PLANS for an overhaul of the Irish Senior Cup have been shelved and players will be surveyed for the views on the future of domestic cricket.

They were the conclusions of this week's meeting of the Cricket Ireland Cricket Committee who accepted the views of clubs throughout Ireland that while there was probably a majority which wanted the Irish Cup changed, there was no consensus about the best way forward.

The compromise is that every round of next year's Irish Cup, which will continue on a knock-out basis, involving the top 10 clubs from the three major unions plus two from Munster, will have a reserve date.

The National Cup, for clubs one level down, will be played on the same dates, also with reserve dates.

It has transpired that nine of the 10 top Leinster clubs were against the Irish Cup moving to a group stage format, and while a majority of NCU and North West clubs agreed on change they did not necessarily want to go down the group stage route.

The debate over the Irish Cup began on semi-final day last year when rain washed out both games and with no reserve date, a bowl-out would have decided the finalists, until Andy Clement, chairman of the Cricket Committee, intervened and allowed the clubs a refix.

That uncertainty of what players actually want has led to the decision to have a mass survey, before the start of next season, with schoolboys and adults being consulted over everything from the number of competitions to the length of matches.