North West Cricket: A Photographic Memoir
Billy Platt
Billy Platt & Ernie Falconer

Waterside Voices
Paperback, 56pp
ISBN: 0 950 1953 8 3

From the authors' introduction:

The history of cricket in the North West of Ireland has always been of great interest although the future development of the game here is more important than dwelling too much on the past. We are pleased to have gathered together in these pages a pretty considerable library of cricket pictures and that they provide a visual but reflective coverage of cricket in the North West.

We do not propose to add very much more by way of comment on the the pictures here produced other than to say that the purpose of this book is simply to exhibit these pictures to a wider public than has hitherto been found possible. We believe they form as fine a collection of cricket pictures as were ever gathered together within the covers of one book.

North West cricket holds a unique place in cricket in Ireland and we hope this book will bring back memories of the team and individuals who brought it about.