Lane Targeting Pakistan Match as Main Chance for Irish Victory

As part of Ireland's coaching staff the experienced Mark Lane knows what it takes to compete at the top level.

Unfortunately once again Ireland fell short of the required standards today. They showed some good skill levels and commitment for the first fifteen overs in the field, but then the South African experience told and they were set an imposing target of 165.

Ireland were all out for 79. Lane now looks to the final World Cup game against Pakistan, a team that Ireland will target for a morale boosting victory at the top level.

Barry Chambers: Mark, disappointing in the end, but for long periods we were well in that game?

Mark Lane: Yes absolutely, for a good fifteen, sixteen overs we were well in the game there and showed some really good skill levels and commitment. And four of the last five overs of their innings, we went for around about seventy odd runs. So kind of the momentum was taken away from us and then it went South Africa's way. But that's what we've learned today, and that's what we've got to get right for the next game.

Barry Chambers: Well what went wrong in those last few overs, what do you put it down to?

Mark Lane: Well, a little bit of inexperience. Didn't execute our plans. Didn't bowl the ball into the pitch, which we had spoken for long periods of time about the pitch. It starts to deteriorate, and therefore we've got to make sure we bowl the ball in there.

We bowled a lot of loose free hits really, and at this level they get put away, and they get put away for six, not four. And as you saw they cleared the ropes by some distance. So we were disappointed. However, there's some real shining lights in some of that performance today.

Barry Chambers: Yes, Amy Kenealy came in and bowled really well, and Elena Tice stood up and was counted.

Mark Lane: Yes, absolutely, and all in their own way. They probably bowled three out of four good overs. But at this level it's got to be four out of four, otherwise you're going to get punished.

The captain bowled well, Richardson bowled well, the off spinner as well, until the last over as well.

Barry Chambers: And with the batting, Ismail just proved a bit too quick for some of our players.

Mark Lane: Yes, she's world class, got a bouncer, got a yorker, she's got a nippy delivery. And you know on that wicket, when you need eight and a half an over, betters are trying to create some space to hit some boundaries etc., and it just went against us today, unfortunately in the second half.

But Mary Waldron, promoted up the order, did very very well, put the bad ball away, was very busy at the crease. Jenny Gray came in, and I know she only got half a dozen, but showed some good intent and some purpose. And the girls who came in have stood up, which is good for myself and Trent to see.

And as you say Amy Kenealy bowled nicely up front, and again it was that fourth over that probably went awry. So it's a harsh reality, but that's where we are at in international cricket.

Barry Chambers: And there's still one game left, you'll be looking for a big finish against Pakistan?

Mark Lane: Yeah absolutely, we're desperate to beat Pakistan. And if I'm really honest, that's what our whole tournament is about, to come and challenge one of the bigger sides and then beat, certainly beat Pakistan and see where that takes us.