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  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat Waringstown by 56 runs. Castle Avenue, 27 August.
    Merrion 252-9 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 109, D Joyce 67, P Eaglestone 3-57, C Pienaar 2 -39)
    Waringstown 196 (47.1 overs, L Nelson 48, J Hall 37, D Dawson 28, W von Behr 3-38, T Kane 2-25, D Langford-Smithf 2-28)
Scorecard Waringstown beat Instonians by 3 wickets, 13 August.
Scorecard Merrion beat YMCA by 4 wickets, 13 August.
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Instonians by 7 wickets. 13 August.
    Instonians 220-8 (50.0 overs, A White 70, R Theron 48, G Kidd 3-33)
    Waringstown 224-3 (44.5 overs, G Thompson 74*, L Nelson 70*, J Hall 45)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat YMCA by 4 wickets. 13 August.
    YMCA 251 (49.0 overs, S Terry 51, A Lewis 48, H Tector 38, D Langford-Smith 4-8)
    Merrion 257-6 (49.4 overs, J Anderson 74*, P Tice 63, D Joyce 62, Yaqoob Ali 3-58)
Round 3
Scorecard YMCA beat CIYMS by 46 runs, 18 July.
Scorecard North County lost to Waringstown by 8 wickets, 17 July.
Scorecard Phoenix lost to Instonians by 63 runs, 17 July.
Scorecard Report Merrion v Derriaghy, 10 July.
  • Irish Cup
    North County lost to Waringstown by 8 wickets. Inch, 17 July.
    North County 107 (31.3 overs, A Sheridan 29, C Pienaar 3-31, P Eaglestone 2-27, G Kidd 2-27)
    Waringstown 111-2 (18.5 overs, J McCollum 64*)
  • Irish Cup
    YMCA beat CIYMS by 46 runs. Claremont Road, 17 July.
    YMCA 248-5 (50.0 overs, T Fisher 66, H Tector 51, S Singh 40, Z Rushe 2-38, J Kemp 2-58)
    CIYMS 202 (45.4 overs, J Matchett 29, N Jones 29, Y Ali 3-23, H Tector 3-54, J Parkinson 2-22)
  • Irish Cup
    Phoenix lost to Instonians by 63 runs. Phoenix Park, 17 July.
    Instonians 290-9 (50.0 overs, Nikolai Smith 94, A White 70, J Shannon 45, S Anderson 3-46, T Anders r 2-29)
    Phoenix 227 (44.0 overs, N Pretorius 97, A Chester 28, M Scott 27, Nathan Smith 3-34, S Bunting 3-43, R McKinley 2-36)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat Derriaghy by 10 wickets. Anglesea Road, 10 July.
    Derriaghy 54-9 all out (25.4 overs, T Stanton 3-10, D Joyce 2-7, H Kennedy 2-15)
    Merrion 55-0 (6.3 overs, P Tice 33*, M Lewis 20*)
Round 2
Scorecard Eglinton lost to Waringstown by 10 wickets, 29 May.
Scorecard Fox Lodge lost to YMCA by 8 wickets, 29 May.
Scorecard North County beat Malahide by262 runs, 29 May.
Scorecard Instonians beat Pembroke by 6 wickets, 29 May.
Scorecard Merrion beat Carrickfergus by 104 runs, 29 May.
Scorecard Cork County lost to Phoenix by 140 runs, 29 May.
Scorecard The Hills lost to CIYMS by 5 wickets, 29 May.
Scorecard Derriaghy beat County Galway by 7 wickets, 29 May.
  • Irish Cup
    Eglinton lost to Waringstown by 10 wickets. Eglinton, 29 May.
    Eglinton 124 (47.5 overs, R Allen 52*, C Averill 25, P Eaglestone 3-17, J Hall 3-20, C Pienaar 3-34)
    Waringstown 129-0 (16.1 overs, J Hall 80*, J McCollum 39*)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat Carrickfergus by 104 runs. Angelsea Road, 29 May.
    Merrion 300-8 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 143, D Joyce 34, W von Behr 29, A Martin 3-58, R Eagleson 2-35, A Haggan 2-46)
    Carrickfergus 196 (47.1 overs, P Botha 107, W von Behr 3-32, J Anderson 3-42, T Kane 2-34)
  • Irish Cup
    Cork County lost to Phoenix by 140 runs. The Mardyke, 29 May.
    Phoenix 242 (49.0 overs, N Pretorius 87, S Anderson 32, R Strydom 32, A Cawley 4-42, T Clifford 2-19, S Grobler 2-35)
    Cork County 102 (33.3 overs, R Strydom 4-16, A Morris 3-34, B White 2-33)
  • Irish Cup
    North County beat Malahide by 262 runs. Balrothery, 29 May.
    North County 352 (49.5 overs, J Andrews 77, A Coughlan 60, T Richardson 56, C Shoebridge 3-55, P Chase 2-53, L Muttahotil 2-54)
    Malahide 90 (25.0 overs, A Sheridan 5-13, C Sheil 3-17)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills lost to CIYMS by 5 wickets. Milverton, 29 May.
    The Hills 193-9 (50.0 overs, C McLoughlin-Gavin 37, M Sorensen 29, J Kemp 3-40, J Matchett 2-19, J Thompson 2-39)
    CIYMS 194-5 (46.4 overs, N Jones 60, J Kemp 58, J Thompson 30*, H Shah 2-54)
  • Irish Cup
    Derriaghy beat County Galway by 7 wickets. Queensway, 29 May.
    County Galway 79 (20.0 overs, M Ali 27, C Moorhead 3-6, W Hughes 3-13, P Bell 2-12)
    Derriaghy 83-2 (14.1 overs, C Lewis 26*, K Mamood 2-40)
  • Irish Cup
    Fox Lodge lost to YMCA by 8 wickets. Ballymagorry, 29 May.
    Fox Lodge 104 (31.2 overs, H Tector 3-14, Y Ali 2-18, T Fisher 2-23)
    YMCA 105-2 (24.5 overs, S Singh 46*, T Fisher 26)
  • Irish Cup
    Instonians beat Pembroke by 6 wickets. Shaw's Bridge, 29 May.
    Pembroke 246-9 (50.0 overs, D Solway 91, B Hoey 38, L McNamara 3-34, Nathan Smith 3-49)
    Instonians 249-4 (48.1 overs, Nikolai Smith 107, A White 40, J Balbirnie 2-60)
Round 1
Scorecard Derriaghy beat Donemana by 10 runs, 22 May.
Scorecard CIYMS beat Brigade by 6 wickets, 22 May.
Scorecard Carrickfergus beat Drummond by 7 wickets, 22 May.
Scorecard Malahide beat Strabane by 9 runs, 22 May.
Scorecard Leinster v Fox Lodge, 7 May.
Scorecard Instonians v Clontarf, 7 May.
Scorecard Waringstown v Bready, 7 May.
Scorecard North County v Ardmore, 7 May.
Scorecard North Down v YMCA, 7 May.
Scorecard Pembroke v Lisburn, 7 May.
Scorecard The Hills v CSNI, 7 May.
Scorecard Muckamore v Eglinton, 7 May.
Scorecard Phoenix v St Johnston, 7 May.
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat Coleraine (3-2) in a bowlout. Anglesea Road, 22 May.
  • Irish Cup
    CIYMS beat Brigade by 6 wickets. Belmont, 22 May.
    Brigade 142 (41.2 overs, I Hussain 30, R Hunter 28, J Kemp 4-27, J Thompson 2-14, D Robinson 2-17)
    CIYMS 143-4 (43.2 overs, N Jones 73*, Karthik Rajavelu 55, A Britton 2-30)
  • Irish Cup
    Derriaghy beat Donemana by 10 runs. Queensway, 22 May.
    Derriaghy 282-5 (50.0 overs, K Aphale 112, C Lewis 105)
    Donemana 272 (47.3 overs, R-L Dougherty 72, R McBrine 51, G McLintock 39, C Moorehead 3-29, W Hughes 2-50, R Cummins 2-54)
  • Irish Cup
    Carrickfergus beat Drummond by 7 wickets. Middle Road, 22 May.
    Drummond 107 (26.3 overs, D Carlin 49, A Martin 5-19, R Eagleson 3-39, M Armstrong 2-11)
    Carrickfergus 111-3 (24.0 overs, M Gilmour 26, N Stewart 2-22)
  • Irish Cup
    Railway Union lost to Cork County (1-2) in a bowlout. Park Avenue, 22 May.
  • Irish Cup
    Pembroke beat Lisburn by 6 wickets. Sydney Parade, 7 May.
    Lisburn 167 (37.3 overs, S Lazars 79, C Chetty 31, P Lawson 3-19)
    Pembroke 168-4 (31.0 overs, D Solway 46, L Tucker 32*, T Lawson 30, R McConkey 3-47)
  • Irish Cup
    Phoenix beat St Johnston by 7 wickets. Phoenix Park, 7 May.
    St Johnston 139 (40.2 overs, A MacBeth 44*, D Lapsley 27, A Morris 4-23, B White 2-31)
    Phoenix 143-3 (12.4 overs, R Strydom 100, D Anthony 2-38)
  • Irish Cup
    North County beat Ardmore by 8 wickets. Inch, 7 May.
    Ardmore 159 (36.4 overs, S Dunn 42*, C Curley 28, K Ali 3-20, E Richardson 3-37, T Richardson 3-41)
    North County 163-2 (31.0 overs, C Armstrong 74, T Sheil 55*)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Bready by 8 wickets. The Lawn, 7 May.
    Bready 70 (19.5 overs, C Young 33, C Pienaar 3-7, G Kidd 2-11, K McCallan 2-20)
    Waringstown 73-2 (15.3 overs, J McCollum 28*)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat CSNI by 6 wickets. Milverton, 7 May.
    CSNI 148 (34.4 overs, G McCarter 33, P Beverland 29, N Shaukat 4-22)
    The Hills 150-4 (30.3 overs, M Baumgart 68, H Shah 35)
  • Irish Cup
    North Down lost to YMCA by 10 wickets. Comber, 7 May.
    North Down 110-9 (24.0 overs, P Eakin 35, P Malan 32, Y Ali 4-24, S Singh 2-18, T Fisher 2-22)
    YMCA 108-0 (17.4 overs, T Fisher 50*, J Tector 46*)
    DLS Method: par score 108 in 24 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Instonians beat Clontarf by 2 wickets. Shaw's Bridge, 7 May.
    Clontarf 135-9 (25.0 overs, A Poynter 51, Nathan Smith 3-27, S Bunting 2-18)
    Instonians 154-8 (25.0 overs, Nikolai Smith 56, A White 39, S Dutt 3-26, J Morrissey 3-38)
    DLS Method: par score 151 in 25 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Muckamore lost to Eglinton by 72 runs. Moylena, 7 May.
    Eglinton 235-4 (38.1 overs, A Millar 72, S Thompson 65, J Millar 27*, A Adey 2-23)
    Muckamore 199-8 (38.0 overs, A Dandekar 104*, O Williams 3-35, J Millar 2-27, A Millar 2-43)
    DLS Method: par score 271 in 38 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Leinster lost to Fox Lodge by 55 runs. Rathmines, 7 May.
    Fox Lodge 233-9 (50.0 overs, B Allen 94, J Milligan 43, A McGinnis 35, J Carroll 3-37, T Law 3-46)
    Leinster 178 (45.4 overs, D Coad 64, J Carroll 39, A McGinnis 3-39, A Heywood 2-33, J Milligan 2-39)

Bye: Co Galway

Reports & Articles
Byes for top NCU pair
Waringstown, last year's beaten finalists, and Instonians have been given byes into the second round of next year's competition with four fewer teams taking part.
Tough draws for NW sides
The draws for next season's Irish Senior and National Cups took place in Dublin on Wednesday and North West sides look to have a job on their hands once again if they are to buck a pretty ordinary recent trend in the country's premier cup competition.
2017 Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup - first round draw.
The 2016 finalists Merrion and Waringstown have byes in the first round. Instonians and YMCA also receive first round byes.
Derriaghy target another major scalp
IT MIGHT be a little early to say Derriaghy are doing a Leicester but if they win their Irish Senior Cup tie at Donemana, the rest of the country might have to sit up and take notice.
NW looks to improve dismal recent record
There has been precious little time for clubs to find their feet after last week's first round of league matches but we're already into one of the most pivotal days of the season this Saturday with the start of the Irish Senior Cup
NCU sides hoping to avoid carnage
Traditionally the first couple of rounds of the Irish Senior Cup end in carnage from an NCU perspective. Last year six fell at the first hurdle and the previous year, even worse it was seven.
Irish Senior Cup round-up
News from the nine Irish Senior Cup ties that beat the elements, including a last over win for Instonians over Clontarf and wins for Waringstown, YMCA, Eglinton, Fox Lodge, The Hills, Pembroke, Phoenix and North County.
Waringstown and Instonians progress in Irish Cup
HOLDERS Waringstown are safely through to the second round of the Irish Senior Cup after an emphatic eight wicket win against Bready in a rain-affected contest.
Eglinton and Fox Lodge fly flag for NW
Performance of the day was split between Eglinton and Fox Lodge; the former recovering from last weekend's mauling by Donemana as they proved too strong for Muckamore while the Foxies continued to hold the Indian sign over Leinster.
Leinster sides dominate in Irish Cups
Six wins out of eight with three more home ties to come, should ensure another dominant first round for Leinster teams in the Irish Senior Cup.
Mixed fortunes for Northern sides
EGLINTON and Fox Lodge did the North West proud in the first round of the Irish Senior Cup, one with an emphatic win, the other with a surprise victory.
Foxies on the march
While there was plenty of rain up and down the country however, the teams drawn away from home enjoyed better fortunes and that was certainly true for one team in particular.
And then there were two
All five NW sides in replay action crash out of Irish Senior Cup, while 2006 winners Railway Union are beaten in a bowl-out by Cork County.
NCU sides to the fore in Irish Senior Cup
Derriaghy win again while the Carrickfergus road show continues, and CIYMS ease to victory over Brigade.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws
The draws have been made for the second rounds of both the Irish Senior and National Cups.
Anderson continues to send message to selectors
Rain ruined yesterday's Irish Senior Cup action but Cork County and Merrion aren't complaining.
Black Sunday for NW clubs
Local cricket and it was certainly a case of black Sunday for NW clubs as all five who were in action crashed out of the Irish Senior Cup.
Derriaghy do it again
They have had to wait three weeks to follow-up their success against CIYMS, but proved that win was no fluke by knocking Donemana out of the Irish Cup on another woeful day for NW teams in their bogey competition.
Clash of the villagers
Eglinton's John Pierce labelled this one the villagers v the villagers as soon as the draw was made and while the North West side was delighted with the prospect of such a high profile game, they are in no doubt at all about the size of the test in front of them.
Irish Senior Cup Round-Up
Holders Waringstown are one of four NCU sides through the last 8 of the Irish Senior Cup after they trounced Eglinton by 10 wickets.
Four NCU sides reach Irish Cup last 8
When was the last time four clubs from the Northern Cricket Union, for too long bit-part players in Ireland's premier knockout competition, reached the quarter-finals of the Irish Cup?
Waringstown lead NCU charge in Irish Cup
HOLDERS Waringstown led the NCU's charge into the quarter-finals of the Irish Senior Cup where, for the first time since 2000, they will provide half of the last eight.
Dyke defends delay
The tournament director of cricket's Irish Cup has defended the scheduling of the quarter-final draw almost two-and-a-half weeks after Sunday's second round ties were completed.
Cricket Ireland own goal over Irish Cup
Cricket Ireland have undoubtedly missed a trick over their handling of the Irish Cup quarter-final draw.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws
HOLDERS Waringstown face five times winners North County in the quarter-finals of the Irish Senior Cup in the draw made at Malahide.
Weather may benefit Leinster sides
THREE of the Leinster sides left in the Irish Senior Cup will be hoping the poor weather forecast for tomorrow proves accurate as it will give them home advantage in any rearrangement next Sunday.
Merrion crush Derriaghy to reach semi final
Merrion were convincing 10 wicket winners against Derriaghy to reach the semi-finals of the Irish Senior Cup.
Holders Waringstown safely through
Holders Waringstown, YMCA, and Instonians join Merrion in the semi-final draw.
Irish Cup Semi-final draw
Holders Waringstown have been handed a home draw against fellow NCU side Instonians in the semi-finals of the Irish Senior Cup.
Merrion and Waringstown meet in final again
Merrion and Waringstown will meet again in the final of the Irish Senior Cup in a repeat of the 2015 final.
Holders go to Town and book place in final
Holders Waringstown impressively secured a third Irish Cup final appearance in six seasons as Greg Thompson put Instonians to the sword.
Partners in Crime
Lee Nelson and Greg Thompson produced one of the great Irish Cup partnerships at The Lawn as holders Waringstown beat Instonians to book a repeat of last year's final with Merrion.
Waringstown out to make history
Waringstown will attempt to become only the second team in the 35-year history of the Irish Cup to retain the trophy tomorrow when they face Merrion in this year's final at Castle Avenue.
Waringstown ready for Merrion challenge
The highlight of the Irish club season takes place at Clontarf on Saturday when Irish Cup holders Waringstown defend their title against Merrion ñ in a repeat of the 2015 decider.
Up for the Cup
Waringstown and Merrion will meet in the 'Battle of Clontarf' in a repeat of the 2015 Irish Senior Cup final in what promises to be an occasion to saviour, while Laois and Rush meet in all-Leinster National Cup final.
Anderson the hero as Merrion win Bob Kerr trophy
AS the 2016 cricket season winds down, no-one will have as much cause for satisfaction as John Anderson.
Anderson stars as Merrion lift cup
Despite a concussion which put him out for three weeks, he has scored well over 1,000 runs and yesterday crowned the summer with a match-winning century as Merrion put their battle against relegation aside to regain the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Waringstown fail at the final hurdle
WARINGSTOWN failed in their attempt to retain the Irish Senior Cup as Merrion gained revenge for last year's final defeat with a comfortable 56 runs victory at Clontarf.
Anderson century leads Merrion to cup glory
JOHN ANDERSON'S superb century led Merrion to their second Irish Senior Cup title as they beat holders Waringstown by 56 runs at a sun-drenched Castle Avenue.
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