Promoted Opener Mary Waldron Hopes to End on a High With Victory Over Pakistan

Ireland's New Opening Bat Mary Waldron enjoyed her role at the top of the order scoring 33 off 31 balls and hitting 7 boundaries.

Although the game slipped away from Ireland in the final three overs of the South African innings which yielded 63 runs, Waldron was one of the Irish positives from the game.

All focus now turns to the final game against Pakistan, a game which Ireland is targeting to go out on a high.

Barry Chambers: Mary congratulations on your innings. How did you enjoy being promoted up the order?

Mary Waldron: Yes, it was a bit scary going in, I have never opened the batting before, so I suppose it was a risk from the guys. But you know my run rate wasn't too bad. So yeah it was good, I really enjoyed it.

Barry Chambers: And the game sort of slipped away, we were really in contention, 102 for 4 from seventeen overs, but a horrific last three going for 63.

Mary Waldron: Absolutely they rallied, they went to town on us in the last couple of overs. We had a super start, and we were certainly in the game, but I think the way they took it away from in the last couple of overs forced us to really go after the ball, and you could see from the wickets we lost so quickly, that we were going for it.

Barry Chambers: What turned it round so quickly in those last three? Because the bowlers had stuck to their task pretty well?

Mary Waldron: That's it, you know we've a review meeting tomorrow, I'm sure we'll find out more then. But I think the really came after us, and they obviously, played a bit more cricket and know their areas,  and they hit the areas, and they hit them for six, and they hit them well.

Barry Chambers: And there's not much you can do. We saw last week with the men, once the momentum starts, it's hard to stop it?

Mary Waldron:  That's it, and it's something we can learn from as well, what's our Plan B and Plan C if they are coming at us. I'm sure we did try to adapt, but they were hitting cleanly, but  it's something for us to learn.

Barry Chambers: And we can maybe pull it back against, we've still one more game against Pakistan, and we'll be really targeting that one?

Mary Waldron: Yes, absolutely, we're still aiming for, we've got seventh place in our sights now, so that's what we're going for.