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  • Irish Cup
    Merrion lost to Clontarf by 6 wickets.
    Malahide, 24 August.
    Merrion 253-7 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 87, B Thompson 78, D Joyce 51*, Z van der Merwe 4-46)
    Clontarf 254-4 (49.0 overs, A Poynter 102*, E Delany 42, A Botha 42)
  • Irish Cup
    YMCA lost to Clontarf by 5 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 3 August.
    YMCA 215-7 (50.0 overs, T Johnston 66*, R Strydom 74, J Bray 44, J Morrisey 3 - 37, J Morrissey 3-37, Z van der Merwe 2-40)
    Clontarf 176-5 (31.2 overs, B Coghlan 80*, V Gopal 72, S Singh 3-26)
    DL Method: par score 175 in 34 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    CSNI lost to Merrion by 92 runs.
    Stormont, 3 August.
    Merrion 292-5 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 86*, B Thompson 45, P Blakeney 45*, B Ackland 42, N Jones 2-29)
    CSNI 200 (41.0 overs, N Jones 49, A Coulter 33, C McMorran 32, J Anderson 3-41, D Joyce 2-30, S Morrissey 2-38, D Watkins 2-43)
Round 3
  • Irish Cup
    CSNI beat The Hills by 8 wickets.
    Stormont, 7 July.
    The Hills 199 (49.2 overs, D Calder 36, M Pretorious 30, N Jones 3-17, C McMorran 3-17, C Andrews 3-42)
    CSNI 200-2 (28.1 overs, N Jones 80*, A Cowden 60)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown lost to Merrion by 67 runs.
    The Lawn, 7 July.
    Merrion 206 (49.2 overs, B Thompson 63, K Beasley 39, D Joyce 31, K McCallan 3-36, O Pienaar 2-29, G Kidd 2-32)
    Waringstown 139 (35.0 overs, J Bushe 70, D Watkins 3-13, S McDonald 2-7, J Anderson 2-33)
  • Irish Cup
    Fox Lodge lost to Clontarf by 5 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 7 July.
    Fox Lodge 140 (35.1 overs, A McGinnis 101, J Morrissey 4-12, Z van der Merwe 3-22, A Botha 2-39)
    Clontarf 141-5 (41.1 overs, A Botha 65*, I Hussain 2-15, J Robinson 2-33)
  • Irish Cup
    YMCA beat North County by 7 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 7 July.
    North County 217 (50.0 overs, C Armstrong 64, E Richardson 30, Y Ali 5-39, S Singh 3-20)
    YMCA 223-3 (47.1 overs, A van der Merwe 83*, S Singh 68, A Lewis 54*)
Round 2
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Donemana by 172 runs.
    The Lawn, 8 June.
    Waringstown 283-4 (50.0 overs, G Thompson 78*, O Pienaar 64, J Hall 47, K McCallan 40)
    Donemana 111 (31.4 overs, J Hall 3-17)
  • Irish Cup
    YMCA beat Pembroke by 8 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 8 June.
    Pembroke 234-8 (50.0 overs, T Lawson 104, B McDonald 48, Simi Singh 5-50)
    YMCA 236-4 (48.1 overs, A van der Merwe 78, A Lewis 61)
  • Irish Cup
    Railway Union lost to North County by 8 wickets.
    Park Avenue, 8 June.
    Railway Union 74 (20.2 overs, J Mooney 5-13)
    North County 75-2 (13.0 overs)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat North Down by 24 runs.
    Anglesea Road, 8 June.
    Merrion 250 (49.3 overs, J Anderson 77, D Joyce 65, T Ley 3-41)
    North Down 226 (48.3 overs, N Larkin 96, R Haire 47, D Joyce 3-62)
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf beat Phoenix by 8 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 8 June.
    Phoenix 120 (41.4 overs, J Morrissey 3-27, P Ryan 3-11)
    Clontarf 124-2 (19.3 overs, B Coghlan 60*)
  • Irish Cup
    Fox Lodge beat Carrickfergus by 7 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 8 June.
    Carrickfergus 159 (42.5 overs, A Haggan 36, J Robinson 5-31)
    Fox Lodge 161-3 (24.4 overs, I Hussain 67*)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat CIYMS by 1 wicket.
    The Vineyard, 8 June.
    CIYMS 126 (39.3 overs, N Shoukat 3-22, T Murphy 3-28)
    The Hills 127-9 (41.4 overs, S Dunn 5-29)
  • Irish Cup
    Bready lost to CSNI by 8 runs.
    Maghermason, 8 June.
    CSNI 260-9 (50.0 overs, G Nieuwoudt 103, D Scanlon 3-38)
    Bready 252-8 (50.0 overs, R Ramoo 100*, van der Merwe 68, M Olphert 46)
Round 1
  • Irish Cup
    Terenure v Donemana - match awarded to Donemana.
    30 May.
  • Irish Cup
    YMCA beat Lisburn by 9 wickets.
    Claremont Road, 2 June.
    Lisburn 178 (49.0 overs, D Simpson 50, Yaqoob Ali 3-21)
    YMCA 179-1 (29.2 overs, R Strydom 93*, J Tector 57*)
  • Irish Cup
    Railway Union beat Downpatrick by 5 wickets.
    Park Avenue, 2 June.
    Downpatrick 111 (37.1 overs, P Collins 3-8, Jitendra Singh 3-23)
    Railway Union 112-5 (17.0 overs)
  • Irish Cup
    Cork County lost to Carrickfergus by 121 runs.
    Mardyke, 1 June.
    Carrickfergus 263-4 (50.0 overs, L Delport 84, A Haggan 45, R Eagleson 66*)
    Cork County 142 (38.0 overs, M Bauer 48, A Haggan 4-27)
  • Irish Cup
    Lurgan lost to Bready by 3 wickets.
    Pollock Park, 26 May.
    Lurgan 237 (50.0 overs, P Haire 59, R Ramoo 3-23, D Scanlon 3-36)
    Bready 240-7 (48.0 overs, D Rankin 87, D Barr 69, P Stafford 3-33)
  • Irish Cup
    Phoenix beat Eglinton by 3 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 24 May.
    Eglinton 206 (50.0 overs, S Olphert 52, M Ahmed 4-41, C Kelly 3-32)
    Phoenix 207-7 (44.4 overs, S Ali 51, C Kelly 42, R Allen 3-41)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Bonds Glen by 95 runs.
    The Lawn, 24 May.
    Waringstown 257-5 (40.0 overs, K McCallan 123*, James Hall 41, O Pienaar 43)
    Bonds Glen 162 (40.0 overs, G Dilruk 59, A Buchannan 35, P Eaglestone 3-24)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat Coleraine by 99 runs.
    Anglesea Road, 24 May.
    Merrion 239-3 (25.0 overs, J Anderson 105*, B Acklamd 58, D Joyce 40*)
    Coleraine 140-8 (25.0 overs, D Cooke 36, P Douglas 37*, D Podre 4-32)
  • Irish Cup
    Leinster lost to North Down by 5 wickets.
    Observatory Lane, Rathmines, 11 May.
    Leinster 177 (50.0 overs, M Moreland 4-22)
    North Down 179-5 (36.3 overs, J Terrett 78, P Eakin 38*, S Moreton 3-44)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat Instonians by 27 runs.
    Milverton, 11 May.
    The Hills 214-5 (39.0 overs, N Pretorious 55, M Baumgart 42, M Sorensen 66*)
    Instonians 170 (28.2 overs, A White 50, N Russell 40, Nazeer Shaukat 3-36)
    DL Method: par score 197 in 31 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Pembroke beat Creevedonnell by 7 wickets.
    11 May.
    Creevedonnell 70 (30.1 overs, R Hopkins 3-4, R Hastie 3-14)
    Pembroke 71-3 (21.3 overs)
  • Irish Cup
    CIYMS beat Glendermott by 6 wickets.
    11 May.
    Glendermott 127-9 (42.0 overs, S Dunn 3-28)
    CIYMS 118-4 (30.3 overs, C Dougherty 57*)
    DL Method: par score 117 in 34 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    CSNI beat Strabane by 5 wickets.
    Stormont, 11 May.
    Strabane 155-8 (42.0 overs, K Martin 49, P Gillespie 38, C Andrews 3-20)
    CSNI 158-5 (32.1 overs, W Horwood 39)
    DL Method: par score 155 in 33 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    North County beat Brigade by 6 wickets.
    Balrothery, 11 May.
    Brigade 161 (37.0 overs)
    North County 148-4 (26.3 overs, C Garry 54, J Mooney 41*)
    DL Method: par score 147 in 36 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf beat Ballymena by 105 runs.
    Castle Avenue, 11 May.
    Clontarf 208-8 (45.0 overs, B Coghlan 94, E Delany 73)
    Ballymena 85 (31.0 overs)
    DL Method: par score 210 in 45 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Cork Harlequins lost to Fox Lodge by 112 runs.
    11 May.
    Fox Lodge 232-7 (50.0 overs, D McCarter 74,J Milligan 37, I Hussain 29)
    Cork Harlequins 120 (34.2 overs, R O'Keefe 55, J Milligan 4-5)
  • Cork County beat Carrickfergus.
Preliminary Round
Scorecard Rush v Terenure, 28 April.
Scorecard Malahide v Clontarf, 28 April.
  • Irish Cup
    Malahide lost to Clontarf by 120 runs.
    The Village , Malahide, 28 April.
    Clontarf 232-7 (50.0 overs, A Cusack 82, J Coglan 41, C Riches 4-54)
    Malahide 112
  • Irish Cup
    Rush lost to Terenure by 2 wickets.
    Kenure, 28 April.
    Rush 222-9 (50 overs, E Conway 40, P Sheridan 40, I Jehangir 3-23)
    Terenure 225-8 (47.3 overs, E Ahmed 53, T Fisher 44)
Reports & Articles
Tough draw for NW sides
The draw for the Irish Senior and National cups took place in Dublin on Thursday and North West sides will have it all to do again in 2014 if they are to improve on this year's showings in both competitions.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws
Holders Clontarf have been handed a potentially tricky away day tie at NCU side Lisburn in the opening round of the 2014 RSA Irish Senior Cup.
Poynter brilliance ensures Clontarf glory
A brilliant century by Andrew Poynter proved the difference between the sides in the final of the RSA Irish Senior Cup last night.
Poynter stars as Clontarf lift Bob Kerr trophy
Andrew Poynter scored a brilliant unbeaten century to guide Clontarf to their first Irish Senior Cup victory in front of a large crowd at Malahide.
Clontarf claim first Irish Senior Cup crown
A superb undefeated hundred from Ireland International Andrew Poynter catapulted Clontarf to their first RSA Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup victory with an over to spare.
Malahide hosts a tasty appetiser
The cream of club cricket gets a chance to show off its quality in front of the 10,000 capacity stands at the RSA Irish Senior Cup final on Saturday.
Who will win the cup?
CricketEurope asked a variety of well known Irish cricketing figures who they think will lift the Bob Kerr trophy at Malahide on Saturday.
Clontarf looking to shock Merrion in Irish Cup Final
The 32nd RSA Irish Senior Cup final takes place on Saturday at the new international ground at Malahide. It's an all Leinster affair - the 8th time this has happened - with Clontarf taking on Merrion in an intriguing contest.
All Leinster affair in Irish Senior Cup
For the eighth time in 12 years, it will be an all-Leinster Irish Senior Cup final with Merrion facing Clontarf at Malahide on Saturday, August 24.
Merrion too strong for CSN
For the 11th time in 12 years there will be no NCU team in the Irish Cup final after Civil Service North fell at the penultimate hurdle, going down to Merrion by 92 runs at Stormont.
Clontarf beat YMCA to reach Irish Cup final
Bill Coghlan scores unbeaten 80 to lead Clontarf to five wicket win against YMCA in Irish Cup semi-final.
Jones hoping to reach Irish Cup final
Ulster interest will be focused on the last four game at Stormont where Civil Service North will hope their recent improved batting form continues in their match of the season so far, against Merrion.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws
CSN meet Merrion, while YM host Clontarf in the all Leinster clash. In the National Cup, Malahide take on Rush, and Laurevale face Derriaghy.
YMCA and Merrion through to the semi-finals of Irish Cup
Albert van der Merwe scores 83 not out in YMCA victory over North County. Waringstown's batting crumbles at The Lawn as Merrion win by 67 runs.
Clontarf oust Fox Lodge despite McGinnis ton
Fox Lodge may have taken their leave of the Irish Senior Cup on Sunday but there can be very few times in its history that the competition has witnessed an innings dominated by one man the way theirs was on Sunday.
Van der Merwe hopeful of YMCA progress
YMCA skipper Albert van der Merwe is hoping YMCA can shake off missing players to progress in Irish Senior Cup.
Jones hopeful of Civil Service progress
It's a case of business as usual for Civil Service North as they attempt to oust holders The Hills from Irish Senior Cup.
Ulster sides hoping for home comforts in Irish Cup
The three remaining Ulster teams in the RSA Irish Senior Cup, are hoping it will be home sweet home in Sunday's quarter-finals.
Fox Lodge hoping to shock Clontarf
A look ahead to the four quarter final ties in the Irish Senior Cup which take place on Sunday.
Irish Senior and National Cup Draws
Test legends Rod Marsh and Phil Simmons make the two Irish Cup draws.
Leinster sides dominate in Irish Senior Cup
Holders The Hills are in the hat for Friday's quarter final draw for the RSA Irish Senior Cup, but only just, after a nervy one wicket win against CIYMS in a low scoring affair.
North Down Irish Cup misery continues
North Down's Irish Cup agony in Dublin shows no sign of ending. Even 96 from Nick Larkin could not prevent another second round exit, their third in a row in Leinster and their eighth against Dublin opposition in the last 10 years.
CIYMS give The Hills fright
CIYMS gave the RSA Irish Senior Cup holders the fright of their lives before The Hills won a thrilling second round tie by one wicket.
5 Leinster sides progress in Irish Cup
Holders The Hills win thriller, John Mooney inspires North County to comfortable win, Merrion, Clontarf and YMCA all progress.
Fox Lodge only NW side remaining in Irish Cup
It was to prove another disappointing day for local sides in Saturday's Irish Senior and RSA National Cup ties with four of the five involved in the two competitions failing to make it through to Round 3.
Waringstown and Donemana in double header
Cup draws have tended to keep two of the most famous clubs in Ireland apart over the years but by a twist of fate, they have been drawn together in both the RSA Irish Cup on Saturday and the Clubturf Ulster Cup on Sunday.
Irish Senior Cup round-up
YMCA, Railway Union and Carrickfergus progress to last 16 in the quest to capture the Bob Kerr Trophy.
Donemana awarded Irish Cup tie
The Cricket Committee of Cricket Ireland has ruled that the tie between Terenure and Donemana be awarded to Donemana. They will now play Waringstown in the second round on 8 June.
Bready ease NW misery in Irish Cup
Bready were the only NW winners out of four rearranged ties over the weekend.
Rankin helps Bready win at Lurgan
Bready confirmed their place in the second round of the RSA Irish Cup despite suffering a late scare against Lurgan at Pollock Park.
Irish Senior Cup refixes
Seven of the eight games have confirmed reschedule dates - Terenure versus Donemana is still under discussion.
Robinson delight as Fox Lodge progress
Skipper Jonny Robinson cut a weary figure at the start of the week but was delighted that his team had made it through and said that they had enjoyed the experience.
Inept fielding display sees Instonians crash out
Instonians got away with the four catches they put down in beating Waringstown the previous weekend, but on Saturday an ill-disciplined performance in the field ultimately caused their demise in the Irish Cup
Irish Cup first round review
North Down win in Dublin for the first time in 4 years.
Dougherty guides CIYMS to win against Glendermott
Chris Dougherty scored unbeaten 57 to guide CIYMS through to next round with six wicket win over Glendermott.
Fox Lodge keep NW flag flying
Fox Lodge claimed the local honours all to themselves after the Ballymagorry side travelled the length of the country and came away from Cork Harlequins with an emphatic win.
Creevedonnell ousted by Pembroke
Creevedonnell slumped to a not unexpected defeat at Sydney Parade where Pembroke had 8 wickets to spare over the Curryfree Road outfit.
Strabane beaten at Civil Service North
Strabane came close to upsetting Civil Service North at a damp and bitterly cold Stormont but Tommy Barr's men couldn't finish off the NCU side when they had their chance.
Brigade crash out to North County
The Beechgrove side failed to sparkle with the bat for the second time in three matches and needed a generous 38 'extras' from their Dublin hosts to help them to 161 all out in 37 overs.
Irish Senior Cup draw
Weather wreaks havoc with Irish cup competitions. 8 of the 16 scheduled ties to be replayed.
Shannon happy with underdogs tag
Instonians batsman James Shannon is happy to travel to The Hills today as underdogs for the match of the first round of the RSA Irish Cup, but is backing the NCU joint league leaders to cause an upset.
Coleraine against Merrion the tie of the round
Pick of the five Irish Cup games in the North West today is unbeaten Coleraine's clash with Merrion, last year's beaten finalists, but the biggest crowd could be found at the smallest ground.
Moleon not intimidated by Hills task
Instonians captain Eugene Moleon insists his team will not be intimidated in today's RSA Irish Cup first round tie away to The Hills, the holders.
Huge weekend for NW sides
The domestic cricket season fairly bursts into action this weekend with a full programme in the Irish Senior Cup and RSA National Cup on Saturday followed by the Ulster Cup and Ulster Shield on Sunday.
Donemana in fine fettle ahead of busy cup weekend
There is little ease this coming weekend either as Saturday sees the start of the Irish Senior Cup followed 24-hours later by the rest of the Ulster Cup fixtures as the domestic cricket season bursts into life.
Who will win the Irish Senior Cup?
We've asked the great and the good of Irish cricket who they think will lift the Bob Kerr trophy in 2013.