The Cricket Ireland Cricket Committee has agreed following consultation with the Tournament Director and the 8 clubs in the two CI competitions, that should any of the semi finals due to take place today either not start or not be completed, the games will not go directly to a bowl out but one rescheduling of the fixture (to be played at same venue) will be permitted.

The Committee appreciate that this decision is unprecedented, but given that these premier competitions have reached a semi final stage and in the best interest of the game, it was felt that with the final a number of weeks away there is a window to allow matches to be rescheduled.

The Tournament Director will consult with all relevant parties over the next 48 hours to agree when this date will be.

The Committee also appreciate that other clubs have lost in bowl outs in previous rounds and that the issue of whether replays should be allowed in both cups is an area that needs further discussion.

However, I sincerely hope that the cricketing community will realise that today's decision by Cricket Ireland has been taken in the best interest of all those involved in cricket across the country.

Andy Clement
Cricket Ireland Cricket Committee Chairman