Unfortunately I have been added to the list of ever growing injuries in the squad.

Things had been going really well for myself since arriving in Australia. I felt as though I was playing really well in the nets and during my one hit in the middle I was playing nicely before being involved in an unfortunate run out.

Then, in the 49th over of the second game, I was fielding out on the biggest boundary in the ground, dived for a catch off John Mooney and landed heavily on my right shoulder.

I knew straight away that I was in a bit of trouble but quickly checked to make sure it wasn't out of place...Once I realised that it wasn't my mind was more at rest. That was the end of the game for me though and I still haven't trained since.

I'm still pretty hopeful that I won't be out for too long and definitely hope to play a major part in the rest of the tour.

For the moment it's the physio bench and the gym, trying to make sure that I get back sooner rather than later.

The Canberra leg of the trip was a pretty successful one for us as a team. We beat the Comets in both games and put together two pretty solid performances.

I would still say that the wins need to be put in context, I'm not saying that the Comets were a bad side. Far from it. They played good, aggressive cricket throughout the two games and pushed us all the way in the second one but the quality we will face at Manuka Oval next March will be on a different level.

If we are to reach our full potential as a batting unit we must go in to the last 10 overs of One Day International games with wickets in hand. The new rule whereby only 4 men are allowed outside the inner circle means that you can really punish sides if you have those wickets intact and that could be the difference between getting a score of 260/270 to getting one of 300 against quality opposition.

I say it's a new rule but it has been in place now for a fair amount of time so teams are certainly starting to get to grips with it.

Now, in the last 10 overs we are regularly seeing teams score 100 runs instead of the past where 70/80 was considered to be a brilliant effort.

On the flip side, as bowlers and fielders we need to have a plan of where we want to get hit. Especially in Australia where on most grounds at least one of the boundaries is going to be massive.

We need to make sure we are getting hit to that side of the ground rather than letting the opposition attack the shorter side. These things may seem small but if we are going to beat the bigger nations we may have to accept that more than likely it is going to be by a small margin and therefore it might be something small that can make the difference.

We need to make sure that we are the best we can be in the field, that our running between the wickets is flawless, that we out think the opposition every time.

These are all things that we can be the best at. We might have to win grubbily, do the simple things better and fight for everything...But if we do that, and we do get wins, then who cares what way we win.