I first met Jim Perchard in 2008 during Division 5 of the World Cricket League hosted by Jersey and liked him instantly. Jim was a man of action and wasn't afraid to take the direct route to get things done. Problems weren't problems for long with Jim and his family.

Jim Perchard on his home squareJim Perchard on his home square

Anybody who builds their own cricket ground has to be admired. Many of us over the years would have dreamt of such a thing but has anybody really gone through with it. And not just any old ground but one in which a relatively short space of time has become one of the premier grounds in European Cricket.

He first got the idea back in 2001 and got the green light to progress two years later. In 2005 Farmers Field hosted its first match with Sir Geoffrey Boycott and Mike Gatting in attendance - Jim doesn't do anything by half measures.

The immaculate ground that is Farmer's FieldThe immaculate ground that is Farmer's Field

It soon became a regular venue as Jersey hosted ICC, World Cricket League and European tournaments.

Helped by a lifetime spent in the agricultural industry, Jim's expert knowledge of soil, the land, weather and crops was reflected in the ground and square becoming better and better every year.

As well as the superb square and outfield, progress was made off the field too with the facilities being added year after year - no standing still and resting on his laurels for Jim and co! Every visit would see an extension to the pavilion, new floodlights, patio areas, more toilets, a bar, bbq facilities, practice nets, the list is endless.

At each tournament I would try and make sure my visits around the grounds would coincide with a lunchtime trip to Farmers where Jim's wife Susan and daughter Holly would provide the best lunches on the island, while eldest son James helps out his father with the grounds duties.

The Perchard familyThe Perchard family

Jim and Susan are also two of Jersey cricket's most ardent supporters, travelling the globe cheering on their son Charles aka 'Chuggy' who happens to be the islands captain, and a successful one to boot.

Jim and ChuggyJim and Chuggy

I'm looking forward to 2021, when hopefully Covid is behind us and Farmers Field will once again host more nations in the World Cup Challenge League.