Drink and cricket have always been inextricably linked, with the often leisurely pace of the sport affording spectators the chance to imbibe in the sunshine.

For the players though they must wait until the end of the day’s play to unwind. Over a few beers the post mortems can be held, shots relived, catches admired, and umpires' decisions reviewed.

Ole Roland©CricketEurope

The photo here shows Denmark Manager Ole Roland carrying out one of the essential managerial duties – bringing beer to the dressing room after a victory.

Denmark had cause to celebrate. They had qualified for the T20 World Cup Qualifiers by beating Guernsey in the semi-final and would be off to the United Arab Emirates later in the year to escape the harsh European winter for three weeks.

There’s a saying “that the beer tastes better when you win” and this was certainly a Carlsberg day for the Danes.