Rain is never too far away it seems from cricket matches in this part of the world, and that was certainly the case during European tournaments.

While at the top echelons of cricket there is a small army of ground staff to take the covers on and off there is no such luxury for countries further down the food chain.

Often it’s down to one or two dedicated volunteers, many of whom are past the pension age and doing it out of a labour of love.

The covers come off©CricketEurope

In these cases, where showers are about, meaning the covers are on and off frequently, it can be a difficult and tiresome task.

This is where the teams come in and showcase exactly what the reality of international cricket at the lower level is about. There are no show ponies here prancing around. No, everyone chips in and helps out where needed in order to get as much of the game played as possible.

The photo here shows both teams and the officials all mucking in to get the covers off so the game can be finished. A real team effort from all concerned.