Since the suspension of all NCU related cricket activity from 13th March, the NCU team have been looking at a range of methods as to how we can maintain contact with cricketers in the NCU during this intervening period.
We have looked at how some schools maintain an online presence with their pupils and have explored a variety of options. The NCU have now set up individual google classrooms for each Key Stage level (Key Stage 1, Key Stage 2 & Key Stage 3/4).
Link to Google Classroom:

The NCU are now inviting you as schools/coaches/parents to discuss with your child/players and encourage them to join our classrooms. Iíve attached a Guide to Google Classroom in this email (for parents). Each classroom has a unique log in which you'll find below.
NCU Online Learning Key Stage 1: Password available in email
NCU Online Learning Key Stage 2: Password available in email
NCU Online Learning Key Stage 3&4: Password available in email

Those joining the classroom should be familiar with the layout as Google classrooms are widely used by schools and colleges.
To access you need to have a gmail account and can either use an existing gmail or create a new account.
How to create a Google Account:

Once your child has joined the classroom, you will see that there is already some material there for your child to access and follow.
Simon Johnston, NCU Pathway coach and Northern Knights head Coach, and Callum Atkinson (NCU Cricket Development Officer) will upload material relevant to each squad and age grade on a regular basis to maintain connectivity with youth cricketers during this challenging period.

The NCU will review this initiative on a regular basis and hope that normal cricket activity will return in the not too distant future.
In the meantime, we hope that you find this initiative both intuitive and fun!
Please see attached a guide on how to setup Google classroom on your mobile and PC.

I hope you are all keeping well. Stay safe!

Kind regards,

Youth members - Please contact if you did not recieve an email