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Interprovincial Archives 1989-2019
3 Day Championship Results
                        P    W    T    D    L   BP  Pts
North West Warriors     4    2    0    2    0   28   64
Leinster Lightning      4    1    0    3    0   20   49
Northern Knights        4    0    0    1    3   24   27

Leinster Lightning deducted one point for slow over rate.

Scorecard Leinster Lightning (10) drew with Northern Knights (9), 4 September.
Scorecard North West Warriors (22) beat Northern Knights (5) by 140 runs, 17 July.
Scorecard Northern Knights (6) lost to North West Warriors (24) by 10 wickets, 2 July.
Scorecard North West Warriors (7) drew with Leinster Lightning (10) , 20 June.
Scorecard Northern Knights (7) lost to Leinster Lightning (23) by 5 wickets, 29 May.
Scorecard Leinster Lightning (7) drew with North West Warriors (11), 1 May.
1 Day Trophy Results
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts
Leinster Lightning      4    3    0    1    0    1   15
North West Warriors     4    1    0    1    2    0    6
Northern Knights        4    1    0    0    3    1    5
Scorecard Leinster Lightning (5) beat North West Warriors (0) by 58 runs, 9 September.
  • Interprovincial 50 Overs
    North West Warriors (0) lost to Northern Knights (5) by 2 wickets.
    Eglinton, 16 July.
    North West Warriors 139 (38.0 overs, N O'Brien 54*, G Kennedy 36, M Adair 3-16, J Cameron-Dow 2-15, J Mulder 2-25)
    Northern Knights 141-8 (38.5 overs, C Dougherty 46, A McBrine 3-37, D Scanlon 2-34, G Kennedy 2-36)
  • Interprovincial 50 Overs
    Northern Knights (0) lost to Leinster Lightning (4) by 3 wickets.
    Stormont, 1 July.
    Northern Knights 235-9 (50.0 overs, H Tector 68*, J McCollum 42, M Ellison 31, Simi Singh 3-49, M Sorensen 3-49, G Dockrell 2- 40)
    Leinster Lightning 239-7 (48.3 overs, G Dockrell 94*, J Anderson 75 , G Delany 26, A Malan 3-51, G McCarter 2-46)
  • Interprovincial 50 Overs
    North West Warriors (2) v Leinster Lightning (2) - no result.
    Eglinton, 19 June.
    North West Warriors 137-6 (40.0 overs, N O'Brien 57*, W Porterfield 37, G Dockrell 3-30)
    Rain affected - match abandoned
  • Interprovincial 50 Overs
    Leinster Lightning (4) beat Northern Knights (0) by 53 runs.
    Milverton, 4 June.
    Leinster Lightning 277-6 (50.0 overs, S Singh 121*, G Dockrell 98*, S Getkate 4-47, G McCarter 2-41)
    Northern Knights 224 (42.3 overs, N Rock 47, J Shannon 43, N Smith 40, G Dockrell 5-41, K O"Brien 2-21, T Kane 2-53)
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  • Interprovincial 50 Overs
    Northern Knights (0) lost to North West Warriors (4) by 8 wickets.
    Stormont, Belfast, 28 May.
    Northern Knights 226 (47.1 overs, H Tector 84, J Shannon 41, D Scanlon 4-60, A McBrine 2-32, S Thompson 2-49)
    North West Warriors 227-2 (46.3 overs, W Porterfield 110*, D Rankin 84)
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T20 Cup Results
                        P    W    T   NR    L   BP  Pts
Leinster Lightning      6    5    0    0    1    3   23
Northern Knights        6    3    0    0    3    3   15
North West Warriors     6    2    0    0    4    0    8
Munster Reds            6    2    0    0    4    0    8
  • Interprovincial T20
    Northern Knights (5) beat North West Warriors (0) by 49 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 8 July.
    Northern Knights 193-6 (20.0 overs, G Thompson 80, S Getkate 41, M Adair 33, S Thompson 2 -41, C Young 2-52)
    North West Warriors 144-5 (20.0 overs, D Rankin 67, A McBrine 26*, S Getkate 2-17)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Leinster Lightning (0) lost to Munster Reds (4) by 2 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 8 July.
    Munster Reds 189-5 (20.0 overs, O Gunning 53, C Hassett 26, T Stanton 2-33, F Hand 2-40)
    Leinster Lightning 187-6 (20.0 overs, A Balbirnie 61, L Tucker 29, Yaqoob Ali 2-31, T Anders 2-42)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Northern Knights (5) beat Munster Reds (0) by 39 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 7 July.
    Northern Knights 165 (20.0 overs, A Dennison 35, P Eakin 25, Yaqoob Ali 2-12, DC Delany 2-33, J Benton 2-34)
    Munster Reds 126 (18.2 overs, O Gunning 26, J Mulder 3-18, S Getkate 3-28)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Leinster Lightning (5) beat North West Warriors (0) by 41 runs.
    Sydney Parade, 7 July.
    Leinster Lightning 182-3 (20.0 overs, J Anderson 76*, G Dockrell 40*, G Delany 28, G Kennedy 2-20)
    North West Warriors 141-8 (18.4 overs, D Rankin 37, E Richardson 4-25, G Dockrell 2-22)
    Both D Scanlon & V Chopra were injured and did not bat
  • Interprovincial T20
    Munster Reds (4) beat North West Warriors (0) by 6 wickets.
    Sydney Parade, Dublin, 6 July.
    North West Warriors 162-7 (20.0 overs, A Gillespie 80*, A McBrine 37, Yaqoob Ali 2-27, D Delany 2-30)
    Munster Reds 163-4 (17.0 overs, S Doheny 64, R Forrest 36, A McBrine 2-32)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Leinster Lightning (4) beat Northern Knights (0) by 27 runs.
    Sydney Parade, Dublin, 6 July.
    Leinster Lightning 207-5 (20.0 overs, A Balbirnie 72, Simi Singh 69, G Dockrell 32, M Adair 2-40)
    Northern Knights 180-9 (20.0 overs, S Getkate 45, H Tector 36, A Dennison 27, T Kane 5-22, G Dockrell 2-33)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Munster Reds (0) lost to Northern Knights (5) by 39 runs.
    Mardyke, 8 June.
    Northern Knights 195-5 (20.0 overs, G Wilson 80, G Thompson 50*, J Benton 3 -18)
    Munster Reds 156-6 (20.0 overs, S Doheny 62 *, M Sorensen 48, J Shannon 2-29, P Eakin 2-24)
  • Interprovincial T20
    North West Warriors (0) lost to Leinster Lightning (4) by 4 runs.
    Maghermason, 8 June.
    Leinster Lightning 99 (19.1 overs, G Kennedy 3-15, S Thompson 2-20, C Young 2 -30)
    North West Warriors 95-8 (20.0 overs, W Porterfield 38, G Dockrell 3-15, E Richardson 2-18, P Chase 2-23)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Northern Knights (0) lost to Leinster Lightning (5) by 38 runs.
    Shaw's Bridge, Belfast, 25 May.
    Leinster Lightning 178-6 (20.0 overs, A Balbirnie 79, G Delany 25, S Getkate 3-23, G Kidd 2-43)
    Northern Knights 140 (16.0 overs, J Shannon 35, H Tector 26, T Kane 4-23, S Singh 2-37)
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  • Interprovincial T20
    North West Warriors (4) beat Munster Reds (0) by 5 wickets.
    Eglinton, 25 May.
    Munster Reds 126-8 (50.0 overs, R Forrest 29, C Young 3-18, A McBrine 3-30)
    North West Warriors 127-5 (19.1 overs, S Thompson 36, A McBrine 26)
    Scorecard Photos
  • Interprovincial T20
    Northern Knights (0) lost to North West Warriors (4) by 25 runs.
    Stormont, 18 May.
    North West Warriors 166-5 (20.0 overs, D Rankin 51, W Porterfield 46, S Thompson 28, N Jones 2-21)
    Northern Knights 141 (20.0 overs, N Jones 57, A Shields 40, C Young 4-21, D Scanlon 3-25)
  • Interprovincial T20
    Leinster Lightning (5) beat Munster Reds (0) by 80 runs.
    Sydney Parade, Dublin, 18 May.
    Leinster Lightning 160-6 (20.0 overs, G Delany 77, S Terry 33*, Y Ali 4-29)
    Munster Reds 80 (15.4 overs, G Dockrell 3-15, J Carroll 2-10, S Singh 2-18)
Reports & Articles
Y viva Espana for interpros
The Cricket Ireland board gave the go-ahead this week for an extra round of one-day (50-over) games and, if required, a Twenty20 festival in September, although that will not be confirmed until February.
Class tells as Leinster retain their title
THE class rose to the surface on the final day of Ireland’s cricketing summer as Leinster Lightning retained the inter-provincial Cup.
Dockrell pride as Lightning win 15th trophy
Leinster Lightning skipper George Dockrell cut a proud figure as he posed with another interpro trophy at his home patch of Rathmines.
Lightning show depth to capture interpro cup
Leinster Lightning captured the interpro cup for the fifth consecutive year after a typical fightback which showcased their strength in depth.
O'Brien returns for winner takes all clash
Kevin O'Brien replaces Eddie Richardson in the Lightning squad for their interpro cup clash with the NW Warriors.
Interpro ends in tame draw
JUST two hours play was possible after overnight rain delayed the start of the final day of the last inter-provincial Championship game of the season, between Leinster Lightning and Northern Knights, and the likely draw became a certainty.
Lightning bat on as game fizzles out into a draw
The gloomy weather summed up the match situation pretty well, with no possible chance of a result available to either sides.
Tector and Balbirnie star as Lightning fight back
One couldn’t fault the effort from the Knights attack but it lacked potency and of course that crucial chance off Balbirnie went down. They will need early wickets to make a potential result out of this match.
Warriors name squad for Cup showdown
Boyd Rankin hasn't been released by Warwickshire for Sunday's crucial cup showdown with Leinster Lightning at Rathmines.
Ruthless Knights punish lacklustre Lightning
The day leaves the Northern Knights well and truly in the ascendency and all eyes will be on them as to when they decide to declare.
Knights shine on run-filled day
NORTHERN Knights enjoyed their best ever day in Dublin as they scored at four runs an over and batted for all 104 overs to take control of the final inter-provincial championship match of the season.
Lightning name squad for final Championship clash
The curtain comes down on the first-class Championship season as Leinster Lightning take on the Northern Knights at Sydney Parade this week.
Knights name squad for Lightning clash
James Shannon returns to captain the Northern Knights in the final Championship clash of the season.
Change of venue for interpro
THE final inter-provincial Championship game of the season between Leinster Lightning and Northern Knights has been moved from Malahide to Sydney Parade.
Gunning and Tucker star as Bolts strike out Knights
An unbeaten century by Oliver Gunning and four wickets for Fiachra Tucker were the highlights as Lightning Bolts recorded an emphatic 133-run win over the Emerging Knights at Phoenix Park.
Bolts edge out Emerging Knights in thriller
Leinster Lightning Bolts beat NCU Emerging Knights by three runs in a pulsating battle at North County.
Leinster Bolts squads named
Leinster Bolts have named their squads for the matches against the Emerging Knights.
Emerging Knights in Dublin
The NCU has announced an Emerging Knights squad to play two, 50 over fixtures against Leinster Lightning Bolts, at North County and Phoenix Cricket Clubs, respectively.
Warriors deserved champions
NORTH West Warriors are the three-day inter-provincial champions, clinching the title in style 45 minutes after lunch on the final day of their game against Northern Knights at Bready.
Warriors on brink of title
North West Warriors need just eight wickets to claim the coveted Inter-Provincial Championship for the first time after bouncing back to top form at Bready.
James McCollum stars with a maiden five-wicket haul in senior cricket.
James McCollum was the Northern Knights’ unlikely bowling star on the first day of the inter-provincial match against North West Warriors.
Warriors loss leaves Lightning favourites
NORTH West Warriors must beat Leinster Lightning with a bonus point in the final match of the Inter-provincial Cup in September to claim the trophy after crashing to another defeat at Eglinton.
Adair sparks Knights into life
Mark Adair’s new ball burst set up a first victory in this season’s interpro Cup as the Northern Knights edged out the NW Warriors in a low scoring battle at Eglinton.
Late change for Warriors as Dougherty withdraws
The NW Warriors have been forced into a late change ahead of their 50-over clash with the Northern Knights at Eglinton.
New faces for Knights ahead of Warriors contests
Matthew McCord and Aaron Wright are included for the first time after impressing in the Emerging Knights programme.
Little change for Warriors ahead of Knights clashes
The NW Warriors have named their squads for next week's cup and championship matches against the Northern Knights.
Munster stun Leinster Lightning
Munster Reds completed the T20 series with a stunning two-run win over Leinster Lightning.
9 things we learned from the T20 festival
Ger Siggins reviews the T20 festival and analyses the positives and negatives from the three action packed days at Sydney Parade.
Festival formula works on weekend to remember
George Dockrell received the Twenty20 inter-provincial Trophy from his father, Derek, the Cricket Leinster president, but the real winner was the idea of a Festival of cricket over a three-day weekend.
Lightning crowned T20 champions
Leinster Lightning claimed their 5th T20 crown in six seasons with an emphatic 41-run win over the NW Warriors, while Northern Knights beat Munster Reds by 39 runs to move into second.
Lightning win T20 trophy yet again
LEINSTER Lightning won the Twenty20 inter-provincial Trophy for a fourth successive year with a bonus point victory over North West Warriors at Sydney Parade.
Lightning on cusp of title
A five wicket haul by Tyrone Kane and a T20 record interpro stand of 132 between Andrew Balbirnie and Simi Singh has taken Leinster Lighting to the verge of yet another title.
Young guns out Knights as Warriors go top
Craig Young’s five wicket haul led the NW Warriors to a maximum points win over the Northern Knights at Comber to leapfrog Leinster Lightning at the summit of the Championship table.
Benton to skipper Munster in T20 blitz
The Munster Reds - sponsored by All Rounder Cricket - have named their 13 man squad for this weekend's inaugural Interprovincial T20 Festival taking place at Pembroke CC.
Knights hit by injury troubles ahead of T20 blitz
The Northern Knights' preparations for the T20 interpro weekend have been hampered by a trio of injury problems.
Coleraine trio named In Warriors T20 squad
The North West Warriors will head to Pembroke in buoyant mood ahead of the T20 festival at Sydney Parade which will take place over the coming weekend.
Leinster name squad for T20 festival weekend
Leinster have named twelve for the weekend T20 festival at Pembroke CC.
Warriors in pole position to end Lightning reign
NORTH WEST Warriors are in pole position to end Leinster Lightning’s reign as inter-provincial champions after completing a 10 wickets victory at Comber.
Warriors take control
NORTH West Warriors took control of their inter-provincial game at Comber with three half centuries and three more batsmen getting into the 40s as Northern Knights suffered in the field on a sweltering hot day.
Warriors in complete control
A last wicket stand of 101 and counting has put the NW Warriors in complete control going into the last day of their Championship clash with the Northern Knights at Comber.
McCollum century rescues Knights
James McCollum scored 116 as the Northern Knights recovered from 13 for 4 and 107 for 7 to post 250 against the NW Warriors at Comber.
Dockrell dazzles yet again
George Dockrell’s phenomenal form with the bat continued at Stormont as he led his Leinster Lightning side to a three wickets victory over Northern Knights. But the much-deserved maiden century still eludes him.
Dockrell leads Lightning to victory
An unbeaten 94 from Leinster Lightning captain George Dockrell helped his team to a hard fought three wicket win against the Northern Knights at Stormont.
Chopra call up for Warriors
Coleraine all-rounder Rishi Chopra has been selected in the NW Warriors squad for next week's Championship clash with Northern Knights at Comber.
Shannon resumes Knights captaincy
James Shannon resumes the captaincy of Northern Knights on Sunday when they take on Leinster Lightning in the latest inter-provincial Cup match at Stormont
Little and Terry missing for Lightning
Irish internationals Josh Little and Sean Terry will be absent from the Lightning squad for Sunday's 50 over clash with the Northern Knights at Stormont.
Knights hampered by injury and availability problems
The Northern Knights have been hit by an number of availability and injury concerns ahead of their matches across all three formats in the coming days.
Switch to four-day games on the cards?
Cricket Ireland are considering making the Championship four-day matches next season.
Marathon man Porterfield denies Leinster
William Porterfield’s epic innings ensured the Warriors drew their Championship clash with Leinster Lightning at Bready.
Porterfield far from finished
William Porterfield batted Leinster Lightning into submission and earned North West Warriors a second draw of the season against the inter-provincial championship holders.
Warriors battle back on Day 2
North West Warriors enjoyed a much improved second day of their inter-provincial Championship match against Leinster Lightning at Bready.
Porterfield century gives Warriors hope
An unbeaten century from William Porterfield has given the NW Warriors hope going into the final day of their Championship clash with Leinster Lightning at Bready.
Chase and Dockrell put Lightning in control
Peter Chase’s five wicket haul combined with an unbeaten 84 from George Dockrell has put Leinster Lightning in a commanding position after the first day of their Championship clash with NW Warriors at Bready.
Captain Dockrell leads the way
Leinster Lightning are in control of their inter-provincial Championship game as international players, past and present dominated hosts North West Warriors on day one at Bready.
Rankin missing for Warriors
BOYD Rankin is the notable absentee from the North West Warriors line-ups for this week’s inter-provincial clashes with Leinster Lightning, starting with the one-day Cup game at Eglinton.
No Boyd Rankin for Lightning clashes
Boyd Rankin isn't included in the NW Warriors squad for their games against Leinster Lightning this week.
O'Brien missing for Championship clash
Kevin O'Brien won't be playing for Leinster Lightning in their Championship clash with NW Warriors at Bready this week.
Wilson makes instant impression for Knights
New Ireland T20 captain Gary Wilson made an instant impression on his white-ball debut for Northern Knights in Cork.
Warriors spurn golden opportunity
The NW Warriors spurned a golden opportunity to beat defending champions Leinster Lightning in their T20 interpro clash, while Gary Wilson hits 80 as the Knights beat Munster.
Gary Wilson selected for the Northern Knights
Knights missing seven players for their T20 against Munster Reds at the Mardyke.
Ten internationals named in Lightning squad
Leinster Lightning have named a strong squad for their T20 contest with NW Warriors.
McClintock replaces Scanlon for Lightning battle
Donemana all-rounder William McClintock has been called into the Warriors squad for Friday's T20 clash with Leinster Lightning at Bready.
Munster Reds name squad for Knights clash
Cork County duo Abubakar Saddique and Morne Bauer replace Robert Forrest and Diarmuid Carey who are both unavailable.
A world record seventh wicket partnership in List A matches
Leinster Lightning ease to an emphatic 53 runs victory over Northern Knights.
Dockrell and Singh put Knights to the sword
SIMI SINGH and George Dockrell shared a world record unbeaten seventh-wicket partnership of 215 as Leinster recovered from early woes to beat the Northern Knights by 53 runs.
Records tumble as Lightning slay Knights
A world record seventh wicket stand of 215 for List-A cricket between Simi Singh and George Dockrell was the highlight of Lightning’s remarkable 53-run win against Northern Knights at Milverton.
Knights make three changes
Mark Adair has been recalled to the Northern Knights squad for the Inter-provincial Cup game against Leinster Lightning at The Hills.
Adair back for Knights clash with Lightning
Mark Adair returns to the Northern Knights squad for their 50-over clash with Leinster Lightning at The Hills.
Anderson century leads Lightning to victory
JOHN ANDERSON’S brilliant unbeaten 123 led Leinster Lightning to a five-wicket win after a sporting declaration by Northern Knights saw the Dubliners successfully chase 268 to clinch victory with two overs to spare.
O'Brien returns for Lightning clash with Knights
Irish international Kevin O'Brien and Leinster all-rounder Joe Carroll have been named in the Leinster Lightning squad that will take on the Northern Knights at The Hills.
Lightning time their chase to perfection
Normal order was restored as Leinster Lightning hit the top of the Inter-provincial table with a superbly timed chase to beat Northern Knights by five wickets at a sun-kissed Comber.
Excellent second day for Northern Knights
An unbroken second wicket partnership of 76 between Chris Dougherty and James McCollum gave the Northern Knights a 71 run lead going into the final day.
Knights fightback puts Lightning on back foot
Three wickets apiece from Harry Tector and James Cameron-Dow, coupled with an unbroken stand of 76 between James McCollum and Chris Dougherty gave the Northern Knights possibly their best day in the six-year Championship history against Leinster Lightning.
Advantage Lightning in interpro clash
When the players went in for lunch with the Northern Knights, having won the toss, 60-4, it looked to be a familiar story of Leinster Lightning dominance in the first class fixture between the teams.
McCollum and Getkate ensure honours even
Half centuries from James McCollum and Shane Getkate led a Northern Knights fight-back on the first day of their Championship clash against Leinster Lightning at Comber.
Warriors cruise to victory in 1-day match
Tough 3-day match at Comber ahead for the Northern Knights against Leinster Lightning as they seek their first win in any format.
Warriors cruise home against Knights
A 158-run opening stand between William Porterfield and David Rankin was the highlight of North West Warriors 8-wicket Interprovincial Cup win over the Northern Knights.
Squads named for busy interpro week
It's the start of a busy four days for the Northern Knights as they take on NW Warriors in a 50-over game, followed by a three-day Championship clash at Comber against Leinster Lightning.
Lightning claim second bonus point win
Leinster Lightning consolidated their position at the top of the T20 inter-provincial table with a second bonus point victory, this time by 38 runs over a disappointing Northern Knights side.
Wins for Lightning and Warriors
Andy Balbirnie struck a rapid 79 to lead Leinster Lightning to a 38-run win over Northern Knights in a high scoring match at Shaw’s Bridge.
Leinster Lightning name IP20 squad
The Leinster Lightning have announced their squad for Friday nights clash with the Knights at Shaw's Bridge.
Getkate to skipper Knights
Shane Getkate will skipper the Northern Knights in their T20 interpro clash against Leinster Lightning at Shaw's Bridge.
Three changes to Munster squad
There are three changes from the squad that were defeated by Leinster Lightning last Friday, with Ruadhán Jones and Jack Carty stepping out, while Nicolaas Pretorius and David Delany return to the fold from last year.
Macbeth replaces Lazars in Warriors squad
Brigade opening bowler Ryan MacBeth has been recalled to the Warriors squad for Friday's interpro clash against Munster Reds at Eglinton.
Honours even as Bolts and Knights share spoils
It was a case of honours even as the Emerging Knights and Lightning Bolts played a two-match T20 series at Laurelvale.
Delany stars as Lightning crush Munster
Gareth Delany hits superb 77, while Lightning skipper George Dockrell took three wickets in comfortable 80-run win.
Bready trio star as Warriors beat Knights
The Bready triumvirate of David Rankin, Craig Young and David Scanlon combined to lead the NW Warriors to a 25-run win over the Northern Knights at a sun-drenched Stormont in their T20 opener.
Sorensen returns to interpro action
EIGHT of Ireland’s Test match squad return to provincial duty tomorrow night when the Twenty20 Trophy begins in Belfast and Dublin.
McBrine hopes to get over Test disappointment
Andy McBrine hopes to get over the disappointment of missing out on the first Test match with two victories in 24 hours for North West Warriors and Donemana.
Test hero O'Brien star draw for Lightning
Leinster Lightning have unveiled their squad as they start their defence of their Inter-Provincial T20 crown against Munster Reds on Friday at Sydney Parade.
Munster hit by availability problems
Injury and exam commitments means it's a much changed Munster squad that takes on four-times T20 winners Leinster Lightning.
Porterfield named in Warriors squad
William Porterfield has been named in a 12-man Warriors squad for their T20 interpro clash with Northern Knights in Belfast on Friday.
Munster Reds v Lightning T20 moved to Pembroke
Conditions at the Mardyke have made it necessary to move this week's game to Dublin.
Sorensen snapped up by Munster Reds
Former Irish international Max Sorensen has been drafted into the Munster Reds squad for the 2018 T20 interpro series.
Niall O'Brien upbeat despite Warriors draw
Niall O'Brien was upbeat despite the NW Warriors being unable to seal what would have been a historic first Championship win against Leinster Lightning in Dublin.
Lightning preserve unbeaten record
Leinster Lightning preserved their now six-year unbeaten record in the inter-provincial championship but it needed two internationals to thwart a resurgent North West Warriors.
O'Brien denies Warriors famous victory
Kevin O'Brien's stubborn half century denied the NW Warriors their first championship victory over Leinster Lightning as the defending champions escaped with a draw on the final day at Pembroke.
Wonderful Warriors stay in control
North West Warriors enjoyed another wonderful second day at Pembroke against Leinster Lightning, but it will still need a herculean effort to claim their first three-day victory over the inter-provincial champions.
Balbirnie halts Warriors victory charge
The NW Warriors maintained total control of their Championship clash with Leinster Lightning despite a defiant unbeaten hundred from Andrew Balbirnie on his home ground.
Thompson makes case for Test call
Stuart Thompson put his name in the frame for a Test match call-up with a century for North West Warriors against a full-strength Leinster Lightning attack on the first day of the inter-provincial season at Pembroke.
Thompson and O'Brien score centuries as Warriors dominate
Stuart Thompson and Niall O'Brien hit unbeaten centuries as they shared a record-breaking partnership of 265 on a day dominated by the NW Warriors against defending champions Leinster Lightning.
Lightning look to strike again
Lightning, who have secured 13 of the 15 trophies available to them since the Interpros started, will look to add three more this year under the leadership of Albert van der Merwe and captain, George Dockrell.
Rankin and Porterfield included in Warriors squad
The North-West warriors have been handed a major boost with the inclusion of both Boyd Rankin and Ireland captain William Porterfield for their clash with defending champions Leinster Lightning.
Lightning announce squad for Warriors clash
Lightning announce strong squad for interpro three-day game against Warriors.
Pembroke to host interpro 3-dayer
The venue for the first match of the Inter-Provincial Championships next week has been moved from Oak Hill to Pembroke.
Knights snap up Tector and Rock
Ireland's top two batsmen at the Under-19 World Cup will be playing for Northern Knights this season.
Knights well positioned to end Lightning stanglehold
2018 could well be the year that Leinster Lightning’s stranglehold on the interprovincial scene is finally broken.
Lightning aim for another treble
New Lightning skipper George Dockrell is aiming for another treble as Lightning show an appetite for destruction over their interprovincial rivals.