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Irish Cup Archives 1982-2019
Scorecard Waringstown v Instonians, 4 September.
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Instonians by 21 runs.
    The Green, Comber, 4 September.
    Instonians 237-8 (50.0 overs, A White 76, J Shannon 51, N Hamilton 44)
    Waringstown 125-2 (29.0 overs, S Harrison 68*, L Nelson 36)
    DL Method: par score 104 in 29 overs.
Scorecard Brigade v Waringstown, 7 August.
Scorecard Instonians v Phoenix, 7 August.
  • Irish Cup
    Instonians beat Phoenix by 8 wickets.
    Shaw's Bridge, 7 August.
    Phoenix 262-3 (50 overs, D Langford Smith 106*, C Kelly 75)
    Instonians 263-2 (46.2 overs, R McCann 85, J Stevenson 72, J Shannon 60*)
  • Irish Cup
    Brigade lost to Waringstown by 27 runs.
    Beechgrove, 7 August.
    Waringstown 150-9 (50.0 overs, J Bushe 41, J Thompson 4-24)
    Brigade 123 (42.5 overs, L Nelson 3-30, S Harrison 3-25)
Round 3
Scorecard Waringstown v Leinster, 2 July.
Scorecard Instonians v Railway Union, 2 July.
Scorecard Merrion v Phoenix, 2 July.
Scorecard Pembroke v Brigade, 2 July.
  • Irish Cup
    Instonians beat Railway Union by 7 wickets.
    Shaw's Bridge, 2 July.
    Railway Union 184 (49.3 overs, DT Johnston 80, R Sheard 3-17)
    Instonians 185-3 (37.0 overs, A White 73*, J Shannon 59)
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown beat Leinster by 118 runs.
    The Lawn, 2 July.
    Waringstown 272 (50.0 overs, James Hall 75, A Cousins 64, O Pienaar 35, P Byrne 5-52)
    Leinster 154 (37.5 overs, M Jones 61, James Hall 3-29)
  • Irish Cup
    Phoenix beat Merrion by 64 runs.
    Anglesea Road, 2 July.
    Phoenix 269-8 (50.0 overs, D Langford-Smith 83, T Williamson 42, T Kane 3-28, J Anderson 3-32)
    Merrion 205 (46.1 overs, J Anderson 44, S Raza 4-39, J Bray 3-28)
  • Irish Cup
    Pembroke lost to Brigade by 6 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, 2 July.
    Pembroke 196 (49.1 overs, R Russell 51, T Lawson 37, M Simpson 4-33, T Britton 3-42)
    Brigade 200-4 (44.3 overs, G McKeegan 72*, I Hussain 55)
Round 2 (reserve 26 June)
Scorecard Bonds Glen v Leinster, 11 June.
Scorecard Pembroke v Bready, 11 June.
Scorecard Waringstown v North County, 11 June.
Scorecard Clontarf v Brigade, 11 June.
Scorecard Railway Union v Eglinton, 11 June.
Scorecard Merrion v Donemana, 11 June.
Scorecard Phoenix v Glendermott, 11 June.
Scorecard Limavady v Instonians, 11 June.
Scorecard Limavady v Instonians (amended), 11 June.
  • Waringstown beat North County by 25 runs.
    The Lawn, 11 June.
    Waringstown 283-5 (50.0 overs, K McCallann 111, O Pienaar 82, James Hall 35)
    North County 258 (48.3 overs, A Coughlan 70, T Shiel 50, G Kidd 4-50)
  • Clontarf lost to Brigade by 9 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 11 June.
    Clontarf 169-7 (50.0 overs)
    Brigade 173-1 (40.3 overs, C Dougherty 68*, Iftikhar Hussein 51*)
  • Bonds Glen lost to Leinster by 3 wickets.
    Bonds Glen, 11 June.
    Bonds Glen 147 (44.1 overs, J Heaslett 38, A Scholtz 4-13)
    Leinster 149-7 (33.1 overs, A Scholtz 37, R Hepburn 3-34)
  • Phoenix beat Glendermott by 140 runs.
    Phoenix Park, 11 June.
    Phoenix 288-9 (50.0 overs, R Gallagher 75, T Williamson 54, R Silva 3-46, G Montgomery 3-85)
    Glendermott 148 (33.3 overs, S Smyth 38)
  • Merrion beat Donemana by 27 runs.
    Anglesea Road, 11 June.
    Merrion 271-8 (50.0 overs, Ben Ackland 123, D Joyce 58, M Petrie 42, Jun McBrine 3-47)
    Donemana 244 (47.1 overs, D McGerrigle 65, T Kane 4-30)
  • Pembroke beat Bready by 82 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 11 June.
    Pembroke 290-5 (50.0 overs, R Hopkins 95, T Lawson 88)
    Bready 208 (37.3 overs, Agha Sabir 91, D Rankin 63, B Whaley 3-39)
  • Railway Union beat Eglinton by 206 runs.
    Park Avenue, 11 June.
    Railway Union 348-5 (50.0 overs, T Fisher 127, C Mullen 119)
    Eglinton 142 (37.1 overs, Mansoor 4-29, G Lambert 3-39)
  • Limavady v Instonians - match awarded to Instonians.
    John Hunter Grounds, 11 June.
    Limavady 155 (41.1 overs, Adnan Akmal 41, T Riddles 37, A White 3-19)
    Instonians 27-1 (5.0 overs)
Round 1
Scorecard Pembroke v Lisburn, 6 June.
Scorecard The Hills v Limavady, 29 May.
Scorecard Railway Union v Strabane, 29 May.
Scorecard Eglinton v Cork County, 14 May.
Scorecard Bangor v Glendermott, 14 May.
Scorecard CIYMS v Bready, 14 May.
Scorecard YMCA v Waringstown, 14 May.
Scorecard North County v Ballymena, 14 May.
Scorecard Clontarf v Coleraine, 14 May.
Scorecard Rush v Donemana, 14 May.
Scorecard Carrickfergus v Merrion, 14 May.
Scorecard Instonians v Fox Lodge, 14 May.
Scorecard Leinster v Muckamore, 14 May.
Scorecard Limerick Raiders v Phoenix, 4 May.
  • CIYMS lost to Bready by 3 wickets.
    Belmont, 14 May.
    CIYMS 130 (37.1 overs, B Cooper 50, M Fleming 3-14)
    Bready 106-7 (20.3 overs, A Sabir 44, R Boultwood 3-18)
    DL Method: par score 105 in 27 overs.
  • YMCA lost to Waringstown by 60 runs (D/L).
    14 May.
    Waringstown 251-6 (41.0 overs, O Pienaar 135*, L Nelson 47, Josh Hall 3-38, K Morrison 3-17)
    YMCA 200-9 (36.0 overs, R Strydom 51, E Ahmed 36)
    DL Method: par score 260 in 36 overs.
  • North County beat Ballymena by 7 wickets.
    Balrothery, 14 May.
    Ballymena 76 (31.0 overs, E Richardson 4-10)
    North County 77-3 (9.2 overs, J Mooney 40*)
  • Bangor lost to Glendermott by 6 wickets.
    Upritchard PArk, 14 May.
    Bangor 108 (36.5 overs, R McLarnon 35, C Elder 3-8)
    Glendermott 108-4 (24.0 overs, R Silva 54*)
    DL Method: par score 107 in 47 overs.
  • Clontarf beat Coleraine by 8 wickets.
    Castle Avenue, 14 May.
    Coleraine 184-7 (41.0 overs, D Cooke 44, S Prakash 38, J Morrisey 4-22)
    Clontarf 161-2 (33.3 overs, A D'Arcy 50, R Hokin 48*, B Coglan 36)
    DL Method: par score 158 in 36 overs.
  • Leinster beat Muckamore by 4 wickets.
    Rathmines, 14 May.
    Muckamore 228-6 (46.0 overs, J van der Merwe 103, A Kemptekar 61)
    Leinster 235-6 (42.1 overs, M Jones 81, A Scholtz 48)
    DL Method: par score 231 in 43 overs.
  • Carrickfergus lost to Merrion by 15 runs.
    Middle Road, 14 May.
    Carrickfergus 213-5 (39.0 overs, M Taiaroa 92)
    Merrion 135-2 (21.0 overs, J Anderson 63*, B Ackland 44)
    DL Method: par score 120 in 21 overs.
  • Rush lost to Donemana by 130 runs.
    Kenure, 14 May.
    Donemana 294-7 (44.0 overs, R Dougherty 91, A McBrine 74, James McBrine 35*, A Iqbal 4-31)
    Rush 164 (33.4 overs, A Butterly 72, D McGerrigel 5-17, A McBrine 3-49)
  • Instonians beat Fox Lodge by 1 run.
    Shaw's Bridge, 14 May.
    Instonians 158-7 (31.0 overs, J Morrow 49*, D Brown 3-29)
    Fox Lodge 119-5 (21.0 overs, B Allen 49)
    DL Method: par score 120 in 21 overs.
  • Limerick Raiders lost to Phoenix by 65 runs.
    14 May.
  • Eglinton beat Cork County by 153 runs.
    Eglinton, 14 May.
    Eglinton 246-6 (45.0 overs, R Butterworth 45, J Gardiner 40, C Pierce 39)
    Cork County 93 (32.0 overs, R Butterworth 3-32)
  • Pembroke beat Lisburn by 50 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 6 June.
    Pembroke 232-9 (50.0 overs, R Bahl 65)
    Lisburn 182 (46.1 overs, R McConkey 35, S Moreton 4-46)
  • North Down lost to Brigade 2-1 in a bowlout.
    The Green, 5 June.
  • Civil Service North lost to Bonds Glen 1-0 in a bowlout.
    Stormont, 5 June.
  • Railway Union beat Strabane by 7 wickets.
    Park Avenue, 29 May.
    Strabane 227 (49.4 overs, M Gillespie 57, K Martin 53, J Beukes 44, G Lambert 3-38)
    Railway Union 228-3 (42.1 overs, T Fisher 95, P Collins 72*, P Eaglestone 3-46)
  • The Hills lost to Limavady by 9 wickets.
    Milverton, 29 May.
    The Hills 156 (49.1 overs, M Kumar 38, R McDaid 3-33)
    Limavady 158-1 (32.1 overs, D Curry 61, T Riddles 54*)
Preliminary Round
Scorecard Malahide v Rush, 2 May.
Scorecard Pembroke v Old Belvedere, 2 May.
Scorecard Leinster v Terenure, 2 May.
  • Pembroke beat Old Belvedere by 65 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 2 May.
    Pembroke 260-8 (50.0 overs, J Hickey 61, B O'Rourke 59, A Eastwood 51, Farwan 3-55)
    Old Belvedere 195 (46.2 overs, S Singh 70, Farwan 47, J Hickey 3-45)
  • Leinster beat Terenure by 227 runs.
    Rathmines, 2 May.
    Leinster 316-8 (50.0 overs, A Scholtz 93, C Mallon 73, JP O'Dwyer 53, K Brennan 4-53)
    Terenure 89 (30.0 overs, W Lennon 4-12)
  • Malahide lost to Rush by 85 runs.
    Malahide, 2 May.
    Rush 285-4 (50.0 overs, D van Zyl 133*, P Sheridan 63*, P Chase 3-64)
    Malahide 200 (45.0 overs, J Govan 65, P Tweddle 50, E Conway 3-36)
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Waringstown to end NCU barren spell?
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Phoenix overwhelm Glendermott
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Cricket Ireland to adjudicate on Limavady verus Instonians cup tie
Cricket Ireland statement on abandoned Limavady v Instonians Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup tie.
Curry suspended by Limavady
Cricket Ireland are to launch a full investigation into Saturday's abandoned Bob Kerr Irish Cup tie between Limavady and Instonians.
Irish Cup abandonment latest
It could be as late as next Wednesday before Limavady and Instonians find out the result of the Cricket Ireland disciplinary hearing into their abandoned Bob Kerr Irish Cup tie.
Cricket Ireland statement on Limavady v Instonians
Cricket Ireland today confirmed that a Limavady player has been found liable for a series of breaches of the Cricket Ireland Code of Conduct, arising out of allegations following the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup tie between Limavady and Instonians.
Brigade bid for All-Ireland glory as domestic title race hots up
Brigade travel to Dublin to take on Pembroke, while Limavady host Strabane in top of the table clash.
Brigade reach Bob Kerr semi-finals
NW hopes remain intact as Brigade win in Dublin, while Limavady beat Strabane in high scoring contest.
Waringstown end Leinster Irish Cup hopes
Until last season, Waringstown's Irish Cup achievements in the new Millennium would barely have taken up the page of a shorthand notebook.
Railway ousted by Instonians
It says everything about Instonians' superb performance against Railway Union at Shaw's Bridge that many people left the ground questioning all the pre-match fuss about the Dubliners.
Curry ban decision upheld
The Cricket Ireland Appeals Commissioner rejected the appeal, and the original decision to impose a 12 months suspension from all cricket on Mr Curry from 27 June 2011 is upheld.
Brigade chase Irish Senior Cup Final Berth
Brigade carry NW hopes in Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Irish Cup semi-final preview
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Instonians relish opportunity to create history
Instonians captain Eugene Moleon is emphatic in his verdict that tomorrow's Bob Kerr Irish Cup semi-final against Phoenix at Shaw's Bridge is their biggest game yet.
Instonians and Waringstown through to Irish Cup final
For the first time since 1991, the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup will be an all-NCU affair.
Instonians chase Phoenix's 262 to win by 8 wickets in Bob Kerr Irish Cup
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Instonians and Waringstown clash in Irish Cup final
First all NCU final for 20 years sees two sides with impressive cup pedigrees meet at Comber in the Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup.
Dream come true for Harrison
Simon Harrison hit a match-winning unbeaten 68 to lead the villagers to victory over Instonians in the Bob Kerr Irish Cup final.
Waringstown triumphant again
Inevitably, rain ended yesterday's Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup final prematurely but Waringstown were not complaining as they got their hands on the trophy for the first time since 1992.
Harrison shines as Waringstown win
Unlikely batting hero Harrison helps Waringstown win a rain-reduced Bob Kerr Irish Senior Cup Final at Comber.
Waringstown host Strabane in an all-Ulster tie in the Bob Kerr Irish Cup
Leinster Division Two champions Terenure received the plum draw.
Draw for Bob Kerr Irish Cup 2012
Holders Waringstown drawn at home to Strabane whilst beaten finalists Instoninas will host YMCA.
Tough hand dealt as North West sides assess BKISC draw
Strabane face an away trip to holders Waringstown and new boys Creevedonnell land a plum home tie with North County.
Limavady receive two year suspended ban in Irish Senior Cup
Roesiders forced to play games away from home in the next two years.