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  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Merrion by 85 runs.
    Stormont, 1 September.
    Waringstown 264-7 (50.0 overs, J Hall 74, S Khan 71*, J McCollum 54, J Anderson 3-48, J Carty 2-58)
    Merrion 179 (42.1 overs, M Lewis 46, S Khan 2-23, G Kidd 2-35, L Nelson 2-38)
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf lost to Merrion by 2 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 12 August.
    Clontarf 205 (50.0 overs, B Coghlan 56, D Delany 44 *, J Carty 2-17, D Langford-Smith 2-20)
    Merrion 208-8 (49.3 overs, J Anderson 99*, DI Joyce 40, Sharifil Islam 3-29, AJ Pienaar 3-43 )
  • Irish Cup
    Strabane lost to Waringstown by 167 runs.
    Strabane Park, 12 August.
    Waringstown 331-7 (50.0 overs, K McCallan 75, S Khan 68, A Dennison 47, R Gallagher 4 -62 )
    Strabane 164-9 (39.2 overs, A Gillespie 57, K McCallan 3-39, S Khan 2-12, J Mitchell 2-24 )
Round 3
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf beat CSNI by 7 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 22 July.
    CSNI 164 (48.2 overs, M Topping 47, A Cowden 44, S Dutt 3-28, Shariful Islam 3-39, C Kelly 2-28)
    Clontarf 165-3 (26.3 overs, A Poynter 53 *, B Coghlan 54, A Cowden 2 -30)
  • Irish Cup
    Pembroke lost to Waringstown by 133 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 22 July.
    Waringstown 358-2 (50.0 overs, J Hall 175*, A Dennison 105, S Khan 64)
    Pembroke 225 (46.3 overs, L Tucker 70, F Tucker 41, D Tucker 32, G Kidd 4 -23, L Nelson 4 -41)
  • Irish Cup
    Leinster lost to Merrion by 116 runs.
    Rathmines, 22 July.
    Merrion 335-8 (80.0 overs, J Anderson 139, T Kane 53, P Mehta 45, J Carroll 3-44, B Azhar 3-90)
    Leinster 219 (40.4 overs, G Dockrell 74, M Patil 38, JP O'Dwyer 32, J Carty 3-52, P Mehta 2-20, T Kane 2-23)
  • Irish Cup
    Phoenix lost to Strabane by 6 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 22 July.
    Phoenix 180 (48.3 overs, F Coutts 77, R Gallagher 3 -35 , R Gaur 2 -28, C Peiris 2-34)
    Strabane 185-4 (40.0 overs, C Peiris 71*, R Gaur 39, R Gallagher 35, R Strydom 2-40)
Round 2
  • Irish Cup
    Strabane beat Muckamore by 1 run.
    Strabane Park, 17 June.
    Strabane 233 (47.0 overs, C Peiris 66, K Singh 55, R Gallagher 36, P Karthik 3-45, A Adey 2-50)
    Muckamore 232-9 (50.0 overs, F Iqbal 91*, A Adey 43, K Singh 3-46)
  • Irish Cup
    North Down lost to Pembroke by 216 runs.
    Comber, 17 June.
    Pembroke 347-5 (50.0 overs, F Tucker 116, D Tucker 93, L Tucker 60*, R Pretorius 2-68)
    North Down 131 (31.2 overs, A Shields 31, F Tucker 5-36, J Balbirnie 3-42, A Ridley 2-32)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat YMCA by 7 wickets.
    The Lawn, 17 June.
    YMCA 80 (35.1 overs, T Tector 29, P Eaglestone 3-16, S Khan 3-21)
    Waringstown 82-3 (19.3 overs, J McCollum 42*, J Parkinson 2-36)
  • Irish Cup
    Carrickfergus lost to Leinster by 7 wickets.
    Middle Road, 17 June.
    Carrickfergus 174-6 (36.0 overs, A Haggan 61, D Poulton 45*, J Carroll 2-37)
    Leinster 117-3 (18.2 overs, G Delany 67, M Patil 27)
    DLS Method: par score 116 in 20 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf beat The Hills by 2 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 17 June.
    The Hills 168 (49.1 overs, S Terry 54, H Archer 35, Shariful Islam 5 -34, C Kelly 2-27)
    Clontarf 170-8 (49.2 overs, R Forest 27, Shariful Islam 25*, Daya Singh 3-26, A van der Merwe 3-36)
  • Irish Cup
    CSNI beat Balbriggan by 9 wickets.
    Stormont, 17 June.
    Balbriggan 140 (37.2 overs, Timycen Maruma 29, D Harper 27, A Malan 4-34, G McCarter 3-39)
    CSNI 141-1 (32.0 overs, A Malan 65*, A Cowden 38*, M Ellison 27)
  • Irish Cup
    Instonians lost to Phoenix by 7 wickets.
    Shaw's Bridge, 17 June.
    Instonians 273-5 (46.0 overs, M Cummins 103, Nikolai Smith 56, F Coutts 2-64 )
    Phoenix 200-3 (R Strydom 86, R Anders 45, B Kneebone 28*, S Getkate 2-28)
    DLS Method: par score 199 in 29 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat CIYMS by 10 runs.
    Anglesea Road, 17 June.
    Merrion 273-9 (50.0 overs, D Joyce 77, T Kane 57, P Mehta 43, M McGillvray 4-57, N Jones 3-58)
    CIYMS 263 (49.2 overs, N Jones 109, M McGillvray 30, J Mulder 27, T Kane 4-47, D Langford Smith 2-26)
Round 1
  • Irish Cup
    Eglinton lost to Leinster by 7 wickets.
    Eglinton, 19 May.
    Eglinton 217-7 (50.0 overs, K O'Doherty 40, M Erlank 39, S Thompson 36, G Dockrell 2-26, F Conaty 2-28, A Hamad 2-31)
    Leinster 221-3 (40.0 overs, G Dockrell 64*, J Caroll 55*, M Patil 37, R Allen 2-46)
  • Irish Cup
    YMCA beat Cork Harlequins by 7 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 19 May.
    Cork Harlequins 159 (47.2 overs, T Williamson 75 , M Bruster 36, H Tector 5-32, J Barnes 2-19, Simi Singh 2-22)
    YMCA 161-3 (23.3 overs, Simi Singh 92, J Tector 26)
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf beat Brigade by 102 runs.
    Castle Avenue, 19 May.
    Clontarf 263-7 (50.0 overs, A Pienaar 92, W Azmat 50, B Coglan 46, J Thompson 2-38, A Britton 2-52, J Robinson 2-60)
    Brigade 161 (38.2 overs, J Thompson 59, A Pienaar 3-44, S Dutt 2-14, D Delany 2-25)
  • Irish Cup
    CIYMS beat North County by 117 runs.
    Belmont, 19 May.
    CIYMS 220 (49.0 overs, C Dougherty 122, J Mulder 35, E Richardson 3-40, M Nofal 3-41)
    North County 103 (36.0 overs, M Nofal 59, N Jones 4-32, A Coulter 2-25, T Britton 2-8)
  • Irish Cup
    Donemana lost to Merrion by 1 run.
    The Holm, 19 May.
    Merrion 295-7 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 78, J Carty 72, D Joyce 72, G Boyd 3-44)
    Donemana 294 (50.0 overs, A McBrine 90, G McClintock 85, M Cooray 32, T Kane 3-30, P Mehta 3-45, J Carty 2-37)
  • Irish Cup
    Fox Lodge lost to North Down by 5 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 19 May.
    Fox Lodge 165 (47.1 overs, B Allen 52, S Nelson 3- 27, M Grossett 2-42)
    North Down 169-5 (32.0 overs, A Shields 80, R Pretorius 26, L Finlay 2-23)
  • Irish Cup
    Cork County lost to Strabane by 4 runs.
    Mardyke, 19 May.
    Strabane 222-8 (50.0 overs, P Gillespie 82, R Logue 40, R Gallagher 31, M Bauer 4-44, D Carey 2 -42)
    Cork County 218 (49.4 overs, R Durity 51, S Meads 28*, C Hassett 28, R Gallagher 4-31)
  • Irish Cup
    Malahide lost to Muckamore by 1 wicket.
    Malahide, 19 May.
    Malahide 212-6 (50.0 overs, G Ford 80, P Chase 40*, F Iqbal 2-25, P Khartik 2-38)
    Muckamore 216-9 (48.1 overs, C Drummond 108*, N Gill 32, J Newland 5-20, D O'Halloran 2-13)
  • Irish Cup
    Bready lost to CSNI by 73 runs.
    Magheramason, 19 May.
    CSNI 243-8 (50.0 overs, M Ellison 131, A Wright 69, C Young 4-33, D Scanlon 3-40)
    Bready 170 (46.4 overs, I Samarasooriya 42, A Lucas 38*, R Barr 26, B Adair 3-18, S Ross 3-39)
  • Irish Cup
    Phoenix beat Ardmore by 6 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 19 May.
    Ardmore 190 (45.2 overs, K Martin 60, D Curry 34, F Coutts 3-38, B White 3-43, R Anders 2-23)
    Phoenix 192-4 (41.2 overs, R Lawrence 74*, B Kneebone 63, G Neely 2-20)
  • Irish Cup
    Armagh lost to Balbriggan by 9 wickets.
    The Mall, 19 May.
    Armagh 164 (50.0 overs, C Russell 49*, E Ahmed 3-41, F Zazar 2-23, E Uddin 2-23)
    Balbriggan 168-1 (29.5 overs, C Fletcher 88*, F Nazar 37*)
  • Irish Cup
    Carrickfergus beat Coleraine by 119 runs.
    Middle Road, 19 May.
    Carrickfergus 237-8 (50.0 overs, J Burton 87, D Poulton 65, S Campbell 4-42)
    Coleraine 118 (40.4 overs, G Hume 30, R Eagleson 5-15, A Martin 2-26)

Byes: Instonians, Pembroke, The Hills & Waringstown.

Reports & Articles
CIYMS face familiar foes in North County
NCU Premier League champions CIYMS will have familiar opposition in the first round of the Irish Senior Cup next year.
Irish and National Cup - First round Draws
In Irish Senior Cup holders Waringstown and runners up Merrion have byes into the second round.
Joyce blasts used pitch as Merrion lose to Waringstown
The pitch was the talking point through the day with Cricket Ireland Ė for reasons which still havenít been explained Ė insisting that the final be played on a pitch which had been used for two of Irelandís matches against Afghanistan last week.
No Kidding, Waringstown win again
The celebrations when Gary Kidd took John Andersonís wicket told their own story. It was only the third but Waringstown knew they had got the big fish and the Villagers were on their way to retaining the Irish Cup.
Waringstown top dogs
Waringstown confirmed their status as Irelandís leading club with an 85-run victory in the Irish Senior Cup final at Stormont.
Joy of six for Waringstown
Waringstown beat Merrion by 85 runs to clinch the Irish Senior Cup for a record-breaking sixth time.
All roads lead to Stormont
ALL roads lead to Stormont on Saturday for the Irish Cup final between two familiar foes. Waringstown defend the trophy against Merrion the team they defeated in 2015 but lost to the following year.
Familiar foes in Irish Cup final
WARINGSTOWN will play Merrion in the final of the Irish Cup for the third time in four years after the two best teams came through their semi-finals in contrasting styles.
Waringstown and Merrion to meet in Irish Cup final
Half centuries from Kyle McCallan and Shaheen Khan saw Waringstown coast past Strabane, while John Anderson's brilliant unbeaten 99 got Merrion over the line with a two-wicket win at Clontarf.
Battle of Ulster for Irish Cup final place
ITíS the battle of Ulster on Sunday for a place in the Irish Cup final when Strabane host holders Waringstown, who are aiming to become the first team to play in four successive deciders.
Irish Senior Cup Draw sees the holders travel to Strabane
Half an hour before they took the field in the Challenge Cup final yesterday, holders Waringstown were drawn away to Strabane in the semi-final of the Irish Senior Cup.
Intriguing clashes in Irish and National Cup draws
Strabane entertain Waringstown, while Clontarf host Merrion in the Irish Senior Cup. In the National Cup Ballyspallen take on Rush, while Co. Galway face Limerick.
Big guns make Irish Cup semi-finals
Waringstown, Merrion, Clontarf and surprise package Strabane have reached the semi-finals of the Irish Senior Cup.
Waringstown ease into semi-finals
WARINGSTOWN, the Irish Senior Cup holders, eased into another semi-final with a crushing 133 runs victory over Pembroke in Dublin.
T20 finalists taking shape
The Sunday Independent All-Ireland Twenty20 finals in Bready next month is taking shape, and youíll get good odds on it having the same line-up as last yearís inaugural festival.
Take two for Irish Senior Cup
IT is take two on Sunday for the three Ulster teams involved in the Irish Senior Cup quarter-finals, the only difference they have had to give up home advantage, following last weekendís wash-outs.
CSNI face tough task against Clontarf
CIVIL Service North defend a proud record when they take on Clontarf in the quarter-finals of the Irish Senior Cup; they are unbeaten in 50-over Cup games this season.
Merrion seeking 6th final in nine years
MERRION resume their quest for a sixth Irish Cup final in nine years tomorrow when they host Leinster in the only quarter-final between teams in the same union.
McCallan back as Waringstown face crucial weekend
The Villagers host CIYMS in a Twenty20 Cup semi-final on Friday night, before a league fixture against Armagh on Saturday and an Irish Senior Cup quarter-final against Pembroke on Sunday.
Holders knocked out of Ulster Plate
Holders CIYMS crashed out of the Ulster Plate as they were beaten by Ardmore. Donemana defeat Waringstown, while Bready edge out North Down. Muckamore fly the flag for NCU with big win over Fox Lodge.
Ulster teams get kind draw
It was another kind draw for Ulster teams in the Irish Cup when all three sides in the last eight were given home advantage in the quarter-finals.
Holders through but Leinster sides dominate
Holders Waringstown are safely through to the last eight of the Irish Senior Cup but it was a day dominated by Leinster sides who will have five sides in the quarter-final draw.
Gill looking to keep momentum going
Muckamoreís reward for a dramatic one-wicket win over Malahide in the first round of the Irish Senior Cup will be a trip to Strabane on Sunday.
Irish Cup number one priority for Thompson
Greg Thompson, the Waringstown captain, admits that the Irish Cup is the pinnacle of club cricket and the holders are desperate to reach a fourth successive final.
Holders through in Ulster Plate
Holders CIYMS are through to the quarter-finals of the Ulster Plate after a convincing 8-wicket win at Bonds Glen.
Ulster Plate draw made
The draw has been made for the quarter-finals of the Ulster Plate with some intriguing ties down for decision.
Huge ties in last 16 of Irish Senior Cup
Holders Waringstown have been handed a home draw against Dublin kingpins YMCA in the draw for the last 16 of the Irish Senior Cup.
Kane keeps cool to seal Merrion win
Tyrone Kane was the star for Merrion as they won the match of the day in the first round of the Irish Cup in a thrilling finale.
Just what the Doc ordered
Chris Dougherty turned CIYMSís Irish Cup tie into a solo performance to knock out five-time winners North County.
Merrion win thriller at Donemana
There will be eight Leinster sides in the last 16 of the Irish Cup after a pulsating day's play across Ireland.
Seven NCU sides in last 16 of Irish Cup
It was an excellent day for NCU teams in the Irish Senior Cup with five of the six teams in action joining holders Waringstown and Instonians in the last 16 of Ireland's premier cup competition.
Stormont to host Irish and National Cup finals
Stormont will play host to both the finals of the Irish and National Cups in early September.