cricket Leinster to reconsider their decision to host this weekend's play-off decider at Rathmines.
Railway beat Cork to move into second place
Railway Union moved into second place in the race for promotion to the top flight of Leinster cricket after securing 43-run win against Cork County in their 20-over rearranged game at Park Avenue.
Rock targets promotion after National Cup success
Rush skipper Neil Rock has set his stall out to gain promotion for the club after their National Cup success.
Merrion crowned as Clontarf lose
A thrilling two run win by YMCA was enough to end Clontarf's Premier League hopes and hand the title to Merrion.
Merrion and Clontarf win again
Victories for Merrion and Clontarf mean they stay on course for title showdown.
Clontarf beat Railway in Senior Two final
Half centuries from Andrew Vincent and Anwar helped Clontarf clinch the Senior Two trophy with a 98-run win over Railway Union at The Hills.
Clontarf come back from the dead twice to win cup
Clontarf came back from the dead twice to break North County hearts as they won yet another Leinster Senior Cup final.
Clontarf put proud record on the line
LEINSTER Senior Cup specialists Clontarf put their proud record on the line at Sydney Parade today when they meet North County in the in the final – their 13th decider this millennium.
North County up for the cup
North County captain Niall McGovern runs the rule over his team ahead of their Senior Cup clash with Clontarf on Saturday at Pembroke.
Tector stars as YMCA clinch U15 league cup
A fourth wicket stand of 130 between Tim Tector and Rhys Armah Kwantreng led YMCA to the league ttile as they beat Rush by five wickets in the play-off title.
New proposals death knell for some LCU clubs?
A leading former international has voiced his concerns about the proposals for restricting the top two Divisions.
McAllister pride at Malahide promotion
Fintan McAllister has spoken of his pride in Malahide after the club secured its return to the top flight of Leinster cricket with victory over Rush at the weekend.
Rush reach U15 all-Ireland final
It's another youth All-Ireland for Rush after they beat Instonians by seven wickets in the Under 15 semi-final at Kenure.
O'Sullivan stars as Leinster beat Phoenix in U19 final
Fionn O’Sullivan’s brilliant all-round display secured the U19 cup for Leinster in a superb match against Phoenix at Rathmines.
Richardson seals final slot for North County
Eddie Richardson secured a Leinster Senior Cup final appearance for North County as they sealed a dramatic last over win against Merrion.
Merrion march on thanks to Anderson ton
John Anderson's century ensured Merrion remained on course to clinch the Premier title after a 167-run win against Phoenix.
Clontarf stay in contention at top of table
Clontarf remain in contention for the Premier title after beating third placed North County in a rain affected contest at Castle Avenue.
Leinster win U11 interpro against NCU
Leinster have won the first game of their U11 interpro series against the NCU at Templepatrick.
Merrion crush Pembroke while Leinster beat Phoenix
Merrion ran out convincing 9-wicket winners against Pembroke, Leinster won the basement battle against Phoenix, while YMCA edged out The Hills in a thriller.
Laois on the move
Ireland’s central plains have been a cold house to cricket over the last century. Perhaps the peatlands weren’t ideal to develop the hard pitches required, but the development of artificial surfaces in recent years coincided with a small rally in fortunes.
Shillington outguns Tomlinson in Women's league
It was the battle of the big hitters as Irish international Clare Shillington's Pembroke beat Kerry Tomlinson's Clontarf at Sydney Parade.
Joy of six for Forkin as Leinster win series
Peter Forkin took six wickets as Leinster won the U15 series against Munster.
Ford hit fifth century as Malahide stay top
Malahide remain on course for a return to the top flight of Leinster cricket after a convincing win over Cork County.
Top three stay in title hunt
Merrion stay top, but Clontarf and North County also win to stay in contention for the premier crown. Pembroke beat The Hills in the other game.
Dominant Clontarf win T20 crown again
The line-up for the Sunday Independent All-Ireland T20 finals was completed yesterday when Clontarf won the Leinster crown in dominant fashion at Sydney Parade.
Clontarf beat Merrion to win Women's Cup
Clontarf secured the Women's Cup with a 27-run win against Merrion in a high scoring encounter at Sydney Parade.
Cheshire too strong for Leinster at U13 Festival
Leinster U13s suffered a chastening 176-run defeat against Cheshire in their latest match at the Taunton Festival.
Merrion and Clontarf meet in Women's Cup final
The final of the Leinster Women's Senior Cup final takes place on Friday, and sees Merrion facing Clontarf in what is sure to be an intriguing contest.
Leinster U13s bounce back with win over Zeal Academy
Daniel Forkin's three wickets helped Leinster Under 13's bounce back from their heavy loss to Kent to record a six wicket win at the Taunton Festival.
Opening day losses for Leinster U15 girls at Malvern Festival
Leinster Under 15 girls were well beaten by Kent and Berkshire on the opening day of the Malvern Festival.
Leinster open Taunton Festival with great win over Leicestershire
A superb all-round performance saw Leinster Under 13s open the Taunton Festival with a hard fought 19-run win over Leicestershire.
Kelly fires Clontarf into Senior Cup final
Conor Kelly's blistering 83 saw Clontarf reach the Senior Cup final with an emphatic 87-run win over Pembroke in a contest reduced to just 22 overs per side at Sydney Parade.
Magnificent seven for Kashif Ali keeps Balbriggan hopes alive
Kashif Ali takes 7 wickets as Balbriggan beat Terenure by 150 runs to keep alive their promotion hopes in the only match in the top two divisions to beat the weather.
Leinster U13s set for action
The next generation of Leinster Lightning cricketers are in action in England this week at the King's College Festival as they play five matches including games against Kent and Leicestershire.
Delany delight as Leinster secure finals day slot
Leinster skipper Gareth Delany overjoyed as Leinster secured their T20 finals days slot with an emphatic 43-run win over North County at Inch.
Clontarf, Merrion and Pembroke win in Women's League
Kerrie Tomlinson scored a century as Clontarf beat The Hills, Merrion edged out Leinster, and Pembroke ran out comfortable 9-wicket winners over YMCA in the Women's Premier League matches.
Two out of two for Leinster U17s
Leinster Under 17s won for the second time in their series against Munster U17s at The Mardyke.
Leinster beat North County to reach T20 finals day
A powerful batting display by Leinster saw them beat an out of sorts North County to complete the line-up for T20 finals day.
Dominant Lynch leads Leinster U17's to victory
Seamus Lynch hit a brilliant 60 to lead Leinster Under 17s to a comfortable 6-wicket win against Munster at The Mardyke.
Leinster U17 squad selected for Cork trip
Coaches Brian O'Rourke and Stephen Doheny will lead a Leinster Under 17 squad to Cork for two 45-over games against Munster on Wednesday and Thursday at The Mardyke.
North County beat Merrion to open up title race
The Premier League title race is wide open after North County sealed a dramatic last over win against leaders Merrion.
Leinster 'School of Excellence' proves a great success
The 5th annual Cricket Leinster 'School of Excellence' took place over three days this week with more than 70 children attending for all three days of expert coaching and analysis.
Clontarf and Merrion reach Women's final
Clontarf and Merrion will play in the Women's Senior final after both won high scoring semi-finals over YMCA and Leinster respectively.
Clontarf beat Munster to reach T20 finals day
Clontarf are through to Alan Murray Cup finals day after a convincing 9-wicket win over Munster Heat at Castle Avenue.
Double success for Leinster at Malvern
Leinster Under 17 girls bounced back from two losses on the opening day to beat Norfolk and Buckinghamshire at the Malvern Festival.
Two defeats for Leinster on opening day
There was double disappointment for Leinster U17 girls on the opening day of the Malvern Festival as they lost both games against Wales.
Leinster U17 girls squad selected for Malvern Festival
The squad of 13 will play four games in the prestigious Festival this week after a successful preparation series against Ireland Under 15's.
All roads lead to Dublin
ALL the Irish Cup quarter-finals will be staged in Dublin next Sunday after the first attempt to play all four games were rained off without a ball bowled.
Leinster league round-up
Merrion thump The Hills to stay top, while there are also wins for North County, Leinster and Pembroke.
U13 District Cup
Last week saw the playing of a week-long District series of games for boys in the U13 age-group.
Kerrison five-wicket haul leads Leinster to victory
Maria Kerrison took five wickets to lead Leinster U17 Girls to a hard-fought two wicket against Ireland U15 girls at Railway Union.
Leinster semi-finals draw
The draw has been made for the semi-finals of both the Leinster Senior and Senior 2 cups.
Murphy at Warwickshire
David Murphy – former Irish U19, Leinster Lightning and Pembroke CC player was selected for Warwickshire 2nds against Lancashire in the English County 2nds Championship, 3 day game, this week.
Malahide sign Anish Desai
Malahide have signed New Zealander Anish Desai as an overseas player for the remainder of their campaign.
Teenager Tobin hits ton for Hills
Hills teenager Ryan Tobin scored a quite superb 169 for The Hills in their win against Laois in Division Eight at the weekend.
Cup ties all one-sided affairs
The only competition in the Leinster Senior Cup quarter-final action was for the biggest margin of victory.
Cup games go to form
All the games in the quarter-finals of the Leinster Senior Cup went very much to form this weekend with wins for Clontarf, North County, Merrion and Pembroke.
T20 drama as match abandoned at Balbriggan
The Alan Murray Cup continued on Saturday with the main talking point coming at the Jack Harper Memorial Ground with umpires Azam Ali Baig and Aidan Seaver abandoning the game between The Hills and Merrion.
Senior Cup takes centre stage
THE quarter-finals of the Leinster Senior Cup go ahead on Sunday without four internationals, who are in the Ireland squad which meets Sussex in Ed Joyce’s testimonial game at Arundel.
Leinster suffer two injury blows
Leinster Lightning have been hit with two withdrawals from their squad for this week's games against the NW Warriors.
Tough challenge ahead for Leinster sides
IT’S Irish Cup second round weekend but Cricket Leinster, in their wisdom, have chosen to play the third and fourth round of games in the Alan Murray (T20) Cup today ahead of Sunday’s main action.
Delany stars on return to league action
It was a return to league action for many of Ireland’s cricketers on Thursday night after the conclusion of their series against New Zealand.
Leinster weekend roundup.
Merrion and Clontarf have broken away at the top of the Leinster Premier League after decisive wins on Saturday and a heavy defeat for third place North County.
Merrion beat Balbriggan in Cup
Last season’s beaten finalists Merrion are through to the last eight of the Senior Cup after a routine 78-run win at Balbriggan in their rearranged game.
Leinster round-up
Merrion beat YMCA, Pembroke too strong for Phoenix, Clontarf increase Leinster woes, while The Hills defeat North County. Malahide run up record score, while Rush and Railway Union win.
Fingal Girls Cup 2018
The Fingal Girls Cup, now in its fourth year, saw four National schools competing in a league structure finishing with a final held this week at Malahide CC.
Balbirnie ton leads DIT to title
Jack Balbirnie's brilliant century helped DIT retain the Trevor West University trophy as they beat Ulster University by 85 runs at College Park.
Leinster Senior Cup draw
The draw has been made for the quarter-final of the Leinster Senior Cup and has thrown up some intriguing ties.
Joyce to the fore as Merrion go to summit
Merrion returned to the top of the Premier League table with a comfortable five wickets victory over Phoenix, helped by Clontarf beating YMCA in the match of the day at Claremont Road.
Merrion go top of Premier League
Merrion are the new Premier league leaders after a five-wicket win at home to Phoenix.
Delany, Shillington and Paul star in league wins
Three matches took place in the Women’s League on Thursday night with wins for Merrion, Leinster and Pembroke over Malahide, Clontarf and The Hills respectively.
Willow Park win cup
Willow Park School completed an excellent victory in the ‘4th Class’ final, played in glorious sunshine at Leinster Cricket Club, Rathmines.
County blitzkrieg stuns holders Hills
North County blew The Hills out of the water to end their reign as Senior Cup holders in one of four rain-affected ties.
Leinster weekend roundup.
Ian Callender looks back at the weekend's action in the LCU.
Delany delivers devastation
David Delany’s five-wicket haul and a crucial batting cameo of 18 not out in 10 balls proved the spark for Clontarf’s thrilling last-over win over Merrion at Castle Avenue.
Double headers for Leinster clubs
IT’S a big double header for seven of the eight Premier League clubs this weekend with a full round of league action followed by the first round of the Leinster Senior Cup.
Southern XI squad named
Four players from North County have been named in a squad of 13 which will play against Leinster at Terenure.
Leinster name Under 15 squad for Southern clash
Four players from both Rush and YMCA named in Leinster U15 squad to take on the Southern XI at Terenure.
Wins for YMCA, Leinster and Pembroke in Women's T20
Leinster beat The Hills, YMCA overcame Malahide, while Pembroke were too strong for Clontarf in the Women's league T20 matches.
Balbirnie hails Garth masterclass
JJ Garth put Phoenix in a spin as his four-wicket haul was the catalyst for a 9-wicket thumping to move Pembroke off the bottom of the table.
O'Halloran and Rock lead CUS to Schools Cup win
Half centuries from Neil Rock and David O'Halloran ensured CUS retained the Senior Schools Cup with a seven-wicket win over St Mary's at Angelsea Road.
Waldron continues to trailblaze
Mary Waldron became the second woman to officiate in the Irish Senior Cup when she took charge of the cup tie between Phoenix and Ardmore at the weekend.
Busy week in Leprechaun Cup
It was another eventful week in the Leinster Primary School Leprechaun Cup competition which is now entering the final phase.
Irish skippers past and present in the runs
Isobel Joyce top scored as Merrion beat YMCA, while Laura Delany was to the fore as Leinster beat Pembroke despite the best efforts of Clare Shillington.
Railway Union receive bye in National Cup
Railway Union have received a walk-over into the second round after Burndennett forfeited.
Wins for Clontarf and North County
Bill Coghlan hits half century as Clontarf ease past Leinster, while Malcolm Nofal's five-wicket haul ensures North County beat The Hills in the North Dublin derby.
Super League reaches quarter-fnals
The hard-ball competition for the top schools in the Leinster region has reached the last eight stage with the quarter-finals getting under way this week.
Bolts and Emerging Knights name squads
The Emerging Knights and Lightning Bolts will face each other in two T20 clashes at Laurelvale this Sunday (11am).
Balbriggan go top of Division Two
Century from Farooq Nasr helps Balbriggan beat Cork County by 89 runs to go top of Division Two in their rearranged T20.
Rush, Balbriggan and Cork County win
Rush went to the top of the Division Two table with a huge 151 run win over Terenure in a high-scoring affair at Kenure. Cork beat Trinity, while Balbriggan have good win against Railway Union.
Merrion top the table after Monday games
Wins on Bank Holiday Monday for Merrion, Phoenix, Pembroke and YMCA.
Lugg hundred highlight in Merrion win
Young Australian Tilly Lugg scored unbeaten century for Merrion as they beat Clontarf, while Leinster edged out Malahide in a thriller, and YMCA beat The Hills.
Phoenix, North County, The Hills and Merrion win
Phoenix stunned defending champions Leinster thanks to a nail-biting nine run win in the Park.
Charity Test Match for McVerry Trust
It will be staged on the weekend of June 23rd/24th in the Civil Service grounds in the Phoenix Park, the birthplace of the sport in Ireland.
Leinster, Merrion and Malahide win
Fifties from Cecelia and Isobel Joyce got Merrion's season off to a winning start in the 50-over league as they beat YMCA. Paris Crowe and Sophie MacMahon top score in victories for Malahide and Leinster.
Aideen Rice becomes CI President
Cricket Ireland have confirmed Aideen Rice as the new President – becoming the first woman to hold the role since the organisation (originally called the Irish Cricket Union) was established in 1923.
In-form Carroll aiming high
Joe Carroll has continued where he left off the 2017 season by claiming his second successive seven wicket haul to start Leinster's Premier title defence with a convincing win.
Six hits at Trinity
It’s a big hit – on Saturday the first of Jamie Brown’s three sixes into the car park hit the spike on top of the railings.
Magnificent seven for Carroll
Joe Carroll's magnificent seven-wicket haul got defending champions Leinster off to a winning start as they trounced Pembroke at Rathmines.
Lightning Bolts name squad
Lightning Bolts announce squad for a season where they hope to play an expanded number of matches.
Lanky appointed Lightning selector
Former Irish International David Langford Smith has accepted the position of Lightning selector.
No shortage of thrillers as Leprechaun Cup gets under way
There were plenty of exciting clashes despite the poor weather as the 2018 Leprechaun Cup got underway last week.
Merrion Pay the Penalty
Dom Joyce offered no excuses admitting his team only had themselves to blame after being hit with 12 penalty runs for a slow over rate allowing YMCA to edge a thriller by one-wicket against Merrion at Anglesea Road.
Neil Rock scores a 'double'
Neil Rock has started the season with a bang notching a double century for his school side.
LCU Preview 16: North Kildare
Senior cricket also brought upon an additional financial burden on the club. It also had lost its groundsman. It is not easy to run a club on a shoestring or compete with other clubs who have professionals.
LCU Preview 15: Clontarf
Despite losing out in the title race to Leinster after leading the pack for so long, Clontarf had the consolation of lifting T20 trophies both domestically and at the inaugural all-Ireland.
LCU Preview 14: YMCA
While the club have lost a great servant in Tom Fisher who has emigrated to Singapore, the signings of Jarred Barnes and the De Klerk brothers from Malahide more than compensate for that.
LCU Preview 13: Rush
Rush have been one of the success stories of recent years in Leinster and Irish cricket, winning trophies at all-Ireland level at both youth and senior level.
LCU Preview 12: Railway Union
It's very much a case of as you were at Park Avenue as Railway Union look well placed to challenge for promotion after an unsettled 2017.
Jeremy Bray joins Rush
Former Irish international Jeremy Bray has joined Rush from Terenure ahead of the new season.
LCU Preview 11: Cork County
After the highs of winning Division Two in 2016, Cork County came back down to earth enduring a tough campaign in the top flight which saw them relegated.
College Park to become Lightning home ground
College Park in Dublin is set to become the home ground of the Leinster Lightning and all youth and representative cricket in the province.
LCU Preview 10: Phoenix
It's all change at Phoenix who have no fewer than four overseas players joining the club for the forthcoming campaign.
LCU Preview 9: Balbriggan
Balbriggan have been one of the success stories of Leinster and Irish cricket in recent years, making great strides both on and off the pitch, and that looks set to continue in 2018.
Here come the girls
There's an Antipodean invasion on the way to Dublin this summer with no fewer than at least eight overseas players plying their trade in the Leinster Women's League.
LCU Preview 8: The Hills
The Hills are always at the vanguard when trophies are distributed and it's expected there will be more of the same in 2018.
LCU Preview 7: Leinster
The defending champions surprised many when their late surge saw them come up on the rails to clinch the title.
LCU Preview 6: Dublin University
Trinity enjoyed a very successful season last time out when they finished second. Can they repeat that again for the forthcoming season. Irish international Lorcan Tucker takes the skipper's armband.
LCU Preview 5: Merrion
Merrion are back where they belong in the top flight of Leinster cricket and they have a number of new and familiar faces at Angelsea Road for the 2018 season.
LCU Preview 4: North County
There's both a new captain and overseas player in place at Balrothery for the forthcoming season. Niall McGovern is skipper while South African all-rounder Malcolm Nofal arrives as professional.
Theo Lawson wins Victoria Award
It's been a great winter in Australia for the Pembroke cricketing pair of Theo Lawson and Kim Garth.
LCU Preview 3: Malahide
Big season ahead for the reigning National Cup champions.
Easter Camps for girls
This year was the sixth occasion that we have run the Cricket Leinster Easter coaching clinics. We have gone from 30 girls taking part in 2012 (held outdoors at Leinster CC) to 76 girls at this year’s clinics.
LCU Preview 2: Pembroke
It was in many ways a disappointing season for Pembroke who have threatened to win trophies over the past few years but haven't delivered.
Leinster Preview 1 Terenure
Terenure CC are hopeful of progressing in the coming season after a tough 2017 league campaign.
Double resignation blow for Lightning
Leinster Lightning have been hit by a double resignation blow ahead of the new campaign with Jeff Short stepping down as a selector and Yaqoob Ali remaining in Munster.
Leinster players dominate Wolves squad
Leinster players have dominated the Ireland A squad selected for next month's four-day tour of England.
Louis McDonough in South Africa
Phoenix teenager Louis McDonough is enjoying a sporting dream in South Africa.
Stiles impresses Down Under
One of the coaches was Mark Hughes, and I learnt a lot from him. It took me about a week or so to get used the conditions with the hard-bouncy wickets and of course the intense heat.
Leinster announce U17 panel
A training squad has been selected for coaching sessions currently being held at North County Cricket Club.
Strydom off to tour South America
Phoenix all-rounder Reinhardt Strydom has been included in the MCC squad which is embarking on a South American tour where they will take on Brazil, Chile and Peru.
Leinster starlet takes on the Steve Smith challenge
Cillian McDonnell has been experiencing the challenge of bowling to the Cricket Australia squad prior to the Test series, and in particular world number one batsman Steve Smith.
International opportunities for Leinster youngsters
There was exciting news from South Africa with Cricket Leinster’s youth Glenwood High based cricketers enjoying the challenge of bowling to the Cricket Scotland squad prior to their World Cup qualifiers.
Union u-turn on second Munster side
Leinster have Munster have had a change of thought about the inclusion of a second Munster team in Division Two.
Leinster announce U15 training panel
A training squad has been selected for winter coaching sessions currently being held at North County cricket club.
Barnes confirms YMCA switch
YMCA have signed opening bowler Jarred Barnes ahead of the new season.
Tector leads Randwick Petersham to victory in Sydney
Jack Tector became the second Irishman to skipper Randwick Petersham following in the footsteps of Dale McDonough.
Leinster continue link with South African schools
For 15 years, Cricket Leinster has worked to make it a flagship of the union’s development programme to facilitate the opportunity for young cricketers to be placed within elite South African cricket playing schools.
Leinster CC sign Bella Fitzgibbon
The Women's section at Leinster CC have signed Bella Fitzgibbon to coach their Ladies Thirds and also their youth programmes.
Hingston joins Malahide
Malahide Cricket Club has announced that Michael Hingston has been appointed as the club's new Cricket Development Manager.
Malahide sign Givon Christian
Malahide have signed overseas professional Givon Christian for the forthcoming season.
Gavin Hoey in South Africa
Last month, I left Dublin’s Terminal 2 to Heathrow alongside the four Glenwood boys, Louis McDonagh, Daniel Swift, Cillian McDonnell and James Maginnis.
Dockrell named Lightning skipper
George Dockrell has been appointed Leinster Lightning skipper ahead of the new season.
Cillian McDonnell in South Africa
Cillian McDonnell is spending two months in South Africa.
Double boost for Clontarf Women
Clontarf have announced the signings of Irish internationals Una Raymond-Hoey and Lara Maritz ahead of the 2018 season.
Munster Development team to play in Division Two
Cricket Leinster have opted to replace North Kildare in Division Two with a Munster Development side.
Clontarf confirm Pienaar signing
Clontarf have unveiled South African Obus Pienaar as their overseas player for the 2018 season.
Terenure sign South African Wessel Hartslief
Terenure have recruited South African overseas player Wessel Hartslief for the 2018 season, replacing Givon Christian.
Kane in demand
Irish international Tyrone Kane is a player very much in demand ahead of the new season.
Miscellaneous Photographs
Cricket Leinster Awards (2) (27 November)
Cricket Leinster Awards 1 (27 November)
White Stick Trophy, Leinster v NCU (23 September)
Longford v YMCA, Middle Cup Final (17 September)
Leinster v Rush, play-off decider (15 September)
Senior 2 Cup final presentations (27 August)
Phoenix v Merrion (18 August)
Waringstown v Clontarf, final plus presentation pics (18 August)
Clontarf v Cork County (18 August)
Laois last game at Togher (2) (15 August)
Laois last game at Togher (13 August)
Rush head and shoulders (13 August)
Ballyspallen v Rush (12 August)
Clontarf 2, Minor Two Cup Final presentations (11 August)
Clontarf v Merrion, Women's Cup final (3 August)
Clontarf v YMCA, U15 Girls Cup Final (2 August)
North County v Leinster, T20 quarter-final (25 July)
YMCA Women v Clontarf Women (20 July)
LCU v NWCU U15 T20 (29 June)
Fingal Girls Cup 2018 (8 June)
Clontarf II v Malahide II (3 June)
Clontarf v Merrion (26 May)
North County v Leinster (26 May)
Northern Knights v Leinster Lightning T20 (25 May)
CUS v St Mary's, Senior School Cup Final (23 May)
Munster Reds v Leinster Lightning (18 May)
Phoenix v Ardmore (20 May)
Donemana v Merrion (20 May)
Eglinton v Leinster (20 May)
Leinster (19 May)
Clontarf 3 v Merrion 3 (5 May)
Merrion Women v YMCA Women (30 April)
Clontarf v The Hills (28 April)
Dublin University v Terenure (28 April)
Merrion v YMCA, 2nd innings (21 April)
Merrion v YMCA, first innings (21 April)
Clontarf v Laois (22 April)
Merrion and YMCA non action pics (21 April)
Leinster Girls Easter Camp (5 April)
LCGA day at Clontarf (31 March)
Miscellaneous Audio