Eglinton have launched an appeal to Cricket Ireland after they were eliminated from the Irish Cup on Saturday night because of a delay in printing out a Duckworth-Lewis sheet.

The North West side, involved in a rain-affected match with North Down, were furious after the tie was awarded to their opponents by the umpires, Roly Black and Noel Ward.

The officials said Eglinton failed to provide a revised D/L print-out at the conclusion of the 10-minute interval between innings and under the competition rules the tie had to be awarded to North Down.

However, Eglinton are preparing an appeal on the basis that the umpires allegedly did not give enough notice to officials, including the scorers, that the game had been reduced from 15 overs to 10 overs per side.

A 15-over game started at 6pm and the visitors were 72 for four after nine overs when the rain returned. The umpires ruled that the cut-off point was 7.20pm for play to re-start.

The rain stopped by 7.15pm and by 7.17pm the teams were back on the field and it was only now that Eglinton claim the umpires told their captain Chris Pierce and the two North Down batsmen in the middle that the game had been reduced to 10 overs per side. It is understood that Ryan Haire, the North Down captain, had not even been told of the overs reduction at this stage.

Eglinton insist it was only when the umpires then took the players off at the end of the over, signalling the end of the innings, that those responsible for printing out the Duckworth-Lewis calculations were told the game was reduced to 10 overs.

This delay, Eglinton say, didn't leave sufficient time for the computer to be rebooted and the fresh D/L calculations to be printed out.

Wth the teams back on the field and ready to start the second innings there were still no print-outs and Black told Eglinton officials, including captain Pierce, they would have to forfeit the game if none were forthcoming immediately.

After a further delay and still no signs of the print-outs Black informed both captains that the game was being awarded to North Down. Even though the print-outs were produced three minutes later, there was no turning back.

Eglinton spokesman John Pierce said last night the club are currently trying to find out routes to an appeal.

"We are the in process of talking to Cricket Ireland to see if there is an appeal mechanism," he said. "We have registered our intent that we intend to pursue the matter. It's a very disappointing way to go out of a competition.

"The first we knew about the game being reduced was when the players came off at the end of the 10th over. Initially we thought they were coming off for bad light, only when the umpires came off the field did they tell us it was reduced to 10 overs and that we needed another Duckworth-Lewis calculation done and printed out.

"Those responsible for the Duckworth-Lewis sheet were intending to go over after about 12 overs and print it off. But because they hadn't been told it was now a 10-over game they didn't have the usual time to get the print out."

Eglinton hope to appeal before tomorrow's second round draw.