Judy Cohen... another unsung hero!

Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in London many decades ago and was educated in Goodwyn School in Mill Hill, London then St Albanís High School for young Ladies and finally The Hall School in Monkstown Ė now part of Rathdown.

Iím the eldest of 3 and have a brother 2 years my junior and a sister 5 years my junior. I was a secretary having studied at Old Alex secretarial school and also a computer programmer/analyst although I took early retirement as I was fed up giving the tax man far too much money.

How did you get involved cricket scoring?

My father taught me how to score and suggested I go along to our local club in Mill Hill where he had played and captained the side.

Have you played cricket?

Yes I started playing in 1977 and should have started earlier in my old school in England but they scrapped cricket when we got a new head mistress who didnít like the game! Iíve played for Pembroke, Phoenix, Railway and YMCA plus Iíve represented Ulster 21 times and South Leinster once.

Why Ireland Judy?

Not my choice, my parents decided to move to avoid paying 103% tax that labour brought in Ė a no brainer really plus my grandmother was living in Newtownards, Co. Down so we were much nearer to her. The other choice was somewhere in Australia!

Why cricket scoring?

I like numbers and maths Ė how sad!

When did you start?

I was 10 years old so a long time ago.

When did you start scoring for Ireland?

In 1986 at the very first European Cup which was held in Phoenix and Civil Service.

So technically you have more international caps than most players? How many times have you scored for Ireland? European Cups & World Cups?

I have more international caps than any Irish player but only just, Shillers has 120+ and I have scored 122 international matches plus 17 under age internationals.

Iíve done 117 Irish womenís matches, 2 for the Scottish women, 2 for the Scottish men plus 1 for the Irish men. Iíve scored at 13 out of 14 European Cups, 3 World Cups and 2 World Cup qualifiers.

You have got to travel quite a bit with the Irish team, where has been your favourite place?

My favourite place is a toss-up between Australia in 1988 and New Zealand in 2000.

I know you were assistant manager on 2000 New Zealand World Cup tour, do you have any funny stories form that trip?

I was assistant manager in 2000 in New Zealand, otherwise called washer woman or team sponsor!! The funniest stories have to be Karen Young getting both her legs into one leg of my new shorts, Lennie getting lost on campus and me getting in and out of a wet suit.

How do people get into scoring for cricket?

Good question, I suppose in some cases people donít like playing but want to get involved some other way or because they like maths or perhaps itís because the family is big into the game?

What courses have you taken over the years?

I attended the scorerís course that Alan Tuffery ran back in 1989 over several evenings along with Siobhan McBennett and Geraldine Banks amongst others; this was followed by an exam which took 3 hours. Nowadays it is run over 1 day!

What is the biggest game you have scored the book for?

The biggest game Iíve scored in was probably the world cup semi-final between Ireland and New Zealand in Melbourne with Mary Craddock Ė 2 Irish scorers and we still didnít win.

Do you do your dots up and down or from left to right? :)

I do my dots up and down and from right to left depending on the shape of the bowlerís analysis box.

You've had a few fussy bowlers over the years wanting certain colors for the book, who was the bain of our life?

The fussiest bowler was probably your good self until you found out you had inherited Miriamís coloured pen!

What can be done to attract more volunteers to scoring?

Money is the normal way to attract more volunteers to scoring although that defeats the volunteering bit, itís just a shame that scorerís donít get to travel anymore.

Do you have any advice for people trying or thinking of getting into scoring?

The best thing to do is attend either the beginners scorerís course or the more advanced and have a go Ė if you donít like it donít do it but if you do come and join the ranks. Some learn on the job and Iím more than willing to teach individuals at an actual match.