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  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat Railway Union by 36 runs.
    Balrothery, 11 September.
    Railway Union 317-3 (50.0 overs, K O'Brien 76*, T Johnston 71*, T Fisher 69, K Carroll 46)
    Merrion 164-1 (26.0 overs, G Clarence 80*, D Joyce 72*)
    DL Method: par score 128 in 26 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Waringstown lost to Merrion by 81 runs.
    The Lawn, 7 August.
    Merrion 202-9 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 101, V Mpitsang 4-26)
    Waringstown 121 (41.2 overs)
  • Irish Cup
    Fox Lodge lost to Railway Union by 123 runs.
    Ballymagorry, 7 August.
    Railway Union 315-6 (50.0 overs, T Fisher 123, K cCarroll 92)
    Fox Lodge 192 (38.1 overs, J Heywood 47, A McGinnis 41, B Allen 40, P Conliffe 3-59)
4th Round
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills lost to Waringstown by 23 runs.
    Milverton, 23 July.
    Waringstown 213-6 (50.0 overs, K McCallan 81, L Nelson 62)
    The Hills 190 (48.2 overs, N Shoukat 47, T Murphy 44)
  • Irish Cup
    Coleraine lost to Railway Union by 20 runs.
    Coleraine, 3 July.
    Railway Union 239 (50.0 overs, C Mullen 82, T Fisher 66, S Dunn 4-49, M Salman 3-29)
    Coleraine 193 (39.4 overs, T Chopra 69, M Salman 41, K Carroll 3-39)
    DL Method: par score 213 in 41 overs.
  • Irish Cup
    Glendermott lost to Fox Lodge by 5 wickets.
    The Rectory, 3 July.
    Glendermott 277 (50.0 overs, C Averill 95, G Montgomery 47, A Britton 4-80)
    Fox Lodge 283-5 (48.2 overs, J Robinson 98*, D Brown 68)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion (4) beat North County (0) by 5 runs.
    Balrothery, 3 July.
    Merrion 274-9 (50.0 overs, J Anderson 62, K Beasley 51, J Boyland 3-41, E Richardson 4-31)
    North County 269-7 (50.0 overs, C Armstrong 73, T Shiel 53, D Joyce 3-56)
3rd Round
  • Irish Cup
    Glendermott beat Civil Service North by 24 runs.
    The Rectory, 12 June.
    Glendermott 365-6 (50.0 overs, H von Rauenstein 195, D Barr 57, S Smyth 38)
    Civil Service North 341 (44.3 overs, K Noema-Barnett 189, S Smyth 5-23)
  • Irish Cup
    Merrion beat CIYMS by 120 runs.
    Anglesey Road, 12 June.
    Merrion 251-8 (50.0 overs, G Clarence 41, D Powden 35, R Hanna 4-44)
    CIYMS 131 (39.2 overs, R Keaveney 3-27, S Morrissey 3-33)
  • Irish Cup
    Coleraine beat Instonians by 57 runs.
    Sandel Park, 12 June.
    Coleraine 176 (49.4 overs, M Salma 108)
    Instonians 119 (33.1 overs, R MCurry 36, S Dunn 4-27)
  • Irish Cup
    Malahide lost to Waringstown by 3 wickets.
    The Village, 12 June.
    Malahide 156-9 (50.0 overs, J Hall 4-22)
    Waringstown 158-7 (45.3 overs, A Cousins 39, J Hall 36, G Kernin 3-25)
  • Irish Cup
    Fox Lodge beat Leinster by 4 wickets.
    Ballymagorry, 12 June.
    Leinster 230 (48.5 overs, C Mallon 66, A McGinnis 5-49)
    Fox Lodge 233-6 (46.5 overs, D Brown 85, J Robinson 63*)
  • Irish Cup
    North County beat Limavady by 2 wickets.
    Balrothery, 12 June.
    Limavady 220 (48.4 overs, Des Curry 86*, S Thompson 37, M McDaid 36, J Boyland 5-37)
    North County 221-8 (49.2 overs, B Shields 52, J Boyland 44, S Thompson 4-49)
  • Irish Cup
    The Hills beat Pembroke by 6 wickets.
    Milverton, 12 June.
    Pembroke 195 (48.0 overs, I Barclay 95*, B O'Rourke 44, J Clinton 3-35, J Bray 3-19)
    The Hills 199-4 (40.0 overs, M Sorensen 60, J Bray 51*, Mark Dwyer 41*)
  • Irish Cup
    Railway Union beat YMCA by 141 runs.
    Park Avenue, 12 June.
    Railway Union 260-9 (50.0 overs, T Fisher 62, T Johnston 48, T Townend 41, R Strydom 3-38)
    YMCA 119 (C Hosford 53, O Kapoor 3-17)
2nd Round
  • Coleraine beat Clontarf by 6 wickets.
    Coleraine, 9 May.
    Clontarf 219 (45.3 overs, J Morrissey 63, A D'Arcy 45, R Knox 3-35, S Dunn 3-33)
    Coleraine 220-4 (49.3 overs, T Chopra 79, M Salman 85*)
  • Civil Service North beat Cork County by 182 runs.
    Stormont, 8 May.
    Civil Service North 295-3 (50.0 overs, S Dyer 130, N Jones 124)
    Cork County 113 (44.3 overs, C Andrews 4-14)
  • CIYMS beat Donemana by 8 wickets.
    Belmont, 8 May.
    Donemana 212-7 (50.0 overs, A McBrine 67*, A McBrine 62, R Hanna 3-44)
    CIYMS 215-2 (37.3 overs, B Cooper 94*, C McMillan 91)
  • North County beat Eglinton by 8 wickets.
    Balrothery, 8 May.
    Eglinton 137 (35.5 overs, J Boyland 3-34, C Sheil 3-20)
    North County 138-2 (22.0 overs, R Lawrence 53*, T Sheil 44*)
  • Carrickfergus lost to The Hills by 9 wickets.
    Middle Road, 8 May.
    Carrickfergus 168 (42.0 overs, R Eagleson 61*, M Byrne 3-35, N Shoukat 3-47)
    The Hills 169-1 (37.0 overs, A van der Merwe 81*, M Baumgart 40*)
  • Ballymena lost to Fox Lodge by 22 runs.
    Eaton Park, 8 May.
    Fox Lodge 159 (45.3 overs, D Brown 51, B Allen 40, C Williams 4-36, K Aphale 3-12)
    Ballymena 137 (47.5 overs, C Williams 38, M Glass 35, J Robinson 5-22)
  • St Johnston lost to Malahide by 34 runs.
    Boathole, 8 May.
    Malahide 203-9 (50.0 overs, A Shdabudbin 82*)
    St Johnston 169 (47.4 overs, A Fleming 61*, R Goud 35, R McDonald 4-11)
  • Brigade lost to Instonians by 9 wickets.
    Beechgrove, 8 May.
    Brigade 183 (39.3 overs, N McDonnell 86)
    Instonians 184-1 (34.1 overs, R McCann 90*, D Jacobs 91*, D Jacobs 5-37)
  • Lisburn lost to Limavady by 64 runs.
    Wallace Park, 8 May.
    Limavady 288-7 (50.0 overs, D Cooke 95, D Curry 93)
    Lisburn 224 (48.2 overs, G Halliday 40, R Ervine 37, G Thompson 37, A Riddles 5-30, S Dunn 3-49)
  • Phoenix lost to Glendermott by 3 wickets.
    Phoenix Park, 8 May.
    Phoenix 242-9 (50.0 overs, D Langfrod-Smith 125, C Kelly 53, G Neely 6-33)
    Glendermott 245-8 (49.5 overs, S Smyth 72, Hanke von Rauenstein 55, G Montgomery 36, R Flanaghan 3-54)
  • Strabane lost to Merrion by 58 runs.
    Strabane Park, 8 May.
    Merrion 261-4 (50.0 overs, G Clarence 103, J Anderson 83)
    Strabane 203 (43.2 overs, M Gillespie 59, P Gillespie 45, Chetkovich 3-23)
  • Old Belvedere lost to Waringstown by 109 runs.
    Cabragh Road, 8 May.
    Waringstown 275-2 (50.0 overs, K McCallan 145*, J Hall 108)
    Old Belvedere 166 (41.4 overs, S Ali 82)
  • Pembroke beat North Down by 8 runs.
    Oakhill, 8 May.
    Pembroke 181 (46.0 overs, T Lawson 64, A Balbirnie 41, T Khan 3-40, D Harding 3-39)
    North Down 173 (A Sutherland 78, A Balbirnie 4-23, B McCarthy 4-38)
  • Leinster beat Terenure by 8 wickets.
    Observatory Lane, 8 May.
    Terenure 170-9 (50.0 overs, D Nicholl 43, C Brathwaite 3-39)
    Leinster 171-2 (30.0 overs, C Brathwaite 81*, A Scholtz 39*)
  • Railway Union beat Rush by 2 wickets.
    Park Avenue, 8 May.
    Rush 161 (40.4 overs, S Gull 57, D van Zyl 50, G McDonnell 5-22, D Kapoor 3-8)
    Railway Union 162-8 (42.0 overs, S Gull 4-23)
  • Bready lost to YMCA by 116 runs.
    Maghermason, 8 May.
    YMCA 214 (47.0 overs, R Sttrydom 64, A Lewis 38)
    Bready 98 (24.4 overs, I Young 52, R Strydom 5-25)
1st Round
  • Downpatrick lost to Old Belvedere by 3 runs.
    The Meadow, Downpatrick, 24 April

    Old Belvedere 114 (29.4 overs, J Magowan 4-34, P Lennon 4-10)
    Downpatrick 111 (37.5 overs)
  • Terenure beat Cork Harlequins by 8 wickets.
    Terenure, 24 April

    Cork Harlequins 144 (47.3 overs, T Williamson 44)
    Terenure 146-2 (20.1 overs, K McDonald 61*, C Morgan 39, M Landers 4-26)
  • Rush beat Lurgan by 182 runs.
    Kenure, 24 April

    Rush 345-6 (50.0 overs, S Iqbal 122, E Conway 80, M Donnelly 71)
    Lurgan 163 (29.3 overs, N Johnstone 40, S Gull 3-60)
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