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  • Irish Cup
    Merrion lost to The Hills by 8 wickets. Scorecard
    Castle Avenue, Dublin, 1 September.
    Merrion 153 (48.0 overs, D Joyce 51, J Anderson 47, N Shoukat 3-16, L Clinton 3-26)
    The Hills 154-2 (39.1 overs, D Calder 64*, M Baumgart 36)
Scorecard Donemana v Merrion, 4 August.
Scorecard Waringstown v The Hills, 4 August.
  • Irish Cup
    Donemana lost to Merrion by 6 wickets.
    The Holm, 4 August.
    Donemana 129 (43.0 overs, D McGerrigle 50, Jun McBrine 33, D Joyce 4-19, A Chetkovich 3-34, J Anderson 2-23)
    Merrion 133-4 (30.2 overs, Rory Allwright 74*, R Huey 2-13)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown lost to The Hills by 7 wickets.
    The Lawn, 4 August.
    Waringstown 84 (29.0 overs, N Shaukat 6-22)
    The Hills 85-3 (32.4 overs)
Round 3
Scorecard The Hills v YMCA, 15 July.
Scorecard North County v Waringstown, 15 July.
Scorecard Donemana v Railway Union, 15 July.
Scorecard Merrion v CSN, 7 July.
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat CSN by 5 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 7 July.
    CSN 251-6 (45.0 overs, G Niewoudt 101, R West 82)
    Merrion 252-5 (44.3 overs, J Anderson 110*, T Lang 92)
  • Irish Cup
    Donemana beat Railway Union by 141 runs.
    The Holm, 15 July.
    Donemana 348-9 (50.0 overs, R Hunter 114, Andy McBrine 64, R Kee 34, T Townend 3-63, K O'Brien 2-52, P Conliffe 2-62)
    Railway Union 207 (36.5 overs, P Collins 64, T Townend 36, T Fisher 35, James McBrine 4-33, Jun McBrine 3-27, J McGonigle 3-67)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat YMCA by 3 wickets.
    Milverton, 15 July.
    YMCA 157 (47.3 overs, A van der Merwe 40, T Murphy 4-14, M Sorensen 2-24)
    The Hills 157-7 (50.0 overs, T Murphy 41*, J Andrews 26, S Singh 2-18, S Dutt 2-28)
  • Irish Cup
    North County lost to Waringstown by 3 wickets.
    Balrothery, 15 July.
    North County 252 (49.0 overs, C Armstrong 75, C Garry 49, T Richardson 44, G Kidd 3-29, A Harrison 2-35)
    Waringstown 253-7 (47.3 overs, G Addicott 94*, James Hall 80, S Getkate 4-30, M Singh 2-32)
Round 2
Scorecard Clontarf v Merrion, 24 June.
Scorecard CSN v Derriaghy, 9 June.
Scorecard Coleraine v Donemana, 9 June.
Scorecard Brigade v Waringstown, 9 June.
Scorecard North County v North Down, 9 June.
Scorecard Terenure v YMCA, 9 June.
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat CIYMS 2-1 in a bowlout.
    24 June.
  • Irish Cup
    Leinster lost to Railway Union 1-3 in a bowlout.
    24 June.
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf lost to Merrion by 8 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 24 June.
    Clontarf 162 (45.3 overs, B Coghlan 30, A Poynter 27, B Ackland 5-38)
    Merrion 163-2 (32.3 overs, D Joyce 73*, T Lang 64*)
  • Irish Cup
    CSN beat Derriaghy by 9 wickets.
    Stormont, 9 June.
    Derriaghy 92 (36.1 overs, A Graham 5-23)
    CSN 93-1 (20.5 overs, P Fisher 36, A Cowden 35*)
  • Irish Cup
    Coleraine lost to Donemana by 10 runs.
    Sandel Lodge, 9 June.
    Donemana 205-6 (50.0 overs, K Sajid 75, Andrew McBrine 46, Chinthaka Jayasing 3-49)
    Coleraine 195 (48.4 overs, S Campbell 108, K Sajid 3-35)
  • Irish Cup
    North County beat North Down by 4 wickets.
    Balrothery, 9 June.
    North Down 203-7 (50.0 overs, A Sutherland 37, P Shields 35*)
    North County 207-6 (49.0 overs, T Sheil 54, C Armstrong 37, E Richardson 37*)
  • Irish Cup
    Brigade lost to Waringstown by 6 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 9 June.
    Brigade 245-7 (30.0 overs, J Thompson 89, G McKeegan 59)
    Waringstown 248-4 (29.0 overs, G Addicott 116*, S Harrison 39)
  • Irish Cup
    Terenure lost to YMCA by 5 wickets.
    Terenure, 9 June.
    Terenure 141 (50.0 overs, B Hoey 45, T Johnston 3-10, R Strydom 3-26)
    YMCA 142-5 (34.1 overs, T Johnston 58, S Singh 54)
Round 1
Scorecard CSN v Phoenix, 27 May.
Scorecard Coleraine v Lurgan, 12 May.
Scorecard The Hills v Bready, 12 May.
Scorecard Lisburn v Leinster, 12 May.
Scorecard Ballymena v Merrion, 12 May.
Scorecard Pembroke v Donemana, 12 May.
Scorecard Bonds Glen v CIYMS, 12 May.
Scorecard Instonians v YMCA, 12 May.
Scorecard Brigade v Carrickfergus, 12 May.
Scorecard Cork County v Derriaghy, 12 May.
Scorecard North Down v Fox Lodge, 12 May.
Scorecard Clontarf v Cork Harlequins, 12 May.
Scorecard Terenure v Limavady, 12 May.
Scorecard Creevedonnell v North County, 12 May.
Scorecard Glendermott v Railway Union, 12 May.
Scorecard Waringstown v Strabane, 12 May.
  • Irish Cup
    CSN beat Phoenix by 166 runs.
    Stormont, 27 May.
    CSN 277-6 (50.0 overs, N Jones 112, G Nieuwoudt 90, T Andrews 3-43)
    Phoenix 111-9 (32.4 overs, C Kelly 46, J Costain 3-43, H Coulter 3-15)
  • Irish Cup
    Terenure beat Limavady by 6 wickets.
    Terenure, 12 May.
    Limavady 65 (24.2 overs, K Brennan 6-17)
    Terenure 67-4 (16.0 overs)
  • Irish Cup
    Coleraine beat Lurgan by 185 runs.
    Sandel Lodge, 12 May.
    Coleraine 263-6 (50.0 overs, I McGregor 79, D Cooke 51*, C Jayasinghe 48, M Stinson 2-45, P Maxwell 2-55)
    Lurgan 78 (17.3 overs, N Godbole 27, S Dunn 5-30, J Martin 2-17)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat Bready by 14 runs.
    The Vineyard, 12 May.
    The Hills 183 (43.3 overs, M Sorensen 67, T Murphy 36, J Long 4-17)
    Bready 169 (46.5 overs, I Young 56, D rankin 32, N Shoukat 3-29, M Sorensen 2-24, T Murphy 2-28)
  • Irish Cup
    Bonds Glen lost to CIYMS by 8 wickets.
    Bond's Glen, 12 May.
    Bonds Glen 49 (14.1 overs, T Khan 8-21)
    CIYMS 50-2 (19.1 overs)
  • Irish Cup
    Glendermott lost to Railway Union by 8 wickets.
    The Rectory, 12 May.
    Glendermott 141 (33.0 overs, R Silva 60)
    Railway Union 143-2 (18.3 overs, K O'Brien 69*, P Collins 50)
  • Irish Cup
    Ballymena lost to Merrion by 53 runs.
    Eaton Park, 12 May.
    Merrion 191-7 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 67*)
    Ballymena 138 (36.2 overs, T Kane 4-15, D Poder 3-35)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Strabane by 3 wickets.
    The Lawn, 12 May.
    Strabane 177 (48.3 overs, S Iqbal 63*, G Kidd 4-30)
    Waringstown 178-7 (42.4 overs, J Hall 42, F Iqbal 3-24)
  • Irish Cup
    Instonians lost to YMCA by 6 wickets.
    Shaw's Bridge, 12 May.
    Instonians 147 (48.5 overs, J Shannon 62, S Dutt 3-35)
    YMCA 148-4 (32.4 overs, T Johnston 66*, M Delaney 3-38)
  • Irish Cup
    Brigade beat Carrickfergus by 6 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 12 May.
    Carrickfergus 212 (48.4 overs, R Gelderbloem 78, AS Haggan 43 , M Taiaroa 38, M Simpson 5-48)
    Brigade 216-4 (43.3 overs, I Hussain 112*, A Chappell 58)
  • Irish Cup
    Creevedonnell lost to North County by 3 wickets.
    Creevdonnell, 12 May.
    Creevedonnell 159 (45.2 overs, N Cooke 47*)
    North County 161-7 (47.1 overs, J Mooney 78*, C Garry 60)
  • Irish Cup
    Lisburn lost to Leinster by 4 wickets.
    Wallace Park, 12 May.
    Lisburn 156 (50.0 overs, N Waller 42, J Leacock 4-34)
    Leinster 159-6 (49.5 overs, S Moreton 57)
  • Irish Cup
    North Down beat Fox Lodge by 7 wickets.
    The Green, 12 May.
    Fox Lodge 142 (44.3 overs, M Moreland 3-21)
    North Down 143-3 (23.2 overs, A Sutherland 40*, R Haire 40, N Russell 35)
  • Irish Cup
    Clontarf beat Cork Harlequins by 134 runs.
    Catle Avenue, 12 May.
    Clontarf 287-5 (50.0 overs, R Forrest 154*, B Couglan 58)
    Cork Harlequins 153 (42.4 overs, A O'Reilly 42)
  • Irish Cup
    Pembroke lost to Donemana by 7 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 12 May.
    Pembroke 186 (49.3 overs, R Kelly 51, K Sajid 3-33, A McBrine 4-26)
    Donemana 187-3 (43.5 overs, A McBrine 76*, Jun McBrine 49, R Kee 41)
  • Irish Cup
    Cork County lost to Derriaghy by 5 wickets.
    The Mardyke, 12 May.
    Cork County 96 (30.4 overs)
    Derriaghy 99-5 (25.0 overs)
Preliminary Round
  • Irish Cup
    Pembroke beat Malahide by 165 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 29 April.
    Pembroke 227-7 (50.0 overs, T Lawson 89, R Kelly 39, A Eastwood 35*)
    Malahide 62 (18.5 overs, A Eastwood 5-23, B Whaley 3-10)
  • Irish Cup
    Rush lost to Phoenix by 9 wickets (DL).
    Kenure, 29 April.
    Rush 210-9 (50.0 overs, S Igbal 79, S Monks 40, C Cavanagh 3-28)
    Phoenix 142-1 (21.0 overs, MD Masud Ahmed 91*)
Reports & Articles
Pembroke and Phoenix progress in Irish Senior Cup
Convincing wins for Pembroke and Phoenix in preliminary round of Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Big guns on glory trail as JT puts his head on the block
It is a big weekend looming for clubs both in Division 1 and 2 of the North West league as top flight sides start their quest for glory in the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup while second tier teams set out on a new adventure in the RSA National Cup.
Who will win the Irish Senior Cup?
It's Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup time again and just like last year we've asked the"experts" to see if they can predict who might lift the country's premier cup competition this coming September.
Ulster clubs face daunting challenge in Irish Cups
THE busiest day of the cricket season will put Ulster clubs to the test against their peers in Leinster and Munster and, for the first time, the all-Ireland competition has been extended to second tier teams.
Waringstown favourites to capture Irish Senior Cup
Waringstown begin their defence of the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup with one of the most attractive games of the first round, against Strabane at The Lawn, and still unbeaten.
McCallan eyeing further glory
When Waringstown contemplated beginning the defence of the Bob Kerr Irish Cup, they surely would have preferred an easier tie than the one which awaits at The Lawn today.
Leinster sides dominate in Irish Senior Cup
Eight Leinster sides advance to the second round of the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Bad day at Black Rock for NW sides in Irish Cup
Only three NW sides remain after first round of the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Mouth watering clashes in Irish Senior Cup
Thrilling ties abound in second round draw of Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Irish Cup holders Waringstown win a roller coaster tie
A bizarre match at The Lawn as Strabane lose by 3 wickets
Creevedonnell dared to dream
Creevedonnell dared to dream of one of the greatest upsets in Irish Cup history. The scoreboard at the tiny North West ground showed North County, the five-time winners of the competition, on four wickets for four runs in pursuit of 160.
Disappointment for NCU sides in Irish Cup
Waringstown will have only three other NCU teams for company in the second round after another disappointing day for their member clubs.
Jones century leads CSN to easy win over Phoenix
Irish international Nigel Jones scores 112 as CSN beat Phoenix by 166 runs in their re-arranged Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup game.
Connell forced to wait on CI return
Peter Connell's first appearance of the season for CIYMS has been delayed by at least 24 hours after The Hills yesterday called off their Bob Kerr Irish Cup second round game, due to take place tomorrow.
The Hills against CIYMS falls victim to the weather
Irish Cup tie between The Hills and CIYMS called off.
Addicott hundred dumps Brigade out of Irish Cup
Waringstown stun Brigade with brilliant fight-back.
Waringstown stun Brigade as Addicott smashes hundred
Glen Addicott scores brilliant unbeaten hundred as Waringstown chase 246 in 30 overs to beat Brigade.
Addicott goes to 'War'
Glen Addicott produced one of the greatest innings in Irish Senior Cup history to help Waringstown maintain their grip on the trophy following a breathtaking encounter with Brigade.
County win battle of the Norths
News of wins for North County and YMCA in the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Donemana triumph despite Campbell hundred
There's a saying in football that you never write off the Germans, and the same can be said of Donemana who produced a trademark fight-back to defeat Coleraine by ten runs in their Bob Kerr Irish Cup clash at Sandel Lodge.
North Down fail in another quest for Holy Grail
North County prevail in tight encounter, while YMCA overcome Terenure.
Kee unfazed by Railway Union Challenge
Donemana carry the NW hopes as the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup reaches the quarter final stage.
Merrion reach semi finals of Irish Senior Cup
Civil Service North made a painful exit from the Bob Kerr Irish Cup when they failed to defend 252 in 45 overs, losing to Merrion by five wickets.
Anderson hundred helps Merrion defeat CSN
In the only quarter-final to beat the weather, the 2010 winners got home with three balls to spare thanks to skipper John Anderson's unbeaten 110.
Donemana, Waringstown and Hills through in Irish Cup
Hunter, Addicott and Murphy all star as Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup semi-final line-up is decided.
Waringstown and Donemana triumph in Irish Cup
Waringstown, the holders, and Donemana, both reached the semi finals of the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup and their perfect day was completed with two home draws.
Donemana target further cup glory against Merrion
Another huge game in store for Donemana as they host Merrion in the semi-final of the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Big weekend for NW clubs
Donemana get the ball rolling on Saturday when they entertain Merrion with a place in the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup final at stake but skipper Richard Kee doesn't have his sorrows to seek as he prepares for the contest without no fewer than five of his first team panel.
Merrion too strong for Donemana in Irish Cup semi-final
Dom Joyce with four wickets and Rory Allwright with 74 not out set up a convincing semi-final win for Merrion.
McCallan aiming for final glory
Another massive weekend is in prospect for Waringstown as they fight to retain the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Sorensen to block Waringstown progress?
Waringstown captain Kyle McCallan has warned his team that they will need to be at their best today to secure a place in the Bob Kerr Irish Cup final for the second successive year.
Shoukat shines as The Hills crush Waringstown
The veteran seamer claims six wicket haul as holders Waringstown crash out of the Irish Senior Cup.
Venues confirmed for Irish Cup finals
Clontarf and The Hills will host the finals at the start of September.
Hills take on Merrion in Irish Cup final
Naseer Shaukat and John Anderson look ahead to Saturday's Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup final between Merrion and The Hills at Clontarf.
Who will win the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup?
A host of leading Irish cricket writers, players and personalities give their take on this Saturday's Irish Cup final between Merrion and The Hills.
Hills claim historic first title
Skipper Naseer Shaukat wins MOM award as The Hills defeat Merrion by 8 wickets.
Irish Senior Cup preliminary draw
Four Leinster clubs will battle it out for two qualfication slots for the 2013 Irish Senior Cup.
Irish Senior and National Cup draws made
Holders The Hills face Instonians, while last year's beaten finalists Merrion face tough challenge away against Coleraine. Muckamore face Balbriggan in repeat of this year's National Cup final.
Hills have mountain to climb
The holders were yesterday drawn against NCU big guns Instonians in the first round on 11 May.