Our Trinidad leg of the trip has come to an end and the results we were looking for didn't quite transpire.

After being knocked out of the group stages we had a week of training camp based at the National Cricket Centre in the hills of trinidad. The first three days all double sessions, followed by two practice matches against a Trinidad B XI.

It really was back to hard graft for the first three days. It wasn't a case of naughty boy nets after not qualifying for the semi final, more of a realisation that we were some way off where we want to be. There were some good, hard yards put in during those five days that can only stand us in good stead going forward.

From my own point of view it's been disappointing so far not to get the weight of runs I want to. What the squad needs at this moment in time is for the senior guys here to be performing well and at the moment I haven't done that. Not many of us have to be honest but I can just speak for myself and all I can say is that I'm aware of what I need to do and hopefully be back in form soon.

At the moment, if truth be told, not a huge amount of damage has been done. That's not to belittle the Nagico Super 50 series. I said before it started that it was going to be a small part of a big couple of months for us but the real work starts in Jamaica this week against the West Indies.

Leading on from that, I do think its important for people back home to realise that there is a slight rebuilding process going on with the current squad we have here. There are 7 of the squad here that have 50 or less caps so there is a slightly different dynamic with this group.

It's not a case that we are going to need a year or so to re build I'm merely making the point that a settled squad- and even a settled eleven, has now turned into one that is young in terms of being together. I'm not for a minute suggesting that its ok if we start losing games to associates and blaming that on a rebuilding process...for an Irish Cricket team, that will never be acceptable.

Losing Trent to retirement was always going to be big for us but perhaps as much as his bowling we have lost his leadership, his presence. Whether TJ was making a valid point or correct call or indeed if he wasn't, people listened and he led in more ways than one. It's important now that the senior guys in the squad pick up the baton and lead the correct way. If young guys see the experienced players behaviour towards training and practice they are going copy that.

From a squad that has almost taken care of itself with regard to things like that there is now perhaps more need for senior guys to ensure that the correct example is being set. On the eve of the first t20 against the West Indies we have two very good practice sessions here in Jamaica and look forward to two hard fought t20s before the ODI on Sunday.

We have had some great times at this ground. Unfortunately I didn't make the final 15 players that were selected back in 2007 -still something that I'm gutted about now- but I know what great memories were made back then and hopefully this squad can make a few more this time around.