Louise McCarthy - This is your life!

Ciara Metcalfe interviews Ireland Women's Premier strike bowler Louise McCarthy.

Why cricket?

Good question...! Itís kind of been engraved into our family since a young age. My dad played when he was younger and he'd consider himself a club man. Which then meant my mum had no choice but to be a club woman. The three of us pretty much spent our entire summers down in the club with bats and balls all around us. I say whatís kept us all in the game is probably the friendships that you make in the sport.

When did you start cricket?

I started from a young age, I played many U9 tournaments and could have featured in the field from as young as 6 with the boys! But the first girlís tour I went on was at U13 level and I was 11 then so I reckon thatís when I began to take it more serious.

Did you play cricket in School? And if so, for who?

Yes, there was a cricket set up in the summer term and I'm happy to report we did in fact lift the senior cup one of those years; it was for Muckross Park College in Donnybrook.

Are you any good at any other sports?

I've done my stint at hockey throughout colts and school ages. Golf's another sport I'd hold my own at. I'm open to all sports really, no problem kicking or throwing around a ball.

What club do you play for?

For the great Pembroke Cricket Club off Sandymount

You picked up a lot of wickets and runs this season? Do you see yourself developing into a t20 player?

Yes, if I was to do a review on this season in comparison to other seasons I've had, this would be up there with being the most successful season I've had. I most definitely do. I think t20 cricket is very much so a confidence game, if you can achieve that much before stepping on the pitch your half way there. My skills will have to improve but I can see that happening given time.

Pembroke Cricket Club won the Senior Cup at home this year with a huge crowd watching. Do you think interest in Womenís cricket is changing in Ireland?

What a fantastic event that was! The famous wall was jammed, as well as the bar! I think people are beginning to respect it a lot more and understand the commitment people have to put in to play.

Whoís the best bowler in the McCarthy household?

Haha, I reckon I'd have to say the one with the most caps, don't I...? Soz boys!

When did you get your first international cap?

It was the 2010 Season.

Your first international wicket was a big name, talk us through it?

Yeah, pretty good scalp that was! Heather brought me on first change in a game I still count myself lucky to have played in, I think it could have been my first or second over, Claire Taylor of England, who had just been ranked number one batsman in the world was on strike.

I managed to bowl a ball which she nicked off to the hands of first slips, who was Clare Shillington. I donít really remember the celebrations that followed! I was pretty happy to say the least!

How many caps do you have now?

I think itís around 70!

How many World/European cups have you been to now?

Iíve been lucky enough to play in 1 World cup this year in Bangladesh and have played in 4 European cups!

What countries have you travelled to with cricket?

I've been to India, South Africa, Holland, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh twice.

Do you have any pre match routines?

I've got a few! I like to hang my shirt up when we get into the dressing room and have that be the last thing I put on when I'm changing. I've to undo my laces really loosely before putting my shoes back on. I have a few habits on game day!

Describe an embarrassing tour moment?

For myselfÖ Surely I don't have any!

Do you aspire to be Irish Captain?

Not any time soon but potentially in the future when I've more experience to carry out such a big role.

Are you sponsored? Nope!

What's your international goal?

I'd like to see us ranked in the top 7 before I finish my career.

Who is your favourite female player?

As a batsman probably Suzie Bates, she gives it a fierce wallop. And I could watch Goswami bowl all day if I had the chance!

Who is your favourite male player? Freddie Flintoff

Who has been your favourite coach so far?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Trent Johnston

Mary Waldron has headed down to Australia to play a season there; will you head abroad and play at some stage?

I definitely plan to head abroad; it'd be bonus if I was able to play while away. Everyone that goes tends to come back a much stronger player mentally and skilfully.

Do you think Cricket Ireland should encourage more female cricketers to play a season abroad?

For sure, itís valuable exposure to different conditions which we just can't get in Ireland.

What are your thoughts on the next Irish coach?

I haven't really thought about it. Coach turnover is pretty high so far for me since playing, 4 coaches in 4 years. It takes a while to adapt to a new coach but I'm sure they'll be more than capable and do a great job.

Youíve been playing for 11 years now, and womenís cricket has changed so much, do you see it continuing?

Yeah the game is developing and advancing at a serious rate. I can't quite predict what will come next.

What do you like to do in your free time away from cricket?

I'm studying in Sports science full time in college so during the winter months that occupies most of my time. I've a part time job in a cafe so I work there on the weekends. Other than that, just typical 20 year old stuff!

What music are you listening to at the moment?

I've such a stretch in music taste, Iíd listen to chart music, then musical soundtracks, and it really just depends on what mood I'm in really. Can't beat a bit of Ed Sheeran or Westlife though!

Whatís next for you, Lou?

Oh Ciara....The treble of course!