There was all sorts of confusion and frustration at Eglinton as the home side lost out to North Down on a technicality when in with a real chance of upsetting the NCU giants.

More rain here delayed a start until 6pm when the teams were finally able to take the field for a 15-over game. North Down had reached 72 for 4 from 9 overs before the sides were forced off once again as the wet stuff reappeared.

When they returned just before the cut-off point the time lost had meant it was now a 10-over game giving the visitors now just one more over to bat. Their innings finally closed on 81 for 4 from those 10, however the real drama was about to start.

When the home side were unable to provide a Duckworth Lewis print-out before the teams took the field for the final session. Visiting skipper Ryan Haire approached the umpires to ask about the delay and he returned again a few minutes later to ask why the game wasn't ready to restart.

The umpires are believed to have told Eglinton at that point that a printout was required straight away and when it wasn't made available, skipper Christopher Pierce was advised that he would forfeit the match.

Eglinton were understandably very upset, however the rule is clear that the onus is on the home team to provide hard copies of the Duckworth Lewis calculations.

The villagers argued that they hadn't been advised on time that the game had subsequently been reduced from 15 overs to 10 and that was one of the reasons that the print-out wasn't ready.

The umpires however pointed out that the teams came off the field after the 10 overs were up and both captains had been advised just before that of the new calculation.

They explained that they had given as much time as they could to have the new printout made available but because the laptop was configuring during the break they were between a rock and a hard place as North Down were looking for a decision.

Either way it was a bitterly disappointing end to what could have been an interesting hour's cricket and no doubt there will be plenty of opinions offered over the coming days.